Second Life Ranker

2. Asbestos (Trumpet) (2)

“Hahaha! Miss Tea, you have absolutely nothing to worry about. If anything happens, just call me.

'Cause I'm gonna run for it cheap. No matter how legendary the polyp is, this Way Che skin is hard to lift! ”A big busybody shows his muscular side of the manor and talks... What a sight to see.

Why does his voice go like that so he doesn't fit in with the big guy? It seemed like the mosquito was crying next to me, so I was even more annoyed.

Moreover, it was funny to refrain from painting my own face.

And again, what? Is it hard to find a polyp? Hey, wake up. How can a guy who can catch a polyp fart and fly away scream so loud? I wondered what kind of face my harp mother would make if she heard that.

“What a big guy to wear.” "What?” Miss Tea, don't worry, I've got you. You know how sharp my blade is. This is the knife that slashed Drake's head a while ago in California. ”You push the weight away and proudly pull out the other, the divine blade.

A beautifully shaped and well-rounded face. Apparently, they're modeling in Hanover's country. How many times did you think you were handsome?

All she ever cared about was me.

"Where did you get that frown... ooh, it's so dark. `Cha So-young, whose family calls her' Sesha 'more often, couldn't hide her unpleasantness because of the two men who never left her side.

Big Mountain and the King of Slaughter. I knew he was the most popular player on the planet today. Everyone has a reputation in their hometown that they know well.

But the problem was that he kept trying to emphasize that reputation to himself. When she saw it, it was just a hollow.

“Do these lunatics even know that I'm 16? Loricon... well, maybe not that kind of thing, but charming because you're nice and pretty and smart and tall and thin and not fit for your age. Don't you think it's a little awkward that a lot more than 30 years old is trying to make you feel better?" Well, it's purely because of you. "Of course, Sesha was well aware that the interest of these two men was actually directed toward her mother, Ananta, who was not herself.

Ananta's appearance was accidentally transmitted to the camera because he had recently been exposed to the media by the family he had hidden in a lot of foreign activities. You've been so popular that you've been topping live search queries on the portal all day. They must have seen it, too.

Moreover, there were rumors about how the rumors were, as Ananta had raised Cesha without a husband for over a decade. That's why he's doing all that stuff... "When he comes back, everything will be cheered up... Haha! What the hell are we gonna do? Do I have to keep accepting things that don't have to happen?" Despite Anantara's opposition, Sesha has regretted actively utilizing the media and fame.

“This was the best way to find your missing uncle at the time, though, 7 ′}_{{__ < after the world of the tower collapsed like that.

Sesha and her group have managed to safely exit the area on the Ark, where they said they were relieved of the last descendant of Curinare in the past.

And it was here on Earth that we arrived.

I did not know why, among all those planets, it led to Earth.

However, Cho Jungwoo was happy that he had finally returned to his hometown, and Ananta et al. was able to sigh comfortably because the new daytime location was the place where the Cho Jungwoo brothers lived.

But the problem happened right after.

I got caught up in it. `It was good to escape on the Ark, but part of the journey that was made in the process was eaten by black.

Since then, the Earth has undergone enormous environmental changes.

Gates open.

Dungeons appear.

Monsters spill out.

And so began the system.

What happened in the tower happened to Earth as well.

From killing monsters that are bizarre looking to finding a specific item. It was the same as the reward system that was given after the 'trials'.

What's different is how different it used to be that you had to climb a flight of stairs to get through a gate, and now you have to start without fail? And depending on the color of the gate, the difficulty of trials may vary, or sometimes hidden trials may occur with the Hidden Piece triggered.

I couldn't figure out why this happened suddenly.

However, we can only speculate that a part of the "dream" that was beyond the collapsed distortion field will appear as a gate.

And what the system is working on is evidence that the pond beyond it is still struggling with the darkness.

- I've seen it in your memory.

The place where the Black King used to sleep was Earth. Maybe that's why the Ark is headed for Earth.

- Plus, the system's still working, which means my brother's still safe...... and I need to find a way through the Dark Core somewhere.

As soon as Cho Jungwoo made that decision, he immediately hid the traces of Yeon-woo's family members.

It was because we needed to find the location of Yeongwoo, and we needed to calm down the accidents that were occurring on Earth a little bit more quickly every day.

Moreover, at this moment in time, there is also a great war between day and night in the world around the Earth.

Even to keep the aftermath from reaching Earth, he had to be busy.

'In the meantime, many gods and demons are trying to expand their influence over society by selecting apostles.` I was chosen by Baahu of Deva, even though I was the butcher king who was always beside me.


While Cho Jong-woo is at war with Night, searching for Yeon Woo.

Sesha runs barefoot to find Yeongwoo in her own way.

"If these gates really are the pieces of your dream that you're making, I'll just have to find them myself. `" So Sesha decided to become a player herself.

Anantara and the like were against it, but in the end, she couldn't be completely stubborn.

By the time she reached the age of eight, she had already achieved the title of "The Most Gifted and Enthusiastic," and by the age of 10, she was able to become a fifth grade player who searched the world but did not exceed 30 people.

Of course, that was just a tiny fraction of her talent.

Anyway, since then, Sesha has been actively exploiting a lot of interest from all over the world.

He tried to somehow collect the middlemen related to the honeymoon by leveraging a large event called 'Missing Persons Search' several times.

“It must be difficult for me to navigate those gates by myself. But if you can use this kind of courteous message, you can collect as much attention as you can. `Moreover, she quickly gained political influence because she was aligned with an international group that needed a symbol of peace to quiet confusion.


It's only been 10 years since I came to Earth.

Sesha was able to finally succeed in finding clues related to Yeon Woo.

Jiaying, Jing! The Black Shard in Cesha's hand trembles sharply.

Things that appear to be just six pieces.

But like Cesha, it came from the world of the tower, and among them, it was something only a few people knew about the secrets of the world would never know.

As we go deeper and deeper, we continue to react strongly.The despair of the Black King, who was wrapped around the right arm of Yeongwoo, was growing stronger. Fragments of it were found in this dungeon.

The problem was that it was opened early on the day of its inception, but it was a large gate that had never been completely invaded.

Sesha said, 'I have been able to use the influence I have accumulated to build a separate expedition.

“Uncle, now that my family has stopped feeding, everyone's waiting for you. `As Sesha, who always hugged herself as a child, still vividly reminded me of the image of Yeon-woo, I only wanted to find him somehow.

"By the way," Sesha narrows her eyes and looks around.

[You are currently entering the 'The Ancient Late Zone'.] Beleaguered Achievement: 25%] Through a message window with a completely different design from the tower that is now somewhat familiar.

This forest... It doesn't show up anymore.Why does it keep showing up like trees? The air kept getting damp and the magical power was small, but there was poison2) The place they were walking around was the forest.

But the horse is just a forest, and the trees that make up the forest feel nothing like what they saw on Earth.

Like a tree in the desert, it withered several hundred feet high, and the ground was very thin with moisture.

Of course, there was no length at all, and I didn't have much stamina because my feet fell wide all the time.

There are usually no monsters inside the dungeon.

That's why Cesha had to sharpen her senses more and more, unlike the busy Big Mountain or King Sal who was talking next to her.

Inside the gate there is always a completely different environment than on Earth.

To be precise, it was a place called_otherworld (inner), and after all the trials there, the otherworld was naturally extinguished. It was a similar concept to the instant dungeon I saw in the tower.

“Has this kind of dungeon ever been discovered...? I can't remember.

If I'd known this, I'd have studied normally. `In fact, Sesha was not otherwise intimidated by the gate appearing on the inner earth.

The challenges of the gate are often inferior to those seen in the upper hierarchy of the tower, and the people around her were the only ones who were ranked above the water in the tower, so her eyes were naturally raised.

“Actually, these guys are class 5, so it's only funny to push the boundaries. I don't know if it's an old ranker class, 'Cesha glances at Big Mountain and Sal, smiling helplessly at whether she thought she had taken a liking to them.

It looked worse for her... but I don't know what to do. The history of the Earth's crucible is very short.

“Ha, ha, ha." Cesha gives a dazzling smile and harmonies with their laughter. Suddenly, a hoarse voice echoes through her head.

Hong-hong! Cesha, you shouldn't rely on me like that! I told you a few times! "The problem was that the graceful voice was the middle-aged man's bass.

I haven't adjusted in years.

The guardian god who protects her remains in the shadow of Cesha, the only family left by Yeon Woo.

The moment Cesha tried to tell him something.

So be careful. I think it starts now. For what? At that moment, Cesha felt horrified without even knowing it. And instinctively, I looked up.

“Miss Tea??“ What's with you all of a sudden? What's going on...? ”Big Mountain and King Sal suddenly smiled at Sesha with a stiff face. I had to be nervous because I knew her senses were the most sensitive among the top five players in the world.

So I followed her, and I looked up. They've all lost their words.

Phew! A strange shaped creature appeared along the sky of light that had just been nothing until now.

The bodies of dozens of expeditionaries were tightly hardened.

“Get in, get in, get in...! This place must be only four stars. What's wrong with that?” “Vee, it's an emergency! Increase the dungeon difficulty level to 7 stars immediately and contact the headquarters immediately!” “Other than that, no communication to the outside at all…! *“ Priests also say that suddenly channeling with the celestial world is going to be a problem! We have to move! "“ Damn it! ”Unlike the gods and demons of the heavenly world, which are relatively favorable to earthlings, the gods of otherworldly systems have no known purpose.

It was because those who had already met before trying to have a conversation were crazy because of the small differences, and even though they kept their minds at all, they were mostly terrified and did not try anything else.

I once sent an attack force of hundreds of monsters who were classified as subordinate among the gods of another world, but I could not escape extinction.

That's why it was later decided that the other gods were impossible (08 Sumi)....

I never thought such a thing would show up here! Of course, the expedition that had not been prepared for this was bound to be a complete disaster.

Everyone was left and right, but they were busy following the manual. Fortunately, it was that, uh, the other god was busy moving in the other direction without any attention to the words on this side.


Tyring! [Hidden Quest (The Black King's Dream) has been created!] Sesha's eyes are wide open, unlike theirs.

It was only because of a short message that came to her.

"Laplace, is this it?" "Yes! Looks like this is where our evil master lives. He's here to find the sleeping master! He's a prince in a sleepy forest." Then let's go. "I can finally find my uncle who's been waiting for over a decade.

Sesha stepped out of line and jumped to where the other gods moved.

“Tea, Miss Tea?“ Where are you going? It's dangerous there! ”The other expeditioners, who didn't know and were embarrassed in the English language, had to summon her sorrowfully.