Second Life Ranker

3. Cha Yeonwoo (3)

Heavenly wings have the power to maximize all effects.

Yeonwoo mobilizes all of her abilities to shed the black lightning that the king wielded.

The two wings retract inward and form a massive shield.

But it is.



Yeonwoo could not resist the shock wave that shook her whole body and bounced back as it was, but only after it was stuck on a wall that was far away.

‘.... Is it too much? ’

Yeonwoo was evil at it.

Even though it was only one attack.

The whole body was screaming. The muscles were all ruptured, and the bones seemed to be all broken. The viscera was also shaking.

[‘Magic Circuit’ is corrupted!]

[The extent of the damage is very serious. It requires quick action and preparedness.]

[Magic Power Generation is not possible.]

[Magic Circulation is not possible.]


“That's good. But you do one strand, right? It wasn't just a mouse. ”

The king smiles coldly and slowly approaches Yeonwoo.


The shadow of the one on the ground spreads like food, encroaching on the shadow of Yeonwoo.

“I don't know why I'm here. There's too much missing. But I can't even guess why it happened or what it was. ”

Shh, shh!

The king's shadow splits from side to side, revealing his teeth.

Like a shark aiming for nesting prey floating on the surface, it wanders under the feet of a pond.

The notion of death was targeting him.

“There's a lot missing. Those things that seem to be part of me seem to be right there.... I don't know how. I don't know what the hell to do here. But it is.”

The king's two eyes glistened with a golden light.

“I think you know something, so you can ask. ”

There are many powers in the king.

Especially in prison, they used to lock up their enemies and interrogate them.

I was going to use it on myself..... but it was absurd.

So I smiled coldly.

“Can I teach you one thing? ”

“What is it?”

“I'm sorry, but I don't have long tongues like you. ”

“ ……! ”

The king tried to use his hands to realize that it was not the time to spare.

Quaa 'ang!

Whether it was already late or not, the king's side wall exploded and a hot breeze blew out.

“How dare you look behind me? I'll teach you how to do something you'll regret. ”

Between the rising rocks, the new king emerges without one arm and rushes to the king.

He was seriously injured because he was hit by the king's back.

His left arm flew, but his whole body was full of wounds. The notion of death seemed to be eating flesh like poison, especially when the face was frozen.

Because of this, the whole idea of killing the Four Kings was filled with rage.


After that, the bloody Giant Shin Dragon appeared at the back of the new king and rushed to the four kings.

“How the hell...! ”

As a king, I had to be embarrassed.

Apparently, after attacking the giant dragon, I succeeded in overturning all of that anger to the new king. When the new king got dizzy with his hands and feet, he put a knife to his side and thought it was all over.

How the hell did you find this place...?

You're not the only one who can use hair.

Then the king turned his gaze toward Yeonwoo, who dug out his ear.

From him, there was a very familiar smell among the myths he kept.

“Earth..... you? ”

Do you think I can smell it and not find it?

Yeonwoo caught Persene in the past and forced her to form a channeling to kill Daejimosin.

The title was "Apostle of the Apostle of the Earth."

Of course, the title obtained at the time disappeared as the myth disappeared, but it was not completely forgotten about its characteristics and mechanisms.

‘This is what I learned while reassembling my soul to complete the Blade. ’

With the experience gained at that time, the only instinct left is that the giant dragon came here recognizing the ghosts.

‘Many of the factors of the giant dragon were also those of the earthly mosaic. ’

Besides, the myth of defeating the earthly god belongs to the new king!

“You know about this...! ”

The more confident he was, the more he had to have faith in the Fellowship, but the problem was that he couldn't care less about the Fellowship right away.

The red flame tore the shadow as the new king ran to kill him, and the giant dragon shoved Bress in the barrel to protect himself.

Kung, kung, kung!


As the walls of the cave burst apart, the Four Kings, the New Kings, and the Giant Dragon became entangled.

[Transition of ‘Artman System’ to emergency operating system, successful in circulating part of the horsepower!]

[Current Efficiency: 6%]

I don't have that many magic powers right now, but it was ridiculous that I could only use this much there.

Yeonwoo opens her palms wide without delay and pushes the side wall loudly.


The doctrine of Sir () stirred up a few points in the ceiling that had been durable for some time due to the impact of the creeps and creeps.

Then the stones poured out and separated the space where they were.

Of course, it was only temporary, but I knew it was a blockwall that would break if they moved.

So, Yeonwoo pushed the Yongmaan hard back to the spot he had just checked.

[Unusual operation of horsepower has dramatically reduced efficiency again!]

[Current Efficiency: 3%]


[Magic Power efficiency has been reduced again!]

[Current Efficiency: 1%]


After three or four hits, an empty space appeared inside as the wall exploded.

Hua 'ah!

There was a piece of red marble floating around.

A piece of reed that I once touched while retrieving Soul Stones.

I reached out to you.


With the pieces broken, the golden flame sucks into your hand.

[You have successfully retrieved ‘Pieces’!]

[Standon Quest (Hidden Piece) was created.]

[Standon Quest/Hidden Piece]

Description: The place you are currently entering is the Tomb of the Rib. All over this tomb, there are hidden pieces that meant molluscs.

A piece of rice contains the fire of the garden.

The more pieces you have, the closer you'll be to the fire in the garden, and the closer you'll be to the owner of the tomb.

From now on, find all the hidden pieces throughout the stage and bring them together.

This is the only chance you have of defeating the other ‘you' who have lost the myth, and all the work and processes in the process will also be an opportunity to redefine yourself.

Time Limit:

Restriction: Entrant of the 'Tomb of the Rib’. Holder of 'Piece of Rip’.

Achievement Requirement: Find the Piece of Ribs. Number of Pieces Found Currently (1 of 5)


However, unlike what was expected, the pieces of the retrieved yam did not give him or her a great power right away.

It was still too much to hit the rapids and the frontal.

However, I could feel something rising inside my soul.

I thought that only when I recovered all the remaining pieces would I be able to use the power I wanted.

‘But this is a great achievement. It fits as expected. ’

Yeonwoo quickly turned his head again.

[Skill, 'Parallax Disturbance’ was created!]

As time slowed down, the accident bit his tail.


The fight between the three rapids continued to escalate. The heat coming from the blocking wall quickly burns his soul.

‘Where will the next Hidden Piece be...! ’

Yeongyeon drew a roughly structural diagram of the Nama Cave in his head, following the flow of resolutions into the Yongmaan.

Already busy wandering around with the Soldier's Fellowship, looking at three places carefully.

Therefore, a labyrinth-like structure could be easily derived from several calculations.

And the closest one is the one.

Is it here?

Yeonwoo spreads her heavenly wings wide again and blows her body toward the road to the right.

Wedging fluid

* * *

[Successfully retrieved ‘2nd Piece’!]

‘There are three left. But I was lucky to get here. Now the others will start to smell too. ’

I didn't think Yeonwoo would be able to find the remaining 3 pieces like this easily.

Maybe the others themselves had already found the rest.

‘Probably non-superstitious. ’

I felt it when I faced the king, but they certainly had a face and a heart similar to their own, but there were many things that were not enough to simply say 'Cha Yeon Woo’.

It's probably because the memory of a human being that should be the foundation of the world is cut off, bringing its own identity closer to God.

Even though the king ate it by chance, it was all because of that difference.

This suggested that it was very large.

‘The further away from me as a human being, the further away my identity as a coincidence.... ’

That much judgment or coldness had to be reduced.

On the contrary, however, non-believers, such as the monotheists and the Emperor, still have a human identity.

In order to survive in a place where the newcomers are grotesque, they will have to make that kind of discreet judgment.

‘First of all, we have to unite the non-superstitious, and then we have to do something about it. ’

If you don't, there will be no way to overcome the threat of the rapids.

And Yeonwoo was convinced that the reader and the king would have made the same judgment.

‘Where can I find a place where non-superstitious people can sneak away from the Four Kings? ’

A cavity that is not small in size while long away from the rapids.

‘Then there are several oysters crossing each other, so you can get rid of them right away. ’

Yeonwoo considered whether the condition that he‘s ’would prioritize when establishing a place was whether he could secure the evacuation route at the same time.

‘But where you can stop your opponent from leaving immediately. Even in this complex ant den, where we can all think in common.....! ’

Yeonwoo's eyes sparkled.

‘There is.’

Where the first piece was found.

If it's a place where the Four Kings and others have been confused..... I think it's easy to think of other nonbelievers too.

It is clear that the three rapids have already finished the fight, or have moved to another location, even if it is still in progress.

I used to say it was dark under the lamp.

So there's a place where Yeonwoo went back.

“…… Finally. ”

“A lot slower. What kind of myth are you late for? ”

The vigilante and the cold-pressed king were waiting for a reunion.