Second Life Ranker

20. Epilogue, last chapter (1)

“Come quickly. ”

“Okay, I'll be right there. ”


Edora, who was embracing the beauty of her youth and the grief of her old age, was quietly buried in the light.

And Yeongyeon, who was left in his place for a while, had to stand in place because he was a woodcutter with trembling hands.

In the future, Edora's smile, which she laughed at, was still clearly drawn in front of her eyes.

Then he held back his tears and turned his back.

Cha Jungwoo was standing there.

“I knew you'd make that look. It's amazing.”

“Thank you for finding me. ”

Yeonwoo's eyes sank deeply.

“And thank you for remembering. ”

Whenever Yeonwoo muttered her lips, instead of nurturing her, a bow sprung around and disappeared.

The same sight I saw when I first encountered monsters in the past.

They always had an unpurified notion, so they had to use the word runner to convey it correctly.

It was evidence that Yeonwoo had not yet completely escaped the darkness.

But on the contrary, the fact that there is an 'association’ here means that it has already been observed by someone, little by little, so...!

“So wait a little longer. It's over now. ”

“You're just getting a lot of help. ”

“Bullshit. Don't you think you've helped me in the meantime? That's not what I do. ”

“Hey, I grew up a lot. Now I know how to say that. ”

“Even if we're twins, I'm taller. ”

“What are you saying? ”

Yeonwoo lightly farted with arms.

It was like a brother striking with nothing special.

Cha Jung Woo said this moment was just too precious.

“Brother, I'll be waiting. Go quickly.”

“I'll see you later. ”

Cha Jung Woo stopped for a moment.

Then I laughed.

“Yeah. See you later. ”

Yeonwoo's remains are being scattered equally.

Cha Jung Woo raises his head and looks up at the sky.

[An observation of the Dark King has appeared!]

[Part of it is perceived by the world.]

[Parts are confirmed to the world.]


[The story of the Dark King about the Lone Horned Tribe opens!]

Cha Jungwoo widened his heavenly wings, thinking that this was enough.

Not yet.

There were plenty of places to go.

* * *

[Last Quest (Observation of Darkness) was created!]

[Last Quest/Observation of Darkness]

DESCRIPTION: The # # # # who was the Lord Self of the Dark Kings (can't name it) has managed to absorb all the other Selfs over an indefinite period of time.

But even though # # # has succeeded in becoming the Dark King himself, it is still not completely out of the dark. Because it takes a lot more time than we've spent so far to make it transcendent.

The end that threatened ‘Dream’ and ‘Goulet’ was stalled, but if you spend that much time, then the durability of 'Dream’ and ‘Goulet’ will be ruined.

So from now on, help # # # get out of the Dark King's frame completely.

You will fully recall the laws that make up ‘Dream’ and ‘Goulet’ and the Deus X Machinai that govern providence.

Therefore, bring # # # into the ‘Dream’ and ‘Goulet’.

Restrictions: Observer of the Dark King, Deus X Machina.

Time Limit:

Conditions of Achievement:

1. Observing the presence of the Dark King;

2. Recognize the existence of the Dark King

3. Defining the existence of the Dark King

4. Provisions for the presence of the Dark King;


Reward: The life of the King of Darkness.

In case of failure: the forgetfulness of the Dark King.

It is pointless that there is a trajectory of existence in the world of Mississippi filled with uncertainty. It wasn't everywhere, it was everywhere.

Until we observe it and become aware of it, existence can only be in any form, so we speculate.

However, the moment the observer observes it, the existence is justified by its hidden form.

The existence of the Dark King was the same.

The Dark King exists everywhere, "Dream" and "Goulet". Hidden all over the world in Mississippi, it is also the framework that surrounds the macro world.

That is why people face the Dark King as easily as the air, but never perceive his existence.

It was because the scope was too vast and the laws found were still unexplainable.

It was for all of those reasons that people lost their memories of association.

As Yeonwoo is increasingly assimilated to the Dark King, he is forced to leave the realm of people's cognition by himself, so he keeps away from them.

"A thousand horses used to call themselves light. Light is knowledge for creatures. On the contrary, the Dark King is an area of uncertainty and uncertainty…… In order to observe it, we must force people to observe it and make them aware. ’

But how can we teach the Dark King to creatures that even the gods can't recognize deeply?

So Chongwoo decided to use the convenience method.

I decided to use mythology as a tool to observe and recognize associations.

So from then on, Cha Jungwoo began to weave the many universes that make up 'Dream’ and ‘Goulet’.

I wanted to rediscover the records of Yeonwoo and spread the myths associated with it.

[The myth of the Dark King is spreading!]

[Some myths will be deleted.]

[Some myths are passed on.]

Simple rumors, dance tales, oral narratives, novels, epic poems, etc…… various forms of stories have spread.

Stories made excuses for each other, creating stories of existence that had nothing to do with association, and sometimes similar but different stories.

Sometimes it was the image of a demon king enforcing the end of the world, and sometimes it was drawn as a victim who sacrificed to save a world that had fallen into the throes of mutiny.


[Editing is done.]

[Excuses are made.]


[Annotations run.]

[A new edition will appear.]

[Some myths have spoiled into myths that have absolutely nothing to do with the Dark King.]

[Some myths scatter theses about the Dark King.]

[WARNING! As the myth is broken, the story of a completely different Dark King is spreading all over the place.]

[Warning! Myth is a story that defines existence. When regulations change, we don't know what changes will be made to the settings the Dark King has.]


[The deletion will stop because it is determined that the myth of the current Dark King is completely irrelevant to the real Dark King.]

And if the story is related to a relationship, the world that immediately proceeded with the deletion stopped functioning sometime.

What Cha Jung Woo was trying to spread in the first place was not about association, but rather about the Dark King.

In the meantime, only a few people knew about the existence of the Dark King, who was hidden in a veil, and the main purpose was to make them feel familiar with the mythical mediator.

Then many creatures will have curiosity and curiosity about the Dark King, and will try to somehow define him, who was conceptually present only by the time they grew up.

It was meant to be.

Everything in the world is valued according to how the observer defines it!

[I see a movement to give meaning to the Dark King.]

[A new definition of the Dark King is under active discussion.]

[A new regulation of the Dark King is being actively enacted.]

I couldn't find a relationship that was more human and emotional than anyone else.

Rather, it was accepted as a much more conceptual and conceptual metaphysics than divine beings.

Cha Jung Woo hoped that people would be able to get close to each other in some way.

Philosophy arose, tribute was derived, and art was born.

All this was possible because Cha Jung Woo was incarnate with the laws that govern the whole universe.

[Deus X Machina is moving actively!]


[The Dark King, buried in the abyss, begins to be exposed.]

[A fairy tale of the Dark Kings and the Dreams or the Goulets.]

[The mind twitches.]

[Consciousness works.]

[The abyss surrounding the Dark King is paler.]

[There is a slight hole in the abyss that surrounded the Dark King.]

[Part of the concept begins to be projected into the world!]

Since then, Cha Jungwoo has been able to detect Yeonwoo little by little. In the meantime, trapped in the shell of Abyss, he has finally begun to think outside!

Of course, it was only a unilateral movement of fraternity, so in order to come into contact with the idea, there was a limit to the fact that the other party had to be able to perceive it equally.

Nevertheless, the moment Edora became aware of her last relationship, Chongwoo could feel it with certainty.

Yeonwoo knew he'd be back soon.

[‘Dreams’ turn into reality!]

[Axis removed from ‘Goulet’!]

* * *


“Where the hell are you going, Grandpa? ”

“Please explain why! ”

“There are too many hostiles targeting the Vaughn family! It may be dangerous!”


There is also a family called the Blood Biopsy.

The Blood Blade Khan, now called the 'Swordsman’, is the beginning of a force he worked for, one way or another, not to be overtaken by a Pant who was a rival he had fought in Artiya.

In addition, as the famous ranker Sunchin Wire in the tower made dramatic reconciliation with him just before he completely closed his eyes, the remaining forces of the Wire came under control, and then began to expand at a frightening pace.

It was also natural to transform into a giant force that no one could ignore today.

But all of a sudden they were sitting as heavy as lions.

In the meantime, he retired and quietly spent the end of the year at the Shrine because Tae-ju Khan suddenly promised to go out.

Of course, the family was forced to flip over.

I didn't tell you where to go.

So the elders, the householders, and the elders, the executives, and the disciples of the rulers came together to tear down his decision. Some wanted to excuse safety.

“May I be in danger? Who's there?”

“ ……. ”

As he turned his nose fart, the gasoline had to gag his lips in unison.

In fact, it was a ridiculous excuse for them to think.

Who in the world could threaten the Mindset?

Look at it now.

Apparently, despite more than 300 years of life, he was still young as if time had stopped in his twenties.

No one would have thought he was of that age unless he had eyes that felt as violent as the lion's eyes.

Moreover, in fact, he is too old for a transcendent map.

I didn't just take the title, but also cut and handed over the disastrous beasts from time to time.

However, I do not want to let him go because of the belief that the wire writer is the main thinker and that the thinker is the wire writer.

But gasoline, including garbage, had already been feeling awkward for a long time.

Khan already knows that his heart is halfway out of the family.

In addition, there have been times when I have been staring quietly in the air without saying anything. It's like trying to remember something. Or like trying to find something hidden.

And now that I have declared that I will leave.

Even Khan's great-grandfather, Gaju, had to take a deep sigh because he realized he would not change his decision.

“I understand. Tell me where you're going instead. ”

“I'm going to see a friend. ”

“Friend..... you mean? ”

Gaju raises his head in suspicion.

Was there anyone who could be a friend to the Thought Lord? There was little to shoulder with the sagittarius, who led the crowd and always stood alone.

The first face that came to mind, Pant of the Lone Horn tribe, had been told that he had hidden a long time ago. I don't think he was.

I wanted to talk about Doyle, my brother, but I didn't say "friend" to him, so I had to get bigger.

So I doubted it as I stretched my horse's tail.

Khan nodded without hesitation.

“Yes, my friend. A precious friend who has been foolishly forgetting. I intend to go apologize to him. ”