Second Life Ranker

7. Earth (3)

“Sergeant Cha…… ~? 'General Woo Ji-hoon strongly thought that the person in front of him was the person he had just painted.

I couldn't be sure because it was so far away, but I had a hunch that Cain would be right somehow.

However, it disappeared so suddenly. Moreover, I thought there was someone else in my arms..., but General Woo Ji-hoon's thoughts didn't last long.

Chief! Hurry up... Danger of the waves behind the brakes. I didn't know if the gate brake field was spreading or if the comms were picking up any noise, so I had no idea what I was talking about.

General Woo Ji-hoon was able to straighten himself out.

The gate brake is not just the explosion that occurs when the gate breaks. The monster waves (10050\ 36) to be followed were the biggest hurdles.

However, General Woo Ji-hoon was unable to give orders to his troops.

It was due to the explosion and the explosion that came from the sky.

Seeing the dark red thunderbolts and yellow flashes spreading widely through the Guarton-sky, he muttered in a small murmur.

“Po, why are you so...? And the time of day.

All players, including the Spiritual Band in place, were seeing a common message.

[Warning! Get out of your current position now!] [Warning! There came a being that was absolutely impossible to measure. I strongly advise you to leave your current position!] [Warning! Escape the current planet. If you stay, you can't guarantee your life!] If it was the happiest moment for active players on the planet, it was when they were offered an apostle position by God and demons.

No matter how talented or unlikely a player was, his fate would change one night if he was chosen for something that was transcendent.

Players not only get powerful skills they would never dream of, but they also gain absolute human rights as the leader of the followers of God.

Separately from him, the moment when players were afraid was when they met God and the demons.

God is arrogant, and the Devil is fierce.

Their temperament could never be judged by the human condition.

That's why I only wish to receive occasional revelations (Home ) and trusts < 1630) from the gods of the apostles. They were reluctant to come down personally.

It was because I couldn't read their insides.

If they shorten their judgement by any means, their destiny will be the same as Paris' life.

That's why, from time to time, when I heard that gods and demons had been found, it was usually left as an unclossing gate.

It might be a sanctuary of gods and demons, but even if it was just a plaything, it wouldn't have been any good.

This was also the concern when Aurora of the first, 'The Ancient Late Age,' was determined to be black.

Gate brakes and monster waves are the problem, but I don't think there's a demon in there.

It was the only thought I had when there were some very dark gates throwing ridiculous trials to defeat sealed demons.

But that became a reality.

“Ts, you can't measure?” “What the……!” “Hey, did you see the Untouchables?” ”Meanwhile, the 'Safety Consolidation Command', which had been monitoring the site with a number of state-of-the-art equipment for gate brakes, including players on site, was also flipping over.

It was because of a warning message that appeared as a notice to players.

Impossible to measure.

It means Untouchable (0000403616).

Of course, for humans, all gods and demons were 'unstoppable' beings, but the best of them were classified separately.


Or being alone in a society, including the alternative.

Precisely 'capable enough to turn the Earth back to a primitive planet alone'.

Typically, Kernunos, Bimagildara, Agares, Hermes, etc. were included.

“Dammit!" The damage to South America is too great because of the activities of witchcraft or bimachidara...! "” “How the hell did they all show up at once?" Oh! Lord. Are you telling me there's more to our suffering than that damn gate? ”But the existences of that class appeared, not one, but two? Of course, the consolidated command department had to panic, and 04 {The Safety Administration, which was watching South Korea with concern due to the bright or black Aurora, also had to issue an emergency alert by breaking the news.

China, Japan, Russia and the United States across the Southeast Asia and Pacific have also set up naval boundaries against a series of incidents.

“Hurry! I want to know who these two are, from their identities to their communities! Right now!" “Y-yeah, it's urgent!" “What else?” “The assailants of Sal King and Big Mountain - presumed dead - have been found alive!" “What? A man survived that explosion? We are checking the exact facts of" ”!” “If there are survivors, this will never go unnoticed. Tell the other intelligence agencies to get their hands on survivors' recruits first! Hurry!" And the intelligence agencies of each country are busy trying to pinpoint the sudden emergence of these two beings.

The conflicts between Guarong, Guanlung, Guar-Yuan and Zeus were immense.

'It's a little uncomfortable, this. "She frowned slightly as if she didn't like Yeon-woo.

Seeing Kim Beom-Seong-Zeus smiling in such a distant place made me sick.

Of course, if he had his mind, he could easily get rid of it.

Even if he fought the true likeness of Zeus, he was confident that Yeon would cast two adra stones, because it was not a direct descent.

That's why I would rather find Zeus and break his bridge club, and every time I saw Zeus, I thought for a moment that I would throw him in front of the whining father, but the problem was that I had to capture him, alive.

"If you just cut your head off immediately because you don't like it, your father will be very depressed. We also need to find out more about Ible K and when Harmonia died. Lee, Yeon-woo's only enemy remains.

The problem was that Everke's intentions were unknown.

There's only one lead we have on him, Zeus.

Therefore, it was only fitting that we would save Zeus in Yeouido. Shouldn't you at least keep your mouth shut if you're not numb to it?

The problem was that he never deserved to be caught so pleasantly.

Of course, it was also a way of ignoring all those situations, and just summoning the dead and arresting the new recruits.


There was a big problem.

"This is not a stage. `" If it was a staircase in the tower, I could break it down, but I still had data backed up, so I could recover it at any time.

So when I was in the tower, I didn't look back and go crazy, but the Earth was different in many ways.

What if we misopened the power here? It was just the end of everything.

Yeon-woo's senses are sensitive.

All activities on the planet, including human beings, were already being accepted as timely quotations.

Even the noisy appearance of Gavel or himself was annoying, and if a few countries accidentally flew away, it would have ended up being annoying. Or the planet Earth itself could just be turned to dust.

Of course, there wasn't much beauty left on Earth.

But even so, his name is his hometown.


"It's also where Le Luis is buried. I don't know what happens if I get it wrong." Heh; Dream ° As soon as I woke up from Ryu1, Zeus was annoyed by the sight of him], and he seemed to be even more angry.


Bloomchess also knew Yeon-woo's thoughts too well.

If you keep trying to kill me, I'll blow this whole place up. I hear this is where your father ran away from and where you're from. I just felt more annoyed by the way the rug was smiling.

“Did you say gate?” “Yes? Nez, meanwhile, Cesha, who was in the arms of Yeongwoo, looked up at Yeongwoo in fury, rather than being dazed.

From the explosion of the gate too easily to the ascent of the high heat zone to the battle, Cesha has only committed crimes.

And I knew for sure. That his uncle is already in a great position, but too great.

She 'was also connected with many transcendents because of Cho Jungwoo's fate. None of them were any better than Yeouido.

Then all of a sudden, Cesha wakes up and nods.


It was a new phenomenon created after Yeonwoo fell asleep, so you'll be wondering a lot.

While you were fighting, Cesha was nervous because she didn't know why she suddenly asked, but she thought it might be the key to dealing with Zeus.

By the way.

“Why are you so weak?" “::: Nil?” “Durability is too poor. I just sprayed a lightning rod, but I didn't expect it to explode so easily.” “Is that how it is? Or was it just there? Sesha had so much to say at the moment.

The place my uncle had just broken out of was one of the unclossing gates that had been so difficult that no one could attack for ten years.

Even if a society were to enter and fight amongst themselves, it would be acceptable.

I think he was just trying to catch Zeus in the dungeon... He seemed embarrassed to come out of nowhere without it being done.

“If it's so weak in nature, how can other humans operate there? If you try anything, it'll just shatter so easily." But Cesha couldn't answer anything about it. Yeon-woo was serious but too serious.

“Not like this. We're gonna have to do something else.” "Yes? What are you going to do...?" Sesha had to look at Yeon-woo with a worried gaze. What are you trying to pull here again? I had to worry because I was an uncle who always did extraordinary things.

But not before Cesha said something.

“Afternoon.” Yeon-woo mutters something in a faint voice, and Cesha has to straighten her back to feel her backbone growling.

Through the dragon's eye, which was still wide open, I could see all the distorted vision that was covered with grain.

The world.

The law.

The truth.

It was changing.

The dark matter that was filling most of the universe came down and covered the Earth. Just as the membrane came down and hid the stage, all activity and phenomena on the earth were hidden in the background. It disappeared as if it had never existed.

Instead, what was on top of it was only Yeongwoo, Cesha, and Zeus ㅋ dream... Zeus, who was blackmailing the Ninth District, was also somewhat confused.

Above the 'dream' was no longer Kim Beom-Seong, whom he played with like a doll. Zeus, his body stands. The image of the old Lord who stretched yellow curly hair like a lion.

Cesha breathes the wind without my knowledge.

I knew how great Yeon-woo's actions were.


The Commanded Magic can only be called by those who received the title of "Ancient" during the adult ceremony among the polyps, and also with a lot of Mana.

No, precisely, no matter the terminology, the law could not be so freely manipulated. This was something much more than that.

Wouldn't it be fitting to say that we've created a new law? He created a temporary world and left Zeus behind.

And 'there I spread the wings of the dragon breeding.

At that moment, Sesha could see.

Behind Yeon Woo.

No, to the top of the space where he's standing, a star the size of a star is standing, ridiculously tall and tall, with a dark red light dragon.

A dragon.

That must be the 'real' body of Yeonwoo.