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Tuesday 13. Rib Torch (4)

Despite the fact that he threw away the stature he had built so hard.

Yeonwoo was not the face of a superstitious fool.

I didn't even know if ordinary gods or demons were insane when they saw it.

They've been wiping their whole lives, and it wouldn't make sense to be able to grow something like that.

If mythology is the mediator of giving divinity and attracting faith, it is the same identity that establishes those divine attributes.

In addition, it was like a universal key that could control the law to my taste.

It can no longer be said to be God because it is gone, and even if it sustains diarrhea, it has not exercised as much power as it had in its possession.

In fact, Shannon and Hahn, who were watching the fight in the shadows, could not stop sighing.

"Anyway..... our human king. That's great, very good. No matter what you do, it's beyond common sense. Usually, if you have a lot, you're too proud to lose one. I never thought I'd throw you out like that.

"You are so confident in winning, you must be floating the battles.

But isn't it a little too much this time? That's why we can't go out there.

Shannon fills his tongue as if he doesn't like spirits.

He will, too, because all the factions, including him, are bound here as mediators of death.

However, the foundation of their existence disappeared as well, just as the Fellowship had expanded to nothing.

I'm bound by this shadow that can be part of a relationship, but I can maintain my existence.

If you tried to do anything outside, it was clear that you would immediately scatter like sand.

Let's wait.

But Hanghyun said he had nothing to worry about.

As you always have, you are not always giving us a new path.

I hope you feel comfortable being an avid believer.

Shannon said it in a sarcastic way, but he was not worried about the afterlife because it was not as much about absolute trust and loyalty as it was about fraternity.


‘When did you say you were going with all the others? Do it all on your own this time, and there's no way we're gonna get out, is there? ’

I wanted to show you a little bit of cool in front of your host.

And until the end, I wanted to help a little bit with my silent journey.

It was just a little sad I couldn't do that.

* * *

“No way...! Huff!”

Evil Que howls as he sees his myth.

Already, his whole body was being shaken in jeopardy, as if his whole body were about to crumble.

[‘Death’ has been infected with all the data that made up the 'Dark Lord's Self'!]

[Connection to the Dark is unstable!]


[Data loss damage to Darkness is growing rapidly. Catch the virus quickly, and restore the lost data.]

[Dark Durability is declining. Find new darkness and replenish it.]

The myth of the death caused by Yeonwoo was literally like a virus.

A nasty virus that spreads at an alarming rate and eventually eats even the host.

One way or another, the vaccine or firewall was useless because it exploded too deep.

No, even a vaccine like that disappeared in the face of death.

“What are you……… thinking…… about……? ”

I've seen so many creatures for so many years.

Evil Keith had no understanding of it as much as he did of it.

Because it was absurd to throw away such a reputation.

I would rather have seen a lot of dead gods trying to defend my stature somehow, because I've never seen them otherwise.

Even Kronos, the father of Yeonwoo, didn't want to defend the new throne somehow!

The myth of death seems to have been given to him by the Dark King in the first place.

In other words, it is also a link with the Greek and the Dark Kings.

Wasn't he trying to hurt himself and become the Lord Self of the Dark Kings?

But you threw it out for nothing?

It might make it harder for you to return to the Dark King's ego because you don't have the stature of death.

But it is.

Evelke's answer to the question was very simple.

“It wasn't mine in the first place. ”

In a moment, Evil Que looks like he was hit hard with a blunt back.


“Ouch! Ouch! Hyo-hyo-hyo!”

I blew up the Paan Daejeon.

Even though death was encroaching on him, he did not stop laughing. Every time he did, the blood that died in his mouth spurted relentlessly.

“Yes……. You were…… the first…… from…… the original…… person……. Why..... I forgot that..... Hyo-hyo! ”

In a moment, the temperament surrounding Evil Kew changed.

“Okay……. Then..... I must eat you somehow..... and get rid of you! ”

Even though the invisibility collapses, the divinity is at stake.

This is the myth that makes up him.

It was still a battlefield in his favor indefinitely.

In addition, the myth that makes up the Lord Self of the Dark Kings took a long time to achieve complete ‘death’ because it was thick enough to count the sheep in the first place.

In that case, I had to somehow eat the euphoria and shake this curse.

Evil Que triggered all myths in that judgment.

[All the myths that made up him respond to the call of the 'Lord of the Dark Kings’!]

Along the dark darkness surrounding the Evil Quest, another Evil Quest with its varied appearance reveals its insides.

[The myth of the Lord Self, 'The Frogfish', reveals itself!]

[Myth of the main self, 'Experiment 666’ reveals itself!]

[Myth of the Lord Self, 'The Broken Face of a Thousand Horses’!]


[Myth of the Lord Self, 'Black Ear of Abyss’ reveals itself!]


It seemed that all the myths of Evil Keith were apparently distinguished from the 99 floors.

Just as Yeonwoo killed all of his myths and absorbed them, Cha-cheong-woo united through discourse.

Evil Que passed through the 99th floor in a completely different way from them.

“You called a lot. Are you so determined to catch me? ”

Yeonwoo burst into cynicism as she looked at them.

Hundreds, thousands... No, tens of thousands of pairs. Because at this moment, the new Evil Quest was continuing to appear in the dark.

All the Evelke myths that have been built up over the years to make even the creed feel awkward, he said as he gazed at the euphoria.

“because of our noble will. ”

“The Dark King will no longer be tied to what he does. ”

“We will continue to move forward. ”

“Even if we split into several. ”

“Our intentions and goals are nothing different. ”

“Still moving forward. ”

“What will be an obstacle will somehow be put away. ”

Yeonwoo could see that Evelke's 'obstacle’ was himself.

His cynicism darkened even more.


“Do not disparage our great will. ”

[The Myth of the Lord Self, ‘The Wise One’ reveals itself!]

At that time, the demon made of darkness said Sacha Mann, who last appeared.

So you too will now be like us.

[‘The Lord Self of the Dark King’ launches an attack on the 'Alternate Self of the Dark King'!]


Starting with the sage, all the myths of Evil Keith ran to Yeonwoo.

I was infected with ‘death’ like one and was in danger of collapsing right away, but I felt more desperate and ruthless.

Simply looking at it was a situation where the tale could be flustered.

Yeonwoo didn't blink one eye.

“Did you forget that? Or I've had a dementia since I got older. ”

Rather, cynicism only grew bigger.

“When I first jumped into the abyss, it was no different? ”

At that moment, the left right wing widened greatly.

[Sky Wing (Right) Struggle]

If all else were removed, there would be nothing more to be afraid of if only this stature were preserved.


It was the way Yeonwoo lived.

It was because there was a way to live.


Yeonwoo rushes to them with his sword paper.

Fatigue, Fatigue!


The dark red brains blooming from the censor exploded more spectacularly than ever before.

Most of the people who had already been eaten halfway through ‘Death' subsequently died before the clans exploded, but somehow they tried to make love with each other like evil.

I thought if I could eat him, I could somehow recover myself.

But the relationship was never broken.

Experiment 666 asked for his left arm. Yeonwoo just let him do it.

[Myth, ‘Soldier’ has been forcibly separated!]

With his arms torn, the myth of Yeonwoo fell out together. For a moment, Yeonwoo felt a deep emptiness, but it was not pleasant at all.

Struggle. I quickly cut off the man's throat with only his stature frozen.

[The myth of the main self, ‘Experiment 666’, was successfully removed!]

[‘Hades' Spirit Sword ’is activated!]


[Succeeded to absorb part of the state self.]

[The lost myth, 'Soldier’ has been restored.]

I let Evil Que eat himself and get rid of him. Even if the myth is torn, the divinity is eaten, and the faith is taken away, he has no pity at all.

Instead, the martyrdom of the struggle remained firm, killing them and killing them again. After that, if you were to eat from this side, it would have been a leftover business.

How could you deal with all those myths?

Rather, this fight was also a situation that Yeonwoo wished more.

Starting with a small posteriori and until you become an alternate, you've never missed a single moment of reason while fighting infinitely for countless hours!

[The myth of the main self, ‘Experiment 666’, was successfully removed!]

[The myth of the main self, ‘The broken face of a thousand horses’, has been removed successfully!]


[‘Hades' Spirit Sword ’is activated!]


[Succeeded to absorb part of the state self.]

Evil Quest, on the other hand, is not only massive, it is inefficient and blunt.

It was nothing more than a good hunt for Yeonwoo, who had fought only the strong for a lifetime and defeated them.



[Succeeded to absorb part of the state self.]


[‘The Lord Self of the Dark King’ has lost too much darkness!]

[Existing entitlements have been disqualified due to the loss of the requirement to become a State Self. "Wise Man Evil" was demoted to "Alternate Self."]

Oh, no!

I haven't... done anything yet...!

[Existing entitlements have been disqualified due to the loss of the requirement to be an alternate self. "Wise Evil" has been demoted to "Normal Self."]

I can barely see... the end...!

[Existing entitlements have been disqualified due to the loss of the requirement to be a regular self. "Wise Evil" was demoted as "part of the unconscious."]

Everything that was making Evil Quest broke fast. The underworld collapsed, and the myths were absorbed by Yeonwoo as the rope died.

He wanted to hit the ball one way or another, but the fall that had once begun led to a rapid fall could no longer be caught.

Then all the myths died when only the wise man Evil Keith was left. He also barely maintained his existence and changed color a lot.

You, you...!

Wise man Evelke looked at the association that came before him one day and yelled at him.


As if Yeonwoo is no longer worth answering, he cuts off his head and absorbs it equally.

[Succeeded to absorb ‘Wise Evil'!]


[Absorbed a substantial amount of dark.]

[Current Dark Holdings: 91%]

[Existing qualifications are increased by success in meeting the requirement to be a primary self. He became the Lord Self of the Dark Kings.]

[Your fate as an executor has been changed to a discipline.]


[Death is restored.]

[The struggle is strengthened.]



[You can roll the gullet.]


[Qualified for Sulphur.]

[Title, ‘The Dark King’ has been created!]