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25. Piece of Ribs (9)

Because Okeanos already had his memories as an adversary, he could smell the dark darkness from Kronos.

So I had to worry a lot at first.

Should I kill him?

Or should I just watch?

Kronos was never the enforcer of the Dark King's scent.

No, I wasn't exactly an 'yet’ enforcer.

The original executor was the same as the fate of rats, considering the different candidates.

So the easiest thing to do was to get rid of those who appear to be candidates in advance.

This did not mean that the real end could be completely stopped.

The laws of this world, called the Goulet, kept rolling, no matter how hard you tried to brake.


“... Brother? ”

I was so cute looking at myself and laughing at my head.

Okeanos couldn't stop being mean when he looked at his eyes like that.

And you are.

“If I just kill them all because it smells of darkness...... what's the difference between me and the Enforcer? ”

There were also such concerns.

Kronos hasn't gone the wrong way yet. Nothing is accurate yet, so let's keep an eye on it.

With that in mind, Okeanos began to look at Kronos from a distance.

The explanation I was going to give to my father Uranos was folded for a while. I didn't know how he would react.

I intended to proceed as quietly as possible.

The problem was that Kronos couldn't be quiet at all.


“Wow, Prince! Please stop! That would be very dangerous! ”

Kronos, who has been a cluster of accidents since he was a child, grew up and became a bigger cluster of accidents.

No matter how bad it was, if he died, he said, "Isn't that an accident that could lead to an end? ’It was a crazy idea.

But on the other hand, I found out.

Given this special ability, does it actually mean to create a comfortable world for such children to laugh and talk about?..

And I met so many candidates who emitted the smell of darkness throughout the universe, and as I went through great and small things with them, that thought grew even bigger.

Being an executioner is a time of great limitation to bring the world to an end or to destruction.

If we can release that frown, there's essentially no end to it, right?

From there, Okeanos seemed to have found the answer to a long-standing question. I felt confident about what I had to do, as if it were a revelation.

But it is.

“Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohow ”

That's when I met him. I'll take Evilke.

* * *

“... I didn't want to tell you my story like this. ”

Okeanos laughs in vain as he sees the myths scattered before his eyes.

Although most of the broken myths were those of the ‘other’ orceanos in his memory, Liang seemed to have read, among other things, the myths that make up his soul.

But there was still no response.

Rather, it was closer to the cynical side.

“You're so good at saying you ran away. ”

“…… what? ”

“I've felt it before. Isn't it a big deal to know what Evil Keith is trying to make and how the steaming bastards in the world end up making rabbit dens that they can run from? ”

“What's that supposed to mean! ”

“If you put all these stories on me, you'd feel empathy, and you'd raise your hand together, wouldn't you? That makes me feel a little bad. ”

Yeonwoo snorted.

“Didn't I think I was following the same steam as you guys? ”

"Wow! My master, you are getting very lonely. Stop it. That's how I'm gonna hug you and cry, you fat son of a bitch.

I heard Shannon giggle all the way here.

It seems to be dry, but rather the laughter that teases Okeanos.

The face of Okeanos is dull.

“What stories do you have, what circumstances do you have, and what doesn't matter to me? But I know as well as I do. ”

Yeonwoo was frowning on what was behind the myth he had peeked at.

There is a limit to stopping the end of this‘ dream ’by stretching out passages of his own narrative. I'd rather make a new piano out of that kind of work. There are no gods, no demons, no thousand demons, no king of darkness, so you can live without worrying about the end. What, they didn't say that?

Okeanos must be harsh.

Even if he refused at the time, he would have felt the limits of what he was going to do.

The group they called ‘brothers’ was no different from the ‘steamy’ Avengers that Evelke had drawn from everywhere.

“What..... do you understand? ”

“You don't deserve it. ”

Yeonwoo lowered the censorship papers.

Until just now, the Swordsmanship disappeared as if it were about to blow up the world of mind.

“I feel sorry for being paralyzed. I was going to get hit by this ridiculous guy. Should I say it's a good thing my soul is gone? ”

I would have been ashamed to have hit the ground because of black history.

“I was patient because of my promise to Bimagildara. Now it's unpleasant to mix hands. But I've been hiding my tracks for a long time, so I thought there might be something plausible. Tsk!”

“You……! ”

Okeanos couldn't stand the anger when everything he had thought and judged was wronged at once.

"My heart, I understand everything. No matter how many adult soldiers you've robbed, it wasn't once or twice when you talked to our master.

The body of Okeanos is as thick as it is crumbling right now. Even if I die, I open my hands and release my power to Yeonwoo.

But it is.



[‘Kernunos’ descends!]

[A crack has occurred between the world of the mind, the 'mess’ and the outside world!]

A thunderbolt strikes in front of the orchestra, literally bouncing his power to the side.

I'm half-covering my face with a buck, but I can't see a good eye.

He was a god with a strong temperament in his entire dry body.

[Kernunos is giving life to an object named ‘Okeanos’!]

“You wanted to come in here before, didn't you? I don't want to mix my hands anymore, so you're on your own. ”

[Kernunos makes a propaganda declaration against a target named ‘Okeanos’!]

[The aggression continues!]

Kernunos flies straight to Yeonwoo without answering anything.

Kernunos has long been associated with Bimagildara. I had a common interest in Yeonwoo and also felt a friendship between each other.

Then Bimagildara was furious about being called to Okeanos like a doll.

When Yeonwoo met him, he also sent several signatures to Yeonwoo to join him.

But Jeongyeon was not the one who distributed the prey he had taken. He was ignoring it.

Now I'm annoyed that I don't want to mix my hands with him. That's why I called Kernunos.

"If you were other gods, would you ignore yourself?" I thought it was cold all along, but it was a good hoe, right?

Shannon pulls out his head over the shadows and smiles.

Yeonwoo had to look down at Too, who was absurd.

“Can I stay here? ”

It was a question of not fighting with the other clans outside.

There's a lot of other people. Can it make a big difference if I'm missing one? Rather, a loyal man like me must defend his place so that our master will not be lonely on his last path.

“If anyone hears it, they'll go to death. ”

It's not that different, is it?

Yeonwoo shed a fluffy smile.

But I'm glad I came back as my master. It wasn't once or twice when I was frustrated because I looked so serious and depressed.

Yeonwoo didn't say much anymore.

I was able to read the worries and relief contained in Shannon's voice.

Kernunos will eliminate the orchestra anyway, so he will go on his way.

Seeing such an association, Shannon cried out.

Personality! Personality is going to explode again!

* * *

[The sun of ‘Eros' is coming down!]

When Cha-cheong-woo appeared before the tomb of the Tribe, along with Knocton and others, the culprits and beasts were encroached upon by the ’night’.

“My brother, you've got a really tight slab. ”

[Enforcer's fate is going fast!]

When I saw that Yeonwoo started to use without saving the causal rate anymore, I moved to Buriaburia.

The situation seemed to be going much worse than he thought.

In fact, in the land, the darkness was blooming like an azyron, looking for a new prey.

“... Here you are. ”

At that time, Lee Rangjin discovered Cha Jung Woo late and laughed bitterly.

All the gods of religion, including him, remained far from the battlefield, feeling that they might be encroached upon by the night as if they had been caught there.

As soon as Cha Jungwoo saw the Irangjin army, he aimed at Squitte without saying anything else.

“Do you want to stick to it? ”

“..... Are your brothers characterised by blackmail once they meet someone? ”

Irangjin looks absurd.

Cha-cheong-woo rolled up one of his tails.

“Someone who doesn't know it's the enemy, exactly. It smells really strong on you. No wonder? ”

“Ha! Really.... I inherited the character of the new king Kronos. ”

Kronos quickly sighs and screams.

Hey! Why is my story coming out there!

“So you're saying no? ”

Of course! Even though I was a bit active in Society, this wasn't enough...!

“I don't think we're going to have enough sleds today. Are you okay?”

…… Argh!

Kronos pauses and retreats without answering anything.

“What the hell are you all saying? Enough with the old stories, like the connoisseurs. ”

“..... that's so rude. That's a little unpleasant. ”

Hey! My father is still younger than the one over there. Don't pack it up and handle it.

“Are you gonna stop us? Make sure you start with that. ”

Cha Jungwoo ignores the rebellious father's cry and stares quietly at the Ylang Jin army.

Irangjin raised his hands high.

“No way. I don't intend to get into a family quarrel. I've been in a relationship with the Four Kings for a while, but in the first place, our society is on the daylight. ”

“If you look back, you know? ”

“... I know, so I want you to stop blackmailing me. ”

Lee Rangjin never thought of Dumville because Cha Jungwoo deliberately scratched his insides.

I've seen the wreckage that Yeonwoo used to do to his enemies, but you don't have to be their enemy to put yourself in that position.

Then, as if Cha Jung Woo had also become a priest, he just passed the religion. For a moment, Nokton and Irangjin's gaze met, but the two did not have any conversation with each other.

Open it!

When I landed in front of the tomb of a man like that.

Chongwoo was able to see new characters.

“Are you Chongwoo? They say they look exactly the same. They're both very ugly. ”

Cha-cheong-woo doesn't know them well, but Yongmaan found out that the two men are Son Ogong and Kernunos.

The one who smiles like a dairy. Kernunos, sitting without a word.

The moment Kronos looked at Kernunos, his eyes slightly shivered, but Cha-cheong did not grasp it and asked them.

“But I'm nicer than my brother. ”

“What difference do twins make? ”

“You know, they share the same soul, but they're a thousand more handsome horses than Hands and Hands. ”

[Nod with satisfaction as the horse makes the right sound.]

At that moment, the eyebrows of the Hand of the Fierce One twitched.

“How do you know that? You've never seen one, have you? ”

“If you pretend not to see it, you pretend not to see it. ”

[Nod twice as if a thousand horses agree.]

“These bastards..... ”

Song-o-Gong was irritated as he looked at Cha Jung Woo who was doing the same thing as Yeongyeon, and he sighed lightly.

“Yeah. Let's see if you're handsome. ”

“It's true, but... well, let's move on. ”

“Yes. Your shit is thick. ”

“I think you two were with your brother. Do you intend to stop us? ”



Hand Duke smiled and stepped aside and opened the way to Ryu's tomb.

“To guide you. Your brother is waiting inside. ”

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