Second Life Ranker

18. Deus X Machina (4)

Open it!

Cha-cheong-woo covered the diary he was using.

“ ……. ”

And after a while the bear closed his eyes and thought of something, he opened his eyes again.

“Cha Yeonwoo. My twin brother..... the Dark King. Personality Pattanza. Soldier. Soloist. The King of Kings. Giant Dragon..... Luckily, my memory is intact. ”

Cha Jung Woo knew it was because he had built up so much territory.

He was in danger a few times, too.

I remember the existence of the Dark King, but his name was painted all over the food. It's like the name blinded from the top is marked # # #. Yeonwoo's name was also recognized one day.

No matter how hard you tried to get rid of the blinds. Cha-cheong-woo still had a vivid memory of the time.

And I almost had that crisis just before.

When the last page fell, something on one side of his head seemed to have fallen off.

If the pieces that had fallen out had not been large, they would never have been noticed.

And fortunately, Cha Jung Woo had a way of compensating for his lack in case this happened.

He was able to discover what was lacking by exploring the myths he had accumulated, and succeed in fully restoring his memory by analogizing and supplementing the clues given before and after to the context.


[The awareness of the Dark King has become stronger.]

But Cha Jung Woo knew.

It means that it's just a very simple draft.

I didn't know when such a crisis would come back.

The statue of Yeonwoo is now empty.

No, the stand itself was disappearing.

Just as we can hardly find a record of the thousand horses in the founding library, nothing about the Dark King remains.

There's only one person who remembers him now. Just yourself.

So somehow I had to hold onto the memory.

There was even Edo in the underworld..... but I didn't even know how much more of her memory could go on.

“I can't wait any longer. ”

Cha Jungwoo somehow chopped up and chopped up the feeling of climbing north.

* * *

Even after the last leaf fall, time still passed.

The fate of enforcers and adversaries is still ongoing.

The end was not achieved.

No, it was empty, exactly.

From there, Cha Jungwoo realized that Yeonyeon had completely conquered the Dark King.

“You must be the only self. That's amazing, brother. How do you think you're gonna eat it all? Maybe the ship won't explode. ”

Perhaps after becoming a complete Dark King, it took a long time to prepare to escape without stopping there.

The idea of throwing even the limits of the Dark King through the transcendence was the idea of having a relationship in the first place.

The problem was that Cha Jung Woo had nothing else to do for him.

“Transcendence…… Is there any way I can help? ”

Yeonwoo asked me not to forget myself. So Chongwoo remembered his brother.

But I kept thinking that it wasn't the only thing I could do to help.

So from then on, Cha Jungwoo has been immersed in research on the Dark King.

I also examined the ‘dream’ and the ‘gule’ that the thousand horses and the Dark Kings had caused in abundance, and looked through the records of the Sumisian mountains that had existed before the creation of the universe.

Fortunately, the investigation was not so difficult because it was an academic record that he kept all the records where he was.

Rather, it takes too much time to classify and process the rest of the information.

However, it was time for Cha Jung Woo to stay, and after taking over the post of librarian for a long time, this kind of work was taken for granted.

[We are now coveting forgotten old facts.]

[We have unlocked the secret of the creation of the heavens and the earth. 56, 57…… 61%.]

[You solved the mystery of the creation of the universe. 72, 73…… 80%.]


[The light emitted by the sun of the day (Eros) shines more spectacularly or illuminates all the universe than ever before!]

[You are acquiring a new rapidity.]


And you are.


Cha Jung Woo could find clues that he was wandering around so hard.

“It was an egg. The Dark King. ”

I felt like I had been hit hard by the back of my head, which has always recognized the Dark King as a "celestial being."

Why didn't you think of this?

The Dark King is in fact a conceptual being, so you can simply classify it as an 'object’.

It's the Dark King, so there are words that say no. The gods of the world seem to have made mistakes in their perception.

That's why I didn't know fixed notions were scary.

But the conclusion we came up with as we went through it was simple.

The Dark King is a bird that hasn't hatched yet.

It was so massive and rigid that no one could recognize its existence, but even before the creation of the universe began in earnest, it was already making up the world, and I didn't even know what was waiting to happen.

However, because the shell was too hard, the bird in the egg was breaking and could not come out.

‘All the selves in them could have been such birds. ’

Why did the executors who led the world to an end remain so demonic? Isn't it the will of the world to want their Han to be active with positive energy?

It may be a simple guess, but Cho Jungwoo decided to accept it that way.

If I understood it that way, I didn't know there might be anything I could do to help out.

Of course, I couldn't break the shell myself outside.

No matter how many territories Cha Jungwoo has built up and raised, even if it became the same sulfur, the position of a thousand horses and a king of darkness seemed so high.

‘But it would be possible to weaken the thickness so that the shell could be easily broken. ’

Then the method became very simple.

Let's leave a lot of records and achievements to make the world aware of you. If it's erased, rewrite it, and if it's twisted, grow it bigger.

The closer you get to 'Dream’ or ‘Goulet’, the thinner the shell surrounding the Dark King will be.

‘Then you'll find yourself a hole in the shell..... if I can find it quickly. ’

To do so, Cha Jung Woo was well aware that he was no longer in the Chang Chang Library, but had to travel outside a lot.

Restoring the records of forgetfulness is never going to be easy.

The problem is, that doesn't mean you can give up your librarian position right away.

I was afraid things would get a lot worse when I got back.

“I'll let you join me, too. ”

Cha-cheong-woo thought so and spread his heavenly wings.

and opened wide the door to the outside world.

[The librarian is trying to go out!]

[The sun of the day (Eros) rises again!]

[There is a strong will to change the world.]

[Ecliptic pain is ignored.

[Causality is ignored.]


[Error! Critical damage is being inflicted on providers.]

[Error! A blatant intervention in the truth is attempted.]


[All errors are ignored by the horse, which is an inhibitor.]


[The providence of the world and the truth of the universe begin to mechanistically intertwine.]

[New rapidity added.]

[Sinmyth: Deus X Machina.]

* * *

“Are you still looking at the sky? ”

“ ……. ”

Pant scratches his back head as he stands on the highest hill in town today, staring at Edora as she stands still in the night sky.

His sister's march, which had continued for some time, made him feel good.

At first I thought it was just a whim.

Just as every brother in the world does, it was too difficult to guess his sister's heart.

However, I was worried that the horsepower would diminish sometime and that I would look at the sky quietly with my mind wide open.

Do you know how to take care of your own work.... But as a brother, it was natural to care about the change of brother.

And each time, Edora looked over here and smiled quietly.

But that smile seemed so sad that I had to be heavier as a fan.

“What the hell is there? ”

Of course, Fant knew that Edora would not give any answers this time.

I haven't been able to answer any questions at all. I thought the same thing would happen this time.

But today I gave you an answer to what the wind was like.

It was very short.

“I'm sorry.”

“Huh? Did you have a boyfriend? It was Mossol...! ”


Pant had to punch Edora in the face.


Edora shook her hand lightly and replied.

“In my imagination. ”

“ ……. ”

Pant has something unfair to say, but Edora's planting seems to be less uncomfortable. I can't say anything.

It's just a hoax.

“Yes, do as you please. But if you keep staring at the sky, you can come to the neck disc. Be careful. ”

Pant just knocked Edora's shoulders twice, thinking that only her head would hurt when she heard more.


Then I laughed at the thought that I was unfamiliar with the movement.

I felt like someone had done the same thing to me..... but I couldn't remember.

"Not my father. ’

The deceased firstborn king would have harassed himself if he were so stubborn, because he would never have done this.

Rather, it felt more intimate and precious than that.

So, Mother?

However, my mother was not so fat as the rest of the parents who were always hit by work.

Then what the hell?

‘Well, it's nothing. ’

Concerns were only brief.

It was Pant who hated to think deeply in the first place. If it is a really precious memory, it will come to mind later. "

That way Pant goes down the hill again.

Edora sighs quietly, rather than looking at the back of a slippery pan.

“Even the brain is full of muscles. That's why I keep blinking. It was a precious memory for you. ”

Of course, this nagging is not a problem that can improve, so I didn't put it in my mouth.

The recent dramatic decline in the number of horses in Edora was all for this reason.

Why didn't she try to revive Fant's memory? There was a man who was a great umbrella to them, and the third disciple told the king many times.

But every time, Pant forgot. At first it seemed to come to mind, but soon I forgot. He wouldn't want to do that. The world just said it was natural and it worked that way.


One day, I assumed that my mother's spirituality was the destiny of Yeonwoo, and that this was what I gave her.

If the traces that existed were erased and forgotten by the precious people..... it would be nothing like doom.

However, Edora may have forgotten the world, but she wanted to remember him somehow.

And I waited.

[Message: I'll see you soon. Sorry.]

One day, Yeonwoo's message was still valuable in one corner of the retina.

I've waited ten years, can't I wait a little longer?

‘Just come back. I'm really scratching the bark. ’

So many years have passed.

The stars in the night sky continue to rotate...... Spring comes, summer comes, autumn comes, and winter falls. Then spring came again.

The seasons have changed countless times, but Edora always climbs the same hill every night and sees the night sky changing in the same place.

Pant, who always knew he was an immature brother, gave birth to a child, and the child gave birth again. Edora's eyes, which always glittered brilliantly, now sink deeply with wisdom, and the back of her hand is littered with traces of years.

The night sky I was standing there watching..... now I sit on the rocking chair brought to me by Fant's father-in-law.

But let's say she's still beautiful. The young orphan, who inherited the same name as Fant, thought so.

“Grandma, Grandma! ”

“Yes, my poop puppy. I don't know what you're so curious about. ”

“I'm not a poop puppy! ”

“Yeah, it's a poop dog. What do you want?”


I'm already ten! The young father-in-law swelled his cheeks heavily with a complaint, but soon he withdrew the wind and asked the little grandmother.

“But what are you looking at? I don't see anything but stars in the sky. ”

“I'm not looking at the stars. ”


“Old memories. ”

“ ……? ”

“Can you tell me about what this grandmother went through as a young woman? ”

“Yes! I wonder! ”

Edora's wrinkled eyes are faintly curved.

And the more the story goes on.

The eyes of the young father-in-law sparkled.