Second Life Ranker

3. Asbestos (Songpull) (3)

“W-what are you talking about? Suddenly! The gathering group, which was 24 hours later than the civil expedition, turned upside down due to sudden contact.

Seven stars! That meant only one thing.

"A foreign god has appeared… ~? Why the hell are you here?" Even though this dungeon has remained unclosed, a constant measure of magical power has been made.

That's why it has remained 4 stars for 10 years, and the safety checklist has been regularly checked.

If the risks were initially considered high, they would have tried to postpone the gathering team's deployment or reinforce the expedition.

And then all of a sudden, this happened.

Of course, the expedition ahead was not weak in power.

In the case of the vanguard, there were three classes of five, and the rest were the elites classified as paid classes.

It was a power that could turn unclosure into closure no matter where you threw it.

The problem was that it was all useless in front of the other gods.

I don't know how.

As a human being, it was impossible to cope.

Could the Southern African region, where only some of the spiritual ideas of the Gentiles came, turn into a land of death and become a land of death where no living creature can now live?

“Gathering Clan 'Everyone stops moving here! Scouts, check the road to the gate!” As Yooseong-hyun, the gathering captain, proved that he had not allowed to eat in the industry for a long time, he wanted to quickly secure his retreat while he was confused.


“Crab, the gate is lost!” Ian “can't be found!" Reports of radio chatter from scouts with shifted facial features have sent the gathering squad into a panic.

“Dammit! It's the gate canning!” Gate canning. It meant the door to Earth was completely gone.

There were occasional cases like this.

If the dimensional path leading between Earth and Dungeon ( + t) is greatly distorted by the distortion field and the gate itself disappears.

There was only one way out of this case.

...... Then we'll have to wait for the vanguard to clear the trials quickly. ”But once the god of thrall appears, it is almost impossible to complete the trials safely away from his eyes.

“Oh_no ____: Hello)“ Minyoung! Phew. What should we do now that Min-young is alone...! ”“ Mom! Dad! ”Everyone in the gathering group sat on the floor and burst into tears. It was as if they had completely lost their hometown to return to.

I didn't know Yooseong, who had to tame them, was half as wide as he was.

That's why they didn't see it coming.

Sr 'Rok! Kim Beom-Seong, who had just been intermingled with them, was quietly buried in the space and disappeared.

[Hidden Quest/The Black King] Description: The Black King has been in deep slumber for a very long time, as no one can imagine. And every time I would dream, I would watch how the universe would work.

Then one day, the Black King succeeded in finding a way to wake up and occupied the nameless as a means (self) for it.

And it's been a long sleep again, and I'm finally getting ready to wake up a little bit through a bunch of bases and a bunch of bedbugs.

Unfortunately, he failed to escape the complete 'dream' and is still unable to wake up from the dream ().

So from now on, find the Dark Lord's deep sleeping self somewhere around here, wake him up and turn "Nightmare" into "Nightmare."

Requirement: 1, Find the Deep Sleeping Black King's Self.

2. Find yourself and wake you up in a deep sleep, However, be aware that there are unknown defensive traps in the area.

3. Complete the blurry awareness dream.

Note: 1 Dark is very deep. Also, sleep has a contagious nature. Be careful not to fall asleep equally next to your self.

2. There are also people who want to find their self before you do. If he finds the self first, the state of the self may change from the beginning.

Limit condition: -Limited time: Reward until gate collapse: 1??? 2.?? +??? “I'm sure of it! It means my uncle is somewhere around here!" Sesha had to take a few short breaths throughout the forest to calm her big beating heart.

Because I was able to confirm that there really is a lotus here, just like Ralph said.

"The scarlet red! I mean, how many times have I told you? This must be where our master lives." Ralph laughs as if he were looking for it. Her shadow seems to be trembling.

There is also a guide like that.

I want to do this once every time I'm wasted, so I'm always sober. "What Ralph said was that the god of the other system was flying in the sky in front of him.

It's full of mottled colors, but it reminds me of rays. The shape of looking closely at the ground while constantly moving dozens of predicted parts of the eye was horrifying.

In fact, some of the weaker players were competing just by describing the appearance of a foreign god.

But Cesha was not taking it lightly. Strange (?) I've been with someone who has tastes for a long time, and now I think it is.

Looks like they're chasing a mess of chaos... It's a very useful radar. When I find the owner, I think I'll just smash his head in and blow it up. Seeing that it was not so hard to say that she was behind her back, Cesha smiled unconsciously. It was because when I was a kid, I suddenly remembered a song I sang while playing with Shannon.

But I buried the memories for a while, and I asked seriously.

But will it be easy? It looks almost exotic, but You must have forgotten that. _^ < l ^ ~ llo) "That Laplace. Honsefalsin is the rightful heir to the throne. He's also the king of the Maharae. That's one cute little punch!" Of course, the farther away from the owner, and the longer the sentence, the better.

It means we're that far from the source of power and we're running out of time to replenish it.

Laplace did.

In Yeongwoo's territory, there was no limit to wandering around spiritually.

Moreover, this is not a place where he was born and had a completely different environment than the night. There was no limit to replenishing the power consumed.

That's why Laplace, despite the power he had, had to stay on Earth without leaving with Cho Jong-woo, and in the meantime, he spent a very long time in Sesha's shadow.

It takes considerable force to be moderate, to minimize it.

"Then add the adorable bunny tackle. The scarlet red!" But Ralph smiles as if he's not worried at all.

You have an idea. That's not how Sesha thought of it, and she didn't dig deep.

Now I'm too busy focusing on sneaking after other gods, not getting caught up in them.

However, there was such a problem.

[Poison detected! Poison detected!] [With the help of the family 'Laplace`, the power of 'Debt Poison' has been triggered to neutralize the poison.] [Currently detected poison??? 02? You have resistance to -.] 'Toxicity continues to get worse.' The poison mixed in the atmosphere was quite severe. Plus, the more you get to the heart of the forest, the more obvious the poison becomes.

She was able to free herself from poison with the help of Laplace, but all the other expeditioners were so poisonous that they could not escape annihilation.

"And your feet go deeper and deeper. Is he gonna be late? Given the name of the dungeon here, there must have been a 'late'.

In that sense, I think we are almost close to the destination.

Koo Woong - Suddenly he stopped on the way instead of flying well.

Cesha quickly hides behind the nearby trees and pulls the shadow up to the bottom of her nose. I also wiped out all remaining artifacts of Ralph's energy.

'Beyond the spreading thornbush, I saw a late zone that was endlessly wide.

No, can we just call it "late" for that? There was more fish than black. The air bubbles burst, and the waves surge over them, pumping water vapor.

Just looking at it from afar, I felt like my heart was fluttering and my eyes were swirling.

“What the hell is that……?" [We discovered the 'late of dark' for the first time!] [You achieved your first achievement.] [The blessing of Rune 'Timber Baptism' is added.] Sesha was rewarded with 'first time achievements', which were only given automatically to those who made a great achievement, just like the Hall of Fame, and did not care about that at all.

"Red Red, I think this has come to a more fundamental place than we thought?" What do you mean? "` I too have heard the words passed by the first king. There are remnants of these" dreams "in the dark gate, the place where the light was formed, and in the center where the world began. I think this is the place." Yes "means?" Could it be that there is a master somewhere? As expected, the Master really fought against the other personalities of the Black King, and if he had become a self, he would be there. "If not?"' If you can't …… well, we'll all just end up diving together. But there is no need to worry too much? No one beats you in the back more than the master. I'm guessing the other Horsemen of the Dark will wake up after all.] Laplace is as long as he wants to die because it's fun. Cesha's shadow looms.

Well, then, here we are preparing to hit the back of the head...! "That's how Ralph tried to come.

E. place. Lee.

Ah, Burr. G. System. God. Place.

W. Run. De.

Strength. Do it. W.w.

Here. Ah. 10,000. South. Oh, hey.

The sound of grief echoes from all over the place, and suddenly, as darkness settles, the gods of the larger and smaller system begin to appear.

Some got up slowly in the late hours. The eyes of those who pledged their fortunes between the writhing tentacles were peculiar.

A part of "The Night (Knox)" has come down! I... I was going to, but I think I need to retreat strategically for a little while. "Ralph muttered with a slight crawling voice. There was tension in it, not like him.

There were five other gods in the late world.

The three appeared to be 'minor' among them, but the strength of the other two was never small.

As a laplace that was immediately nudged, it was a burdensome driving force to front_side.

"But that doesn't make it backwards. `Cesha tried to bite their lower lip tightly and try to catch up with them somehow.

I wanted to come back after bringing all of my father's and uncle's family members together, but then I had a chance to miss out on my uncle's whereabouts.

Besides, he didn't explain the quest window. If the other gods take him away, there might be some bad consequences behind it.

"But I can go to them again. 'But I was not confident as Cesha. She wasn't even close to desertion, let alone transcendence.

Mom, I wouldn't worry about this if I had Anantara.

Worrying about that.

"Day '. Oh. Gee. I, uh... End of story.

Two. Le. Here.

The gods of the other system had a conversation with each other, and began to administer them to the late world while coagulating their spiritual strength.

Kukukuku-ku...! The entire dungeon begins to rock. The sticky lag creates a wave that bites each other without any direction, then slowly vomits something through the cracked surface.

The moment she saw it, she almost screamed without knowing it.

^ Sim "" Chon Zen, It was Yeon Woo.

A lotus that sleeps with dozens of black and red wings wrapped around its body.

However, he was also in a % hard-looking crystal) and seemed to be dead.

However, Yeongwoo's face was exactly the same as what she saw when she split up ten years ago. Both father and mother and family members have changed in the last decade, but it seemed like only my uncle was stopping time alone.

Hold on tight, baby.

If we get caught here, we'll be in trouble! "In the warning of Laplace, Cesha could barely figure out how to shake.

D. Rn. Gun. Uh. D.

However, unlike Sesha, the gods of the other world searched without Will Sae for anything else after discovering the kite.

I. Middle. Huh. Find it. Here you go.

"Day '. E. um. Employed.

Re. G.

E. place. Silver. Width. F. Hall.

The tentacle came from a foreign god who resembled the rays, and he named the crystal after Yeon-woo.

If we leave her like this, I think she'll really sink the kite over there. Sesha has no choice but to move in with Laflax immediately.

'At once! You have to cut off your tentacles at once and take over your uncle! I like the' [Skill, 'Dragon Eye'!] With the dragon's eyes wide open, I'm looking for the right time.

“Miss Tea!” Be careful, we'll save you……! ”Unexpectedly, Big Mountain and the King of Salt rush in from behind, calling her name.

This madness! I can't believe I'm doing this ""! "Laplace was about to kill two players who didn't care about the city.

D. Rn. Him. E. 있.

Bee. Re. Ta. Up. Go. Go. Hee.

The other gods, who have already confirmed Sesha's existence, turn their minds to this side as one.

A thousand tentacles in the left-hand corner shot out in a heartbeat. At that moment, the shadow that was protecting Cesha stood very high, overcoming the tentacles, and at the same time, Laplace appeared on top of it, punching the corner in front of the rim with a huge hand.

Awesome 'Cute Rabbit Dying-! "Waaaa! A huge shock wave echoes through the darkness.

Cough, cough! The other thracian gods have summoned the spirit towards Cesha. A sharp blade of wind rains down from the sky. The late part of the tall measurements mixed up and smelled more intense.

As Sesha, it was inevitable. It was because of powers such as fire storms and blizzards that came with them in other directions.

I quickly formed a barrier, but in front of all that baptism of power, I was merely jeopardized like a candle in front of the wind.

Sesha blindfolded her eyes without my knowledge, mourning the cousin who saved her from the crisis one day.

“Uncle!” Ata's voice rang out.

Fruit! A crack spreads over the sleeping crystals of Yeongwoo.


The crystals burst from the inside with the sound of a broken window - glass.