Second Life Ranker

5. Cha Yeonwoo (5)

The other myths that Yeonwoo has seen so far are clearly ‘absent’ somewhere as one.

And to fill that lack, I took a peek at Hositam's opportunity to somehow eat other myths.

That's why the new king and the king were all attached to each other, and the solemn and the emperor tried to keep the safety device under Mana's promise while holding hands.

But until now, the God of the Giant didn't seem like it at all.

Rather, he was revealing God's pride more than anyone else.

But one action at a time, one walk at a time, filled with vomit and majesty.

Do I have to say it's like there's no lack of it?

He seemed to have established his own identity.

Yeonwoo had to feel strongly that he was not himself, even though he was facing his own face.

So I asked.

“What do you mean by entitlement? ”

I was going to do something in the middle of a tough war.

In the process, the attitude he saw changed his mind.

I wanted to ask.

The idea that the God of Giants has.

He looked at the question of the congregation of giants.

I thought the people with that face would hear each other's words for their own purposes, especially the words of the opponent's ear, but I'm asking why.

“Of course not. Pose as God.”

Therefore, the God of Giants said his thoughts more confidently.

Yeonwoo's eyes narrowed slightly.


“Yes, God. You, too, are part of a myth that made the existence of someone who doesn't know their name... # # # only remains a memory. Then why don't you be more confident as a god? If you go cowardly, you'll have to cheat the rest of you. ”

The god of giants looks at the reader and then looks at the King.

“I wonder if such a beast can be said to be a god who knows how to reveal his cruel sentiments. ”

The God of Giants looks up and down at the association for the last time.

“And you seem to be standing alone without anything..... which means you don't even see yourself as a god. I don't know.”

Yeonwoo could be sure.

‘Pose as a god……. ’

What is the Early God?

It means being able to escape all restraints and restraints alone and be self-reliant.

It is a pioneer who guides the believers who follow him on the right path.

The god of giants was saying it right away.

“... I see. You're not human. ”

Yeonwoo muttered to herself like she realized something.

“Hey, player. Why do you keep asking me what's useless? ”

The king came forward with a face mixed with annoyance.

In his view, even though he had to concentrate on combat, he went through a lot of chatter.

Of course, he didn't pretend to listen.

“That's annoying. ”

But the Emperor felt offended and did not impose sanctions on Yeonwoo.

We need to catch the God of Giants right now, but it's suicide and Mana's pledge is in between them.

‘After defeating the God of Giants..... you are the ones behind it. ’

The Emperor had already set out in his head how he would behave over several stages.

And the next step is to do the "work" around the time of the fall of the giant god.

Even though Mana's pledge is a great restraint, that didn't mean it was absolute.

‘It's a convenient way to make it. ’

The king touches his‘ shadow ’with his feet.

Then, as the shadow reacted, it thundered loudly.

If it is contained in this..... I will be able to wipe out everything here at the stake when the Giant God collapses.

The Shadow Corps, which he boasts of, moves only with obedience and loyalty to the dead, apart from Mana's pledge.

The after-effects of failing to fulfill the pledge were thought to be replenishable enough by the myth of killing the god of giants and the monologue.

‘Even the masked one may have a hidden hand, but you can kill him without a chance. ’

If the Emperor was to be considered the most vigilant here, he was not the god of the strongest giants, nor was he a reader of useless noises or associations.

With a black mask on, it was no different from a beast who was aiming for prey.

But even deception and deceit will be forced to succumb in the face of overwhelming power.

The Emperor judged so.


Just as you don't have to worry anymore, you stretch out your heavenly wings with a beagrid and rush back to the God of Giants.

No matter what you take out, the prerequisite was to defeat the god of giants.

* * *

‘I don't know exactly what it is, but you don't think you have any other assistants? Stupid.’

The reader turns his nose farting as he sees the Emperor trying to attack again.

For him, who had the memory of climbing the tower with only his brother's diary in his watch, the whole world was filled with mistrust.

That's why I had to write more schemes than anyone else, and I had to identify their number of nodules and include them in my plans or leave them as variables.

So the first thing the reader knew as soon as he opened his eyes was that it was related to the Emperor.

His actions, vocabulary, speech…… even if he could see things like that, he could see what memories he had and what tendencies and identities he had.

The first encounter was with the god of giants, but in the first place, the rapidity was not something he could handle alone, so he only knew the power side.

However, the Emperor thought he was the one who had to hold hands, but he was forced to clash the most.

In the stage where the new recruits gave me this ridiculous mission. In order to be the final winner as a non-superstar, we had to keep the common line to some extent, and then we had to split.

Of course, that didn't mean we could figure everything out.

A metaphor alone could have been quite helpful in dealing with it.

And one conclusion.

There's something in there that you absolutely believe in.

I didn't know where it was.

He may have the skills to pull out the body, or he may be holding hands with other myths and hiding himself in a hideout somewhere.

But it still doesn't matter.

The reader thought so.

‘Just make your hands and feet dizzy so that the assistant can't use any power. ’

The reader touches the dagger on his fingertips.

It wasn't actually Krashna's dagger or the Great Sword he used.

A black dagger, similar to that, but of a completely different color.


‘The Four Kings, he must come to the right place. ’

In fact, the reader first made contact with the Four Kings during the process of obtaining the Piece of Ribs before meeting the Emperor.

You take that. But let's hold hands together.

At that time, the king handed over a piece of pearl to the reader.

Of course, as a doubtful reader, he was forced to be vigilant, but the king did not notice much.

We can't trust each other anyway, can we? Then we both want to take a common interest. It doesn't matter what you support and sauté with other nonbelievers. I need another rapid ‘memory’. I don't care about anything else.

Why are you making this offer to me?

I met you first. And I think it's worth it. So, are we good?

The dagger the king gave me told me where he was. I think I can intervene right away.

Of course, the reader did not believe in the Four Kings. But I believed in power.

If I can bring the Four Kings here with this dagger at the right time, no matter what kind of helper the Emperor calls, this place will be a mess.

The reader was eager to eliminate the chaos in turn. Even the Lord of the Four Kings and Giants, if possible, himself.

‘Did you say there was a reason why the other rapids didn't take the piece of the Monkey? ’

Recalling what the god of giants said, the reader glances coldly at both eyes.

‘Stupid sound. I didn't even step into this place in the first place if I felt like I was going to bend my foot. You can't use a tool like a tool, and you can't do anything because you're scared from the start. ’

For the monologue, there are no shards of mangoes, no prince with hands, no god of giants here, and no other myths. Even…… all his life seemed like a tool to fulfill his purpose.

‘If there's only one thing I need, it's him. ’

The reader glances at Yeonwoo's side.

Yeonwoo was using it by a monologue, picking up one of the Great Swords that fell to the ground and giving it a magical boost.

I saw a very blurry sword on the blade.

‘I don't know what you're thinking, but you don't have to care about the one who can only pull it out. ’

The reader was deciding whether Yeonwoo was a student or a soldier. Or enter the tower and pass through the tutorial until after.

I deal with magic quite freer than I thought, but I thought it would be possible because I absorbed two pieces of it.

‘The Emperor must have known that. If there was a dragon, it was quick to notice, so I would have imitated some of the other myths. ’

Of course, the plain-looking Yeonwoo also came from the same existence as himself, so he may have hidden some defeat.

No, I would definitely have, and I would always try to hit my back.

But can a writer who has just begun to learn magic be able to resist Mana's vows?

Even if there is, there will be a big hit, and you can remove it right away...... The reader decided so.

However, I couldn't completely ignore it, so I had to make other safeguards.

‘I have to use my hand right after the Raid. The only condition of the pledge is to keep the alliance. It's not like the king outside the pledge is cutting off his hands and feet. ’

All the pledges were the same, but there was a way out.

I would have judged that the normal relationship would not be worth using either, so I would not have had an assistant.

Let's move around when the God of Giants is almost defeated.

The monologue thinks the same way as the Emperor, spreading the wings of fire to catch the god of giants and pushing the ground.

[‘Meteor Blade Lightning' is fierce!]

[Skill creation failed.]

[Failure to control horsepower, penalty explodes.]

I felt a hot interstellar heat. I thought it might be possible for a person to melt to pieces, but with the flashes that follow soon.

“ ……! ”

As the reader's eyes flushed red, his consciousness was completely cut off.

* * *


Kuku, Kuku!

Khh! Khh!

Yeonwoo's 'failed’ sword reaches out to all sides and sweeps everything as it is.

In the first place, the prototype of the Swordsmanship was based on Auror, which put all of the aggressive skills that Yeonwok possessed in the whole world.

Of course, it was impossible for Yeonwoo to handle such skills with her body now.

Eventually, the explosion caused by Yeonwoo's magical circuit to ‘accidentally’ sweep away those around it.

[It was considered an accident and Manah's pledge was annulled.]

[You have retrieved the myth of the 'King of Lords’!]

[Recovery of existence is accomplished.]


Yeongyeon, who was first swept away by the explosion, was able to open his eyes again, under the blessing of a system that determined he had defeated the Emperor.

Of course, he acquired the myth of the Emperor after the military association.

“Like a dog……! ”

On the other hand, a fortunate, barely rescueable, monogamous man had to look at the euphoria with an unbelievable face.

Even though it was hidden, most of the limbs were already broken, and in the broken abdomen, it was not unusual for the viscera to line up and die at any time. More than half the masks were blown away.

The reader could see that Yongyeon created this edition by using the blindness of the system beyond that level, a 'one-sided' method that they had never even thought of.

I thought there would be any defeat, but who would have guessed that I would do something like this...!

So I got humiliated, but I couldn't use my hands.


Yeonwoo picks up a dagger and cuts his throat.

[You have retrieved the myth of the 'monologue’!]

Yeonwoo felt the power build-up in his cold flesh, and now he is half buried in a pile of fallen fallen rock, reaching the god of a giant.

Cool, cool...!

The God of Giants was badly injured and bleeding, but somehow he had a frustrating face.

“You... are really me. ”

Yeonwoo nodded boldly.

“Khh! I thought I was going to fall one day, but I didn't know this was going to happen. Yes, the name I lost. May I ask?”

“Cha Yeonwoo.”

“Cha Yeon Woo, Cha Yeon Woo...! Hmph! That's a strange name. ”

The God of Giants nods with a big smile.

The more. Yeonwoo's eyes sank deeply.

“I want to ask you again. ”

“It's too painful..... I'll send you out quickly, that's too much. ”

Yeonwoo asked with a serious attitude, without even laughing at the joke of the giant god.

“Am I still ineligible? ”

The Giant God opened his eyes in a circle and smiled.

“Yes, not enough. ”

“Why do you think that? ”

“God is usually solitary. But you're different. Don't you think?”

“ ……. ”

“You're longing for something. It's not like we're trying to find what's missing. Obviously there is a lack of you, but I'm not trying to find it from myself, I'm trying to find it somewhere else. You are.”

Two eyes of the giant god drew a line.

“You're human.”

What's missing from me.

What I yearn for.

As soon as I heard that, several faces passed through Yeonwoo's head.

Cha Jungwoo.

Father and mother.

Ananta, Cesha.

Pant, the Kingless, Shannon, Hahn, Rebecca, Bufaust, Laplace, Ram and the Legion of Death, Valdebich and the Giants of the Dead, Summer Queen and Dragon.....

And you are.

The last face that comes to mind.

A face that waited for the ugly self without pain, but always smiled without grumbling once.

‘…… Edora. ’

Yeonwoo covered her face with her hands.

The gigantic god's laughter echoes his ear.

“Khh! Didn't I tell you? God is the law of solitude. So you are a human being looking for friends and family. ”

And after a while, when I swiped my hand again,

The god of giants closes his eyes like a smiling face.

[You have retrieved the myth of ‘God of Giants’!]