Second Life Ranker

23. Piece of Ribs (7)

“Yeah, so you couldn't convince me? ”

“No. I mean, that's... ”

“That's why I couldn't. Isn't that right?”

“Well, that's...! ”

King Kyoma was unable to regain consciousness as King Borma continued to shoot. I tried to make excuses somehow, but King Borma's sharp eye cholera didn't show much of a flare.

On behalf of King Gyo, who lived without iron every time, King Bokma, the third and youngest of his brothers and sisters, was actually in charge of the practice within King Dongzu Chilma.

I was so full of personality that I often feared her more than I feared King Umar.

King Bokma reprimanded King Gyo for failing to bring the Hand Duke, and every time he did, King Gyo kept wanting to hide in a rat hole.

I didn't want to go either! I wanted to say it like a chimney, but I saw the spicy eyes of King Borma.

Then I looked at the Satanist king with a desire for salvation.

“ ……. ”


King Sata whistled and avoided the slightest glance.

It made King Gyo feel a great betrayal.

“You didn't come back because your youngest sister told you to just go, did you? You know that the youngest is the most important key to your big brother's plan, right? ”

“Ha, ha! Mo, you don't know! But my youngest son said he was taking a break and asked me to give him time to sort things out……. ”

“I had no idea. ”

“ ……. ”

“Why did you come back? Just get the fuck out of here. Then I would have shed a crocodile's tears. ”

“ ……. ”

King Kyo's face became lamentable in a barrel that continued to be read.

But the more I did, the greater was King Borma's sigh. I hit a deep goal in the glabella.

“Oh, this is a big deal. What should I do……! ”

King Bokma raised his head in the middle of the conversation. The gaze of King Kyo Ma and King Sata was the same back then.

[Son of a bitch is coming!]


Suddenly a man came down as the barracks where the brothers were staying flew.

A long-haired man. It was Son Oh Gong.

Everyone had to be as reflexive as a nice face.

The brothers had to harden their impressions one by one.


He's got a lot of speculation going on around Hand and Hand.

“Brothers, I'm sorry about what you said, but I'm going to get some Soul Stones. It will be used in a very good place, so please understand. ”

“ ……! ”

At that moment, the brothers opened their spirits in unison. Then I quickly noticed each other.

The youngest had to know that they had adra stones. It was because I had never mentioned it here.

And yet, knowing that meant that someone gave it to the youngest.

By the way.

One mouth of the Hand of Ogong dries up bitterly.

“Ouch! I just stabbed him. Do you have a real one? ”

“ ……! ”

“How come our brothers are so naive that they get it? I'll take it anyway. I have something to use! ”

Hand Duke pushed the ground hard.


Wedging fluid

“Don't, stop it! ”

“Damn it! Why are you trying to do something else! ”

Other siblings, apart from King Umar, have been reflexively accepted because they have so much time to suffer from Hand dishonor, but have somehow tried to rip off Hand dishonor.

But I've never seen a runaway locomotive before.


As the brain-walls and the wheels of fire burst out, the brothers and sisters all bounced. As the barracks collapse, a pillar of fire soars up the sky several times.



[The 'Boxing War’ and ‘The King of Dongju Seven Horses’ have had an internal affair!]

“What, what? ”

“What else happened? ”

It is not far from the tomb of Eungyeong, where King Dongzu Chilma is now located.

Of course, there was no choice but to build a place of martyrdom, and the devils of nature turned their heads toward it and raised their tongues.

As most of them were in conflict with King Dongjushilma in their myths, it did not seem strange that they caused any more disturbances.

In the meantime.

“…… what is this? ”

The Satanist wanted to be beaten by the Hand of the Five. Instead, he glanced at the shadow.

[The Dark King's alternate self descends!]

“Ha! Why did you want to be youngest? Did he hold hands with you? I don't even know if it went well. ”

When King Sata saw Yeonwoo pop out, his fangs smiled.

When I was scared, I was full of speculation.

His legitimacy is in combat. It was precisely the "booze". I like to fight so much that the myths are stacked and I dared to belong to King Umar, who was a wall I could not even reach.

I've been bumping into him for a long time. It was nothing new, but his relationship was completely different.

I've bumped into a relationship once in a long time, but I've bumped into it several times since, but I didn't make the right decision, so I wanted to see the end like a chimney.

So, as soon as King Sattar found the eunuch, he immediately blew himself up. Like a lion discovering delicious food, a bitter strike tears the space apart.

Wei Ying, Qa 'ang!

However, the fist of the Satanic King was suddenly blocked by the shadow that soared upward before it touched the lotus tree.

“Out of the way!”

Yeonwoo chuckles as if she doesn't have time for a tadpole like you.

[‘Shadow Realm’ expands significantly!]

[‘Night Knox’ is coming down!]

[The enemy's fate begins to roll again!]

“…… Suck! ”

King Sata draws a huge amount of power from the shadows that surround him.

[Increases the power of the new ‘dashed line’!]

[The power of the wind is blocked during operation.]

“W-what... Ugh! ”


King Sata is almost like himself and his body, and he already bounces off before he even uses a single dashed line.

Does he really know? Already, the analysis of the dashed line shows that it has rather been poisoned, since Yeonwoo was finished long ago.

“Oh, my God! ”

“No! ”

Other siblings later discovered an association and somehow tried to sanction him.

“How dare you turn your back on me? ”

“Don't worry, youngest! ”

“Please stop...! ”

Hand Duke smiles viciously and is swept away by the beatings he inflicts.

In the end, Yeonwoo was able to reach where King Borma was.

There was no way King Borma could use his hands. Because her shadow was already against her master's will, restraining her whole body and holding her to a sharp day on her neck.

And on top of that, he also brought his fingertips on the blackboard.

The King's eyes tremble slightly in a threatening posture that seems to pierce through his neck.

“…… what do you want? ”

“Give me the adra stone. ”

“This doesn't give you a way to stop the Dark King...! ”

“I do my job on my own. So give it to me.”

“ ……. ”

King Borma had a very brief conflict.

In fact, she was not very concerned about dying or extinguishing in this place.

Unlike the opportunist Kyo Ma King or the mere patriot Satha King, she truly understands and praises King Umar's plan.

That's the only way to save the youngest and the thousand horses. I believed so firmly. It didn't matter if he died for it.

But what she was pondering was the youngest idea she had. King Borma knew that even though he looked like a dead man, he never acted in vain.

In the meantime.


“Ughh…. ”

“That guy, he's getting stronger...! Are you really a person...! ”

The two men who were hit by the Hand of Ogong fell to the ground without force.

Wang Mao asked as he looked at the hand-roller with his hands open.

“What the hell are you thinking? ”

“Thinking of surviving. ”

“... Do you think that this is not the way your big brother wants to do it? ”

“Kind of. I don't think we should rip this damn universe apart from scratch. ”

“And then they're all dead! It's endless!”

“Watching ‘Gule’ roll again without so much power, I'd rather make it right, even if it's all ruined. I hope so, too. ”

“ ……. ”

King Wang Wang wanted to rip his hand off somehow, but he eventually had to give away the adra stone because he knew that he would never listen to anything else once he had eaten it.

I'd rather be well. I didn't like the fact that I kept holding hands with the stranglers.

You acquired [Soul Stone]!]

As soon as Yeonwoo recovered it, he raised his head straight up.

[‘Night Knox’ is spreading!]

[Demon Society, 'Crucifixion’ is in deep chaos!]

[The Sea of Poems has been ambushed and is in danger of annihilation!]

[An unidentified animal struggles with pain!]


[‘The Singer of Destruction' sentences those who dare to disobey his Father to destruction!]

[The Black Yoshin of Abundance wants to curse those who refuse to rule the Night (Knox)!]

[The 'source of impurity’ presents the plague to the old aged!]

[‘Dancing Green Flame’] We want to burn and purify everything we see!]


[Dis Pluto spreads death!]

Even the beasts that Evil Que had stationed in preparation for, including the Devil of the Crucifixion, were being eaten by the tribesmen who had risen from the shadows of the Eucharist.

The world was ravaged by the screams of demons and the roaring monsters.

[Many of the causal rates obtained are consumed rapidly.]

[Remaining Causes: 41, 40, 39, 38% …….]

From the moment that Yeonwoo had already decided to open up its power, they could not resist it.

In the meantime, it was only for the survival of 'Dream’ and ‘Goulet’ that the relationship seemed inferior to them.

But as long as it was thrown out, it was already the will of the universe and the world, the will of the force.

It was the essence of the Dark King himself.

Turn it off!

That's the way it is.

Yeonwoo was able to reach the cave through the roaring enemies everywhere.

Evil Keith, Umar, and the signs of universalism were continuing toward him. And the magic of the sinful stone, embedded in the wise man's stone, continued to twist toward you.

There must be a grave here.

However, Yeonwoo had to stop walking while trying to get through the cave entrance.


Someone was walking out of the cave.

And when I checked his face, Yeonwoo's face hardened.

“I was expecting an uninvited visitor, but I didn't know you were my nephew. This is the first time you've said hello, isn't it? Bangaui.”

Okeanos waved his hand lightly and greeted him.