Second Life Ranker

Tuesday 10. Rib Torch (1)

[Start the trial on the 100th floor.]

[Tribulation: You have passed 99 trials and challenges, and I give you infinite admiration and praise for the way you have walked and for the work you have accumulated. And now, the final trials are before you.

The Lamb's Lamp, obtained on the 99th floor, would have guided you on the right path, holding it in your soul. But sometimes the lamp whispers in the wrong direction to go a convenient way for you, so you would never have been able to stand here if you had stepped on it.

The lamp of an ox is that inner whisper.

Your inner voice always offers you unlimited possibilities to take a new path, but sometimes it leads you to temptation and corruption. It is reason that knows how to conceal it, and it is self-discipline.

And his ram stands on the top of the tower, and it's the same homework that Orot needs to be with you for the rest of his life.

From now on, raise the ‘Monkey Lamp’ that you embrace with a ‘Torch’. The deeper you dig inside, the brighter the torch will illuminate and fill you with light.

And put a bigger fire on the vocal cord at the end.]

When I saw the 100th floor trials, what I felt was that the explanation might be long, but the content was too cumbersome.

The trials that Yeonwoo had been watching and checking had some clear and concrete goals, but none of them were.

Turn a Monkey's Lamp into a Torch?

How the hell?

But I didn't think it would fit into the last trial as well.

‘The fire on that vase would have been a milestone in defeating all the darkness of the Dark King and illuminating all the‘ dreams’. ’

I thought that the sacred vase on that very high head was probably the center of the tower, actually the womb.

If you could set fire to it, you could be the heir to a thousand horses.

They were always just old things, so it would be the moment that the thousand horses who lived in their mouths wished that they should inherit and leave everything in generations to come.

[Thousands of horses laugh at you and ask you if you have not reversed those plans.]

‘But it was you who didn't stop me until the end. ’

[Thousands of horses say that the work of the world should be for those who live the world, not those who organize themselves.]

‘So you've been watching the things you say about the Enforcer or the Enforcer? Even though your son is so wrong? ’

[A thousand horses smile at you without saying a word.]

‘You're not saying anything. ’

[A thousand horses smile at you without saying a word.]

‘Okay, but one thing's for sure. ’

Yeonwoo opened up all her senses.


[Seventh Solvent Awakening]

[Power Full Open]

[Sky Wings]

As the black and red wings widen, the hot shadows scatter everywhere.

Yeonwoo looked at the golden sphere on top of the vase and stared precisely at the thousand horses that were still looking down on them.

Is it because your eyes were brightened as you walked through the 99th floor?

Yeonwoo quietly put down the book she was reading in the Chang Chang Library and looked down at this side and looked exactly like a thousand horses.

The thousand horses were laughing.

It's like asking you to do whatever you want.

Like when he first went to the founding library, he was giving unspeakable cheers.

‘I trust you won't interfere again, and I will do my best. ’

As he watches the horse nod silently, Yeonwoo bounces back into the air with two wings and runs into a golden sphere.

Evil Que was currently trapped in the underworld like the contents of the trials and was burning his lamp with a torch.

The lamp of an ox is hidden in the depths of the soul, so perhaps you are looking back at the myths that make up you.

I must have been busy finding the elements to raise the lanterns there.

Yeonwoo was going to go into that man's myth and disgrace everything.

No, beyond that, I was too deceived to eat him.

[Asks if you know how dangerous what you are trying to do.]

Of course, I knew it wouldn't be easy.

There will be no more reckless things than breaking into someone else's myth.

It could be the gun of the opponent's lifetime, so he could get caught up in it or be oppressed and disappear without a trace.

I could never know because I had already been through a death crisis while exploring the myth of Kronos.

Haven't you ever fought a thousand horses while living as the Lord of the Dark Kings for so many years?

The total amount of myth he would have could not have been as thick as he could have guessed by chance.

‘But in other words, there is no optimal place to completely swallow him. ’

Like jumping directly into a tiger's den to catch a tiger... but I thought that there was no way to do it right now.

Unlike Evil Keith, who was simply trying to create a world called Pian, he took over everything from the Dark Kings and even tried to fix the dream and the gullet to my taste.

Then this level of risk had to be taken for granted.

Jungwoo, as I told you, if you go in here now, you won't be able to contact me anymore.

That's why Yeonwoo blew the mechanisms to Cha Jung Woo just before reaching the sphere.

Cha-cheong-woo did not hit King Umar, but was flattered and felt his head raised this way.

Despite saying that, his pupil was shaking well.

It must be that scary.

As soon as Yeonwoo stepped into the sphere, the meeting of the two brothers could be the last.

From hunting Evil Quest to avoiding the Dark Kings and transcending them...... Yeonwoo was now going to turn the cart wheels relentlessly without stopping.

During that process, there was no turning back anywhere. I just had to run straight.

That's why Yeonwoo gave the newlyweds to her brother.

I need your help at the end.

To escape from that endless cart wheel. In order to find another way to run in a straight line, Cha Jung Woo's help was essential.

As usual, it was a matter of solving it alone, but Jeongyeon decided not to carry it on his own anymore.

Yeonwoo was no longer a god, but a human being.

Yes. Don't worry. Go.

Cha Jung Woo nodded boldly.

Parents, please take care.

Yeonwoo was able to retreat into the sphere with a pale smile.

That's the end of it.


The world turned upside down.

* * *

[You entered the 'Borat World of Ghosts’.]

‘That's a terrible name. ’

Yeonwoo had to laugh at the message that came before his eyes.

Purple is often a symbol of fire or a precursor. That must mean that Evil Keith's life has been rough.

‘How do you find him here? ’

Yeonwoo closes her eyes as she looks around.

It had a tough environment to live in.

A boiling sulfur bulb formed the river, and the earth was glowing with malice and grudge.

The things that wandered on it were all kind of bizarre shapes.

Neither was the home of the dead giants this ruined environment.

Yeonwoo also went into the depths of the commandment and went through hell, but he could never be too proud of it.

Therefore, Yeonwoo seemed to know where this place was soon.


The world is located at the bottom of the world, also called the 'Body' or the 'Sixth Genesis’.

It was also a place where creatures who wage war on Yoon Khwan would fall if the sins they had accumulated in their previous lives were too great.

'He was born here, wasn't he? ’

Yeonwoo confronted Yin Abelke and stole some of his mythical pieces.

Some of them were born.

Evil Que was originally born as the lowest archipelago in the archipelago, where he picked up skeletons and garbage while noticing natural enemies.

After many years, they continued to predate and rationalize, and have evolved ever since.

However, because he had so much hatred for the world, he became an enforcer and eventually became a monster that swallowed up the world and the whole universe.

‘After that, even though it became demonic, it continued its predation and ended up being the Lord's Self. ’

It is now a show of cold judgment and cunning behavior, but it is originally harsh.

‘He wants to create a new world? In a world where there is no more conflict...? There is no such contradiction. ’

It was a coincidence that only laughter came out.

Anyway, I have to find it now…… The problem was that if I expanded my cognitive area significantly, this side could become dangerous.

‘Maybe he knows I'm in by now. This is an unnoticed fight. ’

How do I get to him without being spotted?

For the time being, we had to prohibit the use of force. Power engraves stature into the law. There was no material that was as easy to locate as power.

‘.. Can't you chase after the darkness? ’

Then I thought about it.

Evil Que came into his myth to make the lamp of Rio, and he wants to mix darkness with the lamp to create a new world.

But I doubt it here.

Creating the world or creating the universe was not an easy task.

I don't think it's just the two individuals who deal with ‘Dream’ and ‘Goulet’.

No matter how much Evil Keith attributed the two beings simultaneously, it was almost impossible to bring something new from nothing to nothing.

That was a thousand horses. Evil Keith didn't have a jaw right now.

And what Evil Keith actually wanted to make was a concept that was almost like a microcosm.

I didn't know if I was going to expand it later to raise it as much as' Dream ’and‘ Goulet ’, but it wasn't possible at all.

So there are separate materials that can make such a small universe.

What is the material that he can easily handle in an urgent situation after Yeonwoo?

‘My own myth. ’

Yeonwoo was able to count Evil Que's thoughts without difficulty.

‘The idea of restoring the old universe based on one's myth…… is not possible enough. But there are a lot of dreams he's seen. But why is it that among the many and many dreams, this is the dream that you were born with? ’

There was only one such case.

‘Do you have any fools left in this world? ’

As a coincidence, there is no choice but to laugh.

As an executor, he's the only fool in the world he's ever caught. I really felt it before, but there was no such contradiction from one to ten.

But that's why he seemed to know what to do.

‘That foolishness must be the peculiarity of Evil Quest. If you find it and remove it or keep an eye on it..... he must appear. ’

Yeonwoo smiled coldly.

Make sure your fangs are clear.

‘I'm confident that I can put my skin down again. ’