Second Life Ranker

Tuesday 12. Ribbon Torch (3)

“What is this...! ”

The incubator quickly tried to pull himself out of the back whether he felt that things had gone wrong instinctively at the moment.

But before that, the cub moved.



The right arm of the incubator was ripped off.

Tooth marks remain jagged. As the blood splattered, I saw Margie leaking.

“Me……! How dare you deceive me? ”

“Oh, that's not it... Ahhhhh! ”

The circus tried to figure out what was going on late and let him know that he had nothing to do with it, but he couldn't talk long.

‘Don't be ridiculous! A little while ago, he was a gentle kid...! It was a gift from my dead father to send me back to heaven! What the hell happened? ’

It was because the cub ran like a crow and bitten the neck of the circus.

The circus shriveled and rolled up as it was with its branches broken.

The cub stepped on her corpse and flew out into the air, opening the agary wide again toward the incubator.


It's like a beast trying to prey.

I saw a deep darkness set in my gills, torn to the ear.

The incubator somehow tried to stop him by pouring all kinds of power and magic to shake the cub.

Whenever that happens, the magic does not see much effect and is sucked into the branch.

The darkness in the Agari was like watching a mooring gang.

A moose gang at the bottom of hell that sucks everything out and never puts it out.

“Don't be ridiculous...! ”

The incubator pulls out half of the headache as it is.

quad, quad, quad

The cub chews the stubble that came into the gills like it chewed rubber.

And you are.


Yeonwoo, who had been waiting for him all along, immediately stepped forward.

[Dark Red Guvitara]

From the inside of the shadow, a slight bounce of the finger toward the cub's mouth, condenses a bunch of gum lightning at the tip of the finger, and explodes, erecting a huge dark red column that joins the earth and the sky.


Khh! Khh!

I completely eliminated the trauma that I had long encountered during my sleepy days, and the cub that was eating comfortably was literally stuck in the pillar.

In addition, there was a series of explosions and a backstorm that tore the cub apart several times.

Yeonwoo didn't stop right there.


[Sky Wing Max Output]

Already preparing to awaken the seventh dragon, he pulls the buff of the Heavenly Wing to its peak, then squeezes the Sage Stone to its maximum, spreading a chain of aggression.

Several times, the gum mines pierced the pup's mouth and pierced the ground.

Now that the earthquake has not been loosened, it has made the world itself less haunted.

All beings, including the great monsters, were wiped out at shore, as well as the ghosts who lived in the glorious swarm of doom.


Somewhere, I could hear the cries of such a cub.

However, Yeonwoo did not stop there, but once again blew up the dark red GuVitara into the black ground.

Quaa 'ang!

The explosion followed the surface that surrounded the world all the way beyond.

With a strong influence, I shuddered all the way to another body that was engaged like a cog.

[The nearest ‘Hell' was roughly shaken, and more than half of the creatures died in the aftermath!]

[The livelihood has been plunged into chaos and epidemics of enormous size have erupted everywhere!]


[The great believers of the celestial world are busy trying to figure out the chaos in the archipelago! The believers who confirmed the catastrophe scream!]

[A profound blow has been given to the ring of Yoon Khwan, who was penetrating the body!]

In the mythical debris of the pup that scattered into pieces, Yeonwoo was able to see in a single slice what he would have gone through in his original history.

King Montma is interested in the fact that one of the faces of a thousand horses, known as the most stubborn creature, is an ogre like this and conducts all kinds of experiments.

In the process, there were a lot of things that made me lose my personality, such as feeling homesick and eating other ghosts that I thought were my friends.

The puppy, who had been deeply believed and followed like a creepy mother, suffered a great heartbreak through the betrayal of the circus, and ended up with only anger and hatred left in his heart.

Eventually, you will awaken your power properly, and you will end everything.

‘The Dark King, who was interested in the process, wanted to be appointed as a self...? ’

I can't believe the face of a thousand horses trying to somehow sustain ‘Dream’ and ‘Goulet’ led the world to an end. Where is this irony?

He did not want it, but the hardship that fate had caused him to turn his adversary into an enforcer.

After the end of the world, the cub entered the abyss and successively devoured the other Dark Kings' children.

It was the only identity I had left him.

Then, as a wise man, and as an Evil Keith, it was a long time after how many ‘dreams’ had fallen and how many 'gullets’ had gone back.

I was already the Lord's Self then.

No one else thought to defeat him.

I was too busy to look at myself with pride, thinking I might go back to the cub's mouth and eat them.

Stealing everything in that series of processes.

Yeonwoo was a cub owl and could see what the Yellow Water Evil Que wanted here.

‘Were you trying to completely eliminate the trauma and complete the Torch of the Tribe? ’

If the trials on the 99th floor were to recount myths and establish their full identity.

The 100th floor trials have helped Orot develop such an established identity that it is completely free from the bondage of the world and the world.

When you climb all the towers, you can become a god, which literally means you can become a determined and free being.

Evil would also have targeted such things.

No matter how long it takes, the trauma that sits deep on one side of the heart is not easily erasable, no matter how rapid it may be.

Erase that, and Orot stands.

To recreate a world in which there is nothing left of one's pain.

Maybe it wasn't Evil Keith's wind.

‘If I had hit the circus first, it would have been a pain in the ass. ’

Anyway, I got rid of his trauma. If it were positive for Evil Que, it would never have been a negative situation.

But anyway, Yeonwoo was ambushed for the moment that Evil Keith was coming.

Before he even knew how to fight back, he managed to tear his existence apart completely.



[‘Hell' has fallen!]

[‘Livelihoods’ have fallen!]


[There was a huge crack in the skeleton that made up the 'heavenly system'!]

[All the creatures that make up the 'flesh’ are fed up with the horror of the Dark King!]


[Warning! The myth that made up the 'Lord of the Dark Kings' is in jeopardy. Collapse begins. Recommend escape.]

[WARNING! If the 'Lord of the Dark Kings Self' collapses completely, you will be trapped in a myth with the possibility of collapsing. Escape is recommended.]

[Warning! ‘The Lord Self of the Dark King’ has begun to collapse.]


Despite the warning mesh that pours relentlessly.

Yeonwoo hardened her impression that she didn't see what she was looking for.


I tore the pup's mouth a few times, but I can't see the body that underlies Evil Keith.


At that moment.

“Grab it. Got it. C.”


“…… Argh! ”

Yeonwoo could see the five nails coming through her chest with a horrible feeling.

The space behind the back opens slightly, revealing Evil Que.

“Ohoyo! Spying. I never thought Cha Yeon Woo would have a hobby like this. It's a crime to steal someone else's privacy without their permission. ”

[WARNING! A strong shock has been inflicted on the spirit!]

[WARNING! You have sustained massive damage to your rapids! A crack has occurred! Get back to safety immediately!]

[WARNING! Enemy darkness is being forced through the cracks! More cracks! Evacuate quickly!]


A new warning message filled one side of the retina.

That's how dangerous it must be.

Evil Keith laughed brightly as usual, but somehow his eyes became much more hideous than before.

I was clearly angry because the teeth of the past were revealed that I never wanted to reveal to others.

“On the 99th floor..... didn't all the myths merge..... me? ”

Yeonwoo confirmed several times that the cub he had just killed was definitely Evil Cake.

There was nothing good about being caught in a trap.

But Evelke was not one in the first place.

It was two.

“Two Track." The trial on the 99th floor was what I had originally known. I poured a very small drink. Am I supposed to be the manager of the tower from the start? ”

As the first manager, he must have been more than anyone else about the various trials in the tower.

You must have known the most about the attack.

Nevertheless, while remaining a manager without targeting the tower, he was looking for an opportunity because he felt it was difficult to deal with a thousand horses until then.


Evelke smiles coldly and wets the agary loudly.

It's like eating a circus and an incubator.

“You too will be eaten for your sins, Cha Yeonwoo. ”

The moment a giant toothed tooth with a moose is trying to chew on a yolk.

“I don't like it.”

Yeonwoo had cold cynicism on her mouth, despite the crisis of the beheading.


It was then that the left side of a pair of heavenly wings, the wings of death, suddenly began to tremble.

[Force separation of one of the two statues!]

[Some of the rapids will be deprived!]

Another association was forcibly bounced from the body of Yongwoo, which was hanging from Evil Keith's fingernails.

Quad Yip!

“What have you done...? ”

The only thing Evil Keith bit was the shell of a pond.

No, it was an offense to have the wings of death, exactly.

The real motto was falling down with its right side, the wing of struggle.

Like the contents of the message, he threw the god of death into Evil Keith as bait, and he fell off with only the god of struggle!

As he smiled coldly, he shouted aloud.


Quaa 'ang!

Quack, quack!


Yeonwoo's guilt, which held the wings of death, exploded as it was. There was no time for Evil Keith to use his hands. I couldn't even eat with a moose.

The concept of 'death’ that Yeonwoo had was the concept itself.

Even such gangs would be forced to disperse the concepts of existence that make up the form if they were to implant death.

By throwing this away, Liang made the concept of death spread to Evil Keith as well as to the myth and myth that made up him.

[Death spreads gloriously!]

[‘The Lord Self of the Dark King’ struggles to stop ‘Death'!]

[Gus can't be found!]

[‘The Lord Self of the Dark King’ exercises all power to resist ‘Death’!]

[Death is implanted into the power and invalidates it all!]

[‘The Lord Self of the Dark King’ tries all the power to destroy ‘Death’!]

[Permission granted ‘Death’ will cancel in full!]


[‘The Lord Self of the Dark King’ has been encroached upon by 'Death'!]

[The myth is collapsing!]

[The rapids are collapsing!]

[Sindhi is collapsing!]


[All the lanterns of the Lamb that the Lord of the Dark Kings dealt with were extinguished by death!]