Second Life Ranker

15. Deus X Machina (1)


It boasted an enormous body size.

A much stronger wave came from the massive chunks, perhaps linking the sky and the earth.

He said he was the first animal. Definitely too much to deal with...?

“I agree.”

Cha Jungwoo nods quietly at Kronos' voice, which echoes in his head.

It was too much to deal with King Umar.

Since the battle began.

King Uma immediately turned into a body and was overwhelmingly pushing Cha Jung Woo's group.

He was the first animal and became a sulphur.

After all those years, they were so strong that they had to feel too stubborn.

Especially because it has two incompatible features, it was only urgent to defend as a group of powered cha-cheong-woo.

[The first beast stares at the sun of the day (Eros)!]

[The first beast wants to destroy ‘Day (Eros)’!]

“Damn it!”

Cheongwoo was shocked and had to pull his body out as far back as possible.

Kung, kung, kung!

King Umar, however, boasted of fierce speeds that did not suit such a racket. Every time I take one step, the space breaks together and all the gaps are voided.

Even if Leah somehow actively triggers the power of the Curinale to tie his feet.

[Power, Designation of Absolute Power] failed!]

[Power, 'Declare the Sanctuary of Quirinale’ failed!]

[Power, 'Build Mado Space’ failed!]


[The first beast is going crazy!]

It was not enough for King Umar to destroy it. Rather, it was a deception to cover them with the afterstorm that he inflicted while unlocking his power.

Quack, quack.

Quaa 'ang!

As King Umar lowers his giant hoof to the ground, the cracks spread throughout the stage.

[An immeasurable massive shock wave shakes the stage!]

[A crack has occurred in a part of the stage!]

[Stage's Durability is dropping dramatically!]

[WARNING! Excessive play can be sanctioned by operators and administrators! Beware!]

[WARNING! A situation has been discovered in which a hacking tool is used and the firewall triggers the highest level guard system!]


[Guard system failed!]

[Guard system destroyed!]

King Umar was crushing even the sanctions that Stage gave himself.

I think it's a question of how to stop that crazy inspiration..?

Kronos had to laugh a few times as he looked at King Umar.

Even though King Dong Ju Chilma was a difficult force to deal with in his reign, he had never been in direct conflict with King Umar, so many rumors surrounding him were exaggerated.

Isn't that why even rumors like that are so trivial compared to the real King Umar?

Rather, it felt even more extraordinary that I had the same power and had never been greedy.

That's why King Umar felt even more terrified, but I became more afraid of how to defeat him.

It might be easier to tell the story if the Duke of Hand and Hand helped.

That side seems to be busy in its own way…….


I'm looking at a tight encounter between Hand Duke and Enthusiast, and I'm too vague to ask you to help me.

However, I felt uncomfortable standing on one side because Nocton, who brought me my youngest son, said he was absolutely necessary.

It may seem like you're watching something while still frowning, or it may seem like you're in deep agony, or you're trying to force yourself to think of something lame.

‘What do we really do? ’

If you stay like this, you won't really be able to help us.

Kronos felt increasingly restless.

He's fighting alone in that dark place, and he's a father and he can't do anything.

Did you read Kronos' thoughts?

The power of Cha Jung Woo's grasp of Squitte has been harnessed.

“Don't worry too much, Father. ”


“As always, you'll do well. ”

…… I know.

Kronos tries to say the latter word, but is cut in the middle.

I felt so sorry and ashamed of my son as a father until the end of this year.

“And all we have to do is tie King Umar's feet, not take him down, right? ”

Kronos realized that Cha-cheong Woo was not just consoling himself, but was judging the situation positively.

Do you have any good ideas?

“I don't know if that's going to work. ”


Cha Jungwoo pauses and exhales.

And "whoops! ’And he swallowed up his breath, and spread out his heavenly wings.

[‘Day (Eros)' sun shines splendidly!]

“I think it's possible to be bothering. ”

[I want to accommodate all the Ancients with whom the sun of the day (Eros) is linked!]


[Forgotten Ancients respond!]

[Instead, Oryx opens his eyes and looks at the sun for the first time after he has fulfilled so many dreams.]

[Instead, Sivalkerg measures the luminosity of the sun to determine whether it can accommodate itself.]

[Instead, ‘Star' determines if the sun can be their new substitute.]


[Oryx accepts the call.]

[Sivalkerg accepts the call.]

[‘Star' accepts the call.]


[All connected Ancients have recognized the sun of the day (Eros) as a complete successor rather than mere successor!]

[Both the law and the divine power left by the Ancients belong to the sun of the day (Eros).]

[The radiance of the sun is brighter!]

At that time, King Umar, who was chasing Leah, stopped walking and turned his gaze toward Cha Jung Woo.

Much bigger than his height, the pupil twitches and spits out the sound of an animal that doesn't know if it's a monster or a voice.

New. Go to. Luck. Tae. Yang. In. a.

It seemed like there was also a mix of colors that made me curious.

The. s. I've got to go.

Follow. Follow. Do it. Do it. Hey. Hey.

Good. Nothing. Nothing.. Ten. De.

King Umar's voice worries me a lot.

It is now the law of the world that we inherit all the remaining places of the Ancients.

In a way, it was like locking yourself up in a restraining gullet that would never escape.

But as if Cha Jung Woo didn't care at all, the glow around her was even more spectacular.

[A new ‘Sulphur’ has been born!]

As soon as the desired message finally came out, I rushed back to King Umar, turning into a light.

Much faster and more fierce than before.

Jungwoo, you...!

As Kronos, he knew that Cha Jung Woo had suffered a considerable blow as he dragged his soul up for this battle, but soon he lost what he had to say.

“You can't just keep getting help from me, can you? Now I have to help. ”


“This time, I'm going to save you. ”

As Yeonwoo has come all the way here to continue her struggle without rest, now it is her turn to say so.


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King Umar stepped on the umbilical cord, narrowing his eyes as he sneezed all over his body.

His power to become a circle of the Cheonan Limbo.

[‘Oobo’ is activated!]


[‘Gunrimbo’ is activated!]



However, Cha-cheong Woobo slipped out before he took control of the space, and he even launched his own military plan.

King Umar also destroyed it and stepped on it again, and the battle between the two turned out to be some sort of charade.

The fight between Sulai and the two fugitives was forced to split, depending on who caught the opponent first.

Of course, no matter how much Cha Jung Woo raised his weight, he was forced to run big in terms of skill. Leah continues to support her side, preventing her son from being caught.


Along the stage, a gust of wind swung relentlessly.

* * *

Knockton opens his eyes wide as he closes.

Even after entering the last stage, his head was still tied to the 99th floor.

Because what he saw there, it's still unrealistic.

‘I..... Who the hell is this? ’

Nocton still considered himself a visitor from the 21st floor, the shadow stamp.

In fact, faceless gummus said so, and the king did not deny it.

But it is.

‘Then why did so many myths come out of the previous trials? ’

If their words or their own were a welcome from Olfovon Vivasvat, there shouldn't be so many myths that make up him.

Queek must have been a visionary, or just a disciple of the Kingless.

But meeting Nocton on the 99th floor was a countless number of himself.

They were all looking at themselves with different eyes.

Some of them were sad.

Some of them were sad.

Some are also jealous.

Some of the others were flattered.

The problem was that, despite the obvious lack of identity, they all noticed him.

The myth of a teenager who doesn't seem to have mastered magic, the myth of a young man full of enthusiasm in his eyes, the myth of a fatherless man, the myth of a wrathful man...

Without anyone to cover it up.

So even after defeating them all and coming all the way here, Nocton's question continued.

Who the hell am I? ’

[A thousand horses stare at you quietly.]

"What the hell are you missing? ’

[A thousand horses stare at you quietly.]

After coming here, I kept scratching his planting.

Somewhere, his gaze on himself was just a turtle.

While he had been ignoring it, considering that compassion for his dead son had been handed over to him, it now felt completely different.

[A thousand horses stare at you quietly.]

Knockton turns his head to the side where he still has the gaze of a thousand horses fixed to him.

My heart was frustrated.

Even breathing becomes as if you're squeezing your heart with your invisible hands.

If I ask you a question, does the author really want to answer it?

“Who the hell are you? ”

[A thousand horses stare at you quietly.]

“What do you have to do with me? ”