Second Life Ranker

7. Brotherhood (1)


Don't be ridiculous!

Humans! Humans!

You're being so vain? # # # It's me! I...!

The alternate ego of the Dark King is sucked into Yeonwoo at a fierce pace as he spits out a horrible deafness.

As a man, I was insane and delirious.

Of course, just touching his hand would have been a natural threat to him.

Of course, compared to him, the current relationship was only a very small one.

No matter how many myths you swallow, you will not be able to overcome the cosmic alternate self of the Dark King.

But the Dark King's alternate self was instinctively threatened. Commonly speaking, this little dot should not contain all of itself, but it is a threat that he might be able to do enough.

In the end, the alternate ego of the Dark King began to show the troublesome appearance of fleeing from the Fellowship without first being self-centered.

Let go! Let go...!

I was hysterical and somehow I tried to shake up a relationship.

[The 'Spirit Sword of Hades’ never misses its prey!]

Rather, the toothed teeth bite him harder.

And you are.

All darkness was eventually attributed to Yeonwoo.

[You have retrieved the myth of 'Alternate Self of the Dark King’!]

[You have retrieved the lost myth, 'God of Olympus’!]

[You have retrieved the extinct myth, 'Giant Shin Dragon’!]

[Successfully retrieved all myths.]

[All who lack self will be recovered.]


Yeonwoo was able to feel a soul and a body that were completely restored to the prototype. The power was returning.

‘No. More than that? ’

No, precisely the power was being reestablished.

Under the identity of a winning human association within a stage mission, other myths were established, with solid durability that will never break no matter how shaky.

In the meantime, the cave, where many myths had flickered, disappeared, and a massive wasteland appeared before his eyes.

Surrounded by a sea of clouds, the ground below is completely invisible.

But it is.

[‘The Lamp of the Ripper' illuminates the way ahead!]

The golden light contained in Yeonwoo soared high above the sky, and as it slowly descended, it began to bite the cloudy sea to the side and to show each staircase hidden in it.

The stairs sparkled beautifully, as if to come here.

And the message that comes to mind.


[You have passed the coffin of the Tomb of the Lamb, 99th floor!]

[Move to 100th floor?]

“…… what? ”

In a moment, Yeonwoo thought he might have misseen the message.

This was clearly a message that I often encountered when I was in the tower. I used to show up when I moved the hierarchy.

But I'm sure the tower would've knocked itself out.

But why is this...?

That too, 99th floor?

Those thoughts passed through my head in a row.

But deep down, I thought it might be.

Named the ‘heaven’ where the gods and demons lived, the 98th floor was a world that the average player knew well, but nothing was known about the 99th and 100th floors.

A place where gods and demons tried to climb up, but were intercepted for what reason.

However, some surrogates speculated cautiously that this might be the realm of a thousand horses.

Obviously, after putting them all in the tower, I knew that the thousand horses were exhausting their powers and resting, but I didn't know where they were.

I was just guessing there was something on the 99th floor that no one had ever stepped on.

Yeonwoo only considered defeating Olfo One and stopping the paper of the Dark King. I didn't care what was on the top of the tower.

However, if the 99 and 100 floors are the space of a thousand horses, it is clear that even after the tower collapses, it will remain in any form.

And if there were 99 floors and 100 floors that were inaccessible to the celestial system, it would be the same thing that the Bureau of Administration couldn't touch, so it made some sense that the place where Evil Keith was going was a thousand horseback riding area.

"100th floor."

Yeonwoo threw her gaze at the place where the stairs were headed.

No matter how much I expanded my cognitive area, I couldn't read there at all. It just seemed so cloudy and foggy.

[Move to 100th floor?]

Yeonwoo looked at the message quietly.

“ ……. ”

I turned around and sat on the floor.

I could go to the 100th floor right now, but he had something to do first.

I told you, God is the law of solitude. So you are a human being looking for friends and family.

The words kept hovering in my ear.

That's why.

Yeonwoo was going to wait for his brothers and family to come while he was chasing him.

[A thousand horses smile lightly as they look at the alternate self of the Dark King.]



I felt like I was laughing.

* * *

[A thousand horses are watching out for new visitors.]

“That annoying son of a bitch is stalking again. Hey, are you really not coming down? ”

He did not take Jung Woo's back and guide the way, but suddenly frowned at the message filling his retina.

Then I yelled at the whales in the sky.

[He says he doesn't want to go down.]

“What, man? You worthless son of a bitch. ”

[Scratch your buttocks with your hands, saying it's very nice to have a thousand horses of age.]

“Ahh! Once upon a time, there was a bastard who never had a fist. Son Ji-ho, how big were you? ”

[Provoke to call it a dump when a thousand horses twist.]

Kronos and Leah, including Cha Jung Woo, are now seeing the scene in front of them, but it's becoming a bit of a blur.

“... Father, are there any other speeds I don't know that use the myth of 'thousand horses’? ”

As far as I'm concerned.....

“Well, you can still be there, right? ”

I don't know if this father was born after he fell to Earth..... but if there was someone who used the same name, wouldn't other gods have trampled on him?

“Well, I guess so, huh? ”


“So what the hell is that? ”

I've wondered that before.

I knew it was a lot of pranks, unlike the notoriety or the prestige of a thousand horses.

But the fact that you can hit someone like that is too new for them.

I really wanted a thousand horses.

In particular, Leah, who saw her son Zeus eventually defeated by a thousand horses and Olympus trapped in the whole celestial system, was forced to feel even weirder.

However, Cha Jung Woo felt strongly that there would be a thousand horses beyond this place called the Tomb of Rio.

Norton, who thought the same thing, never said a word to his lips again.

And then.


The steps of the Hand Duke ceased nervously.

“If you keep going like this, Cha Yeon-woo will show up, so you can just go. ”

Cha Jungwoo raises his head.

“Aren't you coming with me? ”

“I'm going with you. However, they will all be separated for a while. ”

In a moment, Cha Jung Woo's eyes shone.

“There must be missions or quests. ”

He nodded with a annoying face, pointing to the ceiling by hand.

“This guy here should be catalytic for a while. If you don't, I will never open the door. ”

Cha Jungwoo nods as if he knows what he is talking about.

It would mean going through the same given mission as we did in the tower.

“Do you know what the mission is? ”

Hand Duke crosses his head.

“If we do, they'll throw us all out. ”

“It's hard. I get it. ”

Cha-cheong-woo passes through his fist with a slightly nervous face and enters the darkened frostblood.

Kronos and Leah rushed to the point of meeting their son a little sooner.

And you are.

[Quests are created!]


“What is this? ”

“What is this handsome guy? ”

“Oh, he's so handsome. Ratios are good. Model Hashish? ”

Cha Jung Woo was equally able to face himself, separated by several people.

Student Cha-cheong-woo.

Heaven Wing.

Public view of the tower.

A little "Goulet" of the dead.

The successor to Querinale.

Master of the day (Eros)....

The myths that make up Cha Jung Woo's existence are different, but their identities are different, and their thoughts and thoughts are different.

We were never going to hit each other right away while keeping our wings straight.

When the battle began, Cha Jung Woo's thinking was always rational.

It was a habit because I didn't like fighting much since I was a kid.


“Cha Jungwoo.”

“How tall?”

“181 centimeters.”

“Wow! Can I be over 180? You're not stopping here! Hail!”

“.... That noisy one, can't get it aside. ”

“What is the myth you each have? ”

“I'm a student! ”

“If you remember spreading your wings in the sky, you should call it Heaven Wing, right? ”

“I……. ”

“I……! ”

They stretched out their memories one by one.

Still tense about the idea of not knowing when to hit the back, he somehow tried to fill each other's lack of words.

“So what was our last goal? ”

“Hitting the King of Personalities? ”

“What are you talking about? Hit the back of the King of Heaven! ”

“I want to lock up the unborn son of a bitch. ”

“I only want to hit one of our human beings, Juju. You always say Yale Mib. ”

Everybody spits out what they put in the clover like a quickie.

At that time, Cha Jungwoo, the youngest student, raised his hand.

Everyone's gaze turned towards you.

“I like it once, so I want to play with my brother and beat him. ”

“ ……. ”

Everyone nods quietly, as if everyone agrees.

When everyone wanted to have empathy, one person clapped and moved forward.

“Though everyone has a piece of memory, I think it's the same idea. Do you have any complaints about this decision? ”



“Time is running out, so let's get this over with. ”

Cha Jung Woo's myths quickly came to an agreement, and each of them began to ‘leave’ themselves at the stage as they stood on their feet.

It was swarming with light, then scattered lightly and disappeared.

[You have retrieved the myth of Heaven Wing!]

[You have retrieved the myth of 'Public of the Tower’!]


And the particles of light that made them were absorbed by the student cha-cheo.

Although they have a clear identity in their own way through numerous difficulties and euphoria, they have decided that the image of their childhood when they first entered the tower for their families is their ‘real' identity.

That way, the student cha-cheong-woo became a real cha-cheong-woo again and was able to safely pass through the stage mission on the 99th floor.

As the cave disappeared, I could see Yeonwoo standing along a wide ditch.

“Brother……! ”

It was Cha Jung Woo who came to catch Yeonwoo himself, so I tried to shoot him with a rotten voice.


Something reluctantly, Yeonwoo was running this way with an expressionless face!

“You said you wanted to open a noose? Let's stick together.”

“Now, now, wait! That's not it! Sto...! ”

Cha Jungwoo shouted in a rush, but Yeonwoo's fist was already flying to the face.