Second Life Ranker

19. Deus X Machina (5)

In the story, the dragon flew away, the giant ran around and the magic was happening all the time.

As a young widow who has only lived in a lonely village that is important for nothing, the contents must be exciting.

In particular, the story related to the tower, where the lone tribe had been for a long time, was forced to go further because only a few adults remembered it in the village.

When Edora started to tell stories, she got half excited without even knowing it.

It felt like going back in time.

Without worrying about Pant, several euphemisms that ran out of town, climbed the tower, and encountered the euphemism passed through his head.

It was too hard at the time, but when I came to think about it, each one was so happy and happy.

So, after the tower collapsed, what happened to Artiya after the reunion disappeared?

Leonhard was creating a new large clan with his native head and was expanding rapidly. Khan retired early and raised a large family in a secluded countryside, and Doyle was told that he had quietly buried himself in an unnamed temple.

Mahesh Sung, who followed Edora, said that each of them was now independence, and Gangan was only receiving news, and Heidi and others returned to his home planet to recover the ruined country.

Cesha and Ananta, who had the most interactions, were still living well.

Neither of them had been removed, but I heard that the head of the house lived without much worry because he put his hands around them.

Other societies that were closely related to Artiya were now on their way.

How long has it been since there was a cessation of the conflict?

I heard that the role of the Irangjin Army and Nattaja is very large. As a martyr who had already been resolved with Yeonwoo once before, he heard that he was weaker and might now really be destroyed by it.

Le Infernal, led by Agarès, said that he was completely different from Baal, so he was on his own.

However, Athena-led Olympus' count is so strong that he knows that there is Cha Jung Woo behind him.

Malach took care of the gaps and internal redness caused by the successive loss of the metatron and Mikael, who were in charge of Malach, and began to give back the power of the absolute line.

Other societies were still disturbed, but never as often as before.

Overall, the celestial system was now in an almost orderly atmosphere, under the auspices of Olympus.

There were still signs of turmoil and conflict all over the place, but every time Athena shot and pressed it with overwhelming force, no one could resist.

The power of Olympus, which was presented in the last celestial war, was now so scary that all the other celestial powers could be overcome.

The causal rate didn't work separately, like when you were trapped in a tower.

Olympus himself became a causal force, controlling the celestial system, and making sure that the lives of the creatures and the immortals were not ruined.

Thanks to this, the system was also running smoothly.

‘I've heard from time to time that Kernunos is helping a lot. ’

After defeating Okeanos and avenging Bimagildara's grudge, I suddenly concealed the enemy, and now I'm looking a little different.

It still moves quietly without drawing the attention of others as an unaffiliated god, but it seemed like something was busy.

But it is.

Everywhere in their busy lives, there was no association at all.

So many of those who were bound by Artiya in the old days are now far away as the old city center disappears.

Artiya, in their memory, was just a name they put forward in a strategic partnership to win a losing race within the tower.

The voice that led them to the deep reverberation in their hearts last day was no longer there.

I just seemed to notice that Agaresh and Athena were missing something, but I didn't think I was right.

‘No, there's one more. ’

Edora's wrinkled eyes give a sad hue.


The old Dwarf blacksmith is a lonely tribal eater, and he closes his eyes as he gives birth to his grandson.

My grandson... I think I had them, too.

How much I cried when I saw the last of his eyes closed with a bitter smile.

Perhaps she cried more than she did when she closed her eyes.

Cha-cheong Woo is a librarian at the Chang Chang Library, and Edora has the eyes of a fairy tale, so I could keep remembering the association.

Henova was the only person who missed a relationship, even though he was an ordinary mortal, not at all.

The fact that there were fewer people who drew a euphoria remained a huge shock to her at the time.

Like this.

Edora tried to hold on to his traces, which had been erased, while drawing a link.

Though I thought everything was worthless, I hoped that one day, when Yeonwoo came back, everyone would smile together and be greeted.

‘Everything has become irrelevant. ’

Edora laughed so bitterly that she thought so.

‘I..... really have a lot in mind. ’

Usually it's just a matter of time before you start to sit back and think about the past.

Is that really what this is about?

‘Even though I've lived a long time..... I did. ’

Although the life expectancy of the Lone Horned tribe is the longest among the Subraces, and because she is also high, Didin was able to live a longer life than that.

However, there was no limit to the body not crossing the last line.

And Edora felt intuitively that the day was running out of time.

I've been getting a lot heavier these past few months.

For the second time, even the fearful head did not turn as well as before, and the ears became so dark that I could barely understand what the young father-in-law said for a long time.

His eyes sank, and he saw the world bending around, so that his only observation of the constellation was now powerless.

Still, with the help of a young father-in-law, I could find something related to the relationship. I saw it every day and watched it again…… but I could see that it was not long before I could do this.

‘No, you're not.’

Then Edora could intuitively notice.

‘Today..... was the last time. ’

Somehow a lot of horses are growing today.

Maybe when he came after he fell into eternal sleep. I hope that I will know that I have been waiting for him for a long time.

This young father-in-law will tell this story to his father-in-law again.

If so, won't he cry a lot later? Even though it looked too cold and hard on the outside, he was as transparent and weak as anyone else in the world.

I'll be right there. I'm sorry.

I never thought he'd come. No matter how long it takes, Edora firmly believed that her association would surely come to her.

He was the one who kept his promise once. Rather, I couldn't wait for him to get here, and I was sorry to leave first.


“Oh, I've heard this story before! ”

When Edora was buried in deep contemplation, her eyelids gradually became heavy, and suddenly the young father-in-law opened her eyes and pooped.

What is this...?

“Have you ever heard of...? ”

“The story of my grandmother. A man in a black mask came to our town, and he was the third of the chieftains who counted so badly that he became the fourth disciple and knocked down the tower! That's his story, isn't it? ”

“ ……! ”

In a moment, Edora's eyes widened.

You know this story?

How do you do that?

“Where did you hear that story? ”

“Huh? Where did you hear that...? ”

The young father-in-law winked at Edora's urgent question and grabbed her head with all her might to please her favourite little grandmother.

But I couldn't remember where I heard it strangely, so I had to keep rolling my head.

The more so, the more Edora's heart flinched.


The heart began to beat roughly again.


The young father-in-law smiles brightly with a loud applause as if he had remembered something.

“The kids told me. ”

“Kids...? ”

“Yes. I was playing with my cousins and suddenly I said that. Chief Nayu had such a disciple. I asked my father because I had never heard of it before, because he said he didn't know..... so I just thought it was a rumor and I forgot, but I was surprised because my grandmother told me a similar story. Hehe.”

“ ……! ”

Edora's pupils shake well.

“Ho, did I make a mistake..? ”

“Nothing. Nothing. ”

After Edora says nothing for a while, the young father-in-law shakes her feet, wanting to know if she did something wrong.

Edora smiles quietly as she crosses her head. It was a real laugh.

‘.. You have a story left. ’

I don't know how this story remains.

I have never told this story to a young orphan or other children in the village.

I tried a few times before, but I gave up soon enough to forget, as everyone had promised. Because I knew the world didn't want to leave all the records related to him. I made a vow not to forget myself.

So even when I left his story to my younger grandson, I didn't mention the name "Kain" or "Cha Yeon-woo," but I just said it in a blurry form.

Where did the little orphan hear that?

It would mean that there are already some stories about it in the village.

Even though I didn't know how far it spread, how deep it was, how much it would lead to…… this is enough to hope for Edora.

The myth is clearly embedded in the brains of the creatures, calling for awareness of their existence and gradually creating faith. Then they are given divinity, they are equipped with rapidity, they are established, and they tread on the order in which the throne is made.

That myth is spreading little by little…… It means that the records of the forgettable relationship are returning little by little!


The man who left is coming back.

It's engraved on him that I forgot.

In fact, Edora was happy and happy again.

“So that's him. He said he rode a dragon, called a giant. Wow...... Cool. Can I, too, Grandma? ”

And sad and sad again.

He's trying to come back a little. I was just getting ready..... but I had to leave without waiting for that short moment.

“... Grandma? ”

Ah, my ugly body. I can't stand it any more. What's so urgent that you're yelling at me to leave here so soon?


That's not what I want.

Just as long as you've waited. No, even the half.... I like the half, so I would appreciate it if you would just wait a little longer..

There's nothing more to be hoped for, but I'm just asking you to listen to it, and I don't know why you're here now.

I was naughty and naughty.

I hated it again.

“Grandma! Don't do it! Don't mess with me, okay? What's the matter!”

I heard a young father-in-law cry. He shook his arm with a small hand like a gossari, and heard an urgent call to the adults.

I felt like a chimney, holding that hand and saying that I was okay, that I had nothing to worry about. I was so sorry that the rest of my hands were so heavy that I couldn't.


Hearing the cries of the young fatherless, the people of the village flocked. The elderly, the young, the children, all of the villagers who were out there gathered together and burst into tears.

It's just an old man leaving. Come here and tell me what you're doing. It was funny and thankful, so I laughed. I felt good because I thought I didn't live the wrong life.

But..... my mind was still empty.

In fact, the life she had hoped for was not such a respected and prestigious one.

It's just...

I just...... I wanted a life where I could sit side by side on the bench at the end of the year while holding hands with my loved ones, eating together, laughing together, talking, sometimes fighting, and being reconciled.

It was a normal life that wouldn't be so hard. Such a normal life was just harder for her.

‘Eventually you leave without seeing. I'm sorry.'

Edora slowly drops her head without holding her eyelids as she gets heavier.

In a blurred image. In a field of vision that is gradually going away. I wanted to capture a little more of the sad villagers. There was also a little bit of foolishness in it.

And that foolishness was going to turn into a bitter laugh.

In her eyes, it seemed for the first time.

Beyond the villagers who burst into tears…… I saw a man smiling bitterly as I stood behind him.

It didn't look good because it was blurry.

He was smiling lightly, but he had eyes and colors sadder than anyone else all the time.

Then the moment I wanted to see her for the first time. The man opens his eyes in circles, as if he had never even thought of it.

I saw the pupils of the Blacks buzzing with fierce emotions. The pupil, as transparent as a glass egg, clearly contained Edora's breadth.



The man's eyes opened and he drew a line. And I waved my hand this way lightly as if I had asked you to come.

Edora nods boldly as she understands.

“Your brother is keeping his promise. ”

And you are.

Slowly lowered his head.

* * *

“You've always been by my side. I can't see it..... I just resent it. I'm sorry.”

“I'm sorry. I'm sorry I'm late. ”

“Right? Actually, my brother did it all wrong. Just keep me waiting. ”

“I'm sorry, Mi. ”

“Phew! That's cute. I'll take care of everything, so I'll make you an appointment instead. ”


“Because we're no longer apart. ”


The hands of the two caught hold of each other.

As if you would never miss it.