Second Life Ranker

8. Brotherhood (2)

“Ahhh! I'm annoyed, I'm better! ”

Cha Jungwoo vomits his indignation as he touches the bruised eyelids.

“What do you do when you come to help! If you don't like it, just swing your fist first! Damn it!”

He was unfair.

This is what it looks like when you come to save Yeonwoo.

That's why I'm so confused whether he's a narrow-headed little boy or someone from somewhere else!

“So? Do you have any complaints? ”

But Yeonwoo shook his fist quietly.

He stood up and shouted as if he couldn't take it anymore.

“Really! Even if I was born five minutes first! ”

“What if I was born? Do you want me to eat and beat you up? ”

“... But I would have taken you as my brother, brother! ”

Cha Jung Woo still had to roll his tail right away from the fist of Yeonwoo, which was still swaying like a reed in the autumn wind.

It was unfair, but in the end he was closer to his fist than to the law.

Yeonwoo looked at her with the face that her sister's subtlety was not coveted, but he no longer cared and threw his gaze toward the entrance where the 99th floor passers appeared.

Others did not know, but as much as their father and mother, they wanted him to appear helpless.

“Ha.... It's my life! ”

Cha-cheong Woo had to stretch the rest of his shoulders, which was too shabby for him to see Yeonwoo.

What are you going to do if you get into a position that you can't even reach? Even though he became the head of the "day (eros)", he still maintained a natural relationship.

Is there really no way to escape from this boring brother's gullet?

Suddenly, when Cha Jung Woo's anxiety deepened, she felt her hands pounding her shoulders without saying a word.

Cha Jungwoo turns his head toward you.

It was Shannon.

Though his face is not covered in a helmet, Cha Jungwoo somehow feels that he understands his mind.

“As expected..... you know my heart as much as you do! ”


"We're all victims.

The two of them were once best friends.

They also resolved to create a meeting one day.

It's called the People King Victims' Gathering.

Infimora for short?

"For more than a decade following the owner..... his temper and backache resulted in a lot of casualties, and there was no day to be quiet because of the fever and screaming they spat out. We have to regulate this somehow.

Cha Jungwoo nods as if he is right.

It had a splendid face.

“How do I do that? ”

Cha Jung Woo was hopeful, even though there was a good way.

Shannon calmly crosses his head.

Nothing like that.


How many people can be free on the palm of King Seong-seong's hand?

“ ……. ”

Cha Jung Woo's face stretches like a rainy puppy. Then, I chewed on the chewing gum that was still staring at the entrance.

“Ha! But really, how the hell do you know what I said on the 99th floor? Isn't that the horseback riding area over there? ”

I told you, there's nothing our human king can't do.

“Damn it.”

I guess I used some numbers I didn't even think of. Cha Jung Woo thought so.

But..... if it really felt as bad as I said, it wasn't like that anymore. This conversation with Shannon is just a joke. In fact, he was less relieved than he had ever met him here.

‘But anyway..... I'm not running anymore. ’

Just waiting for them like that makes it possible to have a conversation.

Cha-cheong-woo could see that something had changed in Yeonwoo's mind.

‘Perhaps being like that is also trying to wait for my parents.... Huh?’

Cha Jung Woo woke up from the scene without thinking like that.

“I remembered!”


“The only one who can sanction our personal king! ”

... What! You have such a great man?

Shannon was delighted.

At that moment, a woman appeared as there was a portal at the entrance.

The one Cha Jung Woo waited so long for!


Cha Jungwoo walks through the 99th floor and hugs Leah, who was a bit bitter.

Leah suddenly strokes her head and becomes a cautious face.

“Yes, my son! What's going on? What's going on? ”

“My brother hit me! ”


Yeonwoo had to stop walking while he was walking this way. Leah was staring at him as she turned on her binoculars.

Hey! You...!

“You threaten to kill me if you get caught later! ”

Hey! When did I...!

“You're just being sarcastic! I don't want you to hear it! ”

“Cha Yeon Woo! You! Mom told you to get along with your brother, didn't she? How old are you guys still fighting? Huh?”

And Leah's nagging bombardment continues to shrug.

Huh! My chance..! I didn't even think about it!

Shannon couldn't resist the admiration. It was too fresh for his father, Kronos, to be able to take pictures like that.

And at that moment, he could clearly know where to line up from now on.

Ma'am! Shin Shannon greets you!

Leah did not nag, but came to her side and greeted Shannon politely.

“You're Shannon. In the meantime, I hear you've helped our sons a lot by the side, but thank you very much. ”

"No, ma'am. Of course I just did what I had to do.

Shannon was able to succeed in living Leah's enthusiasm with this unique attachment.

Seeing those looks, he had to cover his face with his hands.

I think I'm being bullied here.

This is not what I was hoping for.....


There was no mess.

* * *

[Laughs] I think I know very well why the monkeys' asses are red.]

“…… Be quiet. ”

[Thousands of horses quietly loosen, buzz, and laugh in the wind.]

“Oh, really! That! If you get caught! ”

Hand Duke left the stage on the 99th floor while bursting the distribution. I feel like I've been through here a few times, but I really don't feel like I can do anything.

The myths of Hand and Hand are only thunderstorms who like to buy and play. It was almost impossible to resolve the mission with a conversation like Cha Jung Woo.

At the end, I was carefree and kicked my cheek from the myth of 'Fighting Fire’... but the thousand horses were constantly teasing me about it.

.. but..

As soon as I opened the exit, Yongyeon also looked this way with a pale smile on his mouth.

Somehow it was ominous.

“... Have you seen it? ”

“I found out that the monkey's buttocks were red. ”

“Damn it!”

“You just kicked your left butt, so can I give you a kick on the right side? ”

“You want to die?”

“I think I'm going to win. ”

“Oh! Really! I can't even get rid of these...! ”

Hand Duke burst his fistula.

Of the two most fundamental principles of providence in the world, light is a thousand, and darkness is this one. Are you sure you don't want to reset the universe like this and leave it alone?

She scratches her back and feels strongly that Yeonwoo seems to be angry with her at some point.

So I quickly asked Cha Jung Woo why.

That son of a bitch seems to be bothering me for nothing.

I don't think so. It's been torn.

….. What's wrong with him?

After hearing about the situation before and after Cha Jung Woo, he laughed in vain.

‘I was going to pretend to be so cold sometime. It's different in front of the family. ’

Somehow I thought I could get a glimpse of the human beauty of Yeonwoo, but it was fun.

That's the way it is.

Subsequently, others who entered the same tomb slowly began to appear.

“ ……. ”

Nocton had a hard look on his face about what he was going through.

And you are.

Damn it! Who invented this stage?

Finally, Kronos showed up annoyed. His whole body was covered with big and small wounds.

It seemed like he was fiercely beaten and fought.

“Are you okay, you? ”

Leah hurriedly approaches and asks, Kronos quickly shakes her head.

Eh? Ugh! Well, that's fine. That's enough. Don't get cocky. Hahaha!

Kronos pretended to be as strong as he could because he didn't want to be weak in front of his beloved wife.

Leah has no choice but to sigh, as I can see how hard he must have done on the mission.

He would do the same, because the myths that make up Kronos were nothing but indiscretions, and they had more myths than anyone else.

Life as a new king is also a life, but there are heroic lives that have been accumulated in the past by relentlessly rolling the cogs of time on Earth, so it seemed that it would not be difficult to establish them as one.

Fortunately, however, the husband did not seem to have deviated significantly from his original appearance. Somehow, he also had a solid belief in his identity.

That's how all the families got together.

Yeonwoo bowed her head before her father and mother.

“I'm sorry to bother you. Father, Mother. ”

Kronos and Leah had to look at their son with a sad look.

“I will never…… do anything like this again. ”

Kronos and Leah couldn't say anything about it for a while because they knew why he had such a heart.

Still, Kronos thinks he should give you a tingling word for this opportunity, and Leah approaches first and hugs him.

And he stroked his son's head still.

“You've been through a lot, haven't you? ”

“ ……. ”

“I always have a hard time thinking that my parents can't give it to their children. You're trying to meet ugly parents. ”

“Don't... say that. For me, you two...! ”

“I know. You don't have to tell me anymore. ”

“ ……. ”

Yeonwoo had to burst her tears with her face in Leah's arms.

Kronos and Cha-cheong turn their heads to the side without further notice.

I don't know what I did in a few years, but it was my son's childhood.

* * *

“You know one thing. ”

Hand Duke slips to the side of a reddish-blooded pond with two eyes.

“.... What do you mean? ”

“Do you think the future giant dragon's eyes will always be red? ”

“ ……. ”

Yeonwoo woke up speechlessly, remembering that she had teased the Hand Duke. I felt like I was going to fall into an endless snare.

“I'll open the door to the 100th floor. ”

“Hey, tell me? You cried, didn't you? ”

“ ……. ”

Yeonwoo climbed the stairs to the sky.

Do you intend to go in immediately?

“Yes, I will. ”

Kronos' face calmly sinks.

Evelke may not know it, but the whole Catholic Church and King Umar are the smallest of all. They stretched out to the end of my reign.

Yeonwoo nodded as if she knew it well.

“It won't be easy. ”

After finishing all these stages, Yeonwoo had already grabbed Evil Que and shared a new plan with his family about how to become the Lord Self of the Dark Kings.

Kronos and Leah were worried, but did not object to it. It was encouraging that Yeonwoo was so distracted.

However, if there is any concern, should I say that it is my son's hardship to go through it again..?

However, as a parent, I wanted to cheer him on how to walk alone.

“But I will. ”

Kronos and Leah nod to Yeonwoo's resolute will.

And you are.


Yeonwoo began to climb the stairs leading to the 100th floor one by one.