Second Life Ranker

1. Cha Yeonwoo (1)

[Entered ‘Tomb of the Rim’.]

[This is where contact and connections with the outside world are cut off.]

[The wall will be dismantled.]

[Blessing is lifted.]

[Blessing is lifted.]


[A new environment is provided.]



Yeonwoo felt that his body was shaking from the moment he entered the Cave of Concern.

At first I wanted to see what this was like, but I was just trying to ignore it.

[The system cannot be protected.]

[Presence is denied.]

It could be seen that even such an attempt does not work here.

He put all the functions of the system under his feet, but he experienced most of the ‘dreams’ that existed before, directly or indirectly, but none of them worked here.

Of course, the polymorph that he maintains now is the giant dragon, the body beyond, and even the connection to the Dark King is severed, leaving only the existence of Cha Yeon-woo.

‘This feels a little dirty. ’

What the hell am I supposed to say about this? Yeonwoo was able to come up with the right words after a very brief thought.


What the hell are you doing? ’

Everything that surrounded Yeonwoo fell apart one by one.

It is also true that he is the alternate ego of the Dark King.

And the fact that you're the Dragon King.

It is also true that it is the God of giants.

It is also true that he is the head of the Olympic Forces.

The Four Kings.

The king of lords.

A reader.

Until the appearance of entering the tower....

It's like taking off one layer of clothes.

He has passed, and all the myths that make up his existence have disappeared.

Then the rapidity hid itself, and the divinity suddenly disappeared.

Instead, there's nothing left here.

‘Before I entered the tower..... That's right. ’

Yeonwoo looks down at his palm.

Hands with minor cuts and burns.

These were the wounds that, after becoming God, the reconstruction of the flesh arose and disappeared.

The wounds I suffered when I was running around in Africa like a crazy dog.

It is the first return to oneself.

‘No……' ’

Then, he felt that his myth as a 'Cain’ remained very weak.

The height seemed to be smaller by a span.

The clothes he was wearing were also not his favorite black coat.

White shirt and striped trousers.

It was a uniform.

That's all I could feel.

Even if you can't see the mirror, you have a very young, athletic face here.

Go3. When my brother was missing and my mother was very ill, there was a childhood relationship where I had to go astray.

‘It's dark.’

The feeling of powerlessness struck the whole body.

Even though I was heavy, I was too heavy.

All the senses and perceptions that covered the whole universe are gone.

It was just so gloomy as if someone was strangling with their hands.

What did it feel like when the gods who had crossed the universe and the world were first trapped in a confined space called heaven?

It was like being locked up in a prison.

And then.


A cave appeared before my eyes.

A long oyster in a twisted shape.

It was connected to countless other caves, making it look like an ant house.

What the hell are you going to do with all your strength, drop it in a strange cave?

The system's message rang, as if it were trying to answer the question.


[Hidden Quest (Only One Me) has been created!]

[Hidden Quest/Only One Me]

DESCRIPTION: The Tomb of the Ripper that you are now entering is a secret place that has been told since the beginning a long time ago. In fact, it's the place where the first creature that created light sleeps before the Goulet rolls, before the dream begins.

So here, everything is summoned for the first time. You must have returned to your original position a little while ago.

But don't feel strange or unfair about this. Rather, it's a chance to take a break from what you've been building up so hard.

And why don't you have a moment of peace of mind and a memory of your past days, just as you've been given this opportunity?

Time Limit:

Restriction: Entrant of the 'Tomb of the Rib’.

Conditions of Achievement:

1. There are a number of participants here who remind you of you.

2. Defeat them or hold hands together, unite.

3. Escape the maze safely.


I was thinking about what kind of novel nonsense this is.

“Hey, student. Do you know where this is? ”

Suddenly I heard a loud voice from the back.

Yeonwoo turns his head reflectively and laughs in vain. The same face as yourself…… No, I was standing on my feet, like I was about a few years older than myself, a student.

Even a military uniform with a tightly cut head. It was clear to anyone that he was acting as Cain.

‘I don't know who devised this stage mission, but it's a very nasty hobby. ’

But unlike the military association here, the military association was a little embarrassed.

Unless he's an idiot, there's no way he won't recognize the relationship here as his childhood self.

‘But don't you remember after that? You only have an identity as a soldier. ’

It seems that some of the myths that fell away when they entered the world were united to form a different personality.

‘If so.’

Yeonwoo seemed to know exactly what to do here.

“Ah, Mister..... where the hell is this place? ”

Yeonwoo felt less shaken as she pretended to be frightened, even though she wanted to be unfamiliar with her voice squeaking through her lips.

It was a decision made from the idea of how to behave if you are a senior.

‘I'm the weakest here anyway. ’

I never thought about confronting a military association.

Even though I had a little fight at the time, it was just a bit of a fist between my peers. It was a law that prevented the military from exercising its full strength and leading it to the Special Forces.

Moreover, if the myths that had fallen out as expected had different identities, there was nothing to position themselves without any power here.

Rather, the weak should be united.

‘I told you to take the memories. Are you talking about this? ’

Yeonwoo recalls what was written in the quest and laughs in vain.

Then I seriously glanced at him.

‘Fortunately, even though I was a lunatic in my military days, I wasn't crazy enough to touch a civilian as a child. ’

Rather, it sought to protect civilians thoroughly. And there was a lot of disagreement with the top. He was also heavily threatened by terrorists hiding in the private sector.

But the failure to touch them was probably due to a missing brother and a longing for a dead mother.

Maybe it's different.

“... Oh, my. ”

Soldier Yeongyeon was still a little wary of young Yeongyeon, but he came to him who was afraid and tried to sweeten him somehow.

“Don't worry too much, student. I don't know who abducted us to this place, but it'll get us out of here somehow. ”

Soldier Yeonwoo took off the nightmare he was wearing and gave it to him.

“The wind in the cave is cold, isn't it? I'm wearing one of these. ”

“Thank you. ”

Yeonwoo carefully took the clothes he handed over and put them on his shoulder.

‘First of all, he knows we've been kidnapped. ’

No, maybe it's some kind of deception.

Throwing the wrong information at the opponent to confirm the reaction was a habit that had already been in place since this time.

Thorough distrust of others.

Maybe it's the identity you had at the time.

“Thank you. I'm glad to see you, too. I don't know where this place is.... ”

Yeonwoo flies around as he pretends he doesn't know the bait thrown by the soldier.

“First of all, students, let's not just stay here, but find an exit together. ”

“Yes? Yes! ”

Yeonwoo nodded his head and began following him.

Just like he first figured out.

The cave looked very complex like an ant cave.

Fortunately, only the oysters are being dug long, and the other traps did not seem to be in particular.

“Do you have any memories of how you got in here? ”

Soldier Yeonwoo seems to be wary of his surroundings, but he looks up to him.

I did not miss his hand slipping through the rear revolution.

You're going to pick up the Great Sword right over there.

“I don't know. I came out of the PC room playing with my friends..... and suddenly I was here. What about you?”

“Me? I'm a soldier, as you can see. I was just being trained, and suddenly I'm here. I don't know what the hell happened. ”

‘You're lying.’

Yeonwoo had already seen the shoulders of the soldiers.

Mark for UN Multinational Force only.

He was clear that Cain was in Africa.

It means you don't know who you are, and you don't want to tell the truth to a high school student who looks the same.

‘Then let me throw the bait. ’

“You don't even know. Ha..... I want to see you. ”

Yeonwoo cried as she stretched her shoulders.

At this moment, the eyes of Soldier Yeonwoo sparkled.

“Is your mother here? ”

“Yes, but my mother is very sick. ”

The eyes of Soldier Yeonwoo changed again.

"You're caught."

“Like that...! If you don't mind, may I ask why? My mother was sick of it, too. I was wondering if there's a common denominator. ”

“I don't know. What did the doctor say? I didn't understand because I didn't study very well. What kind of incurable disease has not been found.... ”

“Maybe that's it. ”

Yeonwoo raises her head and looks at the soldier Yeonwoo.

“What are you talking about? ”

“My mother had a disease that she never found. Maybe that's why we were kidnapped here. ”

“What does that have to do with anything? ”

“Often incurable diseases are inherited. If it's a largely unreported disease, you might want to try this experiment by gathering the gene holders. ”

“Well, isn't that just in the movies? ”

“There's a lot of money in the world, and there's a lot of crazy people. Wouldn't it be weird if one of them had a similar illness to our mothers? ”

“Well, well, well...! ”

“Besides, don't you think I look a lot like a student? ”

“Don't worry, that's right! ”

“This might be a fitting, but it might have something to do with it. ”

“Ah...! ”

Yeonwoo had to endure trying to squeeze out the laughter while playing the right game against the plausible logic of Soldier Yeonwoo.

‘It leads me to a strange place. ’

Ugh, high school students of this age have a lot of imagination, so it's easy to cheat with plausible packaging.

But isn't this a little too much?

‘But I think I planted enough of the familiar image. The perimeter's been loosened. Now you think you're counting on yourself. ’

I felt the nuances of reliance on him, and the eyes of Soldier Yeonwoo were slightly depressed.

Still, the suspicion of what happened didn't seem to go away.

How long have you two been moving like that?

‘Isn't it time for another Cha Yeon Woo to show up? ’

I couldn't feel this frustration because my senses were blurred.

By the way.

“Stop for a second. ”

Yeonwoo stopped following the instructions of the soldier Yeonwoo.

I could tell intuitively.

I know there's something huge behind this corner.

Is there a king? Or the Four Kings...? If you were so quick, you wouldn't be able to use your hands. What do we do?

“Wait here for a moment. I'll see what I got. ”

Soldier Yeongyeon glances over the corner without listening to Yeongyeon's answer.

Then, he uttered a disquieting voice.

“Damn it! Does that make sense? It's not a game. ”

Yeongyeon approaches with a step and looks beyond the corner without the permission of Soldier Yeongyeon.

Then I had to laugh again.

Filled with huge cavities..... there was a dragon sleeping.

A giant dragon.

His original body became a mini-size and sat there.

Of course, even if it was a mini, it was still a nasty body that was about a dozen meters in size.

‘…… I feel like I've met the final boss since the beginning of my first play. ’