Second Life Ranker

24. Piece of Ribs (8)


[Yuan Yuan Gold Crystal]

[Sage's Eye]

[‘Sky Eye Pain’ is grasping the data the opponent has!]

[‘Thousand Tongs’ is analyzing their process!]

[The opponent is currently a program owned by the system and cannot be identified and analyzed. Data interpretation is not possible.]

[Update the system.]

[Interpretation failed.]

[Update the system.]

[Interpretation failed.]

[Update the system.]


[A massive update has been made to the system!]

[Identification and analysis of the target will be done again.]

Yeonwoo wanted to analyze Okeanos using the system first.

The opponent defeated Bimagildara with overwhelming helplessness and forcibly detained him on Earth.

Yeonyeon, who had been so much help from Bimagildara so far, had a sense of obligation to avenge him.

If you transcend it, and you rip the gullet and the dream out of it, you'll be able to reappear.

Apart from that, grudge was revenge.

I could never just pass.

And you are.

[All analyses are complete.]

[Print the result.]

“You're badly injured. Did you fight a vigilante? ”

In a very short time, Yeonwoo was able to obtain almost all the information about Okeanos.

Analysis of the different ideas surrounding him made it difficult to get significant information.

And there I could see that Okeanos was pretty badly wounded.

It seemed unlike usual, but it was much less divine than in Bimagildara's notion.

Besides, the corpse was full of wounds.

Each one had a border resident's touch.

It means he got into a big fight with him.

“I don't think Seung Ki caught it. ”

I don't know exactly what happened between Okeanos and the residents of the border.

But when I saw that existence was so badly contested that it was doomed to extinction, it was clear that each other knew each other and that things were going wrong in the process.

‘Probably trying to do the same thing to Bimagildara. ’

It upset Yeonwoo's planting.

Though the resident of the boundary had put aside his loyalty, he was nevertheless a member of the ‘Night' that he embraced. I had to feel bad that I was going to reach out to someone who would one day be in charge.

“Hahaha! I'm a little ashamed to hear all this naked. ”

Okeanos scratches his nostrils with his index finger, whether he's embarrassed or embarrassed.

But is it because he has a selfish personality, as he was originally known, or is it because he has been hiding himself from the world for so long?

“But I didn't think your nephew would be interested in this white man. How's it going? I don't want to talk to you for a second. ”

“I don't care. ”

“I know your nephew is busy. It is also true that there is a great deal of dissatisfaction with this hundred. But in a very short time...! ”

“So I told you. You don't have to. ”

Yeonwoo coldly rolled up her mouth as she smiled.

“If you throw yourself in hell anyway, why bother? ”

"Hrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr" What a character you don't even hear with your back and ears?

I heard Shannon whimpering, but I didn't care at all about Yeongyeon.


[‘Celebration’ has been developed!]

As Yeonwoo stepped forward, he swung the blacksmith loudly, examining the back of the orchestra.

From the collected index finger and the stop, the shadow that howled was very sharp.

It was a temporary knife based on Squitte's data, which Yongwoo analyzed in conjunction with Kronos.

It is based on darkness and has a strong and sharp cutting power that will not be greatly overtaken by the actual squeeze, as much as the power of association is given to it.


However, as Okeanos proves that winning the fight against Bimagildara was never his luck, he swung his sword with a very easy twist on the side.

As the sword and sword hit, the waves spread out all over the shovel.

[Instance Dungeon, ‘Oblivion ( )’!]

The surrounding backdrop is turned upside down as the world of mind built by Okeanos opens wide.

An endless sea of blue waves appeared, which could not be found on land.

The myth that Okeanos originally had was' the sea ’. It was precisely the sea of primitives. A sea where all the divine beings and the sources of the creatures sleep.

“Oh, no matter how much I hate it, I can hear a few words. Isn't that too harsh? ”

“Told you?”

Yeonwoo pulls the blacksmith inward.

“If you have something you want to say, go to hell and do it afterwards. ”

[Dark Red Guvitara]

Yeonwoo was aggressive. Whenever you wield the censorship, the censorship drops.

The sword, which should have ended at the eighth pole, was doubling as it continued.

Archaeology, Decimal, Decimal…….

Despite the enormous power of 1,024 times the size of a conventional Quorum.

Yeonwoo draws a sword without blinking a single eye.

The power to eat the whirlwind of the Milky Way is not enough to dry up the seawater that made up the underworld. It is the inner wall of the shield and is shaking the whirlwind to the outer wall.

The brain spurts, leaving soot, and the shock waves increase along the cracks.

Deploying such a violent force would be quite a burden, even if it were a coincidence to maintain the polymorph.

He was a face that didn't even care.

[Your fate as an enforcer is accelerating!]

[The end of the world is fast!]

[Armageddon deploys far ahead of schedule!]


[‘Goulet’ winds fast!]

[‘Dream’ goes down fast!]

It was enough to consume that much causality.

Moreover, with the gift of the Dark Red Guvitara from Bimagildara, the gummy lightning changed much more efficiently than before, and the body became a substitute for the Dark King, so the horror was so high that it was fine.

Of course, it didn't disappear to overload, but I didn't care at all.

If we don't defeat him anyway, there will be nothing left.

Quack, quack, quack!



And every time there's a flash of gum mines, Okeanos keeps pushing back.

“I didn't think of anything like this... You're much stronger... This is a big deal...? ”

Every time, Okeanos had to laugh in vain.

This was simply an overwhelming difference in power that would never work as an excuse for not being able to heal all the wounds suffered in the fight against the residents of the border.

I was proud that I was strong, and I was proud that I would never lose to anyone if I wasn't Evil Que.

Isn't this too much of a difference?

Of course, it wasn't a coincidence to understand the collapse of such an orchestra.


Eventually, Okeanos pushed to the limit.

[Instance Dungeon, the Durability of 'Scrambler’ is at its limit!]

[Shake the target named ‘Okeanos’!]

[Myth breaks.]

[Fragments spill.]

As the world collapsed, the myth that eventually formed the existence of Okeanos burst into thin air.

[Cheonan bins recover the Mythical Fragment.]

[Cheonbing analyzes the fragments of myth.]

Yeonwoo was able to read the past held by Okeanos to some extent.

* * *

From a piece of paper.

Okeanos was a child.

“We're not really the first. Is he the first? No greed, no flock. ”

“I don't know how suspicious I am. ”

Okeanos were different from ordinary children.

I didn't cry, I didn't fight like any other child. They all said that there was no old man in the likeness of transcending the world, but they praised him as the true king who would lead the next Olympic Forces.

But Okeanos had a secret he couldn't tell others.

Do you remember your previous life? ’

Precisely the memory of the previous‘ dream ’.

The memory of an orchestra that lived in the last 'dream’, which became completely unrealistic, remained for a young orchestra.

Because of this, he had to go through a great deal of confusion about his identity for a while.

Just as the Tor of the other ‘Dream’ that Yeonwoo met was essentially completely different from the Tor of this‘ Dream ’, so too was the Orchianos of the previous‘ Dream ’, just like the name of the current' Orchianos'.

Because of this, Okeanos was not awakened for a very long time after being reborn.

Even when people around me said they were in doubt, it was because they couldn't give much to the world.

There's a whole different world in front of his eyes than the one he remembers, so I wonder if he has a jaw to go to. Everything he remembered was gone, and even the people he remembered had completely different faces and personalities.

That was the only thing that bothered my little orchestra.

But the distress of Okeanos did not stop there.

The older you get.

As he grew older, new memories came to mind from one side of his unconscious.

They have the name Okeanos, but each one was a separate person.

Some orceanos were unspeakable villains, while others lived the fate of their opponents. There were orchestras that saw the end of the dream, and there were orchestras that did not have the basic concepts of the dream and the gullet.

The problem was that the memory of all such orceanos was in the possession of young orceanos, who shouted to follow themselves, revealing their different identities clearly.

It was all because of the reclusive nature of the young orcéanose, though it quickly became stronger with iron, which did not fit the age.

And when the young Okeanos asked himself,

“Why am I going through this? Obviously, all the facts are gone.... Why did the memory remain and be passed on to me? ”

If his soul were the same, he might be different from the rest of the orchestra. It was a distinct personality and meant to be.

Then I went crazy about one thing.

“Is that what you're asking me to stop dreaming? ”

It was close to fate, to say the least.

Okeanos saw that it was destined for him to no longer let his' dream 'vanish in vain.

And from then on, he did not run away, but began to ‘talk’ with the other orceanos who were still asleep in his head.

I listened to their lives and wanted to share their thoughts.

Because there were so many choices, I thought that if I combined them well, I would somehow see the way.

Then, Okeanos realized that two conditions must be met to prevent the end of the dream.

One is that we have to find the enforcer.

And the other one has to close the eyes of the Dark King.

However, the end was too difficult to timing because I didn't know when it would start.

Some dreams ended too soon before the right civilization began, and some dreams only ended when the universe lost all the laws and collapsed.

I would rather tell someone else all this and ask for their opinion. I knew the Olympic Forces were at the forefront of the daytime faction.

After a long thought that I should consult my father Uranos, I finally met him when I decided to do so.

“Your new brother. Say hello."

I met a very young Kronos.

And at that moment, I could intuitively notice.

That boy is the beacon of the end.