Second Life Ranker

Tuesday 14. Rib Torch (5)

The Dark King.

Yeonwoo somehow felt frightened.

Strictly speaking, it's not a "complete" Dark King, but it's a state ego.

But I thought this place would be different because all the actions that are usually shown to be the will of the Dark King are decided. It didn't look that big.

It didn't seem to make a big difference because it already had a power close to the cell and the Almighty.

No, I was feeling much darker than before.

Even though he was simply a Dark King, he still had some autonomy, so he was able to act alone.

As soon as he became the main self, a lot of the things that surrounded him could feel his hands and feet tied.

It became heavy.

Wouldn't I be able to express it that way?

And you are.

‘It's sinking. ’

At that moment, Yeonwoo could realize.

I know that sleep..... is coming slowly.

[The darkness awaits you.]

[Abyss waits for the main self.]

[The eyelids of the Dark King, who awoke for a while, are slowly closed.]

The Dark King seemed to know why he was always asleep.

It had such a massive body and huge mindset that maintaining consciousness required considerable energy.

The energy consumption would be inefficient if we were to retain an unmistakable number of demonic clusters, rather than a single ego.

It was also a problem to stay asleep.

If the external activities of the state self continue, even the Dark King will be completely awake.

That's why the end is called. In the end, we had to go back into the abyss.

‘Without completely defeating other monsters like Evil Que and taking the initiative..... it will not be possible. I don't know how far‘ dream 'went when I accomplished it. ’

Yeonwoo bites her lower lip.

‘I haven't even said hello yet. ’

Yeonwoo was good for a while, so I wondered if there was a way to bring consciousness to the outside.

If you go back to sleep like this, you'll never see your family again.

Don't worry. I just wanted to say a word to you that I'm coming back.

And..... I also wanted to see the face of Edora who had never seen her face since I came here.

However, as the abyss swept through the already collapsing world of the mind, it was rising to its ankle.

And then.


It seemed like a knock somewhere.

[A heterogeneous being knocks on the door of Abyss.]

What is it?

Yeonwoo turned his head elsewhere. Abyss was now on his knees.

Knock, knock!

[A disparate being awaits the owner's answer.]

It wasn't my fault.

Obviously that was a knock.

Other heterogeneous beings who have come to find Abyss?

I think Yeonwoo somehow knows who he is and nods.

[A heterogeneous being accesses the abyss with the permission of its owner.]

[A thousand horses descend!]

As the abyss was torn apart, a golden cluster of light, contrary to black and white, fell in front of Yeonwoo.

It gradually became a familiar face to Yeonwoo, having a human image.

Just like I saw in the founding library. Thousands of horses were impressed with their poisonous faces.

“Hi. Long time no see...! ”

The thousand horses did not waved their hands at Yeonwoo gladly, but suddenly they had to pull out their bodies backwards, stunned by the sword that dug their throats.

Wedge fluid


The black brain sprung up a few times where there was a thousand horses. Absorbing Evil Quest, the power of the gum mines was already amplified several times.

‘It works.’

Unlike Yeonwoo, who had just been beaten so hard in the founding library, he immediately ran away when he thought it would be worth a shot.

Quack, quack, quack!


Khh! Khh!

Yeonwoo clenched to the thousand horses, wielding the sword and swinging again. In the process, he tied his ankles together with numerous powers, such as those already in his hands and feet.

The horse quickly sprinkles golden waves all over the place, and roars with a rush of movement, such as trampling on the corners and scattering the aggression.

“Dude! Why are you doing this! ”

“Taiwan. ”


“I'm going to smash just one face. ”

“Isn't that too easy to say? ”

I muttered to myself that the horse was ridiculous, but I didn't have any affection for Yeonwoo.

I don't know how much I've been struggling with that.

From the meeting at the tower to here. The thousand horses only watched them quietly, and in the meantime, they gave no help.

Even his son Olfoone Vivas Batman did not detect his eyes in the process.

Even though, by chance, Olfo One was the enemy, so I had no choice.

However, such a reassuring attitude of a thousand horses had no choice but to leave Yeonwoo angry.

I don't know how much more than a thousand horses are worth.

I didn't know what to do with sacrificing my family.

It was an accident that made no sense or want to understand as a coincidence that made family more important than anything else in the world.


That's why I wanted to hit that hateful horse.

And I wanted to hear his thoughts bluntly.

What the hell is he looking for and why.

I know what he saw.

And you are.


‘I will.’

Unlike in the past, Yeonwoo was able to realize that his power worked on a thousand horses.

I didn't fight back right now, but I was just scratching my back.

It still tasted different than before.


I don't think I can see that much now.

‘No.... Am I still at a disadvantage? ’

If you see only the power possessed by the Dark King himself, you will surely burn with a thousand horses.

They are incompatible contradictions.

However, it was because the Dark King had been unable to beat the thousand horseradish paper and put to sleep again, and all the energy he had could not be combined. Simply put, it was because of the lack of efficiency.

This was the result of having so many children that they behaved diligently.

But this difference will soon catch up. Yeonwoo judged that.


The two fell away from each other as they struck the fist of a kite and a thousand horses. The abyss that filled the world was now reaching its pelvis.

“Are you feeling better now? ”

Thousands of horses stared at each other with annoying faces to die.

Yeonwoo turned into a snot-nosed fart with her arms on.

“Will you let it go? Is that it? ”

“So what do you want me to do? ”

“A stranger. ”

“Oh! You can't just throw that away like old times. ”

Thousands of horses shook their fists, but Yeonwoo was still a big face.

Then a thousand horses sighed, saying, "Get off the ground!"

“Hey, no matter how much I hate Yale, I'm still here to help. Then what if I get bored and run away? ”

The reason why a thousand horses came directly into the darkness, also known as the Tiger Oyster, was simple.

To convey his voice.

Yeongyeon, who became King of Darkness, must now take a deep sleep.

But no one knows how long that sleep will last.

Yeonwoo told Cha Jung Woo and her family that she would transcend and somehow return to her family's arms.

That did not mean that it would be as easy as it was said.

If it had, the wise man, who had reigned for a very long time as the State Self, would have completely conquered the Dark King, or the thousand horses would have used different numbers to stop the Goulet.

However, the fight around 'Dream’ and ‘Goulet’ continued until now, and Evil Que was frustrated by the unchangeable reality and tried to create a refuge called Pian.

In the end, such a challenge meant that Yeonwoo could return to failure.

Therefore, Thousand Horses wanted to pose as messengers to bring their own voices that might be a testament to Yeonwoo's family.

Although there was a problem that Yeonwoo was angry with him because of the seeds he had sown all over the place.

When even a thousand horses know that, they somehow reach the door of Yeonwoo's hegemony (?) I wanted to correct my attitude.

I don't know how often I'm going to run into an association as King of the Dark Ages in the future, but when I had the chance, I was going to put a hold on it.

“Hit it.”

Yeonwoo's attitude towards answering with his arms was somehow worse.

“…… what? ”

“Run if you can. Instead, I will leave this place and run away with you. ”

“ ……! ”

Thousands of horses opened their mouths at the strength of Yeonwoo, which they had never thought of.

“It seems like you've been watching this for a long time, waiting for the birth of the dark king's ego that works well with dialogue…… You misunderstood the number. Honestly, I don't want to have much of this, I don't need it. I just want to throw it out and run away. ”

Yeonwoo's lips dried up viciously.

“But that's not a thousand horses, is it? I can only sink the Dark King now, and if I fall, it will be a mess again. Then I guess your head hurts even more. Isn't it?”

Thousands of horses asked in a ridiculous tone after a deep silence.

“..... you were always like this? ”

“I learned it from a grandmother who lives in a library. ”

“Even so, that Judin. ”

Thousands of horses grinded it, but I was still convinced that Yeonwoo would never leave here.

Abyss has now reached its limit.

“Yes. What do you want to say? ”

“Can I ask you one question before that? ”

“What is it?”

“When did you choose me? ”

“Oh, that? ”

Obviously, until I met him in the founding library, Thousand Horses didn't know about Yeonwoo.

No, I didn't seem very interested in what was going on in the tower, precisely.

I didn't know it was all a postponement, but given that it didn't have to be done at all by a thousand horses with overwhelming powers, it was clear that I didn't check on the association from the beginning.

By the way.

“I never really chose you. ”

“What...? ”

“What I do is very simple. Put the Dark King to sleep and just roll the ‘gullet’ that stops. That's all.”

“ ……! ”

“Just keep your eyes open. Sometimes when things get in the way of" Goulet "rolling, I put them aside from time to time, but they don't change my mind. ”

In the moment of Yeonwoo, Olfo always recalls the words he cried out to heaven.

Apricot pain.

It covers the boundaries of heaven and earth.

“Let the work of the heavens and the work of the earth be separated, and let the things that happen on the earth move according to their free will. That's why I put the Dark King to sleep. If you know that there is such absolute power, it's a creature, and it's rapid, and it's ready to feel fear and despair. That's why I can't do anything. ”

“ ……. ”

“Even in a situation as gloomy as the Seekerman darkness, he somehow holds hope in his heart and moves forward with the guidance of light. And pioneer his life. That's the ideal I want, the world I want. ”

When did a thousand horses ever talk about their innards so cool?

I remembered there was no association.

They all assumed and metaphored about him.

However, I felt strangely when I heard the story with my own mouth.

“Your performance is only yours, and it is my harvest that I was waiting for one day to be fruitful. So this back is your freedom. Either you continue to fight me like Evil Keith or you will escape the restraints of the Dark King and return everything you want. ”

Yeonwoo felt one side of her head open.

In the meantime, I was worried that this might be accomplished on the tablets made by the thousand horses and the Dark King.

That way, you will feel too humbled about your destiny.

But it wasn't.


Goulet rolled countless times, and several enforcers and adversaries appeared, but he didn't even know that the thousand horses were just waiting.

Enforcer or adversary. All humans do is break their own shells and come out.

“Well, here's my story. ”

Thousands of horses clapped and ventilated the atmosphere. The darkness is now under my chin.

“I can't stand it here anymore. What I want to say. Simply put.”

Yeonwoo hesitated very briefly.

I screamed in an annoying mix of horses.

“Speak quickly! You're already full of nose! ”

“…… please tell me. ”


“Please tell me I love you a lot. ”

Yeonwoo snapped his head and turned his head.

When he sees his earlobe slightly red, he laughs in vain.

“Yes, I see. ”


The thousand horses are suddenly disappearing again as they say so.

Abyss completely turned the world upside down as far as Yeonwoo's Essence.


Somewhere I heard the door close so firmly.

And you are.

When Yeonwoo opened his eyes again, numerous demons were staring at him.

It's a strange "me."

Give me that seat.

No. To me...!

Yeonwoo flies to the noisy monsters.

Trials on the 100th floor seem to create a torch to find the real identity.

[Sky Wings]

Here, it was the intention to devour all the demons, and to be born a complete self, not just a state self.

That way we can try the transcendence.

And he didn't know how long the fight would last.

But do it anyway.

To see my family again.