Second Life Ranker

22. Piece of Ribs (6)

Planet, Fomalut.

In the hot summer, the farmers were immersed in a plough.

But that too, for a moment.

“Ugh, the weather is really...! ”

“Didn't you say it was cloudy today? ”

“They're meteorologists, right? Where are they supposed to go wrong for a day or two? ”

“Oh, it's so hot. I have to get all of these inside today. Is that possible? There is also a limit to horse tools. Mmm!”

The farmers sighed as they watched the fields for a long time.

I started my business when I heard that the weather was going to get better in the last few days, when the heat was more frequent.

The sun was hotter than good, so they were crazy and feisty.

I thought it would be really hard to finish the job in due time, and my back stood crooked.

Holdings inspiration usually seemed good to people, but if the things they were told were not done in time, they would be very hard to do.

As a peasant like them, I have no choice but to be a shareholder.

That means we can just throw away the plough and run away, so the conditions are not good here, and there is no longer a holding company to take care of the welfare of the peasants.... I was not afraid to go somewhere else.

In the end, everyone sighed at the thought that they would have to work in groups one day.

“By the way, that guy is amazing, isn't he? ”

“Yes, we all want to die. I've been working all day. ”

“I thought so yesterday. ”

“What was yesterday? You've been doing it all month. ”

“Huh! I don't know if that's what a young man looks like. But you need to take a good rest. ”

Farmers saw a young man plowing the fields far away by himself and became a worried face.

Was it a year ago? He was the young man who introduced you as a new worker.

Fewer horses have become acquainted yet, but the farmers have to worry themselves because they are still working the hardest on the given task.

Even in this heat, the field was cultivated to this extent, thanks to that young man.

In fact, when he fell as a private soldier, there was one thing left to do, and it stopped him.

“Hey, turn! Get some rest! ”

After all, one person yelled loudly and suggested to stop, but the young man only slightly nodded.

And then I got back to work.

“If it was a previous life, he must have been a cow. How can a man live with something like that? It's amazing.”

Farmers were forced to shake their heads because they knew that a young man would never listen once he began to stumble.

“Where is it really not raining? Then I think I can work really hard. Hmm!”

Following one man with his head, the other farmers looked up at the sky in unison.

But the sky was still clear, but I couldn't find a single cloud.

* * *

[A thousand horses stare at you quietly.]

“ ……. ”

The young man, Nocton, whom the farmers call a 'turn’, quietly immersed himself in ploughing.

The farmers quietly talked to each other and pointed to themselves. Sonny knew what he was talking about, but as always he pretended not to know.

[A thousand horses stare at you quietly.]

And I ignored the message on the other side of the retina.

It was a message that no one else would be afraid of.

For Knockton, it was nothing but an obstruction that covered his field of vision.

[A thousand horses stare at you quietly.]

I wish this king were gone, but I don't know why he keeps getting all cocky like that.

In addition, Nocton was looking at himself beyond the planet, far from being able to guess where he was.

‘I always knew there was this kind of look.... but surely it wasn't this much? ’

It was after the sublimation of the Emperor that Knockton began to read the gaze of a thousand horses fixed to him.

At that time, he failed to depart and transcend, and had to wander the world without a place to live, losing only one teacher.

Even though I helped him take down the tower during the war, it was only because he was a priest everywhere.

He already had no interest in world history.

Since King Bing and Twice had left his side sometime..... it would not be enough to explain how far he had wandered.

Then Knockton realized that, by chance, a thousand horses were watching him.

It was ridiculous at the time, but it was ridiculous.

Now that I've lost my son, will I be able to relieve myself of my sorrow and longing for him?

I didn't know why.

But there was no reason to be favorable to a thousand horses as Nocton, so it was consistent with ignorance.

I didn't ask why, and I wasn't angry.

I just treated it as if it wasn't there.

The same goes for the message that a thousand horses are observing themselves at some point.

I just acted like a man who didn't see anything.

No one else reacted to it.

‘And it's changed a little since I came to this planet. ’

Should I say that it has changed more explicitly, or that it has become more emotional?

Very weak, but emotions began to mix with the gaze of a thousand horses.

It was a feeling that Knockton knew very well.


And sorry.

It was the feeling that Nocton had of the King.

Thousands of horses were now projecting the All-Foone openly to themselves.

The reason for this was to some extent assumed.

‘Is it because of the memory that remains in my unconscious...? Obviously, this place looks a lot like the world where our grandson was first summoned. No, I'm sure that's it. It's been a lot of time. ’

Since when?

Knockton dreamed of wandering around the universe from time to time after coming out of the tower.

To be precise, it must be a hundred dreams.

When I walked down the street, suddenly fragmented memories came to mind, and sometimes I didn't get confused by the rest of my identity that I was too drunk to dream of.

They were all laughing together, surrounded by strange families.

Sometimes he sat in his place and shed tears in the face of an unknown mental shock.

It was..... Olfowon's memory.

Precisely the memory of Olfo's time as a 'Son Jae-won’ before he got the name 'Vivasvat’.

Knockton was not confused once or twice about whether he was a Knockton or a grandson. I really didn't have a dream.

And in that memory, there was also a memory of the planet that you are on.

The world that first arrived after my father, Thousand Horses, who had disappeared.

It was here that the unknown world was taken for granted by human trafficking.

At that time, Songjaewon really wanted to die like this, and was able to succeed in defeating the monster that wanted to become a rapid end and obliterate its spirituality.

It was the first time that we had a grudge against the transcendents who wanted to force the creatures.

I cried at the top of the hill because all of my memories here were deeply traumatized by my grandson.

But that's where Knockton arrived.

In this universe with so many civilizations and planets, I still couldn't understand why it flowed in here…… but apart from that, I was forced to be greatly shocked as a Knockton.

Everything felt like déjà vu.

That's why it's been on this planet for over a year.

Of course, there was a considerable time difference between then and the present.

It has been a long time since the absurd customs of human aggression have disappeared. Rather, even though civilization had not developed much, atheism was as widespread as the generations.

It wasn't just atheism. There were a lot of people who were very negative about this anomaly, usually referred to as distress.

Do not lean on an unproven being like a god, but stand up with magnetism and live the world.

One day, the world that Songjae dreamed of, the world that was considered so natural, was here.

No matter how much time there is, the civilization that was so swayed by divine beings can hardly be found.

This is..... Maybe it's a sign that my grandson came and went?

What was curious was that if the hero had come and gone, he would have remained a legend or a myth, but only a fairy tale or a fairy tale.

As Nocton is restoring the memory of his grandson, he must feel strange.

And the more I did, the more intense my gaze became.

It was all because of Knockton's recent, strangely frustrating mind.

‘Sooner or later, I'm going to have to leave. ’

Knockton did not necessarily refuse or deny the memory of his grandson.

If it had been the same, you would have hit your head with a memory instead of your own, but since you had the will of the teacher to live as you, this memory was also one of the elements that make up your mind and was not taken for granted.

Just living the way it flows.

That was the life that Nocton didn't want....

[Guest visited.]

That's why Knockton suddenly nodded at the newly added message.

A guest?

What else is that supposed to mean?

Nocton's gaze was directed in a completely different direction from that of the farmers.

* * *

“You……! ”

“This is the first time I've seen you like this. Isn't that right?”

“... It's Heaven Wing. Are you completely resuscitated? ”

Nocton looks at Cha Jung Woo, who looks exactly like Yeon-woo and has a completely different temperament.

“Kind of. But..... ”

Cha Jungwoo nods quietly and laughs at his head.

Somehow, there was a familiar gaze here.

And it looked like Knockton felt the same way.


Knockton smiles lightly.

“Somehow, someone famous for being insensitive to world history has recently gained a lot of interest. ”

Cha-cheong-woo was very briefly troubled.

Even if he is the new owner of the day, why is this gaze on Knockton?

I didn't seem to follow him just because he was coming to pick up Nocton.

It means that a thousand horses have already been watching Knockton since before.

‘Was there a Nocton in the belly of a thousand horses...? ’

I didn't know why, but I did.

Cha Jungwoo was somehow convinced that he seemed to have chosen the right answer.

“Nocton. I have a favor to ask of you. ”

“Okay, let's go. ”

“Yes. Can you come with me... Ugh, huh? ”

Chongwoo does not try to convince Nocton, but suddenly he nods and opens his eyes in a circle.

I haven't told you where to go yet, but I was answering as if I was expecting you.

In fact, Chongwoo thought it would take considerable time to convince Nocton.

I had already met King Bing and Twice before I could find him. I came here because I thought it would be better not to expect anything from Nocton.... What happened?

But Knockton was an imaginary attitude.

“Teacher said. God, there's only one death penalty left in the world, so don't fight it. I can't say it's such a good relationship, but you're going to help him anyway, right? ”

Cha-cheong opened his eyes and immediately nodded heavily.

“That's right. I need your help. ”

“Good, but wait a day. ”

“A day?”

Cha Chong Woo frowned because she didn't understand.

Knockton said it was very natural.

“It takes about a day to restore the ability to collapse properly. ”

Knockton regains his skills?

Once upon a time, King Nocton's miracle proved to be compatible with him.

Choongwoo bowed his head, thanking him for taking it back.