Second Life Ranker

9. Brotherhood (3)

All the way up the stairs.

Cha Jungwoo continued to stare at his back.

‘Obviously. Something.... changed. ’

I feel like I'm not you.

I felt it, not just myself, but my mother and father alike.

Apparently there was something going on when I passed the previous stage, but I couldn't express it in words.

Of course, that did not mean that other beings were blunt by chance.

You can't be called a brother without recognizing it.

And most of all.

"Who looks like that? ’

If I could imitate that unusual personality, that would be even more curious.


But all of a sudden, Yeonwoo stopped walking.

“What's wrong? What's going on? ”

I wanted to know what was going on. I quickly came back to reality and asked. Yeonwoo was frowning slightly. I wanted to see if my parents were ambushed, but I couldn't feel anything.

“No. It's not like that..... I think someone told me my back story. ”

“…… huh? ”

“You're not, are you? ”

“Ha, ha. What are you talking about? I mean, I wouldn't. Uh, uh, no. ”

Cha Chong Woo was able to realize what the tale was.

I don't know what interests me!

No matter how alternate the Dark King is, he won't be able to easily penetrate his inner circle that has grown high enough to become the master of the day.

But I wanted to see if I could not completely conceal the tension, and my voice trembled so loudly that I could run into it.

Yeonwoo still stared at Cha Jung Woo with a suspicious face, but stared at his parents who were still looking at what was going on behind his back and turned around with his tongue lightly.

“Just get caught. Very well. I'll smash it right away. ”

“ ……. ”

Cha Jung Woo swipes down his face with the rest of his hands, which are so dark in mind for a moment.

‘.... That's not a person. It's obvious.’

It's been a long time since I was a human being, but that's definitely beyond even that level. Cha Jung Woo thought so.

But it is.

This made Chongwoo feel more confident.

‘I think it's different. I feel so different. ’

What should I say with this in mind?

Do I have to say that it's become hard?

Or should I say it seems stabilized?

The association that Cha Jungwoo had seen before always seemed to be chased by something and chased after something.

The interior was not firm. I was always building a day, and I didn't know where it was going, but the one I saw next to me made me worry.

The enemy, of course, could have poured on himself, the brother, and that day could have hurt him.

It's probably because of the obligation to end revenge by getting stronger one day at a time, and the mission to somehow bring your brother and family back.

And it didn't change after defeating the tower and becoming the alternate self of the Dark King.

After reviving my mother, I remained. No, rather, I whipped myself even more.

To run faster.

To go further.

Even if he sacrificed himself, it was obvious that he wanted to bring his family back to a happy life.

Unilateral sacrifice.

Cha Chong Woo was so grumpy that it was unfortunate, but there was nothing he could do.

By the way.

During the few days of the conflict, there were many different aspects of Yeonwoo without knowing where it was.

Was it because I changed my mind, or did it change as I moved on from the previous stage?

I didn't know why, but Cha Jungwoo thought that Yeonwoo's appearance was much better now.

He didn't seem to be being chased anymore.

It seemed more relaxed than before.

‘The new plan that my brother said..... can we succeed? ’

That's why Cha Jung Woo was worried that his tranquility would be blurred again.

Transcendence. I haven't crossed the line yet. I intend to finish it.

I could easily see what that meant.

It means that the conceptual presence of the Dark King will completely transcend the bounds and limitations!

It was easy to say, but the common sense of Cha Jung Woo was not easy to convince.

I can't believe I'm going back to my earliest days, and I'm going to outrun the Dark Kings that existed much earlier than a thousand horses.

That's what I rarely felt.

Is that easy?

It's hard.

Then how...!

But there is no way.

However, Cha Jungwoo didn't think Yeonwoo would be able to do it.

It was not always my brother who ran all the way here beyond common sense.

I was in a hurry to grab Evil Quest, become the Lord Self of the Dark Kings, grab the Goulet with my hand, and stop dreaming. And from then on, I will eat all the sons of the Dark King and get rid of them. It's not just the ego, it's the real thing.

The Dark King himself.

Unlike the thousand horses that had their own solid minds and consciousness, the Dark King was only conceptually active.

That's probably because even the concept of existence has existed before it came true.

Yeonwoo is saying that he will become the Lord's Self and change the concept of the Dark King from the very beginning.


Maybe you can see it that way.

Yeah, it's not gonna be easy.

But you can't call it transcendence. What are you gonna do after that? Even if you were a primary self, it would take you a long time to digest all your egos, and eventually you'd be trapped within the conceptual limits of the Dark King.

So Cha-cheong Woo wanted to help him somehow.

That's right. Even if you become the Dark King himself, you will have to keep dreaming, just like you always have, as long as you're tied to it.


So it's the most important thing since then. I can't transcend here by myself.

What is it?

The departure and transcendence that Cha-cheong-woo now knew was like a rite of passage that only ’alone' could do.

Because rapidity means that only Orot can stand alone.

Out of the restraint given by the law and the pressure given by the truth, there was a swift existence that could be controlled by placing them under their feet.

But Yeonwoo was turning it upside down from the beginning.

So, Jung Woo.

Yeonwoo still didn't leave her head as she looked her eyes straight.

I need your help.

‘My help……. ’

That said, Cha Jung Woo's heart remained deeply stigmatized.

Can we do it right?

I felt such anxiety.

Cha Jungwoo quickly threw out all of them with such a nasty thought.

I can.

I wanted to leave such a heart in my heart.

‘Somehow.....! ’

Cha-cheong-woo made a firm commitment and looked at the back of Yeonwoo. Suddenly, Yeonwoo looked back.

Is there something you want to say to the faction?

That's why I'm staring at you.

“What do you see? ”

“ ……. ”

At this moment, Cha Jung Woo was very annoyed.

A cocksucker who burns hope.

The brother was like a brother.

‘Wouldn't it be convenient to just let it go? ’

* * *

There was a huge stone gate on the head of the stairs.

A door that doesn't seem to go dizzy.

Yeonwoo had a similar shape to the door that had passed from Abyss to where the Dark King's ego was.

If there's a difference, the door of the Dark King was sacred, but this place is shining golden.

Most of the sacred paintings on the stone gate were either rolling a huge cart wheel or quarreling with something that was blackened with darkness.

Yeonwoo soon found out that the dark part was the Dark King.

A long, long horse fight with the Dark King, long enough to know how long it might have been.

It was still in progress.

“ ……. ”

And the group, including Yeonwoo, had nothing to say.

It was not because there was a solemn atmosphere or something, but because there was a sense of tension.

[A thousand horses bend over you.]

No one knew what was beyond this.

However, Yeonwoo knew better than anyone that this was the last place to be.

“Then I'll open it. ”

Yeonwoo opened the stone door wide as he said so.

I saw a golden glow leaking through the door. Just by being exposed, the ecstasy came, like the back of evil accumulated in the soul was washed away.

And you are.


Yeonwoo did not open the door, but quickly caught the blade of his hand running towards his neck.

It's a good idea.

A woman's voice mixed with laughter.

“Tongcheon, is it you? ”

The dark darkness flies like a tentacle and aims for the group as the stone gate is wide open, terrified to pull out the horse.

[100th floor, you have entered the final coffin!]

[Stage mission is given.]


[The whole Catholic Church has come!]

Yeonwoo moved a large shadow and struck all the darkness that was trying to intimidate her group without even looking at the message related to the mission.


At the same time, Hand and Hand flew forward.

Quaa 'ang!

An explosion filled with golden light appeared and some darkness tore apart. Looking at her with a twisted face, Hand Duke smiled.

“Long time no see, Toncheon? ”

“You are harassing me to the end! ”

“If anyone hears, they think we're stalkers. Hey, let's get this straight. Are we stalkers? Is that what you're doing? ”

“Shut up!"

Quack, quack!

That's how the battle between the Orthodox Orthodox and the Orthodox Orthodox began.

With the world of light pushed left and right, a huge hall appeared.

It's like a majestic temple. No, it looks like it's in the palace.

The dome-shaped ceiling was painted with a bunch of sacred paintings as an extension of what was painted on the stone gate.

It contained a whole host of ‘faces’ from the reef to the thousand horses!

Under it, King Umar was walking out on a heavy footstep.


“You came all the way here. It was also with quite a lot of visitors……. ”

King Umar smiles bitterly and looks at the associations and groups.

Yeonwoo asked in a loud voice.

“Where's Evilke? ”

“Evil Que is performing a ritual. It's a very busy situation. So.”


King Umar took the floor with a staff.

But that alone meant that everyone in that position had to feel a lot of pressure.

The fear of being the first beast and sulfur was truly great.

“I can't take one more step. ”

King Umar smiled as cozy as his neighbour's grandfather, but had a majesty he could never gauss.



But Cha Jung Woo, who had already decided to actively help Yeonwoo do what she was trying to do, was not a person who would depend on such pressure and majesty.

Kronos, who read his youngest son's thoughts, immediately tried to unite as he turned into Squite.

Hua 'ah!

[‘Day (Eros)' sun spreads its light all over the world!]


The moment Cha Jungwoo strikes with King Umar, Leah and Nokton also get caught in the middle. Leah buffs her group while controlling the space and debuffs her enemies, while Knocton quickly pulls out the sword and cuts off King Umar's right arm.

The group all tried to buy time.

That's why.

Yeonwoo raised her head high, saying that she was grateful to them all.

It's in the heart of the dome.

I saw a giant golden sphere floating around.