Second Life Ranker

17. Deus X Machina (3)

Thousands of horses open their eyes.

Then I laughed.

“You don't have to worry about forgetting him. Still, it must be Sulphur. ”

Huang is completely out of the ‘dream’ and the ‘gule’.

So I will be able to remember my relationship better.

“But even so, you know there's a limit to staying, right? ”

Cha Jungwoo nods heavily.

The landscape he had achieved at the moment was too thin. It was not because he pioneered it himself, but because he had the help of the Ancients. Even if the interlock with them was a little contrary, it was likely to fall back down. This is what the horse pointed out.

“So what can I do now? ”

“Stay here as a librarian and build a camp. ”

“Territory……. ”

“Territory is like manure to the soul. When you stack it up again, your soul grows stronger. Protect this place on my behalf. ”

Cha Jung Woo's eyes were shining.

Certainly, in a place where all the world's records are collected, it may be a good place to build a thousand horses or territories.

It's really getting closer to the power of the cell.

‘I might be able to reorganize your records. ’

Cha Jung Woo naturally thought about how to leave it as long as his memory of Yeonwoo was forgotten.

It was all very similar to what he did one day.


‘You think you're already a librarian. ’

Cha Jung Woo was able to see what he had decided would remain here later.

Somehow I felt caught by a thousand horses.

It wasn't offensive or offensive.

Rather grateful.

It is important to give yourself a new opportunity.

“Are you leaving? ”

I turned my nose farting to wonder if the thousand horses were not natural.

“Hey, how stubborn do you think I was? ”

“Phew... well? ”

“Every time you're stuck in a backroom, you don't take care of your chores at all. Do you know how bad your nags are? Ugh!”

Seeing the shivering horses, Chongwoo smiled bitterly.

“…… you know I'm afraid of being stuck here as a married man? ”

“Because it's not just me. ”

A bold answer.

Cha Chong Woo seemed to know why Yeonwoo wanted to grind his face when he met a thousand horses.

This was nothing like gratitude or gratitude.

“And now I want to stop caring for the outside world and spend some time with my family. I'm sick of this. ”

Then a thousand horsemen stared at Knockton.

Knockton stepped back without even knowing.

At that moment, Cha Jung Woo's thoughts passed through his head.

Knoxton is the welcome of Olfoone Vivasvat, who remained on the 21st floor. No, I knew it was a welcome.

But that's just a fact they know everywhere.

In fact, no one had proof that Knockton was welcome.

If only.

What if Nocton's not welcome?

‘On the contrary, maybe Olfoone we know is welcome...? ’

A very distant past. What if a player named Vivasvat challenged the 21st floor gateway and suddenly there was some sort of 'error’ while achieving the number one record and there was a mix-up between the player and the welcome?

So what if the two individuals went a completely different way?

Of course, the chances of that happening are almost endless.

But it is.

Cha Jung Woo thought it would never be weird if something like that really happened somehow.

Even then, Vivasvat would already have had a modest divinity as the son of a thousand horses, so it was never strange that other actions would have taken place on the data that imitated him.

Of course, all of this was just a speculation that Cha Jung Woo suddenly came to mind.

No evidence, no heartburn.

But it is.

It was not like that, no matter how the thousand horses sought the Hippocratic Barrel, Olfovon Vivasvat was saddened to be sacrificed and had no recourse to it.

The horse that Cha Jung Woo is looking at now seems to be holding fast to his beliefs, but there were fewer human faces that were weakened as much as his family and his people.

However, Chongwoo did not have to ask questions about it.

And you are.

Nocton seemed to have some doubts about his identity, but he did not ask the thousand horses.

I was just looking at the slippery hand of a thousand horses coming this way without a word.

“Won't you come back with me? ”

“ ……. ”

Nocton recalls the many meanings contained in the words, chews them for a long time, and nods silently.


Thousands of horses and Noctons disappeared from the library like that.

Without saying goodbye.

[Thousands of Horses and Noctons have left the Chang 'an Library!]

[Thousand Horses resigned as librarian.]

[You have designated the sun of the day (Eros) as your successor.]

[If you accept the post of librarian, you will be obliged to keep the numerous books in the library intact and to manage the numerous books that are added together every day.]

[Would you still accept it?]

Chongwoo looks at the message in front of his eyes and looks back at Kronos and Leah. Even at this moment, the brochure documenting the association was constantly being dismantled and then in an extinct order.

There was a lot of regret in my parents' eyes.

“Can you do it well? ”

“Of course. You're good at my job again, right? ”

“My son... let's just hold him once. ”

Leah approached her youngest son and hugged him.

From the beginning to the end, it was sad and sad for my sons to walk silently on the hard road. And I was so sorry that I was forced to cheer as a parent.

“Be careful. Eat on time. Huh? I keep in touch. If you want to be tough, come back anytime. I'll have a lot of stuff you like. ”

“Hey, Mom, too. Do I still look like a child? ”

“It's just a scared little boy to let me go all the time. ”

Cha Chongwoo felt Leah's warm temper, then stared at Kronos who was bitterly looking this way.

In the absence of sons, the mother and father enjoy a honeymoon that cannot be overlooked.

“Be careful.”


“I don't want to take my youngest place. ”

…… Huh, really!

Kronos looked like he was not praying, but soon he kissed his shoulders while laughing.

Speak well to your wife and Cesha.

“It's gonna be a lot of scratches again. ”

You should have done better than usual. Nazir... hum! Don't overdo it.

Kronos plays a prank, and Leah quickly coughs and turns the topic around as she flirts with her axe eyes.

Then he grabbed Leah's hand, still looking at Cha Jung Woo with his foolish face.

There was a limit to staying in the founding library, not the librarian. And Cha Jung Woo wants to get out of the way because he needs to prepare himself.

[Kronos and Leah left the founding library.]


Cha Chong Woo quietly learns from his leaving parents and soon takes a deep breath and knocks on the message with his fingers.

[You accepted the post of Librarian.]

And since then.

[Founding Library's new librarian, Lord of the Day (Eros), has been appointed!]

[Title, ‘Library of Creation' was created.]


The world started to go back as fast as crazy.

[Provide tutorials for seamless management.]


[A manual for management is provided.]


I don't know what's going on.

I thought it was all just managing to keep the booklet intact, but that was never the case.

We had to know the structure of the vast area, and we had to figure out what records were gathered in the vicinity of any location, and what sort of classification system was daily.

If a new book was added, it would often be plugged anywhere, so I had to check the daily checklist and find it again.

If the books were too old, they changed the cover, and if there were letters that were blurry and could not be seen well, they searched for the data separately and added it…… I was too distracted.

Therefore, only by being somewhat proficient, Chongwoo knew.

I used to look around for a good reason, but after all, I realized that this kind of heavy labor was hard.

“Damn it! I cheated again! ”

* * *

That's how time went on and on again.

Since the body could not leave the founding library, I looked for records if I ever wondered about the family's greetings. If I wanted to be bored, I used to send messages and talk.

There was still a lot of library work, but I was still somewhat skilled and had some time to spare.

“There's only a few of them left. ”

Cha Jung Woo realized that the statue of Yeonwoo was empty, and was deeply troubled.

Slowly, he realized that his memories of communion were becoming blurred.

That would mean that the work of the Fellowship to become a complete Dark King is accelerating.

On the contrary, Chongwoo was feeling impatient.

“Let's take it slow, though. It should not only be of an urgent nature.”

I haven't built enough space yet. Just rushing like that makes it too hard for you to adjust yourself.

But the side that cares about others to Yeonwoo (?) Because I knew so well that there was no one else, I had to do everything in my life.

“I can't help it. I'm forced to start from now on. ”

Cha Jung Woo decided to start preparing things much sooner than he expected.

It was the creation of a journal.

No, I didn't know exactly what to call a diary.

The general journal should describe the work that was done that day in an objective language, whereas the journal that he wrote was more about describing the thoughts or memories of the relationship than the work that was done that day.

I also recorded what my daughter Cesha had done that day, and I summarized my parents' life back to the newlyweds a little bit.

No matter how much you look at it, you'll have a brother.....

Only the layers were stacked.

Cesha told her mother she was going to college. I told Ananta that I would continue to be a celebrity because I thought studying didn't suit her. But my major in philosophy told me to go. The door is open..... No, daughter. I can't get a job there.

Zeus, who failed the rebellion and fled the Olympus, is said to have been captured by his father. I heard the other gods used to be a little agitated. Brothers who don't even know their faces.... It's a little tricky how to deal with them when they meet.

No matter how hard I look, I can't find a record of the horse. Where did you hide it on purpose? If you have black history, I'd like to come and make fun of you.

Instead, I found some of your black history. Wow..... I didn't study when I was in high school, and I had a car in a fortnight with a girl? I used to think that poisonous hair was dirty, but was it because of this? Just come out, really.

I had no idea how much time had passed.

Already, even with his biometric clock, the Earth's time was not that touching.

The brochure disappears. Now there is only one compartment left.

How long the hell are you doing this for? I'm not good at worrying about people. Son of a bitch who's a lunatic.

Time on Earth is now..... a hundred years?


Everyone who remembers my brother is gone.

At first, the journal was full of light fishes, and gradually became heavier.

Few of the gods and demons remember you. Around Agaresna or Athena. But they'll forget all about you, too.

There's only one booklet left.

Not even a single booklet has a page left. Two pages of Dalang. How long can you hold out with that?

The pencil of Cha Jung Woo, who writes the journal, is also heavier.

Now there's one page left.

My father and mother..... completely forgot my brother. You don't remember at all.

I forgot Ananta too.

I couldn't even think of Cesha, who was whining about when her uncle would come back.

I'm the only one who remembers now. No, two?


My poor, poor brother. When he gets back, just kick him in the foot. I'll cheer you on.

Then, Cha Jungwoo saw the last remaining page of the booklet tumble and fall to the ground.

There was only one word on that page.

Almost there . I didn't know what that meant. I didn't have time to make an analogy. It just broke and disappeared.

The last leaf fell.

It will be over soon.

I'll forget you, too.