Second Life Ranker

16. Deus X Machina (2)

It was a long time after the disturbing stage suddenly became quiet.


It was a very small sound, but no one had heard it.

The gaze of Cha Jung Woo and Uma, as well as of Leah, Hand Duke and Unitarianism, who were fighting in the middle of the battle, was directed toward him.

Knockton pauses his meditation and looks up.

[The Dark King's leadership competition is over!]

“ ……! ”

…… so soon?

The eyes of both of them grew larger and smaller.

I thought it would take days or months, no matter how short.

Some felt helpless or helpless.

But even though the time detected outside might be extremely short, I had no idea how long the fight in my sphere would have been.

That much time had to be relative.

They just wanted this fight to end in their favor.

In particular, the family's gaze, including that of Cha Jung Woo, was close to thirst.



The sphere turns completely black, then starts to have a red color.

Even with that color, Cha Jungwoo and others could see who had won the fight.

[The character of ‘Wise Man Evil 'is extinguished!]

[The integration of the Dark King begins.]

[Integration rate: 91.1, 91.2% …….]

[Due to the large size of the target, it takes considerable time to process the information.]

[The Monkey's Torch is lit up a little.]

[The stage mission on the 100th floor continues.]

And the message that follows.

The bitterness of King Umar's eyes, which has never been shaken before, has brought forth bitterness.

In the end, the Bureau. E. Run. Expression. E.

Uh... Burr. Lion. Military.

[‘Umar King’ ceases to exist!]


King Umar returned to the old man and stamped the ground with his staff, as if it were a pity. It sounded as if the sound was pulling the tongue.

What are you doing, King Umar?

The Orthodox Church pushed out her hand, which was stubbornly attached to her, and ran to King Umar and listened.

“Don't you even know how to report it? This plan is already twisted. So I'm going to postpone it to the next opportunity. ”


“Of course you are, old man. This old man doesn't want to risk useless hope for the unlikely. And I'm sorry.”

King Umar's bitter smile touched his hand for a moment.

“I've noticed a little bit since my youngest child, who was so stubborn, used to be so stubborn and opposed. ”

Somehow, now it looked like it was a tough face.

“So if you want to continue the fight, you have to do it yourself. This old man has been moving so vigorously for so long, his back is frowning. Ugh.”

King Umar flicks his back with his fist and gives a tingling hug to the Duke.

“What are you doing? Big brother says he's having a bone attack, but he's standing there! ”

“The man who smashed the stage until a little while ago... ”

“Huh! Are you going to hit it together? ”

“I see.”

As he grumbled with his lips, he stepped on the axe and approached King Umar's side and supported him.

“Ego. It's hard. ”

“So you're a little old, aren't you? ”

“Why do you think I did this so much? ”

“Oh, Yaye. It's because of me. I'm a sinner. ”

King Song-of-war and King Uma were so close to each other that they wanted to kill each other a little while ago, that they struck each other as if they were close relatives.

All I have to do is get here. I'll take care of my brother, so take care of your brother.

Leaving a message to Cha Jung Woo.

[‘Hand Duke’ and ‘Uma King’ have left the stage!]

When that happened, the eucharist who was left alone in drowsiness had to change it.

These damn things...!

But being angry like that can make things different.

Then, in front of her, suddenly from the sphere in the sky, good things like glass debris were poured out.

It was a mythical piece of Evil Quest, which was thought to be an unnecessary 'foreign object’ in the process of consolidating the Dark Kings.

By the way.

Ohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohohow He'll make it easy to make his way.

Master, listen to me very carefully. If Bimagildara died like that...

It all comes from this conflict. If we could make a piano and get everyone there, wouldn't all the lightning and anxiety go away?

In it is how Evil Keith poured out his orchestra, putting Bimagildara in danger.

And until he approached the totalitarian Catholic Church saying that Jubilee led to Bimagildara's death, he showed a series of things that were in between like a panorama.

In the first place, the real reason for participating in this battle was the revenge for Bimagildara's sacrifice…… It was futile for her.

.... I see. I was fooling around.

A long time ago, when few remembered, the universal Catholic Church, who was just a little girl, was able to uphold the rule of disbelief, thanks to Bimagilla, who was like a nun.

It was all because of her that Bimagildara, who hated to get entangled somewhere, remained at the crossroads until the end to defend her righteousness.

Yena now and then. She's being used foolishly.

It was a lonely situation for her to find a place to live happily with Bimagildara while preaching so many ‘dreams’.


In the end, the universal apostle is also leaving the stage with his shoulders extended.

[‘Enthusiast' has left the stage!]

It was all Cha Jung Woo's group that remained in place.

And you are.

Then a new message came to mind in front of them.

["The Horse" would like to invite you to the Library of Creation.]

[Do you want to enter?]

[Note that the estimated waiting time for completion of the current Ripple Torch is???:???:??_???.]

“ ……. ”

Cha Jungwoo quickly turned to the side with Leah's back, with her face stiffened.

The message that the thousand horses were singing alone weighed heavily. I mean, there's something about him that I've been looking forward to. Knockton's face was also firmly visible.

However, Leah nodded, saying she was okay, and Cha Jungwoo immediately stopped the conflict and brought her hand to the message.


A herd of light surrounded the group.

* * *

[You have entered the Library of Creation!]

When I opened my eyes again, it was a library of tremendous size.

…… I never thought I would have access to an academic record like this.

Kronos returned to human form one day and was laughing in vain.

“If it's an academic record, isn't that where all the universe's records are? Was there really a place like that? ”

I've heard of Cha-cheong-woo.

The world of fantasies, where there was no debate about the existence of the Nine Kings.

Touching it raises the bar, and if you can enter, I can't believe that the report of knowledge that I was yearning for will suddenly appear..!

But why was it held here all the time?

“That's because I'm a librarian. ”

Chongwoo did not try to listen to Kronos' answer, but suddenly turned his gaze towards him in the voice he heard from behind.

There was a man with a stunning impression.

It was a strange impression, but I felt that Cha Jung Woo was as familiar as his eyes.

A thousand horses.

Even the gods and demons were right in front of their eyes that it was hard to count their heights.

Long time no see.

Kronos, the sphere of which is different, heads first.

A thousand horses burst into a light laugh, saying it was a pleasure.

“The boy, in front of his son and his wife, now speaks the same language as an adult. You've grown up a lot, haven't you? Years are worthless. I think it was yesterday that you followed me around with a chewing gum. ”

…… I need you to establish your hypocrisy as a head of household.


…… Please.

“Uh-huh. That's why I like you. ”

Kronos sighs at the horse of a thousand horses, saying, "The earth is gone."

For Cha Jung Woo, it was only strange that his father looked like that. He is very kind to his family, but he still has a habit of being the new king, so he takes great care of his disgrace. You can't even think about it in front of a thousand horses.

“It's been a long time, Leah. ”

The gaze of a thousand horses went from Leah to Chachou, who greeted him with snow.

“This is the first time we've face-to-face, isn't it? ”

“Why did you call us here? ”

“Anyway, you shouldn't be in a hurry in case someone's twin. ”

A thousand horses lightly kicked their tongues and became a serious face for a moment.

“One is to convey Cha Yeon Woo's message. And the other one is to warn. ”

The impression of the family hardened.

“Yeonwoo told me. I love the whole family. ”


“ ……. ”

Kronos and Leah kept their lips shut.

Cha Jungwoo barely removes his mouth while forcibly chopping off the emotions that came up from his neck.

“What are your warnings? ”

“Prepare your mind. ”

“ ……? ”

“The more revealing the torch of the Monkey that Yeonwoo has, the darker the darkness that the Dark King once had. That's how much Yeonwoo takes over the Dark Kings, and it gets closer to transcendence. ”

“But what is the problem..? ”

“The problem is that the brighter the brightness, the farther away the world gets. ”

“ ……! ”

What do you mean! Tell me more!

Kronos shouts in an urgent tone.

The voice of a thousand horses echoed loudly.

“Just as I said. The more complete the existence is, the further away from the world, the more out of the object of perception. The world..... will be located outside the complete world of ‘Dream’ and ‘Goulet’. ”

Tell me easily. So, what happens when you do?

Kronos, the new king, did not really know the meaning of the thousand horses. I just didn't want to accept the fact.

But it is.

Thousands of horses confirmed Kronos' foolishness.

“It means getting away from your awareness of being trapped in a dream and a gullet. You can't use the word" carry "because the creatures can be easily perceived in the first place. ”

The words of a thousand horses continued.

“So the eunuchs will gradually disappear from your memories. No one will remember the existence of ‘King of Darkness’ after all. Every trace or achievement he has left in the world will slowly disappear. ”

That's ridiculous! A father who forgets his son! Parents! Family! I don't have a jaw like that..!

“What did Cha Yeon Woo ask you to leave before? ”

That's it...!

Kronos raises his voice and says, "How can I forget that?"

Strangely..... I couldn't remember.

I remembered what I said, and all I could think about was what I said. It rarely came to mind.

Headache, headache!

Kronos had to feel a tingling backbone in his anxiety.

The invisible touch seemed to hold the jaw firmly.

“That's how it is. It will slowly be forgotten from a very close memory. The world will gradually erase the records of Cha Yeon Woo. It's disappearing from the founding library here. Look.”

Kronos and others stare at the bookshelf pointed at by a thousand horses. The book was drawn out of the ledger one by one, the cover was peeled off, the paper was drawn into a single sheet, the letters disappeared, and the book was finally extinguished.

I didn't have to tell him who the bookshelf was.

“I knew this would happen in the first place. So the first time I didn't tell you this, I slowly sank into the Dark King and said I'd sleep. ”

Ha, but that doesn't make sense to completely forget! Thousands of horses, if you say so, we don't know you, and we shouldn't talk like this..!

“Aren't you my real name? ”


“What's my other alias? ”


“Do you know in detail what kind of rank I have? ”

Kronos shuts his mouth again.

“I told you, I can remember the notion of a thousand black kings. But you'll never see who we are. Isn't it?”


“And your youngest son knows all this? ”

Kronos' gaze rushed to Cha Jung Woo.

Cha Jungwoo was still saying nothing.

I need your help.

Cha Jungwoo recalls what Yeonwoo said before entering the final stage.

Even the words that followed.

Remember me.

Cha Jungwoo said to Thousand Horses and Kronos with hardened eyes.

“I love you. Didn't you say that's what you left me? ”