Second Life Ranker

8. Earth (4)

“Cesha. It's dangerous, so you stand back. When Yeonwoo waves gently, the darkness spreads around her.


[7th Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Wings of the Sky] Yeongwoo spreads her wings wide and swarms towards Zeus.

“What the……) Zeus was shocked when he was suddenly 'dragged in' into a strange space.

- Oh-ho! You'd better not ignore the dark. - A creature that hasn't been here in a hundred years.

- Asgard and the other transcendents will be frightened to hear that. Are you comparing me to those idiots? I'm still God-king Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo Hyo. I know that Zeus is the only god who has ever known a god. But you have to be honest, that doesn't give you the title of the God-king. - Anyway, that's all I can say. Even if you didn't share a genetic trait, you did, or you're brothers. But before that, he was black.

- So, what? - It's dark, where a thousand horses could barely sleep. in the dark of every dream of the universe.

Zeus knew how great the Black King was.

God in shin. It is difficult to define the word 'sulfur' as a fundamental concept dependence. No, there's no such thing as notions.

However, Zeus had been looking down on Yeon Woo all along.

It was clear that he had gained the power of the Black King and became part of his personality.

And I've actually seen how Allfoone-Vivasvat dies and the tower gets sealed up.

But it's just that.

So what do you want me to do? Zeus, you haven't been idle either.

Can be obtained by repeated rituals and accidentally stealing a Seongseong Seok.

He was already thinking that his own strength would be as great as Luciel, who had amazed the heavenly world in the tower a long time ago.

Luciel had 14 glorious adra stones in his arms, but he was as good as the Creator himself. Rather, he was the greatest.

So I was going to kill the godless membrane farmer, who doesn't even know his own subject.

So, I was going to put Kronos back in the Abyss and teach him who the real "God King" was by taking Olympus into his hands.

Of course, that doesn't mean Zeus can't run around on his own.

That's why I wanted to find a moving horse on my behalf, and I chose Kim Beom-ryung as my target.

Kim Beom-Seong was an orphan who lost his family at the beginning. However, unlike the families who usually go missing, he was a person who saw the day of the beginning with his own eyes.

He witnessed the "Ark" emerging from the air, cutting through the space. And there was a huge turbulence on Earth because of the various beings who had chased the 'Ark'.

At that time, the situation was so urgent that several beings did not find Kim Beom-Seong.

No, even if I did, it would mean that I didn't care. It didn't matter to them what they saw one day.

Despite the after-storm of their own actions, a city was destroyed. Even though a child lost his parents and siblings, it didn't matter to him. And after that... Kim Beom-Seong wanders around to find those hurricanes that caused the start of the day.

The funny thing was, unlike what I thought would be difficult, I could find it very easily.

Cha So-young.

because the youngest child ever introduced as a level five player looked exactly like the one you saw at the time.

So, when Zeus is in despair that revenge may not be possible, he reaches out.

And he tried to be Zeus' faithful dog and make contact with Cesha.

Zeus was also waiting lazily because he expected Yeon Woo to be found someday when he looked behind him……. And when he found her awake, he was relaxed.

And as a brother, and as a god. He's been running around in circles, trying to figure out where the fountain is.

Instead of setting an example, the body was dragged into his imagination.

Besides, what the hell is that?

The one on the back of the pond.

Body view.

Dragon? I have lived a long life as a ruler, but none of the dragons looked like that.

The divine power, the Devil's Magi, the Dragon Power, and the speculation of the Giant... seemed to have all the power of the four species called Transcendence put into extremes.

The combination of things that can never be dissolved should feel that unnatural or unbalanced... The problem was that none of it was there.

After all, the dragon peers spreading out along the dark even tightened Zeus' shoulders.

At that moment.

Zeus blushes.

Even for a moment, I was ashamed of myself for being pushed out of the fight.

On the other hand, I felt a sense of camaraderie.

It reminded me of Everke's warning not to ignore the darkness.

Humans… ~! "Zeus dislocated his brain while disfiguring his impression.

If he wants to keep himself in the dark, he can just turn it off.

Mai Seonsei, “Charity (030039) 'and' diligence 0090803) 'each vomited a shimmering light.

With the magic of adra mixed together, my brain doubled up like a spider web, and I felt like I was about to burst into gloom right away. It was as hot as his rage.

But Zeus' words don't last long.

I thought I'd catch something in front of me, and then squeeze the tip of squeeze in front of his mouth.

“Did I ever tell you that?" And she smiles coldly as close as squeeze.

“The bitch's tongue is too long.” [Fresh] [Stream] [Bress] Gurrrrrrrrrrrrrr! A lightning bolt exploded. The one that blew up the gates and destroyed the gods of the other worlds.

However, in Zeus' eyes, the dragon of the giant figure seemed to exhale while greatly tilting its jaws.

Like Bress, the power of the polyp, the lightning bolt swung by the honeycomb was no different from the extreme compression of the element.

Zeus says, "Suck! `and sniffed it out. Reflexively, he pulls his face back and pulls his brain forward, but before that squeeze is burning on his face.

Zeus falls down with a long crouch around his right jaw.

His face suddenly turned ugly. Half of his face flew away as the knife trail approached, and all the other parts were burnt to a crisp because of the firepower of the lighting. It was a wonder my head didn't explode.

The bigger problem was that no mystical wounds healed at all.

Two adra stones were emitting enormous amounts of magical power as they caused resonance 08, but the more the image penetrated into the face spreads more widely, spreading to the body\ 0 in an instant.

The viper has been transplanted!] [Death: Asa0820) 'has been transplanted! [Death: Soldier 0]' has been transplanted! [Death: scab 'has been transplanted!] There are many kinds of death.

Poison by addiction, death by rolling fish, soldier by illness or gall by heat, slave labor (com), detective (| 6), etc. ~... The concept of death is mixed together. It was an inevitable concept that even gods and demons called themselves immortals.

That's the concept of death in Yeon-woo.

Moreover, the concept of 'struggle' buried in the implanted death has the characteristics of resisting more roughly when hitting something, so the repulsion of tin was nothing more than the concept of death and the lack of_oil.

How dare you...! “You're much more handsome.” Loser! "Zeus roared, 'and lightning struck the crowd.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Though I suspect it will burn all the black like this, an intense brainstorm fell over the head of the moat.

Kure-Yeon quickly chases Zeus, striking with lightning. from bipole to triple pole, from pole to pole.

The black and red flash that exploded from the blade easily dislodges, blocks, and dislodges Zeus' brainstorm.

But the explosion, the smoke and the magic field were so intense that Zeus couldn't figure it out.

Puhaha! Yes. Now I know who I am...! "Thanks to this, I couldn't find a lotus that appeared while opening the void behind him."

“First of all, that jerk.

It was only after hearing Yeon-woo's small voice that I turned my head back in a hurry.

“Confiscate eyes first.” Ah! Yeon shudders across the squite.

The perforated wall. Zeus' ability to boast was shattered by the challenge of forming properly.

No, the expression was more subtle than not being the opponent in the beginning.

Zeus' thundering tribal squites were so easily torn apart that they seemed to be empty. And the tip of the blade quickly cracks over Zeus' eyeball, which was embedded in the adra.

Arrggg! I ′ ""_! "Zeus could not even scream. It was because he had already dug into his body and had tightly tightened his throat milk and esophagus and blocked the soul's voice.

Zeus is in even more pain. The magic supply of adra, which was naturally connected to the mystical power, was blocked during the process, so it completely disappeared even to the pain relieving control.


[Death: Sosa 003) 'has been transplanted!] Gorgeous! The flames that erupted from the burn instantly spread throughout your body, igniting like dry firewood.

Yeongwoo cut Zeus' hand and foot off with an additional swipe of Iddalia squite, then plunged the tip of the blade into the chest.

Bang. With that sound, the black shadow spreads out like food and envelops the flames completely.

[Power, the Sword of Hades, attempts a ritual!] Perception! The tooth brushes against Zeus' soul, and it chokes heavily.

You've successfully devoured the “Jade Emperor" contained in the myth of Theseus!] Successfully devoured the “cancer" contained in the myth of Theus! [Zeus] 'I struggled with the pain and tried to resist it. All the myths of the Creator that had been hard to eat were being passed down to Yeongwoo.

But there was no limit to resisting the loss of adra as well as both eyes.

After his greedy shadow disappeared, all that remained was a fading skeleton.

It's like skin is shiny on a bone. It looked like it had been completely drained of life.

Even Zeus' life would be too easy if he just swung his sword here.

Kronos, who has been guarding the silence of Yeongwoo , has not claimed the last life I save in one word.

“Okay, okay.” Yeon sighs sharply and raises her hands. Of course, I was going to make sure Zeus never even thought of running.

Choirland, side! A chain popped out of the void from all over the dark and tied his body to the air.

“It's easier than I thought.” Yeon-woo stepped off the bench with his head on one shoulder.

I thought it was a resistance because it was strong enough, but it was easier than I thought.


"Maybe I've gotten too strong. `Ceremony.

Yeongwoo's 'The place that burst through her lips was buried in the crumbling darkness.