Second Life Ranker

9. Earth (5)

After Yeon Woo left.

Something falls silently in the darkness.

A Goblin in a suit with sunglasses. It was Everke.

“Oh Hyo Hyo Hyo. I told you to be careful because I thought it would be like that. I don't know who he looks like, but he's arrogant.” Evil just kicked his tongue when he saw the trace of Zeus.

But it was a very useful organ.

Zeus thought he was only as strong as he was, but in fact, he was able to do so because he had the help of Evelke on both sides of the water.

But I was so drunk that I ran around like a fox and became like that. I was annoyed.

Where to get a horse that size in the future, and when to raise it to be useful, Evil Ker-rah sighs.

Of course, that didn't mean there was no way.

There were still a lot of words around Everke.

Not only did the Central Administration leave the tower with him, but also the sea of moving poetry that will still run towards the end.

“Here's an example.” Everke smiles brightly, fixing her sunglasses.

“Let's wait and see what happens next." Oh Hyo-Hyo. ”Yvelke gives you a slight look at the palm of his hand, holding out a pair of fists. There were two adra stones," charity "and" diligence, "which had just been made into Zeus' jewelry.

He throws it back into his mouth and swallows it gently, smiling and covering his tracks.

And to where he was, the darkness collapsed.

“Really, where did he go...? I hope everything's okay.” Anantara bites her fingernails while wandering through the living room nervously.

After Sesha entered the unclosing gate and the rush broke out, Anantara couldn't help but rush on.

I wanted to take the same armor and run to my daughter, but I couldn't do it now.

...... and they don't have them at all. ”Anantara opens the curtain, looks out the window and frowns.

It was too noisy even though there were too many reporters outside the gate.

The news of the disappearance of Cesha, an international idol, is full of hyenas.

Do you want me to just blow them up? Anantara felt that urge for a moment.

Maybe you've been through something similar with me in the tower.

The day I had to fight countless battles to protect Cesha from the persistent pursuit of witches, of course, my life here on Earth was much more peaceful than that, but I was angry when I saw things being done in silence using 'law' like that.

At least Anantara was furious, but she hit the curtain again and sighed.

After breaking news of the Gate_breach, the world was swiftly turning, with the Gate Brake in place, the waves of monsters that had been reluctant never happened, and they were just big enough to cover the entire sky.

And now, as more explosions and margins sink, rescue and exploration are underway simultaneously.

Survival of most targets and gathering teams, surprisingly, has returned.

The exact progress report hasn't been made yet, even for Anantara.

How they survived the explosion and the storm, the parties seemed to be in a bit of a panic.

However, the survivors were only labeled "mostly" because two people suddenly disappeared.

One was an unknown player in the gathering group.

The other was Sesha, who also hosted the event.

As Anantara was waiting for news about Cesha, I felt like I was being deceived.

But it wasn't because of the journalists out there that wouldn't move right away.

Anantara was not a big fan of her surroundings, and if they interfered with her, she was willing to clean up after herself without thinking about the future.

But he didn't because he believed in his daughter that much.

When I was a kid, I had to carry her around, but now I'm smart enough to take care of myself.

Even though she was a young girl who still needed to be cared for when others saw her, Sesha was very different from other children of her age.

It was a pity from time to time that the only child who was this young would no longer need his own hands.

However, as the child grew up, leaving the parents' decision was a natural order.

However, there was only one unacceptable point.

“Cha Jung-woo... You really should come back. I'm gonna blow your ass up.” Despite the danger that my daughter is in, where the human being called Avi is, what he's doing.

Anantara was less than Yal, who had not heard from her for many years.

Of course, I just hoped that there was nothing wrong with him.


“Mom!” Anantara's voice comes to her mind from the outside. It was her voice.

The reporters who heard the same thing were excited.

“Miss Cha So-young!” "Uh, where?" Wyman "Hyuk! You're coming down from the sky? Did you have skills like that?” “What are you doing, not turning the camera around!?“ But who is that man holding Miss Cha Soyoung? I've never seen you before. “Maybe it's the gathering group that went missing with Miss Cha Soyoung!” “But he clearly said," "Class..." “Shut up, pick up the camera!" Anantara opens a window that had been closed so that the camera couldn't take pictures.

“Age: {:!" Anantara, who tried to shoot a word at her daughter, froze without my knowledge.

At first, I thought my husband was back.

But when I realized that the atmosphere was completely different, just like my husband. And when I realized that the wings that lay open behind him were black and red, Tears welled up in Anatta's eyes.

“Mom! Who did I bring?” Sesha leaps out of Yeon Woo's arms and sets down to the window. All the smiling faces of the room had been erased, little by little, since they had come to Earth.

Yeongwoo carefully followed her into the house. Whether I could come in through the window instead of the front door, I waited in the daytime home for a little while. He soon greeted with a silver smile on his mouth.

“It's been a long time." “Welcome, Father. I was waiting." “This is where Cesha and Jungwoo live? Yeongwoo felt a new face and a fresh breath in the living room and yard.

A four-story single-family home in the middle of Seocho-gu, Seoul, with a large courtyard.

Even if he lived in Korea, he was living in a house he had never really thought of, given that the home environment was so bad.

But in a way, it was natural.

Even if they rushed out of their bodies, the wealth they accumulated during their stay was substantial.

Even if only some of them were brought out, they would have great value on Earth.

Especially in today's Earth environment, where the system resembles a tower.

"I never thought the Earth would change like this." Yeon has heard stories of things that have happened on Earth in the last 10 years since Anantara and Cesha escaped from the collapsing world.

Since the original process of earth settlement would not have been so easy, it was relatively easy to achieve chaos due to the occurrence of disasters represented on the day of the beginning.

Even the fact that Cesha has continued to do charity work and has struggled to find Yeon-woo.

“Hehehe.” Cesha smiles beautifully as her story unfolds.

He was ashamed to say that in front of his own eyes.

Anantara stroked her head as if she were cute. Then she smiled and asked.

“How does it feel to smell the air back home?" “Home..." Yeon-woo lowered her coffee cup slightly and tuned it.

I smiled bitterly.

A question I've never thought of.

Thanks to him, he had to think for a moment.

Home to him in the first place was not a word I felt bad about.

No, it was just a place that brought him bad memories.

Where no father, no mother, no brother. He had to lose his back because he was frustrated and desperate, and when he returned only briefly, he did not think about returning home.

If it's home that only hurts, it's best to forget it in your heart.

And now I'm suddenly back.

The answer to Anantara's question is:

“ __ “. 'I don't know_ Actually, that was just a reasonable answer.

It was just nothing.

Is he in that much pain? Or is it just a bad feeling? Or is the weight of my hometown not so heavy anymore?

Maybe he was right that hometown just doesn't mean much to him anymore.

It's been too long in the dark. And many of the "dreams" that I experienced and experienced there also made him live as something other than 'Yeon' many times.

Therefore, in fact, the identity of Yeon-woo was also heavily piled.

His life was long enough to know that the gods and demons of the 'day' were now small enough.

Young Sword ( bonds). I would be able to express that.

Therefore, it could be said that Yeon-woo was the closest thing to the Dark Lord, who had already lived too long and dull a life. In other words, the world of Earth is only a part of his "myriad of dreams," and it is just a place from which he originated. It had no more or less meaning.

But nevertheless, he still sticks to the name Yeon-woo for one reason only.

“I still have a connection here. `Shouldn't we at least organize all the relationships that remain here and all the evil stories that were with him?

The causation rate that remained all over the world was still keeping the lotus here tightly bound.


“I have work to do. `Dreams come nightfall.

Yeonwoo knew that this "dream" was suspended, but how much longer could it last.

In other words, he already knew the last chapter of the book of Revelation. And now you're looking back at the middle.

However, I wanted to try to use the blank pages in the process of running towards the last chapter.

Anantara didn't know the inside of Yeon Woo's body, so she was just smiling, thinking he was trembling when he returned home for a long time.

Yeongwoo was able to read the inside of the Anantara at a glance, but she turned to the unknown and asked about the other part of her conversation.

“But it's called the Ark.” “Yes?“ May I ask what it was? ”“ Well, we don't really know about that. Agarez - he led us on and said it was a ship left to us by the old masters. What we saw was just a boat. ”It seemed like something that didn't seem to be caught made a ruckus in her head.

“Was there anything else_unusual?" “A bit unusual, the thought of meeting either the head of Bai Dubble or Anastasia………… =” I opened my eyes for a moment.

“We were surprised at first. I didn't think I'd be coming to his hometown until I got out of the tower. But Anastasia said it was a" natural "relief.” For a moment, Yeon-woo's mind rushed back.

“Could it be that the Ark is the legacy of the Curinale?" ”This time, Anantara looks at the kith with surprised eyes.

“How did you know? He clearly said those words...” Yeon-woo's hindsight no longer entered her ears.

Only one thought pierced my mind.

The Ark.

It was my mother's legacy.