Second Life Ranker

6. Earth (2)

“How did you know?” How did you know? Kim Beom-Seong's voice overlapped with another bass.

A deep blue shadow forms behind his back. Both eyes were in a deep blue debt like a brick wall.

Kim Beom-Seong, to be precise, meant that Zeus, the god he was serving, had come temporarily.


He is a relative in a genetic relationship for Yeon-woo, but it's hard to call him that in an emotional relationship.

Yeonwoo thought, 'Zeus is much more different than he used to be when he saw those batteries.

Despite having an apostle as an intermediate medium, his energy was not at all unusual.

It seemed that there had been a great change while Yeongwoo had eaten many marble castles to become the identity of the Black King and had not seen the desiccation.


Yeon-woo seemed to know what he had done.

“Wouldn't it be useless for me to suffer if I didn't recognize those who entered my realm?" "“ Not really. So is he. ” Well, neither is he. Hahaha. While Zeus laughs like that.

Cesha naturally hid behind the back of the lotus, surprised by the appearance of an unexpected figure.

Fragments of the sword came up, as if protecting her, and were assembled gradually to form a man.

Kronos. Unlike the kith, he looks at Zeus with a slightly depressed face.

"Zeus, why are you here? “ What's the matter, Father? When my son came to see his father, his youngest brother, and his nephew, why does he look so gloomy and unhappy? ”What's the matter, Father?" The voices that had been separated into two were gradually merged into one.

Let's see. At that moment, one of Zeus' lips was greatly twisted.

It will look as if I came here to kill my youngest brother and nephew. It's scary to end it.

Pa! Zeus' new brother disappears as he goes down.

Chronos instantly turned into a squite's sword and was sucked into the grasp of Yeon Woo.

Caaang! Yeon-woo swings her squeeze roughly with a slash.

Despite the sheer ironwork, the dungeon rises to Zeus' scissors, along with a wave that is rougher enough for the entire dungeon to ring.

Chuckle. He laughs coldly and twists himself from the air and sits on the tip of a meteorite lodged in the far ledge.

His eyes gleam brightly as if they were stabbed with different jewels.

Yeon-woo knew at that moment. The fact that Zeus has two adra stones is not an infinite dog.

And there's a lot of mischief going on in there.

No, I did describe them as frivolous, but each and every one of them was the energy of character in his hands. Only the spiritualities involved in purely the "creation" and the "heavenly" stature were compressed to the extreme.

Such a thing could never be called a purely skilled breed.

It can only be accumulated through extortion or exploitation.

Yeon-woo knew too well because he had grown up like that.

“What have you been eating?” Writing. I haven't eaten a thing or two. In fact, the last time I did this, you had less help. I think that's very Gomey. ...... I guess you ate a lot of protagonists? ”Bingo" Zeus laughed as Yeon had to kick her tongue together.

While the tower falls, the world of the tower falls.

During the war between 'day' and 'night,' countless gods and demons were buried or died in it.

They were all too distracted to escape.

However, Zeus seemed to be 'aiming for the situation at the time.

Chaos is a good environment to raid behind.

Zeus actively exploits such an environment to ravage a society of gods and demons, Dano, and, if necessary, to devour them all. It is to punish the appetite freely.

"But the target of the ritual was thoroughly covered. Only those who have a status related to creation or the sky.... You've done a hell of a job." If you devour the gods and demons, you can become strong that fast. But there's only so much you can do to achieve great growth.

Zeus once led Olympus and pulled Kronos from the throne. There was only one thing he could target, because he was not strong enough.


A place where even morality can only be overcome.



Both of them were symbolic of Zeus, and he tried to erode them in a direction that strengthened them.

Just as Yeongwoo had the concept of 'death,' Zeus wanted to elevate 'creation' to the concept.

And the intention seemed to have been somewhat achieved.

Another adra in one eye would be the extra loot from the process.

Of course, they won't be able to get hold of Hwang so easily.

One thing was not negligible.

If it had been the way I had planned, I would have brightened up the back of my beautiful niece and tried to get you the same. I'm afraid that's not going to be easy. Yeon-woo frowned. Sesha bites his teeth "A nephew who follows his uncle like this. I'm a little disappointed in you, Cesha." Zeus smiled slightly.

Cesha had to drop her body before she could even look into those eyes.

Like protecting her, Yeon Woo stood in front of her.

“This is the point after all.” Jiaying! "You can lose here." Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Yeon-woo swings her squeeze again.

It appeared to be too light of a move, but the result was absolutely not.

The lightning bolt that left the edge of the sword swiftly struck Zeus from the sky to the earth.

Players who were watching the situation were frightened at the end of the century as if they were coming, but when they felt that the power that had been carrying them had disappeared, everyone went into hiding somewhere and trembled.

And Zeus clamps his hands into the air, as if it had nothing to do with how those creatures are.

You're getting wrinkles in front of pupae. It is my duty to deal with lightning, Bondi. The lightning was blocked before Zeus pulled the trigger. It was because a yellow cerebral warfare was generated in his hand and the lightning bolt dropped to his side.

"I wonder what that chrysalis tastes like.” However, Yeon-woo wields her squeeze in succession, shifting her disapproval.

Though it was interesting that Zeus became stronger than he thought.

If the attack didn't work, we could have launched more aggressive attacks.

Khuneung, khurneung - The moment the two poles and the three poles burst in succession while wielding the sword.

The dungeon, including Zeus, continues to erupt.

“Breaking news! It's been three days since the raids and gatherings, including 'Idol' Cha So-young Yang, 'Big Mountain' Way, and 'King Sal' Daniel Gunter, have been wiped out……. The search party was struggling with the gate brake (930 (8063) in case……” It was not long after the unclosing gate 'Aggressive Ancient Late Zone' hit the runoff when two trillion raids entered, and there were no signs of anything unusual.

The gate aurora (the magic field that flows around the gate), which has been stable for the past decade, has suddenly changed from red to black quickly.

The more vivid the color of the gate aurora becomes, and the more dark it becomes, the more difficult it becomes.

In other words, black is a very difficult difficulty.

Especially, the color of the 'old fashioned late zone' was above all else.


It's only been discovered twice on Earth, and one of them was the worst color seen in the landscape when Africa was turned into the land of the dead in one night.

But it happened in the middle of Seoul, the capital of Korea.

At the moment of this news, South Korea's epidemic plummeted to the ground, and all the roads in Seoul and the game were filled with vehicles trying to flee.

North Korea, China, and Japan and Russia are also in a precautionary position.

“Hurry, hurry, hurry!” “Be vigilant and make sure there are no stragglers!” “What about players? When are they coming back? Dammit! I used to pretend to be such a smartass, but this time...!” The front lines are all coming down, including the Capital Army, where the National Guard Command is the main unit, and the ROK command is also moving rapidly.

General Wu Ji-hoon rubs his thumb and index finger firmly as he looks at the troops moving in a hurry to prepare for the gate brake.

8 I'm tired, 'unless I was a player, I couldn't sleep for three days and just watched this place, so it was natural.

Either he's been on the ground for a long time, and he's been down in the mountains awaiting his discharge because he's disobeyed his command in the middle.

Suddenly, I had to squeeze the baton.

Maybe the Gate Brake happened, and then after the monsters poured out in bulk, he was ready to take all the blame on himself.

The military wasn't fit to be military and move only appropriately... But what can I do? He says he's the only Commander who knows how to handle this kind of urgency.

Gen. Woo Ji-hoon knew he was going to be a political victim.

Nevertheless, being in charge of this field commander could be a vague longing for the days that remained, or a sin.

"Sergeant Car, would the story have changed if you were still in the military? After he left for Korea to collect his brother's remains one day, he suddenly thought of his former subordinate.

In fact, what had remained in his heart was a snack.

It was because he knew more about his subordinates' pain than anyone else, but he didn't give them comfort.

who suffered pain such as being abandoned by colleagues during an operation, being in mortal danger, returning and losing their love.

Then when his missing twin brother came back dead...... his mind would have already died at that time.

Nevertheless, he only thought that he would comfort Su Soo after returning from Korea.

I didn't think much about it.

That's why, even when Suu Shu left saying that he was going to apply for a free discharge over the phone, he only felt anxious about the fact that Cain had disappeared.

Thinking about it now, he was a really bad boss at the time.

However, General Woo Ji-hoon used to think that sometimes.

If sergeant car had stayed in the army without missing. No, what would have happened if I had stayed in Korea? General Woo Ji-hoon had never seen such talent in his entire life.

Cold judgment, excellent reflexes, excellent motor nerves.

In retrospect, he was more talented as a player than the original army.

If he was still there, I had no choice but to think that all these confusing situations would be a little better.

“No. In the beginning, I wondered how I thought it might be possible to stop all this chaos with the power of one person, but maybe it was a fantasy of Giving up. " "Funny, I still wondered.

How he's living now.

I wonder if she's doing well.

I don't know where to bake. "; Cheerful! While immersed in thoughts like that, the radio continued to report through the noise.

[The invasion force will be deployed soon... 7] This gate brake should not occur in any way, and not only in Korea, but also in the US government.

Special Forces arrived from the United States last night specifically.

Spiritual band. America's best offensive forces, consisting solely of five class players, are about to be deployed with a simple break.

In addition, many large corporations have heard about this news and have expressed their intention to help nine guilds.

General Woo Ji-hoon wishes only that they succeed in their attack.

If you don't, you may never reveal your home again.

When a series of players tried to enter the gate blindly, with reports that an additional strike force was being dispatched.

[Gate Crash! Suddenly there's a brake! What the hell are you talking about? There's still more than four hours of limited time left on the brakes!] [Unknown reason! I can't even measure the amount of magical power emitted from Aurora...!] [What about the spiritual band? What the hell are you doing?] In the midst of the horror and screaming 'radio communication.

[There's a Prake!_3,2:_:_: Rrrrgh! The gate has exploded.

The pillar of fire, full of magical power, was always dimensioned high, and a flame storm spread around during a sharp extraction time hugging the dust globe.

Screams and cries erupted from everywhere, but I couldn't hear the rest of the noise.

In the meantime, I could see General Woo Ji-hoon.

A massive epileptic flare of two barrels springing through the pillars of fire.

And among the different colors of epilepsy, especially at the tip of the black epilepsy, there seemed to be a familiar face.