Second Life Ranker

23. Epilogue, last chapter (4)

How long have you been here? ’

Yeonwoo thought that his question might be meaningless.

The time course between the outside world and this world was so different. No, there was no time here.

‘Did the thousand horses continue to go through this? Seriously, you can't do that. ’

Yeonwoo had no choice but to evaluate the whole horse. How I could endure such boredom.

He seemed to know why the Dark King's ego was not set as one, but was always divided, accepting other demons from the outside. I can't stand the bare spirit.

And I also felt like I knew why I wanted to keep waking up from the dream. Isn't that what you're dreaming about?

If you keep going to sleep and listen again, you'll never end up sleeping.

No matter how massive you are, you'll have to go crazy.

You ended up here. Kiki Kick! Seriously, I didn't know that kid was this big. Awesome.


When Yeonwoo erased the monsters, one of them died and threw it.

In Yeonwoo's eyes, he seemed to be the only one.

As easy as the one who threw it, I could easily recognize who it was.

The one who was found in the Dark Swamp and tormented their rich from father Kronos to himself.

While Kronos woke up and had a Bear Ligue, he was here because he couldn't find it in Abyss.

In fact, he was hiding in a colony of monsters fleeing him.

You must have been afraid of reprisals from a strong Yeonwoo. Yeonwoo was grinding his teeth tightly at the time.

But if there was a problem, Yeonwoo started to consolidate the demons, starting with the removal of Hyundai Evil Que.

After seeing the demons become cows one by one, he was forced to face a feud.

Yeonwoo defeated the one who tried to resist very easily. There was already a gap between him and himself that could not be compared.

There was a time, too. Your Rum. I had the illusion that I could accomplish everything!

I don't remember now either, but I also had parents, I had a wife, and I had children.

I wanted to go back.

But I didn't find anything.

Why is that?

This damn Curse Gule has never seen a miracle come to an end!

After all, he thought the resistance was meaningless, or he yelled at the whale as he died.

Apparently there were no eyes, but somehow I felt like my eyes were red.

So I ended up worn out and became like the rest of me!

And it's not just me! And so do the others!

By the way, you're going to get rid of everyone else, and you're going to be alone.


In the abyss, Yeonwoo felt that word was really strange.

Demons who live forever and fear never distinguish Zatta from Abyss.

Even that category included future home runners who were to be attributed a 'one day' lump.

Even the wise man, Evil Que, knew that one day the kite would mix with the demons, and did not refer to the relationship as' me ’while fighting with Leah.

But he did not say "me," but "you."

That's how much I wanted to tell you about the association that was trying to kill myself.

On the other hand, unlike those who were eventually subordinated to the constraint of darkness, it was because they felt completely unfamiliar with the appearance of Balburong Yeon who wanted to resist to the end, no matter how worn out.

In this curse, in restraint, in the gullet..... you will now be left alone.

You're the only one left in this spacious, filthy place where there's no time, no room to talk!

There's not even water to die here.

Because of you, death itself. It can't be crazy. It'll all end in a dream, and I'll go back to the way it was.

It was the light that stretched out, so he forced his existence into the world, and planted his shell under it so that he could barely escape loneliness.

Aren't you the only darkness that can't do that? Let's sink, let's sink again. Your family will see the light, but the darkness will not. Because of the darkness that no one recognizes, you will eventually have to wash your fingers outside the world and watch your family.

Why do so many other gods have to wander around the world and beyond the universe?

Why did they break out of the grace of creation and unite themselves, and their existence was constantly worn out?

It was because they were all ‘outside’.

And you'll be on the outside, too. No, no one will ever see, hear, or remember you. You must be lonely and lonely again.

Demons continue to die, but they relentlessly pour their bows and curse their relationship to the end.

You will be lonely. Until the end.

That's how he disappeared.

However, Yeonwoo could only fart after hearing such a curse.

No, rather, I could find hope there.

He won't know. He himself knew that the distinction between 'you’ and ‘me’, which he spit out without much thought, meant something else to him.

“Yes, I'm the one you're talking about.

It's not me. It's gonna be completely different. ”

The distinction made by the man who had nothing to do with time meant that Woo would be completely separate from them in the first place.

From then on, Yeonwoo spurred to absorb even more demons, and was finally able to reach the end.

[Succeeded to absorb all the demon!]

[Become a complete Dark King.]

[Current Status: King of Darkness]

At the moment of communion, I could feel that all the space of darkness and abyss that surrounded me was entirely attributable to me.

And time and space, often separated by Pneuma and Quirinale, completely off my meds.

Although he still maintains the shape of Cha Yeon-woo as an Avatar in order to maintain his self, it was in fact no longer necessary for him to distinguish between these shapes.

But it is.

On the contrary, he also realized that his consciousness was completely trapped here.

It's like being jammed in a hard shell.

Unlike before, we were able to secure a bypass and get our minds out, but we can't do that anymore.

It was impossible because he became the Dark King himself.

Of course, it was not impossible to completely break consciousness.

If it's too much, we can move away from the abyss and expand the expression of.

And indeed, the demons would not win this boredom and frustration, but would try to get up every time.

But after that?

‘I'll break it completely. In "Dreams." ’

Getting up from sleep means abandoning your dreams. Then the world and the universe will collapse together.

And after that.

[A thousand horses are looking out for you.]

Probably stick with a thousand horses again.

Yeonwoo had the idea that he would not fall asleep as wisely as the previous Dark King did.

Unlike the inefficient old Dark King, he knew how to use his power.

But then what?

There won't be those who want to be there.

[From the beginning to the present, we have achieved a great achievement that no one has been able to accomplish.

[From now on, you can choose multiple lines.

[I choose my position as King of Darkness.

[You can continue to dream as the old Dark King did, or try to get out of the dream.]]

[However, if you choose the latter, a thousand horses will try to bring you back to life.]

[But if you choose the electron, your presence will gradually move away from the perception of the world and become non-existent.]

[Or you can pioneer a third path.]

[What would you like to select?]

Yeonwoo thought all these messages were sent by a thousand horses.

Maybe it means making a choice.

Let's see what position we will take here.

And damn it, Cheonhorse already knew what choice to make.

It was what Yeonwoo wanted in the first place.

[You have chosen the third path!]

[You have decided to pioneer a new path once again.]

[That path will be hard, and will be full of hardship.]

[Blessing be with you on that path.]

You think you're doing something that doesn't fit in like a thousand horses.

Yeonwoo took a deep breath and tried a new change.

New Moon!

[The 'Spirit Sword of Hades’ begins to absorb both darkness and abyss!]

[Swallow presence. 1, 2% ……

5% …….]

[Digestion begins.]

[The consolidation is achieved.]

[Variation is initiated.]

[Transcendence begins!]

Chalk cock

Yeonwoo now wants to eat all the creatures called the Dark King, not the Demonic King anymore.

Desertion is breaking the framework of existence, and transcendence is beyond it once more.

Yeonwoo was going to completely disassemble the elements that made up the existence of the Dark King, assemble them, and completely transform them into what he wanted.

It was the first time that darkness had remained stationary at the bottom of the world for countless years.

[The darkness moves.]

However, there was a serious problem here.

Because the size of the Dark Kings is so vast..... that the speed of achieving this is too slow to be fatal.

Perhaps it took a much longer time to deal with the demons and absorb them.

No, I didn't know it might be better to fight. There was no time to get tired of fighting.

But here he was thoroughly alone. I had to do this with my own heart.

If even a little will were to be lost here, everything could go back to waste.

You have to keep running, not rest.

Thousands of horses have been through these moments in the past.

‘But..... I have to. ’

To get back to my family.

At least.

Quack, quack, quack!

Only the sound of Hades' Spirit Sword ripping out the darkness resonates beautifully.

* * *

[Variation slows down. 22, 23, 24% …….]

The pace of progress is slower and slower.

However, Yeonwoo endured another reference.

Wait, isn't it your own special occasion?

* * *

[Slower variation. 35, 36, 37% …….]

It's getting slower.

[The variation is slower. 47, 48, 49% …….]

It's slower.

* * *

[Unable to measure the rate of variation. 51%.]

When it was a little over half, the variation was no longer speeding. Progress was slow, but it was almost halted.

Fellowship became impatient. It's slowing down all the time, but it's changing steadily.

I wasn't so worried about you. Now that it hasn't even happened.

So Yeonwoo somehow tried to find the cause. We need to find the wrong part so that we can correct or correct it so that we can move forward again.

The question was how to find that minor defect in this huge darkness…… but there was no other way for him.

You will be lonely. Until the end.

The demonic words hit my heart hard, but I held back evil.

* * *

I found the cause.

However, the cause..... was so insignificant.

It took me as long as I had 51% variation, and it was so minor that I could barely find it.

A character named Cha Yeon Woo.

That was the only obstacle preventing the transformation of the Dark King.

But that doesn't mean that a country becomes a prime preacher by killing its own existence.

Yeonwoo tried to change because she wanted to live to the end, and she didn't want to disappear. If I had, I would have blindfolded my eyes in the dark.

Then it was.

Iron clumps!


Obviously from the outside of the darkness where nothing should be touched. It was something else that sounded like it was forcibly fitting into something huge.

[Deus X Machina's cog has succeeded in engaging in darkness.]