Second Life Ranker

1. Asbestos (Songpull) (1)

Someone's dream that was made somewhere 'starts rolling again and changes the stage 10 years later.

< Hole 01010, which began to open abruptly all over the world), what exactly is this? > < Monsters started pouring out suddenly, is this really the day of the end of the world? > < Academic controversies about monsters > < Year 3. 41 Is there any way to unilaterally launch the United Nations? > > < The essence of being a new identity and 'player' only. Are they evil or do they need evil? Or a real-life hero? > < It's been 10 years since the 'Day of Beginning'.

Where does Earth's current safety flow? > < 10th Anniversary Prayer held around the world. > < A song of peace that everyone shouts as one body. > Along the walls, there were several scraps of newspapers, both large and small, listed by time.

A 'gate' that opens without any foresight on Earth, a monster that appears in a line at the same time, a sudden 'system'. And they were the creatures who claimed to be gods and demons, as well as articles related to "players." It was written about the crooked events that had taken place all over the world for the last 10 years, so that even those who didn't have much interest in the players could learn about history at a glance.

However, Kim Beom-Seong's gaze was fixed a little further away from the scraped articles.

Conduct a search for missing persons on 'Start Date'. > < Where are the missing persons headed? > < My ex-husband who finished reporting death returned in 10 years > < Implementing education system for noble patients who did not adapt to society. > < Hourly reimbursement scheme for damaged families. > Missing person.

And an ear patient.

These two words were words that had been bothering Kim Bum-seong for a very long time and for the past 10 years.

When I was a child, the family that was happy because of the day I started was completely destroyed.

Since then, Kim Beom-Seong is always floating around the gate. In the classroom and society, they listen to the ridicule of 'waste' and remain silent. Only with the hope that the families that disappeared might be alive somewhere.

And the cool gaze slowly lowered down.

< Idol 'Cha So-young, “Let's victim the day I lost my uncle, too. Wait for the day when uncle will return. < Cha So-young, Carry out gate exploration with the families who have been injured for 10 years' start day '. > Su-young.

The three letters of the name caught my attention.

... > We meet at last. ”Kim Beom-Seong gripped the knight with his bare hands. The part that says Cha Soyoung was crumpled up and ran away.

Since day one, all the values that ruled the earth have been turned upside down.

The cult that spoke of the Apocalypse was prevalent, and irrational things were everywhere. Suddenly, empowered superpowers called themselves players and made all kinds of social problems.

But in the midst of all that chaos, people sought stability, and society slowly regained order.

However, the order before it and the order after it was very different.

Kim Beom-Seong was classified as the lowest in such a freshly organized order.

It was because it was the lowest player in the rank leading up to & ~ Grade 5.

Often, the social notion of class was judged to have no qualities at all, so it was better to live a life that was no more than ordinary people without having really terrible economic difficulties.

What's a little different is that they prefer physical things like bodyguard work and clockwork because they are physically superior to ordinary people. That is why, even at the level, if I had a player qualification, my career choice would widen considerably.

Kim Beom-Seong also naturally received a lot of such offers from others.

He's been denying it for 10 years.

Of course, in the world of players, there was no limit to what a class could do.

Those who often follow past the ranks of <) attackers.

He disassembled the dead monsters and selected only the necessary areas, or was responsible for many of the system's awards as a young porter.

The nickname for these people was very simple.


“Oh, Seung, are you here? It's still faster to arrive than others." "Captain Yoo Sung-hyun waved his hands separately after seeing Kim Beom-sung. Gatherers were strongly mouthed by their supervisors, mainly because of the connections made at the job introductory hall.

Kim Beom-Seong has been in a relationship with Yooseong Hyun for a long time, despite being over 20 years old.

“If you're late, you could leave. We need to get here as soon as possible.” Huh-huh. What are you so worried about? I always keep your seat separate. When I set up a class, I don't have a comrade without you, and I don't have many friends who know what I'm talking about, so it's not just once or twice. ”If you think you're that friendly, just give me a few more days. Kim Beom-Seong grumbled so small inside.

In fact, Kim Beom-Seong was part of a quiet and good job of doing my job without putting too much vomit on the orders. Since he's only been a gatherer for 10 years, he still has a lot of structure on the floor.

Usually, if you have that kind of career, you want to make your own 'class', but Kim Bum-seong doesn't even seem to be able to do it. There is no concern about demolition of personnel.

In fact, Yooseong Hyun's position was as comfortable as Kim Beom-Seong and it was very rare.

Kim Beom-Seong knew his position and position better than anyone else.

Not only Yooseong-hyun, but also other “cubs" are underestimating themselves in small ways.

I had no idea.

He meant that look and prejudice in the beginning, and he said, "That will be the end of today. `“ Or is it because I like the idea of Idol coming today? ”I wonder if you know Kim Beom-Seong's thoughts, Yoo Sung-hyun shrugged and smiled.

“Cha So-young, right? You sing like that every time.” I can't say no, can I? “My daughter is a fan, and she sings that way to get her autograph. I hear they're really popular." It's the most popular player in Korea, and it's a lot of ads. "“ But 1\/If you play it, it's all Cha Young's ads. No one's ever been a sister of the people since figure skating, right? "” Today's assignment for their class was to gather in pursuit of the Idol Cha Young event.

Based on the fact that it had been 10 years since the start of the day, Cha Soyoung, as always, planned a huge charitable event using her own perceptions.

It was a volunteer expedition, taking turns going through the gates of the early days, and chasing the trail of early disappearances.

What was worth noting was that this time, the message that Soyoung had spilled all over the world had a huge reverberation.

It was widely known that Cha Young-young had lost his uncle the day he started, and her voice was very appealing.

In addition to Korea, various 00's and philanthropists from around the world decided to help on both sides of the water, and the scale of the event drew to global issues as opposed to what was anticipated in the initial planning phase.

Since I was able to enter Yooseong Hyun half as a gatherer at this event, I was also able to see how well Yooseong handled.

However, apart from that, Yooseong Hyun did not like Cha So-young that much.

“Nice to meet your parents, nice family, talented, beautiful face. People worship it. Living like that would be fun, but I had to be jealous of the elite players who were upstream with their natural talents, just like any other high-class player.

Yooseong was just one of them.

However, Kim Beom-Seong didn't really argue about it. He just smiled as if he was embarrassed, “Heheh. What the hell am I talking about, holding you captive? I'm sorry if I offended you as a fan.” “No. I envy him, too.” “Right? Hahaha! You're good at conversations like this.” Yoo Sung-hyun smiled loudly, tapping Kim Beom-Seong's shoulders.

Because he didn't see it.

Kim Beom-Seong's eyes sank deep.

“As damaged as I am, so that families like you can once again light a candle of hope in your heart from the beginning of this event... so that those who are looking forward to returning to their families at the gate can fulfill their wishes..." I will lead them forward together in a united will. ”The stage is a long way from where Kim Beom-Seong is.

Dozens of cameras went crazy, several recipes continued without rest, and Cha Soyoung's sermon was finally finished.

“Wow! Is that Cha Soyoung? It's really pretty. Plus, it's stuffed... Are you sure it's 16?" “He's a junior. That makes sense." Plus, there's guys like Big Mountain and Sal King Joe. "She's bigger than I thought. She's all shivering.” With Cha Soyoung, several players also announced that they would be interested in searching for the missing.

Gatherers trembled the whole time they saw celebrities they wanted to see in their lifetime.

He would, because they were all first-class players all around the world.

Those who were gatherers and did not give up their dream of becoming a top player were like meeting the heroes they dreamed of and admired.

Of course, they wouldn't have anything to do with it.

They will enter in three groups sequentially as explorers and commandos, and the gathering team will enter about 24 hours after the last group.

It was because there was no concern that the gathering team would be attacked by blind monsters.

“Stay sharp! As you all know, this gate has not been 'closed' since the start of the day, since there has never been a complete attack. It would have its own ecosystem, and there might be risks. So pay attention!” Yooseong was giving attention to the gatherers in a determined manner, unlike what he had shown Kim Beom-Seong.

The heat of the coverage was so hot that, no matter where the accident occurred, he could be severely penalized.

“Then everyone wait here!” Most of the gatherers were very happy that they were able to participate in events like this, but a few were a little tense. The unclosing gate (0000518 093802) was always filled with hazards.

Of course, it was true that I liked the risk of more than ten fifth graders participating, but nothing came from being cautious because I didn't know where the risk would arise from, no matter what the captain said.

And so the waiting time continues.

“Here we go!" According to Yooseong Hyun's instructions, the first gathering group, including Kim Beom-Seong, took place. Since I was gathering, I packed a lot of supplies. It was like people on a journey to the hedge.

“Victory, do as you normally do. Don't fall asleep just because there are so many people. You know, he said," Well, let's take the lead. Okay, next! "Kim Beom-Seong moved towards the gate while being supported by Yoo Sung-hyun. Far away, you see a gate with a dark spiral drawing beyond the distorted space.

How many times have all the expeditions, including Cha Soyoung, entered?

Kim Beom-Seong's eyes stepped inside the gate were sharper than ever.

'Cesha... I will avenge your family this time.