Second Life Ranker

21. Epilogue, last chapter (2)

Quiet countryside.

Khan stepped out in a place where trees were swarming and people couldn't find them.

“It's been a long time. ”

Khan glanced at the monastery in front of him with a glorious expression of gratitude.

Until the first agenda told me to build this place, she suddenly wanted to know why.

It was the perfect place to stay secluded.

Weather is good all season long and rainfall is appropriate. Wouldn't it be perfect to do it all the time?

If you knew this, you wouldn't be in a boring back room, but you'd be here.

Khan went through the front door of the wide open monastery with such remorse.

At the end of the day, I encountered a nun who was moving with a laundry. The nun laid the basement on the ground and approached Khan with an example.

“It's been a long time since you've had a visitor. What brings you here? ”

A guest. Khan laughs in vain without even knowing it. If you knew that building this monastery was your own thing, what would you look like?

However, most people who knew about it had long since returned to the arms of the gods they served, and they also wanted to remain young.

“Go and tell the circumcision. ”

So Khan could go back to his playful youth, rather than his stern appearance for a long time.

“It's been a long time since you've come to play, so prepare your head. ”

* * *

An unnamed monastery of God.

It has a unique characteristic, although it has no god at all. Beliefs are not atheists either, but that meant there was a long way to go to call them pre-existing theories.

The Catholics here have always spoken of pantheology ( Pantheism).

God is inherent in all things, but people have come up with the doctrine that they cannot observe it, nor dictate it, because they are always next to it like the air.

So the divine priests were always thankful for all things and providence, but they did not raise their hearts or pray separately to God.

The gods they served were not even condemned. That would only define existence, but it was against the doctrine.

Of course, many gods were not so fond of this monastery as to deny their existence.

Their doctrine will spread and the congregation will be scattered, and faith will no longer be able to reap.

In fact, some wanted to eliminate it, but the attempt was repeatedly turned to failure.

It was because the abbot here was rarely able to make sense of the rapids.


The leader of the greatest force that once knocked down the tower.

Who dares touch his territory?

Fortunately, he returned to the nameless god early and retired from his life. Otherwise, Artiya might still have survived and threatened so many heavenly societies.

“What the hell are you doing when you're that old? ”

However, Doyle knew that he had that weight, but he had no choice but to be angry today.

After a long time of human sacrifice, the monastery was completely turned upside down.

Not so bad!

There was a lot of annoyance in the touch of a cup of tea.

The more I did, the bigger Khan's laughter was.

“Are you not coming to see your brother? ”

“If you're gonna cave like this, why don't you just go? ”

“That's too much.”

“Or do you just want to get kicked out? ”

Khan turned his smile more acute.

“I got kicked out of the monastery I built. ”

“If you donate, it's over. What brings you here anyway? ”

“To see my brother in just a few minutes? ”

Doyle raises again the set of teacups he put down, as if it was no longer worth answering.

“Ah, ah, okay! I'm gonna stop messing with you, so sit down. ”

Doyle looks at the compartment with a disdainful look, but soon the ground is gone and he sighs and sits in the chair opposite him.

For others, it's the blood of an iron biopsy, and I hear it's a lion king, and it's so glorious that it's called a sensible myth. Why is this fucking brother only looking like this in front of himself?

“Cha Yeonwoo.”

“What's wrong?”

“The name of the god you serve. ”

“ ……! ”

Doyle tried to take care of his face as much as possible, but Khan's eyes were stiff-necked.


“…… haha! How did you know?”

“How long did you think I wouldn't remember? ”

Doyle smiled bitterly.

“I thought I was stupid and I didn't know how to end it. ”

“You want to die?”

“Since when did you know? ”

“Not long ago. Isn't the myth about him spreading a lot these days? When I heard that, I just remembered. Suddenly.”

Doyle's expression turned strange.


“Didn't you know?”

“I don't really care about the outside. ”

“The name of the Dark King is spreading a little bit. Every planet or civilization has a different form of transmission. ”

“I've been saying that God's name is not given to me. Even so.”

Doyle was unwittingly filled with relief as he struggled with changes that moved in opposition to his doctrine.

From there Khan was able to have confidence that his memory was certain.

“How long have you known? ”

“Like you, I haven't seen you in a while. It suddenly came to mind as if it had been revealed. ”

Since Artiya was disbanded. Doyle could feel something big leaving him.

He himself was clearly a believer and an apostle. However, the god he was serving left without saying a word. And there was nothing left to remember about that god. No names, no myths, no voices.

The only thing that remained was the channeling of God and himself. But even that was absent, so it was always just noise.

So Doyle asks Khan to quietly try to hide.

To find the god he lost somehow. And in the process I gained some enlightenment. His god is not absent, it's all melted down in everything. Then I realized that his God was merging with the world, and I tore up the doctrine. That is why the doctrine of pantheology followed the 'nameless god’ was born.

But on the other hand, I kept chasing the gods separately. Because I felt I had to. I studied the providence and the law, and dismantled everything beyond. Then I saw it. There are three letters of the name that were obscured.

“So? Did you come all the way here to say that? ”

But Doyle didn't tell Khan or anyone else what he found out.

I also thought about how I could relate in my own way, but it was rarely easy. Pantheorists. It was not so easy to realize a being that was always as familiar as the air.

“No way. He wants us to go find him. ”

“…… Is there a way? ”

Apostle, you found a way I don't know?

Khan said so confidently.

“No, I don't know. How can I not know that you don't know the closest thing? ”

“You've got to be kidding...! ”

“But there's something I can do. ”

“Wh-wh-what? ”

“From where he cares the most. ”

At this moment, Doyle recognizes his words and opens his eyes wide.

Khan nods heavily.

“That's right. I'm going to Earth. ”

* * *

“..... I'm dying. ”

Leonhard gently rubs his eyebrows while quietly putting the glasses he was wearing on the table.

There were still tons of paperwork towers on the table.

How long will it take to check all of this? Leon Hart laughed bitterly.

He felt best that his energy was going down every day.

Before this, I thought I would accomplish what I was doing because it was a transcendence for a while. It's a little scarce, but there was a way to replenish as much as I could if I wanted to. But he didn't want to live that long.

Just live as it flows, as it is given. Old age is noble and death is noble. Isn't life more beautiful and valuable now that it has an end? That was the usual geometry he had, and I had no intention of ignoring it.

I still don't understand why I lived like that as a young man.

But if there was one last fool left, all he wanted to do was find a friend and a benefactor who he had foolishly forgotten.

However, considering this much information, it was not easy to come to a conclusion.

What the hell do I do to perceive him completely out of cognition? Or what number do I have to use to force him to come here? There was no way he could use it right now.

“….. But you can't stay still. ”

Leonhard finally realized that he had no answer but to move. Though I thought I had been a clever head for a lifetime, I often felt that things didn't work out better. And the way to solve it was very simple.

I have to wait until I am.

I'm with you.

After lightly rocking the bell on the table, the servant who was waiting outside quietly came inside.

The first cosmic empire in its time, the Lion Heart, which brought together four galaxies and 142 civilizations. In front of him, the servant bowed politely.

“Prepare to open the door. ”

“Where are you going? ”


While putting your friend's hometown in his mouth.

Leonhard could tell intuitively. I knew this would be the last outing of his life.

* * *

“Oh, really! Where are you going to make it open like this? ”


“So why go there again! ”

Le Infernal's rebirth, Dantalion, really wanted to cry.

Others are regarded as the forerunners of the transcendental society, and I might ask him, personally, what dissatisfaction does he have with leading 36 legions?

The Dantalons could say so in front of them. There won't be a demon king as unhappy as you.

First of all, he is only a plausible figure, but he has 70 Demon Kings above the hierarchy.

They don't listen to him with their ears or their backs, but they ignore him. In fact, Dantalon's reinstatement was the result of them leaving him alone, saying they were all annoying.

Thanks to this, the Dantalons were unable to go into territory and had to live buried only in a pile of documents for 300 years.

This is why they will soon be beaten up by paperwork and found as defectors. Dantalon kept thinking that way.

But what bothers him the most is this damn writer at the head!

“Let go. If you don't let go, I'll chew on you! ”

Agarès. There will never be a day off as long as this Yankee is sitting as the head of a society and busy in a fictitious accident.

“Chew it! I can't live like this anymore! ”

“Are you protesting now? ”

“I don't know! Fifthly! What if a man called the Chief comes around every day with a blanket? Do whatever you want, kill or not! ”

If it had been a timid Dantalion, as usual, he would have rolled his tail on his own just to keep his eyes up.

But over the past 300 years, the anger that has been raging around more than 70 supervisors has been unbearable.

I didn't like it any more than I thought it would be. I want to rest. That longing was never a lie.

“After all, it's a matter of me being in charge and being so irresponsible. ”

Agarès, after all, knew that the Dantalons were sincere and stopped the uproar. The two eyes, filled with madness, suddenly became calm and deep like a calm sea.

At this instant, Dantalon's face was painted. The tyrant is finally trying to listen to himself!

I wonder if it really works. The rest of his eyes were filled with emotion, and he said in a solemn and solemn tone.

“Then you do it. ”

“Yes? What...? ”

“Here's the chief. ”

[Agarès has left the Demon Society, Le Infernal!]

[You have appointed Dantalion as your successor!]

“ ……! ”

Dantalon was in a panic situation he didn't even think of.

Agarès takes the gap and leaves the Hudadak Court.

Come on, Dang Dang!


I felt like I heard that too from a distance.


Eventually, when Dantalion regained consciousness, he had to scream while ripping off the temples.