Second Life Ranker

4. Asbestos (Shot Out) (4)

How much time have I spent in this godforsaken world? A hundred years. A hundred years. Yeon-woo gave up counting time at some point.

The world in the dark and the outside world will have a completely different flow of time. On the outside and on the inside, the working 'roller' was completely different.

But I'm sure of something.

It was that it would have been a long time ago that even the strongest of statutes could not endure.

[The myth of the struggle burns in splendor!] [The myth of the eel quickly coils two reels!] [Characteristic 'Enthusiasm' defeats Dark.] If it wasn't a newly created characteristic, it would be hard to keep shining.

This place is pitch-black. It's full of Earthlings that devour everything.

"Son, you can rest whenever you want. Leave it to this father from now on. My father Kronos once said so.

Luckily for you, you weren't the only one in this shitty world. Father kept encouraging me to stay by my side, and whenever I was tired, I could stand up again as soon as Yeon-woo talked to me.

It's something I always feel every time I see it...... But the Humans are so amazing. How can you keep fighting like this? What is it that makes you so sturdy? The crawling chaos never participated in the battle between Yeongwoo and the horses, and always took a step back.

He was not a member of the alliance, so he had no reason to intervene in the fight.

No, even if it was forced into a family, it would have tried to push him back somehow, because of his personality.

After all, all the crawling chaos needed was a red fin to soothe his curiosity.

In that sense, Yeon-woo was the best exploration area he had ever met in his life.

Familial or Heroic? It's not an understatement. Is that the kind of psychology that we don't have in the first place...... or is it because we're from immortality that we have to have? In his view, he always sought efficiency, the challenges of Yeon-woo seemed so reckless.

How dare you become my father's ego? No matter how clumsy it may be, it's only because of its enormous body, its greedy nature, and its enormous ideology that even outsiders don't understand.

To be the center of existence that regards many universes and dimensions as mere 'dreams'... To be able to even 'sulfur' down... was not strict enough.

However, the problem was that Yeon-woo was gradually winning a reckless challenge.

So I asked how many times is the crawling chaos.

What the hell are you working for? What the hell could have pulled you up here?


“Shut up.” Yeon-woo lets out her hand and hollers through the bloodstained pruning.

“It's crazy.” That was the answer.

... I see. - You don't need to find a reason, do you? The crawling chaos came to that conclusion after considering the attitude of Yeon-woo for a long time.

Somewhere 'there was even a satisfied smile hanging over his mouth.

He was also the first person who didn't have any feelings at all.

It seemed to have been much assimilated by his feelings while continuing to be with Yeon-woo.

"Good, that's a very good answer. I'm just doing what I want to do, so if I'm going to fight a foolish father... ~ I'll have to pay for that, too. Paaaa! The crawling chaos finally broke itself. It turned into an original form of spirit mass and flowed everywhere.

Now that I had a satisfactory answer to the last curiosity, I no longer needed to maintain my self unnecessarily.

I didn't really see the result of the struggle I wanted to see until the end.

It seemed obvious to him anyway.

Instead, he gave Yeon-woo another gift.

Right away.

It was a secret about Mars.

- Foolish Father ~ … there was a living herbalist in the mountain for the rest of your life, except that you would lead me into your 'dream' and defeat those who took my wife and children from me. All day long, he could barely make a home selling canned herbs, but he was always happy. It was because there were beautiful wives and children like rabbits.

Then one day. When he returned home feeling happy, filling his ox with herbs, he realized that his children were all dead.

And the fact that she was taken somewhere.

I went down to the lower village, and I only found out about it a year later. The lord who came to San Cheonaram tried to Namchi against his wife's beauty.

I tried to protest in front of the castle to get my wife back, and I went to the Imperial Road myself to complain about the unfair stories, but no one listened to the mountain worms.

- Why can't the secret be solved? Foolish father, please listen to me! Where the hell is the end of the world? There was a wizard who had been trying to discover the secrets of the world for over 200 years. It was because it was a member of the academic family that had been passed down for decades.

But he couldn't solve anything either. No one listened to him.

- Father, Father…….

- Apparently, this is how we were meant to be.

- I have to end up like this. Father, I am so cylindrical of you.

I longed desperately for the love of my parents and tried desperately to be recognized, but in the end, I threw myself off the bridge because I was only a tool for their advancement.

Returning illness that was dragged to the battlefield after leaving her lover who promised her a future and returning home after 20 years as a prisoner.

I liked the sword all my life and saw the end of it, but I ended up buying the Lord's Age and having to be unfairly dragged under execution..., I was able to see many of the lives listed daily. Even in some cases, he possessed himself and tried to experience it.

They become them, and they see the world through their eyes. I also thought of them as their mindset. Then, after several "dreams" had passed, I felt helpless on one side of my chest.

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Now I had to shed endless tears in each world, and finally I left behind those who had received the care of my dull father.

Maybe there was a reason why Yeon-woo was chosen as one of them.


Arrrgh! [Sky Wings' response to the Wise Man's Stone (Exploration Appetite) burns in splendor!] Yeon-woo fought them clean, repelled them, and ate them. And they understood, experienced, and assimilated.

Is that candle a 9-million-dollar Yuan? Fresh Eurobos? Maybe he'll come, Joe.

The key sing-soon hahn was a human theme… and for some reason, Maestro was divided into two classes.

The one who responds to Yeon-woo and the one who opposes.

The responders were the ones who thought they were trustworthy enough, and the hostile ones still wanted to look down on Yeongwoo or make them like themselves. It was a group that despised being pitied.

Of course, the latter side was superior, so we still had to continue the fight in isolation.

However, the charter is now able to achieve the centennial age by itself.

"Uncle!” That's when I heard.

A voice that comes in with a world where only itself and Maseong are.

It's been too long, but now it's a voice I hardly remember.

I couldn't even remember the name, but it was a more vivid voice.


My only nephew.

At that time, Yeon-woo turned her head back.

There was a maestro that was much smaller in size than any other maestro.

The leader at the top of all the castles.

He was the one who went right before he died.

And Yeon-woo was always calling him a redhead.

It didn't mean anything.

It was just his tone.

And from time to time, the battle with Masong was approaching his match with a wise man.

Yeonwoo thought that if she seduced the wise man completely, she could be reborn as the true self of the Black King. For example, it was the last gateway.

Of course, the wise man did not give up his own throat easily.

But the funny thing was, Sage was able to resist every attack of Yeon Woo, sometimes showing intimidating aggression, but usually only favorable or hostile reactions.

So I gave up trying to understand Yeon-woo.

Instead, I fought with him for blood, but I paused occasionally and talked a lot.

I learned a lot about each other, and I also learned that there is no concession from the other person.

The wise man wishes the dream to end.

Yeon-woo wants the dream to continue.

However, they also became friends.

It's the same now.

Due to Yeon Woo's visible reaction, the wise man immediately asked.

Yeon-woo nodded quietly without answering.


I thought he could only throw up his typewriter.

It was 93 Nine Wooo. = Unla 'Jungu There are also some disapproving greements I don't like it 2.

Face 92607, silver. Songs 9, continue the goal? Boon to Boon. "" This fight isn't over, is it? Until I eat you all up. Maybe even if we get out of here unconsciously, we'll still be fighting. Endlessly. "Is that so?" After all, there is something else that matters. Her eyes shine brighter than ever.

“Can I get rid of all of you?” Hoo_Shanman Hou. Confident #? “Somewhat. Isn't that what you get for breaking an egg?" Yeongwoo still ignores the castles surrounding her, including the wise, and looks up.

In fact, I didn't know if the place he was looking at was really 'right on top.

The sense of defence was unnecessary here.

But there was only one thing that mattered to him now.


Whenever it's like wow 9), 978850 won't stop the army. "I changed my mind a little bit.

I'm thinking of spending some more time with my family.

We'll finish our fight then. ”Indeed, G949. 948… Ura) The benefit between… Though it was fresh 99 to the end, it was good to have 9, but it felt like a wise man smiling as if he could not read the expression.

It was only nine years of Zwaratou Le Pouignon, which said that the ball '9 clan) was 29, so the destiny was 992 to get a cold kill state (9/zone ended in 97 elbows/degree faint' red 'and a light fart.

“I'm sorry, but that's not gonna happen.” At that moment, the world around the pond began to quickly return. In this deep darkness, there was evidence that his share had someday exceeded half.

[Fast activation of frozen time reel!] [Delayed desertion resumes. 99.8, 99.9% … ~ 100%!] [Exfoliation is complete.] [7th Solution Awakening is complete.] [Current Status: Black (parent)] [Transcension has failed for unknown reasons.] Unknown reason. It's probably because they haven't swallowed up the last remaining Gateway, the Wise Man.

However, Yeon-woo was satisfied with this first.

I got out of the darkness that I thought I might not be able to shake forever, and I did something big just by postponing the dream I was about to wake up.

Fruit! At that moment, a massive crack spread along the darkness, as the reel of time swirled fast. And there was a bright light leaking through the crack, which reminded me of a bird breaking its eggs.

That's why it was desertion.

I'm going to break the so-called black, which has been tying up Yeon-woo, and come back out into the world.

And then Yeon-woo gave me strength.

Grrrgh! The world that was hit by black bursts into flames and disappears.

“Uncle!” Through all the crystal pieces that are scattering, I can see my niece calling out to herself from afar.

I grew up to be a lady, but I could still recognize her at once.

You look a lot like my father. Thinking about it.

Grrrrrrr! Yeon-woo throws her right hand down. Dark red lightning pierces all obstacles between himself and his nephew as it crosses the world.