Second Life Ranker

11. Torch of Ribs (2)

The descendant of the Dark King…… In other words, most executioners always had strong hatred and resentment for the world.

That way, you can enforce your own actions that drive the world and the universe to the end.

It was never easy to destroy the world you lived in.

It was only possible if there was a strong rebuttal and sanction, but also a willingness to enforce the end, in other words, enough drive and psychological mechanisms.

‘From the time I showed up here, there must be a strong foolishness here. ’

Yeonwoo and Evil Que, although they had different perspectives and identities, were fundamentally close to the same existence.

It was because it was included in a huge conceptual category called the "Dark King."

Not only that, they quarrelled in the abyss and mixed myths and darkness with each other.

Therefore, he thought that the person closest to Evil Keith was himself, and vice versa, was the farthest thing in his dreams.

It's the S pole and the N pole of the magnet, right? It stands at the pole, but it is a relationship that can never fall.

So, Yeonwoo decided that there must be an Evil Quest somewhere he fell.

Where the hell are you? ’

Yeonwoo opened her mind with two eyes with a pearl of gold.

[‘Shadow Realm’ spreads cautiously along the archipelago!]


As the shadow of Yeonwoo spread along the surface of the archipelago, his new life was silently dissolved in it.

The shadow spreads very slowly and breaks down the data that was held by the object exposed to the ground surface.

To extract anything if you have data related to Evil Quest.

[Analyze the target.]

[Associated data not found.]

[Analyze the target.]

[Associated data not found.]


And you are.

[Analyze the target.]

[Successfully found associated data.]

‘Found it.’

Soon after, I found what I wanted.

“Oops! You're hurt again. Please be careful..... Please wait here. ”

The broken circus takes care of the wounded Frogfish.

* * *

It's a circus.

Yeonwoo narrowed her eyes.

Surcubus is a demon known to dream with Incubus, also known as Monma.

However, the majority of the Demons and Demons were located in the lower classes and were often commercialized by the Demon Kings or called lions.

But the devil is a demon, so I knew the Frogfish would never get close.

"In a place like this?" ’

Yeonwoo quickly found out about the circus based on the data the system had read.

[One-winged circus]

Name: Outline.

Race: Everlasting Monma.


He was the only daughter of King Montma who ruled any universe in the ‘heavenly' world, regarded as the uppermost world, but was driven out by a coup d 'état and hid in the ghostly world. At the moment, I am falling again and again...

Yeonwoo quickly explained, confirming only what he needed.

…… At present, we feel the homogeneity of the ghosts in the archipelago, and we are raising the least of them.

‘I feel homogeneous, and I'm raising them myself. ’

It was intuitively seen that this part was most important.

‘When Evil Que was an ogre, he was so weak that he was too busy looking at other things. ’

If the myth of Evil Keith that he stole was true, it was likely that this circus was a silver man for Evil Keith.

Evelke's magical scent is also deeply learned. ’

In fact, Yeonwoo was the face of a thousand horses, and he wondered how Evil Keith could be the weakest of the Dark Kings.

‘To be honest..... I did the same. ’

Yeongyeon didn't even know Manah's existence until he became an adult in the first place.

Even though the birth was the blood of the new king, it was not a gene to express it, because it was the child of the creatures who had fallen apart.

Orot was accomplished by his own efforts and will.

Yeonwoo thought Evil Keith might be the case.

‘Or maybe he was unaware of his possibilities and then evolved into something special. ’

Whatever the reason.

Evil Keith's foolishness was clearly deeply related to this circus.

And since then.

Yeonwoo watched the circus with the name "Outline."

“Don't argue, everyone. Share it slowly. ”

The circus leaves somewhere every morning and carries tons of food.

Usually, the bodies of stupid monsters that drank sulfur from the water that flowed along the rest of the surface of the ground that was too skinny, or the bones of the ghosts that the giant ghosts ate with heart grass, were all gone.

It was just yawn food that I would not eat at all in the Arctic system.

For the cubs, it was nothing but a eucharistic feast, so I was busy eating the throwing clans.

At that time, I told you to share it, because you can get as many more circuses as you want, but the demons who don't have the intelligence level can understand that.

If there's a lot of flesh on it, you can run along and eat the opponent.

In addition to getting food, Surcubus had to unleash a lot of power by mediating the fights of the ghosts.

In the meantime, there were those who were aiming for the rest of the circus with their eyes turned upside down by the smell of blood.

But while taking such a risk, the circus never ceased to suffer.

When the ghosts ate so much food that their bellies were swollen with bread and took a nap, they couldn't look so cute in the eyes of the circus.

“Phew! I can't hate this. ”

I was sorry I couldn't understand it by chance.

‘Well, everyone's eyes are different. In this world, those horrible people may be close to their taste. ’

Yeonwoo lightly kicked his tongue and narrowed his eyes.

By the way, which one is Evil Keith? ’

I still couldn't specify Evil Quest, even though I continued to observe the ghosts in the shadows.

There are hundreds of Frogs covered by Surcubus, but their temperament is similar, so it was rarely easy to discern.

No matter how many ghosts belong to the lower beasts, even if their souls are inferior, there is no difference in detail..... but these guys here didn't make a big difference as if they had taken the same picture in any factory.

I wouldn't have thought of this if I had some unusual habit.

Let's get rid of this circus. Will it come out then? ’

I had no choice but to use this circus as bait to weave the Evil Quest and steal the dragon's lamp.

‘I can't help it. If you give me more time like this, I don't know how to complete the torch. ’

Yeonwoo ended up casting a shadow on the neck of the circus.

"When the hell are you coming? ’

In the heart of the circus, which had always been silent, a new form of thought came to mind.

It's time to come. ’

I just seemed to be waiting for an errand boy out there.

Yeonwoo didn't miss out on greed for the first time in the circus.

It was not like a saint who had always taken care of the cubs in such a pitiful position, but because there was a real demon and demonic sickness.

‘We have to come. It must be……! ’

‘That way I can go back to where I was! ’

Why! Why! Why aren't you coming? Did you not read the message I left you? Why? You should have read that! I have to! Otherwise I have no reason to rot in a place like this! ’

Surcubus bites his nails to the atmosphere to make sure they are restless.

His fingertips are crushed and his blood spills iron.

However, I didn't know the rest of it.

And then that moment.

‘Wow, I'm here! ’

I don't know if I've detected anything, but the look on the circus is heading into the air.

Yeongyeon, who had already felt that the law of the archipelago was twisting before, kept an eye on it.


[The new 'Lion of the King of Montma’ is coming!]

A black feeding cloud gathers around the sky, drawing a vortex, and a large portal opens wide.

The enormous heavy pressure that even the Demon Kings can crush lightly has made the entire archipelago strong.

No, it wasn't just crushing, it was crushing.

“Huff, huff! ”

Indeed, the circus could not resist gravity and hesitated to sit on the floor. Then, with his hands and feet on the ground, his shoulders were shattered and his wings were crushed, and blood poured on the ground.

The ghosts around her couldn't resist the pressure, and the rope burst out like a firecracker. At shovel time, the whole team became a mess.

“How dare you raise your head? ”

I heard a chilly voice in the ear of the circus, who had to put his head on the ground.

Unlike the circus, where only rags were worn over and over again, it was an incubator that showed off its ornamented appearance and raised its jaws arrogantly.

‘How dare……! I used to lick my feet and hunting dogs..! ’

The circus was grinding it with bloody eyes.

“Hhh! You look so angry in your eyes. Why? You're always so arrogant that you can't even twist your belly? Ang?”

The incubator twists one end of the lip and lifts its right foot and tramples the back of the circus on the soles of its soles.

Because of that, the circus had to swallow a lot of breath.

If Incubus had pushed her feet with a prank, her head would have been crushed like a watermelon.

Because of this, the incubator did not react as expected, so the circus‘ chewed ’and kicked its tongue and turned its gaze elsewhere.

“Is that what you said? ”

There, the ghosts tremble in fear. There were only a dozen other ghosts that survived because they were all dead.

However, it was the one with the smallest spheres that touched the Incubator's gaze.

Despite its small size, it has no frightened hue, unlike the other ghosts, but only two eyes are blurred.

I don't know if I lost my fear or if it was just a simple backbone, but I had a different temper than the rest of them.

“Well, yes. ”

The answer from the circus turned into a cheerful face and stroked his chin with his hand.

“The face of a thousand horses? ”

Then I narrowed my glans as if I were suspicious.

“It looks like it's just the lowest level of ugliness. How can you be so sure that you're the ex-born with the soul of the dead? ”

“I mean, I've checked a few times, so it's real. Check it out for yourself. ”


“So, please restore your identity...! ”

Yeonwoo was able to quickly anticipate the post-war situation by listening to the conversation between the circus and the incubator.

‘You were wrong. It's not like Surcubus was Evil Keith's stash. ’

Yeonwoo knew it was time for Evil Que, who was still hiding.

‘He was a foe who sold himself. ’

It scares the hell out of Yeonwoo's judgment.

“De. D. Uh, look. Yeah, yeah. I.”

of “I. Oh, Lan. T. D. Ooh. Don't. s. E. Woman.”

Focusing for the first time on the eye of a puppy who was just blurry.

The tip of both lips widens and the pointed teeth are clearly visible.