Second Life Ranker

4. Cha Yeonwoo (4)



Yeonwoo had to take those eyes from the moment she stepped into the cavity.

‘I don't know what you're doing. ’

It was already more than 30 minutes.

It's not like we're staring at each other.

What is the level of the opponent, what is the status of the armed forces, what do the skills have, blessings and blessings, whether there are any other sympathizers, what are the myths, there are no gaps, if any, etc….

Now that we're exploring each other sharply, if we look at the loopholes for a very short time, we can't seem to hold hands and let them in straight away.

It would be better to just avoid the position, but not to do so would mean that we clearly recognize that we need each other.

"Nuisance doubters. ’

Yeonwoo knew that he was not in a position to say the same thing, but he could not help but be annoyed.

To this extent, it was time for other myths to finish judging the situation and start personal action.

Maybe they united as the new king and the king did.

If two or more rapids really held hands, there was no chance that this side could hold the ride.

Yeonwoo thought that both the reader and the Emperor would know that very well.

But the reason we can't move quickly is because we know each other too well.

“You can't keep doing this. ”

At that time, the king opened his mouth first.

‘You must have judged your power to be the dominant one here. I thought I could lead the atmosphere. ’

And that was actually also true.

“How about a brief introduction to what each one remembers? If so, it would be helpful to hold each other's hands, whether they're loyal or not. ”

The King's gaze was on Yeonwoo.

It means you're the weakest person here.

Yeonwoo blatantly laughed at him.

“Player. Are you ready? ”


One of the king's eyebrows twitched.

Everyone here came from Cha Yeon Woo.

This was a mockery he blatantly said his opinion was stupid.

“If you want to leave, you have to leave. Do you think you can tell us what you're not telling us? ”

The Emperor's eyes subsided, but Yeonwoo turned into a snot-nosed fart.


At that time, the reader, who was still standing, clapped and opened his mouth.

“Let's not waste any more time exploring, whether it's nerve warfare or useless. Anyway, the objectives will all be the same, and that will be the end of temporary solidarity until we achieve them. But the important thing is, does it deserve to be here? Don't you think?”

‘He must have judged that the Emperor and I had a nerve war at the pole. ’

Yeonwoo judged the reader to be the most dangerous here.

Obviously, the force may lag behind the Emperor, but that was the time when there was the most suspicion and no trust in others.

Yeonwoo only took out one of the two pieces he recovered.


“Here I am, too. ”

“This makes it clear that we all have one in common. Well, even if you have more than one, it doesn't make any sense. Don't you think?”

The reader sneaks up on words that are forced to doubt each other.

However, he took the initiative by pretending to mediate.

“Once you share one piece of information, one of the remaining pieces also has the ‘God of Giants’. ”

Yeonwoo and the Emperor's eyes glowed at the same time.

“Are you sure?”

“How did you find out? ”

“Trade secrets. I almost died, too. ”

The reader shrugs and talks.

Under the black mask, two eyes glow like a frown.

“Anyway, I'd like to suggest that we hold hands until we take it..... But if each other is so skeptical, it will only create a self-destruction, so let's approach it differently. ”

As if the reader touched something, the reader placed the void in his hand.


[The 'Pledge of Mana’ has been proposed!]

“The conditions are solidarity to catch the god of giants. Qualification is limited to shard owners. The period lasted until the god of giants suffocated. Penalty is myth removal. How's it going?”

Yeonwoo and the Emperor did not answer while staring at each other for a very short time.

Let's do the math.

Indeed, when I accepted this, I wondered whether it would be advantageous or disadvantageous for myself.

The penalty for deleting the myth was so great.

It just meant getting out of the competition.

There was no way I could have done this to Gus.

Mana's pledge was like an absolute insistence that no matter how transcendent the opponent was.


“Let's do it.”

Yeonwoo and the Emperor nodded.

I think that there will be no difference in any bad conditions for the weak.

On the contrary, the King agreed that he would be able to reverse it as much as possible.

Everyone gave their consent while having a frostbite.


I felt something tightly restrained along their heart, with the pale laughter of the reader.

[The 'Pledge of Mana’ has been signed.]

[An invisible chain weaves the souls of the Contracting Parties together. Upon breaking the oath, penalties will be enforced in accordance with the penalties presented.]

[Also, apart from the existing punishment, mistrust of Mana is engraved in the soul.]

Unbelief in Mana means that access to Mana Stream is deprived.

The higher it was, the more it had to operate as a critical hit, so it had to be guarded somehow.

“Then let me briefly describe the god of giants. ”

The reader fixes the mask and stretches out the information he has identified one by one.

* * *

The god of giants asked himself a question as soon as he opened his eyes.

"Who am I? ’

The reason for asking such a question was very simple.

He didn't have a name.

‘Why can't I remember? No, did you have one? ’

It must have been there.

It was so confusing that it remained in the form of '# # #’.

But everything, including the name, was castrating.

It's like this is enough for your identity.

The myth of being the god of all giants was enough, and it seemed like someone was telling me to live like this in the future.

That's it, the god of giants hated it.

‘Who dares to tell me this! ’

The essence of giants is the struggle ( ).

Because of that, I was reluctant to face the Giants directly between God and the Devil. They were crazy little fellows who, when they got too excited about the rest of the fight, ate their own food.

But the struggle was not just outward. There were times when the arrows were also turned inward.

Right to yourself.

The struggle faced by the God of Giants is now the same.

The myth of the struggle he now had was the struggle against oppression and redemption, and the unnamed situation meant such repression and redemption.

Above all.

‘The voice of the congregation…… remains. ’

The god of giants reminds me of what the dead giants said when they saw themselves. Did he say Valdivihi? The priest asked him to be his Savior, and he replied, "I will."

The same is true of giants who have been waiting for death on a planet that the giants left a long time ago. They must have begged to change the world, and they said they would.

If so many believers are seeking salvation, how can they become gods and not know it?

Since then, the giant god has not taken a single step out of the open.

I was going to take back the part that was somehow lacking here. I couldn't find myself, but I couldn't even find an ambassador to save the congregation.

It won't be easy, but if you keep digging deep inside yourself, something will come out.

It didn't matter if it moved after that.

Even though the sculpture was right under his feet, it was also because he did not take it.

"This is a piece of shit. When I'm drunk, I'm a tennis player before I swing. But there's no reason to give it to the others. ’

Then, there was something that aroused the senses of the giant god.

‘Another annoying man has come. ’

Those who came here smelling the sculpture were not one or two.

But some of them were the most annoying.

It looks like he's back.

This time, I dragged him all the way to the herd.

Good boy!

When I heard the sound of his feet, the god of giants opened his eyes.

He still looked at the reader standing at the far entrance of the commune without thinking about what would happen with the Patriarchate.

“This is a parasite. It means you don't need it. And yet, did you come back? ”

“I would have told you that I needed it and that I chose it. ”

The reader pulls out the two daggers from behind the belt, each holding them firmly in his hand.

And you are.


I flew myself to the God of Giants.

[Raid for ‘God of Giants’ begins!]

[Current Party Participant: 3]

“Still reckless. ”

The god of giants stood up while making bitter laughter. Next to him was a very long bone knife.

A weapon that was hand-picked and grinded because it had no weapon.

Because of this, he lacked a rib, but it didn't hurt that much. And it was best to use a part of his body to support his divinity.

Quaa 'ang!

The God of Giants strikes rough.

A creature that can be torn apart by wind pressure.

The god of giants thought that if the reader hit this in the face, there would never be a chance.

By the way.



The dagger crossed by the reader was pushing the bone knife from the front. He was pushed out of power, but the reader was apparently preventing his attack.

The Giant God wants to know what's going on. He swings the bone knife in succession, and each time, the reader moves strangely and strikes the attack and even tries to fight back.

“I see! Did you get a piece of that bird? ”

The God of Giants realizes what is the energy of the bright light that follows the reader and explodes the pavilion.

If there was one, it was never a crowd that saw the power close to the rapid.

It was a different dimension of the problem than swinging it.

“I'm going to lose it. ”

Immediately, the reader's eyes chilled under the mask.

“What do you mean? ”

“Just as I said. That means you will soon be possessed by the filth and lose the filth. It's not just silk. You lose your mind, you lose your life, you lose your myth. ”

“Hush...! ”

“It's not bullshit. If a writer who doesn't even know his name and doesn't establish himself properly gains a strange power, can he really make use of it? ”

The god of giants laughed at me.

“Maybe the other myths were stupid and didn't recover the pieces? ”

“ ……! ”

“Seeing as I'm seeking only extreme strength, I guess there's nothing around here. Not to mention a colleague, a lover, a friend... all of them. Isn't it the only identity you have left? ”

“…… Shut up! ”

Quaa 'ang!

The monologue sprinkles the dagger in his hand roughly transversely. Magical power burst, but the Giant God never took a single step out of place.

At that moment.

Wedge fluid

Another attack was aimed at the blind spots exquisitely.

“That would be ridiculous. ”

The God of the Giant pulls out the bone knife that he left next to you and turns it towards you.


The Emperor Bigrid is caught by a bone knife.


The king swung the beagrid in succession as he kicked his tongue. At the extreme, the other extreme sword unfolds in succession and the reader disrupts the gaze of the giant god on the other side.

Quack, quack!

Curr, curr.

But even though the giant god dealt with two people at the same time, he was very relaxed and pushing them with force.

One day, Yeonwoo opened up the space and swept away her lower body as she spread her wings.

“Why don't you know that flies are just flies, even if they're twisted? ”

The God of Giants throws a bitter smile as he teaches. He thrashes the floor with a bone knife.

Then, as it happened, the earthquake turned roughly upside down, blocking access to Yeonwoo, etc.


“I said, I have no intention of chatting with you. I don't know what you're trying to do, but I don't think you deserve it, so get lost. ”

The god of giants shouts coldly as he sees three men far away.

No matter how full the divine power was, the cave would tremble as if it were about to collapse.

With resonance courtesy, he was confident and never showed weakness.

The moment I saw the god of such a giant, I thought to myself,

‘.... What the hell is he? ’

The distortion between the image he thought he had and the god of giants is so great.