Second Life Ranker

2. Cha Yeonwoo (2)

It was a bit ridiculous as a coincidence.

Of all those myths, I wonder why you're a giant dragon.

It was a relationship that I didn't want to meet so quickly yet, so the situation was not so bad.

Even if he strikes the bow alone, the rest of the rope will surely die.

‘I was going to go as far back as I could and get drunk. What am I supposed to do?’

In fact, he was confident that if he only ate his mind, he would regain his rapidity as much as possible.

I don't know if I've heard of the many rapids who have suffered with spiritual energy, but it sounds ridiculous.

It did not feel so difficult to reach rapidity as he had already been told to reach the rank of 'Emperor’.

If you can only accomplish a mythical achievement in the end, you can accomplish as much as you can with a departure and transcendence.

However, no matter how easy it was to think about it, it was forced to take enough time to actually try, and because of that, he was prepared to buy as much time as possible and then swallow it all at once when they were out of power.

They will be nothing but creatures who feel nothing in their eyes. Rather, it's just too easy.

So, Yeonwoo was forced to remain nervous after seeing the Giant Shin Dragon that appeared after the Soldier Yeonwoo.

Even if he blinks a little, he won't just leave a trace of himself and disappear.

‘By the way..... ’

Then, I could feel the suspicious atmosphere.

Why do you look so weak? ’

Considering the original size of the giant dragon, it was clear that the one over there was very small.

However, I never felt anything else, whether the power I had was diminished, or whether there was a hot magic force flowing through the atmosphere.

Just keep your eyes closed and fall asleep.

It was never going to happen, given that it was a very suspicious personality.

If that is part of a myth that is far away from you, of course you will be wary of being trapped in a place like this.

That may be an operation to properly judge the situation....

‘But I feel so relieved. Sleeping like you're dead. What is it? Why would you do that? ’

Yeonwoo was immersed in thought for a very brief moment and touched into his head.

‘Only the myth about the Giant Shin Dragon fell away..? ’

There are many different reasons for the existence of the giant dragon. Some have absorbed the love of the transcendent species, but others have melted down as the Dark Kings' selves.

It's a very complex intertwining of elements, if you're guessing the myth of a giant dragon without any other connection. I didn't know it was just a shell with no identity.

Then, the fear of the giant dragon was significantly weakened, and what seemed unmotivated was convincing.

‘So are other myths the same? ’

I thought Yeonwoo might.

Individuals who hold only their own myths. If there were any other identities here that I don't share with my previous memories at all, it would seem that this stage mission was becoming more complicated.

So why did I become a high school student, Cha Yeon-woo, and why are there other memories left? ’

I also wondered about that, but I decided to think after solving the details first.

‘I came after Evilke, and I don't know what this is about. ’

It was hard to see how fast they could get through.

No, it was rather a difficulty that the higher the myth accumulated and the stronger it became, the more disadvantaged it would be.

If you want to deal with a myth that has too many gaps, you won't have to suffer alone.

Perhaps it was because Evil Kena, Uma King, and the whole Catholic Church, who came here first, are still struggling with nothing else.

Whatever the reason, it was as clear as one thing.

You have to get through this mission somehow to catch Evil Quest.

That's what I'm thinking.

Yeonwoo realized that Yeonwoo was staring at him.

I didn't know what the two eyes were thinking.

“I don't think the students are very surprised. ”

Now I start to be openly suspicious.

Of course, Yeonwoo didn't pretend to be Shi Chi Mi this time.

“What's the surprise? It's weird why a doll like that is here, but it's weird to be scared. ”

“In... Brother? ”

“Yes, I've seen that video before. Nice Carnival? Well, they're parading with a bunch of big dolls. Isn't that the case? ”

“ ……. ”

“…… Why, what's wrong? Scary.”

Yeongyeon retreated and twitched her shoulders, just as she was frightened by the silent soldier Yeongyeon.

However, the calm gaze of Soldier Yeonwoo rarely departed from him.

How the hell am I supposed to make this doubtful patient so careless?

No, can we just make ourselves abandoned?

“You……! ”

It was the time that Soldier Yeonwoo was going to say something.

Quack, quack!


A tremendous vibration shook the cave just to see if the interstellar cave collapsed like this.

The glow flashed as the stone dust fell dangerously good. Even the hot breeze blows, the eyes of Yeonwoo and the Soldier Yeonwoo are equally drawn towards you.

Two light sources, one in red and the other in black, were spreading their wings and attacking the giant dragon.

I thought it would be bright enough to stay like this and blink my eyes.

Yeonwoo knew who each of them was.

‘Red is the new king, black is the king? ’

Myths that became the goddess of the Olympic Forces and myths that became the absolute commandment.

I'm sure the new king will be stronger.

‘There may not be a big difference. ’

If only the mythical part had fallen, there would not have been a massive force car.

Originally, the absolute weight of the commandment was never to be found in comparison to the Goddess of Olympus!

‘The problem is that the only thing I want to be able to catch is the giant dragon. ’

Yeonwoo intuitively found out that just as he and his military alliance did, the New King and the Four Kings also met first and agreed to catch the Giant Dragon first and go hunting before hitting him.

If I was you, I would have done it.

‘Of course, that alliance won't last long. ’

No matter how many different identities they had, they must have suffered from suspicious illnesses, like this military association, so they would always try to scratch each other's backs if they saw gaps.


At this moment, they were both trying to fight the giant dragon with all their might.

A black lightning bolt falls and a red light column soars from the ground.


The giant dragon was irritated by the aggression of the two gods, or the twinkling of his eyes closed, making a sputum boil.

The atmosphere rang roughly. That alone had to feel dizziness and pain, which seemed to turn the stomach upside down.

If you stay here like this, you might really die.

‘Now we have to move. ’

Yeonwoo glances at the soldiers' side.

He seemed to try to judge the situation coldly elsewhere, but that was only the end. My eyelids were shaking. I felt all sorts of emotions with my eyes. Unbelief. Fear. Shock.

For a man who only has his memories as a soldier, those sights must be the scene of a common sense flip.

It would have been hard to believe if the first association had not been a congregational watch left by his brother, so the realist military association would have been even more so.

And you are.

That was enough.

It's hard to shake off a military bond.



“You...? ”

Soldier Yeonyeon pulls out the great sword behind his revolution without using a bird's hand and draws his neck at once.

No matter how distracted he was by the battle between the two gods and dragons, he would have held both positions and positions in favor of this side.

“I'm sorry, but experience doesn't just disappear. ”

Yeonwoo smiles coldly and plunges the Great Sword deep into Yeonwoo's glance.


Soldier Yeonwoo is falling behind.


As his body was dismantled, he was absorbed by Yeonwoo.

[Myth, ‘Cain’ is reunited.]

At the same time, the body, which was only fragile, returned little by little.

‘This is enough. ’

The body of a high school student moved a little, but his health was overwhelming, but not at all when he was a soldier.

Yeonwoo quickly escaped the two gods and the dragon, pulling himself back.

Be as quiet as you can.

Of course, this would not completely fool their sensitive senses, but I knew that they would not care about themselves because they were focused on fighting anyway.

‘Even if you try to hunt me down, you can kill me at any time. ’

Yeonwoo left his seat busy and moved to another den.

‘This is a similar structure to the stage mission of the tower built by a thousand horses. Then I wouldn't just have kept the myths apart, but I would have hidden all the pieces of Hidden that could somehow flip over the plates. ’

And the association seemed to know roughly what such a hidden piece was.

‘Fire of the cold. ’

If it is the original power contained in the piece of the Sack, it will be enough to defeat any other myths.

‘As much as you're in here, you have to prove that you can have that fire. ’

As soon as I finished my judgment, I quickly looked through the caves and looked at the walls and ceilings.

If Hidden Piece is hidden, there must be some hint.

But on the other hand, I felt the magic force that was flowing in the atmosphere, and I forced it to pull it and wield it heavily in my body.

It wasn't that hard to detect Mana because it was already a long way to go. It was just hard to process it with horsepower and pioneer horsepower circuits to match it.

[Magical power begins to return.]

[The Magic Circuit has been opened.]

[The number of circuits has been extended to two.]

[The number of circuits has been extended to three.]



The more horsepower circuits gradually take shape.

The clothes that Yeonwoo was wearing were black and sour. The muscles were torn apart, the skeleton was twisted and then attached again. Increased eye height and vitality in the body.

[Skill ‘Magic Circuit’ has been fully formed and changed to 'Artman System’!]

[Skill ‘Yongmaan’ was created.]

I repeated it a few times, and there was nothing left in my body that could be called waste and tablecloths.

It's just a thick, dark flow of magic.

Of course, it wasn't enough to say that he regained his strength.

Yeonwoo didn't try anything else there anymore.

‘Found it.’

I've already been able to find a very faint texture that crosses the cave over long distances through the Dragon Maan.

If you hadn't observed, you would have missed it.

I'm trying to reach out to you.

“That's it.”

Yeonwoo had to stop moving in the voice heard from the back.

And I could see a king with a black glow on his head.

“I thought I had rats, but I didn't think I'd find them. ”

“ ……. ”

Yeonwoo looked at the same face as himself, but he watched the king quietly tighten his heart.

Obviously, I should be holding the giant dragon with the new king.... Is the hunt over already?

And the final winner is him?

However, I could not find any other substrate than the one the king had originally.

However, the king has tried to attack straight away, as though he had no intention of solving the question of such a relationship.

[Skill ‘Sky Wing’ has been created!]

Yeonwoo throws her body with a huge spin of magic.