Second Life Ranker

25. Epilogue, last chapter (6)

Yeonwoo looked at Cha Jung Woo with her arms shaking.


Yeonwoo glances down at the message that is occupying the bottom of the retina for a moment.

[The dark side is changing. 56%.]

[Transcendence is taking place!]

The transcendence was still incomplete.

In other words, Yeonwoo still has not completely escaped the Dark King's insides.

He had to complete the transcendence in order to fix the world as he wished.

Cha-cheong-woo laughs as if absurd.

“What's the matter with you? Who didn't even care about that? ”

I laughed at the words.

“.... You're right about that.” What's so bad about spending time in a world with a similar ending, even if you can't achieve the desired end yet?

If that world is where you were born, raised, and your family lived together.....

“Ah! What are you doing, really? You're not going? Do you have any idea how much trouble I've been trying to get here? I don't want to make disciples who don't have any plans, or mess with monsters.

If this is going to happen, I'll just leave it...

“Go, go. But the hair is fine.”

“I don't want to hear that from you. ”

The two shook hands as they struck each other with a branch.

Yeonwoo woke up in Zari with the help of her brother. The Dark King remains here. However, the Dark King, who was named Cha Yeon Woo, only returned to where he should have been.

[Cha Jung Woo is leading Cha Yeon Woo.

[Cha Yeon-woo follows behind Cha Jung Woo.

[Deus X Machina and the Dark King continue to engage!

[The world continues to differentiate.

[Space continues to expand.

[Thousands of horses stare down at all the world.]

* * *

“Ugh, damn things. ”

Kronos glanced at the side of the yard, which was still noisy until nightfall, and sat on the couch and picked up a can of beer.

Drinking a can of beer at this time of day when you're sleepy because you're wrestling all day. This was the only flaw he had in recent years.

“Are you selfish again? In Vienna

That's not good. Take one of these. ”

At that time, Cesha laid down a poem in front of Kronos. The grilled squid butter smelled like a brush.

“I was bored, though. Thank you. Would you like a drink too? ”

“If it wasn't me, who would drink with my grandfather? ”

“Uh-huh. That's right. It's just my granddaughter. ”

Kronos and Cesha don't seem to be getting very old anymore.

It looks like Cesha grew up that much. Every time he sees such a handmaiden, Kronos becomes unaware of her.

On the other hand, I also liked it a little bitter. It took so much time for that little girl to become such a jerk, that she couldn't keep her eyes open.

In fact, the name of Yeonwoo meant that every time they thought about it, they were forced to feel sorry.

When a thousand horses warned him to be careful because he could lose his memory, he did not actually listen with his ear or back.

A father who forgets his children. How horrible that sounds. It will never happen if you die. He thought so. Even though I lost a piece of memory, I thought it would be okay to stay awake from now on.

But I later realized how complacent it was and how irresponsible it was.

Cha-cheong-woo is often vacating his seat.

I just thought I'd do it because I was sitting in such a hopeless position looking for a relationship. I had never thought deeply.

And when I realized how black I had forgotten one of those little things in the last few hours, Kronos hugs Leah and pours tears all day.

He told me not to forgive my ugly father, and even if you were disappointed to leave our side, you would only want to see his face one more time.

And probably from then on.

In the meantime, it is important to realize that there has always been an association by their side.

I used to feel a familiar gaze from somewhere when I soothed a crying late and bit a bottle of milk.

I tried to sharpen my senses because I wanted to be watched by an unknown enemy, but I only concluded that there was nothing around me every time. And he would feel so much fatigue that he planted to soothe the late man, that he would feel nothing.

But when I came back and thought about it, it was never like that.

The invisible gaze occasionally shifted from a subtle feeling to a feeling of loving or adorable death when you look at yourself and Leah.

And every time he felt the same way, as if he felt the same way, he laughed at me.

Ahhh. Ahhh. The laughter was certainly directed only at that gaze, not others.

Maybe it was a coincidence. No, I was sure it would have been an affair now.

If it weren't for him, he would have kept standing around his family, not just around the Bangle Bangle house.

‘But that look has been cut off lately. Is something going on? ’

You shouldn't have done anything. Kronos mutters to himself. Tens of times a day I've come to see a slower nest, but nowadays I can't feel the look on the barrel, so I can't help but be anxious.

Maybe I didn't even feel it when I was still standing nearby. Jing Jo thought I'd forget about it again.

If my son comes this time, I have too much to say. Kronos has always been a seat of anxiety, whether the opportunity is permanently lost or not.

However, I don't want to be impatient with my family, so I'm not as awkward as I can be..... but my hand with a can of beer trembled nicely.

Then, Jungwoo has too little time to come into the house these days. Maybe it had something to do with this, that's when I thought about it.


Cesha sits on the couch opposite Kronos and opens her eyes in circles, rather than tearing off a squid's leg.

Kronos is turning his head towards the front door just as he wants to know what's going on. Cha-cheong Woo finally comes inside as the door opens.


Cesha threw a squid leg, ran to Cha Jung Woo and hugged her.

Cha Jungwoo stroked his daughter's head.

“My daughter, when you grow up like this, you don't like your boyfriend. You don't know if you can do this? ”

“Huh. Are you going to keep drifting like that? ”

“Did you get it?”

“You're simpler than you think. ”

“So where are you? ”

“I won't tell you, Meron. ”

Cha Jungwoo smiles lightly at her daughter's flirting, and shakes her head again. Cesha protested yesterday that she gave him expensive money and one head, but he rather broke her head.

Kronos approached quietly while the woman was in awe.

“You're a little late this time. ”

“Check something out. ”

“.. what? ”

As Kronos, something had to go wrong, so the impression hardened.

But whether he knew his father's guilt or not, Choongwoo glanced at the barbecue in the courtyard and laughed in vain.

“I'm so busy because I want to come quickly. Your guests have gathered like this. That's good, but we're all in this together.

I had something to show you when we got together. ”

“..? ”

Kronos tries to ask what it is, and stops talking while he's at it.

Outside the front door that Cha Jungwoo had left wide open as he entered, one person was standing awkward and unable to enter.

An impression that looks a little hard, even though it has the same face as Cha Jung Woo. However, I didn't know where to put the two pupils, but I kept coming and going confused.

Then, as if he had made a vow to do something, he closed his lips and stepped out into the front door.

Toubuck —

Slowly raising his head, he faces Kronos.

Kronos mutters his lips without saying a word for a moment. His head was all white and white. A lot of things I thought I'd tell you if my son came just a few days ago.

They were all gone in their heads.

Like the other guy, he kept saying something for a while.

“Uncle...? ”

The awkward atmosphere was broken by the sound of Setha screaming at me.


Cesha walked away from her father and carried her back to her uncle. Ugh. I missed you. With his face on his chest, his brain stroked his nephew's head quietly, and he realized where he was and what he was doing. You've finally come back to my house. No..... in my house.

So Yeonwoo could tell Kronos this.

“I've been there.”

I've traveled a long way, and now I'm back.

At the mouth of Kronos, a slight, faint smile appeared.

“Yes, please come. You must be tired of taking a long way. You want a beer? ”

When Kronos shakes the can of beer he was holding lightly, Yeonwoo nods.

“Yes, I just had a cold drink. ”

He also had a faint smile on his mouth, answering.

First Ending.

“Hey, Hermes. ”

“What's wrong, sister? I'm making all three serious faces. Everything worked out just the way you wanted it to, and it's over. ”

“I have a question that hasn't been solved yet. ”


“Uh, remember what I said before? ”

“What memory? ”


“Ah, that...

“Uh, that. ”


Come on, seriously.

Photos? ”

I'm sure Athena will recall what she said a long time ago.

Abraham, who had disappeared, once said it in the rain.

It was like a family photo, and there was Galilee, Ceshado, Anantado, and Abraham. Whether it's Yeonwoo or Jungwoo, the person who doesn't know can smile happily together.

Problem is, Abraham, who should be in that picture, hasn't come back yet, no, he can't come back. Even the identity of a person who doesn't know whether it's Yeonwoo or Jungwoo is still unknown.

I simply believe the forecast is wrong.

There was a lot of frustration because two substitutes were common.

“That's it...

But Hermes said that it's not a big deal.

“Isn't that because we haven't seen the back story yet? ”

* * *

“What kind of guts are you fishing openly, even though you have a" no fishing "sign in front of you? ”

With a fishing rod in the middle of the river, a man sitting halfway in a chair and pressing on a wheat straw hat raises his head slightly.

And Abraham stood there.

I had a smile on the mouth of my brother, Yeonwoo.

“Are you here?”

“Yes, I'm here. What kind of magic did you do? ”

When Abraham opened his eyes. He was astonished. Obviously, he was killed or extinguished..... because he was fully qualified until the memory of the time.

“I knew it later, but do you remember when I had the power to restore universality? ”

“The power that was created by taking care of the remains of your father.... No way? ”

“Yes. It wasn't just my data that was recorded in Idea. ”

Abraham realized the reason and laughed in vain.

Restoring versatility had the option of 'state regression’.

Backing up data on the body and soul of the caster in Idea was an option used for restoration in the event of large data loss.

However, not only did the backed up data relate to associations, but it also seemed to relate to entities.

As a matter of fact, the people of Yeonwoo were also part of his shadow. If natural, it was a mild consequence of sugar consumption.

Yeonwoo found Abraham's data there, and it looked like it had been restored.

“But it wouldn't have been so easy to restore? The soul must have been unstable. ”

“That's the Dark King. ”

“Apparent abuse of power. ”

“Power is written. ”

Abraham shed his laughter. On the other hand, I also felt that such a look was a coincidence.

Though I don't know exactly how much time has passed, I rarely guess.

It seemed like a hard time had passed. I feel at ease because I am still seeing Yeonwoo.

I also wanted to see my daughter and granddaughter. I wondered what two people would look like.

“But why are you fishing here? ”

“Who are you waiting for? ”

“Hmm? For whom? ”


At that time, Abraham hurriedly turned his head to the side at the sound of shaking his axes.

There stood a loaf of bread that grew its beard like a bandit. The horns of the temples seemed more upright than ever.

Pant was now much more impressive than when he broke up. Even the eyes of this occasional child now look as hard as those of the king who made the work. When Abraham looks at the guy, he says, "Oh," and bursts a bullet.

Fant seemed to be happy to see Abraham, so he simply greeted him with a snowflake.

I opened my eyes beautifully as I watched.

“Long time no see, brother. How have you been? ”

“Do you see that? ”

“You've done very little. I think your face is rotten too. ”

“Do you want me to do that, too? ”

“... What do you say that scares me so much now? ”

Pant was looking for a strong man and doing a lot of martial arts, but even though he was going to build an achievement, he was not able to play dumb with Yeonwoo.

Instead, he's not expecting anything.

It was set aside.

“That's more true, isn't it? ”

“What is it? ”

“The words that kept me in touch with my deceased father. ”

Pant looked buzzing. He was also the one who had been trying to exceed his promise for a lifetime because he wanted to fulfill his wish somehow.

Of course, it was ridiculous when I saw Yeonwoo.

“You lose. ”

“How could you not see it? ”

“It's a video you don't have to watch. ”

“Huh! I'll prove you wrong. ”

Pant smiles with a snot. I didn't know if it was a mess or not, but the fant had to.

Yeonwoo did not write about it. He's the one who's gonna get beaten up, not himself.

I was just thinking about going to see my lover.

I could summon a lion, but I didn't choose the method. What he wanted was a lover with complete memory and body temperature, not someone else. And I wanted to make love with her, form a family, and live a normal but happy life.

I wanted to see you again, just as I had hoped.

[Dark variation in progress, 57%.]

‘It may not be as complete as a thousand horses...

Yeonwoo brought his hand to the axis of time that shaped the world. I didn't know if the thousand horses were going to be perfect, just as they had been ‘big gullies’ for him before. I didn't know what the impact would be on the ongoing transcendence.

In the first place, the time and space were not constrained, so the darkness would not have much effect, but some variables could still occur.

Perhaps there would be a huge wave of waves on other world lines or points of the world that had been divided into several branches. At the moment of turning the gullet, a new divergence was created, another world line could be created, and the world might have to go through more headache events than it is today for unknown reasons.

But what is certain is that there will be events that are completely different from the events in these three systems right now.

But whatever it was.

Pant replied that he was okay to leave his hometown, and Abraham said, "Take care of the two people who are going to leave."

Yeonwoo reached out to the void without that delay.

Iron clumps!

Something caught my fingertips while the system was running.

[Power, 'Pneuma's Sky’ has been activated.]

[We've got the big gullet.]

[Do you want to rewind?]

Second Ending.


Writer reviews

When I wrote the letter 'FIN’, which means the last time I lived < twice >, which I started writing in early 2017, I felt very strange.

While I'm writing this, there are so many changes in my life that I don't know what else to do.

I've only lived in the province for a lifetime.

I went up to Seoul, I held an office with my friends, I wrote, I started a business. I met my companion for the rest of my life, and I got married, and I was in my late twenties, and I was in my thirties.

And I was so angry that I wanted to be able to get this much in the future.

I would like to take this opportunity to thank the readers again.

The theme I captured when I first designed the < Twice Living Ranker was‘ Family Love ’. What is the nature of Yeonwoo? No. It was the main goal of Story Rae that the protagonist who lived by firmly walking and locking the door of his heart for a lifetime learned the secrets related to his brother's death and gradually opened his heart as he met several connections in the process of revenge. I wanted to meet scattered families, and I wanted to deal with the process of healing my mind in detail.

But there were parts of it that got a lot longer than I expected, and there were episodes that were unfortunate because they didn't express themselves well. Especially since I don't seem to have solved the history of Olfoone properly.

I've done a lot of other experiments, and I've tried to give you some interest and fun, and I don't really know if that's my intention.

The ranker who still lives < twice ends his long journey with 99 chapters that have been around for four years, De

We're almost to the end. But I'm still going to write without a break, and the story of Yeonwoo is going to continue for a while.

The unfinished transcendence, the secret of the Eighth Apocalypse Awakening, Le ’Musée, the ascent to world points and world lines, the purpose of this etiquette, the past of Agarès…… we will slowly release everything.

So with the preparations for the war, we're also working on the next little initiative. I can't be sure it's going to be my announcement, but

I can tell you that I will be here in no time.

In addition, those of you who noticed in the previous words…… I share the same worldview that follows in the next < New Century, < Twice Living Ranker, < Swordsman's Dragon but my novel is correct ^ ^; .

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