Second Life Ranker

22. Epilogue, last chapter (3)

Court of Olympus.

“Hey, sister. ”

“What's wrong? Ares and Hercules had another accident? ”

Hermes is not buried in a pile of paperwork, but looks at Athena raising her head with a nervous face and laughs in vain.

By the way, his sister is a pronoun for frivolity. That's why Hera fought Poseidon, of course.

"I don't know how it was so peaceful for my youngest uncle? ’

Of course, I didn't mention it because it was obvious that I was going to die when I took it out of my mouth.

‘By the way..... youngest uncles. It's familiar and awkward.’

Since everything he said was related to this, Hermes went straight to the point.

“Kind of.”


“Two of them, they just made it to Earth. ”

“What? Why is it there? ”

Athena's eyes are slightly sharpened.

The Earth was, in many ways, the object of mourning for Olympus. It was because Kronos and Leah lived there. Deus X Machina, who rules the laws of the universe.

“It's not just the two of you. Artiya's guys are all over the place these days. Not long ago, Agares. and Fellir moved on. ”

“.... Are you trying to wage a war? ”

If I think about the old members of Artiya, I can think of them right now.

Hermes shrugs.

“There's no way. You want to go check it out. ”


The word hit Athena's chest heavily.

Actually, she was thinking of moving on to Earth soon.

Athena sighs lightly.

“Grandpa must be very angry. ”

Rumor has it that Kronos has calmed down a lot since he settled on Earth within the Olympic Forces, but it was never the Holy Spirit that once made the universe buzz.

Moreover, considering the situation their family is experiencing these days, it was never unusual for anything to happen.

“So we have to let you go somehow. ”

Athena ended up quietly closing the lid of the pen she was holding.

* * *

‘As expected……. Angry, you're tough. ’

The moment Athena crossed over to Earth, it was her first thought.

Normally, I would have greeted Athena and Hermes with joy that my granddaughter and grandson were here.

There seemed to be no point at all now.

It was so obvious that he was forcibly expressing his anger from his face.

He will do the same.....

Tooth profit!

“Hey! You're riding meat! Can't you flip that one right? ”

“What are you talking about! This is what you used to do! ”

“Can't you see I'm cutting meat right now? You don't have ten hands! Do it right! ”

“Nemesic acid, good meat. Can I have it? ”

“Here, here! ”


Ung Sung Woong.

Kronos' three-storey cottage for a new honeymoon with Leah..... was so crowded that he couldn't seem to be quiet.

Where the hell did you get it, lightning bolt and charcoal, set it on fire, roast the meat, and pluck lettuce and seed leaves out of the garden in the backyard without permission.

The garden that I went to because of all my hard work became an opening in an instant.

Of course, it didn't matter if it was just a matter of guests breaking into the house.

That's it. Just swing the knife a few times. (Chuckles)) Because it was enough to throw him out.

If you don't listen, you lose until you hear it.

But the problem is,

Yup! Yup!

The youngest one, who had wrestled for over an hour, had barely woken up.

“You bastards, if you're going to play, go play somewhere else! You're breaking my baby! ”

Now that his stature has almost been restored, Kronos, who has been able to raise his voice, rather than testify, shouts to these unhappy guests, "Please get lost."

Immediately, Khan and Doyle's gaze turned toward him as he was baking meat, and Leonhard scratched his cheeks with an interfaced face.

Agarès and Fellir noticed that they didn't even listen with their ears and back. Just stand tall with Ares and Hercules, rolling his eyes.

In the end, however, none of them listened to Kronos.

Somehow, I noticed and clumped and saw too much of a rush to sit here.


“Oh, a little! ”

Athena had no choice but to laugh bitterly at Kronos.

No matter how many children you had and raised, when you start parenting again, you wanted to make people feel like that.

In fact, I don't know how much trouble she felt when she first heard that there was one more being to be called Auntie.

Kronos and Leah are roasting hard. No one knows anymore, but you wanted to be amazing.

‘You have good skills.... ’

Even if it's just a bunch of Deus X Machinas, I still have a split opinion within Olympus, and here's a new correlator (?) To the news that this one was added, everyone screamed like one.

Poseidon and others, who had not yet been fully reconciled with Kronos, had a strange feeling about the news that he had a youngest brother who was too old (?).

But no matter what they think.

Kronos and Leah had never been heavily involved in the Olympic Forces after the ’resurrection', and similarly, the Olympic Forces had kept the line from interfering with them.

However, as Athena, who maintains her friendship with the Kronos in private, her youngest aunt, who has not yet passed the first stone, was only amazed.

Kronos was very familiar because he had seen it so delicately several times already. But every time I looked apart from familiarity, I was amazed.

Because I really wanted to be the new king who was more notorious than fame.

“Yeah. I mean, I don't even listen to nostrils, do I? Come on. Let's cut it out until we hear it. ”

Kronos, in the end, drew a whole bunch of superstition to the last resort. Kukuku, the ground is shaking again.

Even the members of Artiya in the yard are so nervous that Kronos is trying to commit murder.


The baby cries again.

“Don't be like the kids. Come on in. Get the diapers! Come on! ”

“…… Yep! ”

After flying to Leah's groaning, Kronos quickly regained his confidence and entered Huddak's house.

It was the back of my father who was chased into parenting without a spirit.

Everyone, including the members of Artiya, burst into laughter as they watched it.

‘.... Huh? ’

Athena does not smile the same. Suddenly, her head flashes upwards.

Between the Artiya members..... there was someone else mixed up.

He had black eyes on his black pupils.

It looked the same as Deus X Machina, but unlike him, he was wearing a black coat, which made him feel completely different.

“Sook... Boo? ”

Athena called him still.

He, who was laughing at others' gaps, turned his head this way, a little surprised.



He smiles lightly as he looks at Athena and fades away.

Even though it was a welcome sight, it wouldn't be weird at all.

Athena had to stand in place for a long time.

Because what he said before he disappeared was still in front of her.

You remembered.

Thank you very much.

At that moment, Athena realized.

I've been forgetting for a while, but now I think there's only a few days left for him to come back after he started remembering them one by one.

So I thought I should stay here for a while.

Perhaps other members are thinking the same thing.

It's been a long time since they've had a barbecue party, because they thought they'd find this place first when he got back.

* * *

[Recognition begins!]

[Meaning is given.]

[Regulations are established.]


[‘Dream’ begins to be assimilated to reality. The boundaries between 'dream’ and reality are weakened.]

[The axis disappears completely from the ‘gullet’.]


[According to several observations, the micro-world changes in various ways to suit each observation.]

[Depending on the different definitions, the macro-world changes in various ways to suit each definition.]

[Time coordinates are differentiated.]

[Spatial coordinates are refracted.]

[Increase your World Point!]


[A world point on a straight line connects to one trajectory.]

A world line has been created.]


[Depending on the degree of awareness and regulation, there is a change on the world line.]

[Some world lines differentiate.]

[Some world lines reverse.]

[Some World Lines will be deleted.]

[Some world lines merge.]


[The Dark King is beginning to be observed everywhere!]

[Deus X Machina begins to connect the world line with his laws.]

[Darkness‘ Dream ’and Deus X Machina's Law are intertwined!]

Chalk cock

I felt like I could hear it somewhere.

* * *

[Accessed Abyss.]

Cha-cheong-woo opened his eyes.

"Did you stay in this place, brother? ’

Beneath his feet, a huge, blue river was bending as if it were a galaxy.

Chongwoo knew that was the River of Souls.

The number of worlds that govern the system of Yoon Hae-hyun students is rooted right here. If there is a soul that wants to be reborn, it will be sucked here to bear fruit, and when it reaches the end of its life, it will fall into the river by itself and again form the river like other souls.

It was a collective circle of unconsciousness that anyone who was intelligent kept.

And now that the concept of 'dream’ is‘ gule ’, it can also be referred to as the root of the current universe, which has disappeared.

Cha Jungwoo spread out his heavenly wings and moved along the river.

The stems were as complex as the spider webs, as the rivers were numerous in number, and merged with other streams that flowed somewhere.

And there were lake-like pools all over the river. A lake created as the stems change direction along the way.

Cha Jungwoo called this the 'world point’.

The universe itself already had new possibilities and began to roll on its own.

“You bastards, if you're going to play, go play somewhere else! You're breaking my baby! ”

“My father, if you keep getting older, you'll take a long time. ”

Cha Jungwoo glanced at the events in the world and smiled.

My brother at this age. When I saw how my father and mother were doing, my concerns became real. Cesha also wondered what she would look like.

And, on the other hand, the fact that there are people who are starting to remember each other's associations has knocked him out.

Across the universe and beyond the world, Chongwoo hoped that more people would be 'aware’ of the Dark Kings.

It was because he believed that the myth he spread would change in shape as well as in various interpretations, definitions, and ordinances over time.

And according to his wishes.

The world began to differentiate as people embraced and interpreted the Dark King in various ways.

According to the regulations, the Dark King has many shapes, and according to those shapes, the world has begun to have different shapes.

That was the birth of the world point.

At some point in the world, the Dark King was an old hero. In some ways, the Dark King was a philosophical concept, and in others, the Dark King was an imagination that was not even discussed.

Each of those worlds is tied together by the concept of a parallel universe, placed on the same line, connected by one trajectory to become a world line.

The world line that was born like that was separated again, erased, and spread to infinity over and over again...!

Chongwoo visited countless world lines and the world dots that make up that world line.

There was a Dark King everywhere. It was also determined whether or not the Dark King was in any shape.

There was only one thing Cha Jung Woo wanted to find.

A world shaped like Cha Yeon Woo.

It was an astronomical possibility, and it was a world that wanted to exist.

Chongwoo had no doubt that there would be a world of coincidences and coincidences on many of these lines.

And it was actually getting closer to its destination.

Chachongwoo speeds up further along the rivers that lead to the far end.