Second Life Ranker

6. Cha Yeonwoo (6)


Finally, he felt filled with the myth of the giant god.

I felt like I had grown up in just one moment.

No, I was just getting back the power I lost for a while, precisely.

Somehow, even though it was only a few hours ago, it was almost like it had been a long time ago.

That's probably because the giant god gave it to me at the end.

That's why you said you were human.

That's what was stigmatized by Yeonwoo.

But it is.

‘The spirit is clear. ’

As if it were cold water, the spirit was more awake than ever before.

Do you think it feels like you've been freed for a moment from everything that's been so frustrating around you?

‘Yes, I was human. ’

Liaison was able to be confident again about his identity.

In the meantime, even though I've been stacking up the rapids.

And even though I've been through so many euphemisms, I've had so many challenges.

In the end, he could clearly realize that he was human.

It's always hard to lack a mate.

That's why I want my family and colleagues.

Such a human being.

And then.

“You've done this well. ”

Yeonwoo turns to the contrary as she cools down the hot air.

The body that has already been broken is finished with the restoration. Tons of magical power flourish at the fingertips.

The king stood there with his face full of joy.

Following the reader's call, I quickly found my way.

The only thing you can see after you arrive is the boiling magma.

The ant dens that were so twisted were not seen flying all over.

How big the explosion was…… I rarely had any guesses.

The cave here must have a solid durability that never breaks even when the rapids are beaten.

The Four Kings were not fools, but the writer who did this nonsense did not know that it was a connection.

That's why it was even more ridiculous.

The first time I saw him, he was just a rat cub.

In the meantime, I never thought I'd eat another one and throw it away as big as me.

I thought it was ridiculous.

“I see.”

The prince quickly realized why.

“Were you our origins? ”

The king's voice was filled with annoyance.

“But we were all lacking..... why can't you see that? ”

The king was genuinely indignant.

Neither himself nor other myths wanted to fight like this.

If only I had the right memories. Even with identity, I would not have tried to fill it by killing another myth like this.

When I was in the tower in the past, I didn't argue like this even when I split up dozens and hundreds of people because of the mission. Rather, it passed much easier than others. It was because I knew exactly who ‘me' was, and the judgment was quick.

But I couldn't do that here, so I had to try to find myself to the end.

Even if I just knew his name..... I wouldn't have gone through this.

Therefore, the king was forced to be angry with Daewoo, who had complete memory and identity simply because he was of origin.

It was either timing or jealousy.

Jealous of those who didn't have what they wanted to have.

But it is.

“No, I'm sorry, but there's no origin. ”

Yeonwoo simply crossed his head.

The king's face was distorted.

“What a waste...! ”

“The myth of wanting to be human. I think it was me. ”

“ ……? ”

The king frowned at what he was saying.

Yeonwoo only looked at him with a tranquil gaze, as if he had no more reason to answer.

The king did not like the laid-back attitude, but he calmly sank his mind as he swept his head up with his hands.

And he said,

“Well, I think it's good. As long as this happens, it will all be solved if you become the final winner. That's why I'm proposing. Come out...! ”

The prince did not speak, but suddenly had to inherit his body.

Quaa 'ang!

It was because Yeonwoo was just popping an aurora on her fingertips.

Strike too strong to just ignore.

As long as it swallowed the god of the giant who was holding the statue of the struggle, Yeonwoo was already too strong to deal with the Four Kings easily.


The king raises the shadows high and throws them all out to the side, making them angry with fire.

“I'm talking, but how dare you! ”

“If it's an alliance offer, don't say no. Be careful not to shake hands with anyone who's ever hit me in the back. ”

Yeonwoo reached the front of the Four Kings and stabbed him in the throat with a sword.

At this moment, I tried to retaliate, realizing that the king's face was ridiculous, but not convincing.

That's when Shadow and Auror were about to crash again.

[The myth of ‘Giant Shin Dragon’ has been deleted!]

[The myth of 'The Giver of the Olympic Force’ has been deleted!]

“ ……! ”

Yeonwoo and the king had to harden their bodies at the same time.

What is it?

Who's gonna die?

Even if the new king does, the dragon will be the strongest..?

That's not true!

In a moment, the accident quickly followed in the same order as Yeonwoo and the king's head.

At the same time, he came to the same conclusion.

The last myth has appeared!

[‘Alternate Self of the Dark King’ appears!]

Then, with the message that followed, the darkness began to rise beneath Sacha Mann's feet.

Darkness so dark as a mob. Once submerged, the king quickly flew up into the air as soon as he saw it that he would never be able to escape.


I'll eat. I'll eat.

Come on, over here. Come and play with me. Come into my boat and play with me.

The malice and pathogenesis that arose there contained the power to stun the mind just by looking at it.

‘Damn it! Why haven't you seen it yet! ’

Yeonwoo knew that was what he should have experienced after he finished his destiny as an executor.

Son of the Dark King, who has seen countless things in Abyss, looks like a demon.

Only the Dark King will lose himself and fall into pieces, but the Demon will remain a greedy instinct.

That's what it was.

As if they had eaten the giant dragon and the new king, Yeonwoo and the four kings seemed to be willing to swallow in a single breath.

‘I was afraid that the giant dragon would still resist, but was it a group? ’

The giant dragon, whose every desire was castrated, had its limits.

“What the hell...! ”

On the other hand, the king was being seduced by the alternate ego of the Dark King.

God for God, demon for demon. Even a sulfur should feel something in essence, because I couldn't even detect it there.

Moreover, the demonic performance he had originally known seemed to be different.

It felt like a huge wall that could not protest... No, it felt like a swamp.

Therefore, the Four Kings were forced to be deceived. Just as the God of Giants did, Yeonwoo's aura burst from the back, sweeping through him in a single breath, and he was fierce on the alternate ego of the Dark King.

Quack, quack!


To tickle.

It tickles!

Don't do this. Get in my boat. Get along with your other friends!

Of course, the only thing that struck the alternate ego of the Dark King was scratching the tickle spot.

Rather, Yeonwoo's resistance is fun, so he jumped bigger as if he was going to die.

However, I didn't think I could catch a ride with it.

I just needed time to absorb more myths and put the pieces together!

[You have retrieved the myth of the 'Four Thrones’!]

[You have successfully retrieved ‘Third Piece’!]


[You have recovered all the pieces!]

[You have completed the quest.]


[As a reward, you will be awarded a 'lamp of a duck’.]


Yeonwoo could feel the golden glow rising from himself.

It was a force of a nature that was completely different from the lighting that he had originally.


"A thousand horses."

Yeonwoo's eyes grew.

‘The power of a thousand horses....! ’

The light of truth, which defeated all darkness in the world and led to the creation of the universe, warmly embraced the soul.

Let's play. Play with me!

At that moment, the alternate ego of the Dark King burst into singularity, encroaching on the relationship as it was.


I felt like I could hear that somewhere.

* * *


I ate it. I ate it! I ate it all! Now I'm the real # # #!

By the way.

Why don't you think of anything?

Why do you still not know my name?

Numerous thoughts roar like a swarm of flies.

The alternate ego of the Dark King was being seduced. Despite swallowing the last remaining mythical association, nothing has come to mind yet.

The only one left with instinct had to have the strongest yearning for identity.

And yet, I can't tell you anything, so I have to be frustrated.

And you are.

‘You're going crazy. ’

Yeonwoo slowly opened her eyes in the alternate ego of the Dark King.

It's just a dark darkness you see around you.

But it was already a familiar place for Yeonwoo. Rather familiar. It was a place where the demons fought countless times, and eventually won over.

He thought that if he swallowed himself, he could melt into the abyss, but he was stuck in a challenge he didn't even think of.

‘I didn't need this. ’

Yeonwoo smiles as she looks at the golden glow that still surrounds her.

[Monkey's Lamp]

Rating: Not measurable

Description: Fire of the cold. It was the fire that occurred when the first universe was born in the beginning. At any time and at any place, I will give you a way to go.

I felt like I knew why I was given the lamp of a wolf.

Surrounded by myths, if you don't lose your identity, you'll have a chance to retaliate.

On the other hand, I could also see why the rapids were reluctant to do this.

As the God of Giants said, Orot walks. The road must also be pioneered by itself.

But what if the lamp lights it up?

From then on, he was forced to disqualify as a rapid surgeon. God who does not set his own path, and who is guided by others, can no longer be called God.

So the creatures were instinctively reluctant to recover the shards of the rapids, and the creatures wanted to get this and be guided.

But it didn't mean much to me as a coincidence that the Piece of Letters only wanted power.

Should I just say the amount of tools I need to break the quest?

‘No. I think I know what it means to run, so it doesn't mean anything? ’

Yeonwoo opens her palms wide, feeling a little strange about her power, which is completely contrary to the darkness she has always held.

[Skill, 'Spirit Sword of Hades’ has been created!]

A dark bruise appeared over the palm of his hand, and his teeth widened.

It was time to go out again.


Yeonwoo took Hades' Spirit Sword into the abyss.