Second Life Ranker

24. Epilogue, last chapter (5)

A cog?

Yeonwoo raised her head without even knowing. It was an undivided space above and below, but it was a reflective habit.

A message was coming to mind.

[The darkness that stopped as the cog of Deus X Machina rotates begins to return forcefully.]

[The stopped variation is restarted.]

Yeonwoo burst into flags.

There's an obstacle to your personality, and it starts to change again?

Just because it's turning outside, too?

I wanted to see if it was possible, but it was possible. It was too slow because of the big differences, but it was important that the darkness began to move again.

What the hell is Deus X Machina...?


Yeongyeon later projected his mind outward, realizing that it was his brother, and then he gagged his lips.

I didn't forget to remember myself, but I came all the way here.

That was..... so thankful.

[The variation is again speeding up 51.1%.]

* * *

Ever since I started engaging Deus X Machina.

[The shell surrounding the darkness begins to weaken.

[Focus on the idea.

[Deus X Machina has formed a bypass.

[You can send your mind out a little bit.]

Yeonwoo's consciousness remained tightly trapped in the existence of the Dark King because of a long sleep. He needed a new passage to send his doctor outside.

Fortunately, Deus X Machina, coupled with the Dark, played that role.

And through there. Yeonwoo knew how much the outside had changed while he was in the dark.

“Dreams keep differentiating. ’

I only thought about it in some way, but there was a weather phenomenon that was not so intense.

Differentiation of the world.

The notion of "dream" and "gule" is now completely over.

Instead, such ‘dreams’ and ‘gullets’ were on the rise. They look like each other, but they all look different without knowing where they are.

The world was in a different way according to the definition of the existence of the Dark King.

In a world where the Dark King was accepted as the hero of salvation, the world of medicine was opened with a powerful prize.

The world, which embraced the Dark King as a simple concept, had developed magic, and dragon species were flourishing more than ever before.

In a world forgotten by the Dark Kings, ordinary and small civilizations were just flourishing.

It had the same starting point, but different historical events unfolded and changed. As such choices accumulated, they took on different shapes.

Some worlds and some worlds were almost similar in appearance, and some worlds and some worlds were so heterogeneous that they really started at the same starting point that they were close to multiverse.

There are many such universes and worlds.

There were too many, so I was forced to laugh as a coincidence.

‘I should have just cared about' Goulet ’before.... If you want to take care of all of these everyday things, you must have a pretty bad head. ’

And he knew that it was Cha Jung Woo's intention.

If we had so many universes and three systems, wouldn't there be a world in which the Dark Kings would be accepted as ordinary human beings and live by the name of Cha Yeon Woo?

Even if the probability is less than 0.000001%..... there must be one place in the world that exists indefinitely.

It was absurd, and it seemed absurd.

It's dealing with space. It's what he's good at, so I wondered if he'd do it on his own.

No, that's why I also felt more like a brother.

I never thought my brother would do anything crazy.

But Yeonwoo was so grateful to his brother that his heart was broken.

And you are.

That's why I made even more commitments.

No matter how obstructed his existence is by the transcendence of darkness.

I'm going to wait and wait and make a breakthrough, just like I've done so far.

* * *

[Mutants become active again]

We're working on it. 52%.]

Yeonwoo wondered what the three worlds that surrounded him and embraced him were and what other events were going on in them.

On the one hand…… I wondered what kind of habits colleagues in each world would live in with different memories and identities.

Even if it did not interfere with each world, if the myth about the Dark Kings had spread a little bit, it would have been possible to project a part of the idea and see it.

Because mythology is the basis on which there can soon be associations, and it has become a mediator.

And Yeonwoo hasn't been out of her hair in a while.

“Fant. After all, I'm getting started. ”

In some worlds, the Phantom wanted to adapt to this new settlement to some extent, and immediately passed on the tribal chieftaincy's place to his children and left the way.

There is no end to learning outside, so I made a reason to learn more and come back.

In fact, he was trying to build his own achievement to cross the shadows left by his father, the Emperor.

Pant's goal for the rest of his life was to surpass the father who led the tribe to its peak.

And you are.

It's not clearly left in memory, but to win over someone who passes by like a remnant from time to time.

“Cesha is doing well. My father and mother are still alive. ”

His nephew was growing happier with more beauty than anyone else in the world.

I had a lot of euphemism in my childhood, so I didn't want to go through that anymore. I didn't have to worry about that anymore.

Kronos and Leah lived in their own way. Thanks to you.

Despite many children and grandchildren's concerns, she also had children.

“Fahaha! I am a brother at this age. And you're younger than Cesha. Isn't that a little too much? ”

Yeonwoo enjoyed hanging out with her friends and watched her happily hold her youngest aunt alive right next to her.

And knowing that they had not heard, and had not seen, they mingled with them, and laughed with them, and spoke.

Even though I was a youngest, I was so cute.

I can't help but feel my hands and lips.

How can a child like that become an adult at a later date, even if he was already sulfurized, not be easily lead free.


And then, as the late brother recognized himself, when he looked over here from time to time and laughed in the room, he smiled at his mouth without even knowing.

It took a while.

I feel like all the hard work that I've been waiting for and waiting for is coming to an end.

It seems to Cesha that even the late brother had the idea that he would be forced to leave for a lifetime.

May happiness and blessings always be with this child on his way.

One day I left him the same prayer that the thousand horses had given him.


I don't know if you know that.

It's better for my brother to burst into laughter as he looks over here in a good mood.

Yeonwoo stroked his brother's head like that. Cute, lovely. So much.

Kronos, who was next to him, shook the toy, even though he thought he was laughing at God, but when he was next to him, he had no choice but to tilt his head.

There seems to be someone.....

Somehow, my breasts were eaten by myself. However, Kronos does not understand why he is doing this, so he smiles at his head and then looks back at the late man and shakes the toy.

“Oh, my God. What do you want from us, Yen? Then why don't you come with me? Oh, it's beautiful. ”

Yeonwoo turns his head to the side without even watching his father's tongue shorten.

I guess my father's role is to sell out.

I had to leave it to.

* * *

[Variation in progress 53%]

Yeonwoo could go wherever he wanted to go. No, actually, he was everywhere.

There was darkness at the bottom of the world, and all the souls who had gone through Yoon Khwan's life came from the darkness. Early childhood

Given that the world was the ‘dream’ of the Dark King, he was inherent in all things, and he could soon be called all things.

That's why it's important to look back at the lives of family and colleagues.

I always put a part of my mind beside one's.


He is a horribly beloved lover, and thankful and sorry for waiting so long for his evil self.

Even if others forget him,

Even when I forgot Kronos and Leah, Edora always remembered her god.

I also knew that she would always observe the night sky. I also knew it was to see when he would come back.

So I tried to yell at him a few times, and now I can stop walking and go to someone else, but Edora waited and waited for him without even knowing he was there.

That's how the years go on forever.

When Edora's face was increasingly buried.

Yeonwoo had to turn on her head as she rolled her eastern feet without any help. It was the first time that the fact of not being with her came so painfully.

Then a miracle came.

“Come quickly. ”

“Okay, I'll be right there. ”

Edora saw herself for the first time.

I was so grateful.

Thank you.


That was the beginning.

Not everything around Yeonwoo has begun to change.

[Someone has succeeded in fully observing the Dark King!]

[Observed shape: Cha-yeon Woo.]

[Cha Yeon-woo's presence begins to be imprinted on the world.]

[Deus X Machina's cog gains elasticity and starts rolling faster.]

[Darkness variation smoother] 55%.]

I could notice that people were increasingly noticing themselves.

There are people who have forgotten him.

One by one I regained my memory.

Kronos and Leah hugged and wept all day thinking of their forgotten sons. Khan went out of his way to find his lost friend, and Doyle stood up to regroup his scattered faith. Leonhard has found the Earth to find the Silver Man, and Agaresh and Fenrir are gathered in deception.

And then Athena saw this side completely.

“You remembered. Thank you.”

Yeonwoo could no longer be a mere image of the Dark King, but Cha Yeon himself.

Heh heh heh!


Warr, Kurr

One wall of the Seven World collapsed like a glass window that surrounded Yeonwoo.

[Deus X Machina has finally succeeded in reaching the center of the abyss.]

Cha Jung Woo was standing there.

For a long time he rushed back and forth, and his lips blew open.

But he was smiling like a frog.

It's like finding a child hiding in a hide-and-seek.

[Deus X Machina stares at the Dark King!]

Dental, dental!

Chiai Ik

At that moment, there was a lot of noise above the message, and it turned into something else.

[Cha-cheong-woo is staring at Cha-cheong-woo!]

Cha Jungwoo reached out to Yeonwoo.

It's like my brother saved him a long time ago from being trapped in a congregational clock.

- Never leave the house without saying anything again. I'm really gonna kill you then.

Yeah, I'm back, bro.

This time it was his turn to save you.

“I'm picking you up, brother. ”