Second Life Ranker

5. Earth)

Players who were watching the situation, including 'Big Mountain' Wei Zen and 'King Sal' Daniel, had a pale look on their faces.

For a second there, they thought they'd seen something wrong.

Sesha-Cha So-young was famous for not smiling well and doing well.

There are only a few people in the world who are friendly. I used to draw lines of public relations with the rest and never let them pass.

However, I always showed my face to good things like charity events and volunteer activities.

Because of this, 'she had a beautiful appearance that would never be seen again in her life, but even more so, she was often represented by Audrey Heon, an actor with a beautiful heart.

However, he suddenly ran among the gods and called out, "Uncle."

At first, I wanted to know what that meant.

Uncle Cha So-young's uncle was known to have disappeared 10 years ago at the beginning of the day.

That's why she appeared at various gatherings and associations looking for missing persons due to the appearance of the gate and led the event.

I can't believe you're looking for an uncle like that.

Did they find any missing persons here, like the other nobles? Or is it just instinct finding him when things get dangerous? I don't know why.

I don't care why.

Suddenly, the crystal in the basket of the other gods fell with a black and red thunderbolt.

It came as a great shock to them.

Ever since the gate opened, I've been through a lot.

And it was because I had seen such absurd phenomena, but it was an incomparable destructive force.

Trees that were so hard to see that they wouldn't be easy to break at the same time as the entire forest was being torn apart.

The gods of the other world shaped like a triumphant hanger, and it was flowing.

Even the gods and demons who defend man are reluctant to preempt them. So easy.

[WARNING! You have now entered the highest danger zone! We strongly advise you to evacuate!] [Warning! You are now exposed to the most dangerous powers! We strongly advise you to leave the scene immediately!] [Warning! You……] have an urgent message on the players' retinas.

There's no food or death here, so if you want to live, don't look back or run.

But they were already halfway out of impact by lightning.

No, after the lightning spilled out beyond that level, their ankles were tightly tied with hot air, vaginal discharge, and breathless air.

At this moment, I felt like I would disappear without leaving a trace.


Daniel, an apostle of Baal, the god of Deva, received a completely new message.

A message has arrived from Bayou.] Message: How did he say: ""?] God has always protected him from danger, and has always felt like a soaring sky.

Daniel could feel the stiffness of the channeling associated with him.

Beyond that comes God's disgrace and fear.

[A message has come from Bayou.] Message: It's my child. Come on, we have to get out of here. You haven't woken up yet, so hurry up before you wake up! Hurry!] "Shi, God. How can you say that? The author had no choice but to say," "7 As Daniel.

It was because he had no idea how much he felt.

I will protect myself confidently until the appearance of another God. If I want, I can save her as much as I want.

Furthermore, the name 'Poongcheon (Po &' 92; s) 'even existed in the heavenly realm.

He was one of Rokapala's replacements for symbolizing Deva.

That's why Daniel has always been the strongest of Humans.

Daniel narrows his eyes.

The so-called King of Slaughter, he has excellent eyesight, allowing him to see exactly what his opponent looks like even in the distance.

Black hair and black eyes. Even the clothes I was wearing were messy, but nothing special. It was a typical Northeast Asian figure.

Other than that, he didn't feel any characteristics. The gods and demons had no sense of intimidation and no prayers for the top players to see.

He just looks a little handsome and ordinary. Why...? A message has arrived from Paille. What are you doing? I said run away...! If he, he, and then gets caught by him...!] At that time, he sounded channeling to stop Daniel's sudden behavior.

Before that, Yeon-woo, a black-haired man, turned his gaze this way.

Then Daniel's eyes met.

At that moment, Daniel thought that his heart might be slowing down.

No, if it wasn't for his channeling with Bayou, he would have been devastated.

It was simply because the deep abyss inside him seemed to eat away at his soul.

An instinctive fear came over my head that no living creature would have to have.

It was an original feeling that I had to feel when I encountered the concept of 'death,' which had such subtle disparities as humans.

“Ugh, ahhhh!” Daniel screams with a pale complexion. And I ran back and forth to get out of there somehow.

“Sa, Sa, Sa… ~?” Stay with me, Daniel! What's the matter? "The other players yell at Daniel because they don't understand him, but he doesn't hear them at all.

A message has arrived from Mayu.] Message: It's my child. Wake up...!] “Out of my way!” Bauel rushes out, but Daniel is already halfway mad, pulling out his sword and swinging it at those around him who block his way.

At that moment.

“Stop moving.” Daniel's actions falsely subside in his incredibly resounding voice.

It's so quiet, but strangely accurate in the street.

There is a force that cannot be resisted that forces Daniel and other players to stand plugged in as if time had stopped. Even BAYOU, which is channeled.

A message has arrived from Paille.] [Message: ……: Ah. Looks like you fucked up.] The quality of Bae 'il has reached its limit.

It's exciting for this Laptop! Rawr! Rawr! My Lord, it was not only the other gods who wanted to threaten Cesha that gave her a bigger, roasted, and thrilling punishment. “" { “Laplace”

Among them was Laplace.

Yeon-woo didn't mean it. Even if he did, he didn't do a very good job of harming the family. All of a sudden, he just jumps into the crack where the lightning strike is.

And then he's talking about it. However, while I was not looking, my personality didn't seem to have changed much.

That was the first thing I heard in Yeongwoo who just woke up, so I was really annoyed.

Either such doctors were conveyed unevenly, or Laplace was interrupted for a moment, but I didn't even notice. Yeon-woo thinks so.

Master. … > >? More me! Can you sing it again in a voice full of hate and anger? "For a short while, Yeon-woo was urged to stop the contract with Laplace and leave it as a pile of road spirit.

But if I did, I'd keep that filthy, lustful mass of spirit in the shadows. Since it was a problem, Yeon-woo put up with her superhuman patience and said.

"^“ ^ "Park Chul-go `Park]" Ha ha ha! I will support you! "The pieces of Laplace spilled into the air were drawn into the shadows. At the same time, the middle part of the shadow cracks long, revealing a lot of teeth, [Might, Hades' Necromancer Sword] reveals malice!] As if a hungry beast had devoured the prey from the sword, all the pieces of the thracian god that had gone out into the quest have been sucked into its teeth.

Ah, Burr. G.

Ooh. Dun. Hahn. Ah. F.g. Hw.

Eh. Tsk. Ha, ha.

Why, me. Hee.

The other gods, who were barely alive, sprinkle their grief toward Yeongwoo.

He appeared to be a great and foolish father to them, the Black King.

Although it was only a part of the imperfection, there was no one but the Lord of Black Rain at this time.

So, of course, they had to appeal to their father for help. He had no idea that he would abandon them.

However, the sight of Yeon Woo looking at them was only cold.

Yuck, yuck! Cough, cough, cough -- after a long time of shadowy monsters tearing the gods of another world apart.

Hahaha! It's so delicious and I feel so full in no time. "Ralph smiled happily and got sucked into Yeon-woo's shadow.

After finally meeting the owner, it was a natural obligation to return to his arms.

Since it's been a long time since I've connected to the source and eaten a full load of food, it will take some time to digest.

Now I can be free of perverts. That's how Yeon-woo felt. She shredded all the pieces of crystal that were buried in the corner of her clothes, and quietly got up.

Then I felt the tip of the nose.

In the beginning, it was okay not to breathe because there was no general physical law, but the habit of wearing on my body for a lifetime did not disappear easily.

"The scent of black. It's late." Yeon smiles, realizing the place where she stood was the late night she had seen in Kronos' dreams.

The remnants of the Black King that form at the point where the realities lead from the late 'dreams' of darkness.

Of course, if he woke up, it would be this place.

That's what I thought.

“Uncle!” Yeon-woo suddenly stops thinking, looking at Cesha and grabs her arms like that.

It was much bigger than when I saw it before I fell asleep. However, I felt like I was very small and thin like then.

“Uncle, are you really you?" “You turned it on a lot. If I had the height, I'd be taller than you.” Yeon smiles softly as she strokes Cesha's head.

Sesha said, 'Then she burst into tears, realizing that the opponent is a real lotus, not another creature wearing a lotus dress.

“We've... we've all been looking for you... but now you show up..." ”“ I'm sorry. ”It was the only thing Yeon-woo could say right now that made her sorry for a long time.

There were eyes around me, but I didn't have to worry about that now. We stopped the movement anyway, so the rest of the story can wait.

No, there's still one left.

Yeongwoo calmed Sesha, but on the one hand, she glanced quietly at the air with cool eyes. And I had a pair of lips.

"I know everything there is to know, so come out now. Zeus. The moment it was over.

The place where the other gods died was opened and Kim Bum-seong, who had a stiff face, landed quietly.