Second Life Ranker

10. Earth (6)

You don't know why the Curinale legacy remains in the tower.

But when the group needs it, it can't be irrelevant if the Buy More table is waiting.

"The last descendant of the Curinale was Mother, and the Buy The Table was made by Mother's heirloom, so I thought of going to the Buy The Table after I had succeeded in suspending the 'original' dream. '

I thought that Yeon-woo might have to go much earlier than I thought.


“By the way, sir,” The thought of Yeouido on the Ark was short-lived.

Anantara asked me another question with caution.

“Can we unravel what happened to his soul?” Yeon-woo couldn't answer for a moment, so she had to swallow her conscience.

In fact, I expected that I would be the first to ask that question since meeting Cesha and meeting Anantara again.

Nevertheless, it might have been considerate of Gun Yeon-woo that had never been asked.

“Sheikh," huh? What?? Cesha frowns in fury instead of eating a cake next to her.

“If you'll excuse me for a moment, Cesha looks back and forth between Anatta and Yeon for just a moment. She was also extraordinary, so she could easily see that important stories were coming and going.

It was an important story about my father, so I wanted to hear it myself, but it seemed like a chimney.

That's what Anantara said when she met her eyes. She nodded heavily, and Cesha was forced to get up from her seat.

Even though the reality of being treated as a child was still so unfair to adults, I looked at them with a foolish face, but Yeongwoo and Ananta did not look this way.

After entering the room with a slightly fat, worried face, Cesha sprinkles some invisible magic around her.

Anantara felt that, and now she knows that Yeon-woo will tell a very important story. I focused on Yeon Woo, raising my waist.


"I didn't.” I opened my eyes wide to an answer I never thought I'd get.

“What do you mean…?” Yun shakes her head with a bitter expression.

“I may not have found a place yet... but it wasn't in the dark." ”Lots of 'dreams' while eating horse-drawn castles in a row. And I tried to live as" us. "

And in the meantime, keeping the identity of Yeouido was because there was only one purpose.

Sister, finding Cha Jungwoo's soul.

The King of Black always felt nuance as if he were doing something with his brother's soul, and Yeon wanted to become the character of the King of Black.

It was because he thought that if he could swallow them whole, his soul would eventually become his own, and he would be able to revive them.

So I searched for salsa... but I couldn't find it.

No, the expression never came up.

If that soul had been melted into the dark and then taken away somewhere, there must have been traces.

Even though there were no traces of diarrhea, there should have been castles that saw it, but the answer came back all the same.

There was a cavernous cavernous cave9 # The date of the Lool 9 Lool 9 camp in Mochilh.

What the hell is going on?

I can't even find the Dark Lord.

Given that the soul originated in the dark in the beginning, and that the foundation of the unconscious world is in the dark, it was absolutely impossible.

Leaving life and death, every soul is connected in black and blue.

“So, what's going on?" Anatta's voice was trembling.

I knew why Yeon-woo had been wandering around in the dark. And as she firmly believed that he would come back one day, she had no choice but to speak nonsense.

Especially given that Cha Jungwoo's monument is still at war with 'night' in the unseen place at this time as the heir of 'day,' it was only confusing what to accept, knowing that Cha Jungwoo continues to be hurt because he did not achieve transcendence.

"I'm starting to think somebody went home.” W-who are you going? Is that even possible? ”Yeon-woo didn't answer this time.

There is no evidence or proof, but there is a suspicious figure.

"There was only one person who knew Yeon-woo immediately who could do such a thing.

`From the day the tower was erected to its collapse, and the sea of poetry provoked it to call an end, and the Black King woke up... Everything was dragged by Everke's head. I don't know what it is, but it must be something. That's why Yeon keeps worrying about her whereabouts.

"The bait should be retracted properly, but Yeon-2 asked Ananta, clearing her mind.

Like Everke, there was something to check.

“The ark, where is it?" Where are you going?

Whoo! Now I thought I'd just leave you to retire quietly, but all of a sudden, I don't know what happened last year. I should have just refused to take over the crime scene. `"in a moving car.

General Woo Ji-hoon sighed as he watched the invisible car window that was painted in black.

A limousine that is designed to hold fast enough so that when a cannonball drops, or is heard to have a lower polyp like a Ledger Dragon or a Drake.

Originally, it was something that the presidents and prime ministers, such as the high ranking members of the ceremonies, could wear.

It was like a mobile prison for General Woo Ji-hoon. It was so strong, it would never open the door on the inside without the help of the outside.

And now he's riding the World Awakening Society for Freedom (\ 0008. 30th A.D. 00401 (0Ma66900 abbreviation\ 0000) 'or' Association `' was the property of an international organization under the Safety Administration.

And he was being dragged towards the Korean chapter of the Association.

I had no idea why. It was just a limo, a limo that suddenly dropped out of the way on its way to work, as usual, in front of him.

And of course, Woo Ji-hoon couldn't refuse their offer to go with him. He seemed so polite, but he knew he had no right to refuse it.

No matter how much power the military had, even if it was a "star," he could not dare to show his courage to the association that even said he had transnational * superlegal authority.

"Well, I didn't do anything wrong. 'General Woo Ji-hoon asked why he was looking for himself at the association, but each time, the agents only answered' I can't talk about security like a parrot. `

But General Woo Ji-hoon seemed to know the reason for the confusion.

You want to hear the exact inside story about the breaks at the unclossing gate, "The Ancient Late Side," which you recently took charge of.

Even if it is the testimony of other witnesses and there are reports of his men, it will not be more accurate than hearing the Field Commander's story directly.

'The gate brakes were making a lot of noise at the time… It wasn't just the noise, but the schedules all over the world.

Of course, the world's breaking news was that there would have been a huge explosion while carrying out a 'rapid response', but the monster wave blocked the contingent and rescued both the troops and the gathering team.

Associations and intelligence agencies from all over the country were struggling with the issue.

The first black aurora to appear. And two divine beings emerged from it.

Especially when I was shocked by the speculation that one of them might be Zeus, given to me by Olympus in the old days, or be related to him.

If the Untouchables showed up, even a joke could wipe one country off the map, even two individuals would appear.

The Association will have no choice but to move urgently.

“Maybe he's trying to shut me up before he takes me away from the National Guard. I didn't want to be dragged away as a political victim like this. Hmm...!" About the time General Woo Ji-hoon's eyes opened up a little deeper.

“You're here.” The limousine stops for the first time for a long time and doesn't know where it's going. When the agent in the sunglasses opened the door and escorted you outside, Captain Woo Ji-hoon also appeared slightly nervous.

He had been immersed in the United Nations at the time and had direct experience with special forces.

I was more worried about it than I had the guts because I was old.

Is this a 'safe house (% 0)? No, it's too big for that. It appears to be a military security facility that has entered an area managed by the U.S. military. General Dow Ji-hoon followed the instructions and went deeper into the facility, where he met an unexpected figure.

"Is that... Joshua? He was a familiar face.

Joshua fucking Brian.

As the right arm of the head of the association, the first initiative of the association was to challenge their domination and to wage war against players who were busy wreaking misfortune everywhere - forcing them all to join the association.

Of course, the process would have been simply persuasive and convincing. Quite a number of players had to put their necks in his hands.

The problem was that he was still in power. It was because of him that various criminal organizations made up of players were unable to act on their own accord.

That's why players refer to him as a "hound dog."

Of course, it was a slang that was used to mean something to players everywhere. General citizens of the international community used to send him absolute support. General Woo Ji-hoon was one of those citizens.

However, General Woo Ji-hoon felt cool when he saw Joshua in front of his eyes.

What a frightening look. I felt like I saw those who were underneath him when he was operating in Africa.

"I heard you were chosen by the goddess of war……. Obviously, Namdargun Joshua 'quietly approached and reached out his hand,“ Lt. Gen. Woo Ji-hoon greeted Joshua with an English greeting.

“Greetings, Joshua.” Joshua's eyes slightly widened.

“You speak good English.” “I've lived in Taj for a long time.” I heard that you are well versed in the covert operations of the international military and have trained the famous Cain in Africa. You're very modest. I was very surprised that you were not as impressed as you expected. ”Looks like you've already done your research." Well, if it's obvious, it's obvious. "General Woo Ji-hoon tasted bitter, but smiled softly.

“I only put my fingers up because my men worked so hard.

It's all anonymous. ”“ You're good with character. Such a wonderful person like Mr. Wu.

Hmm! I heard Korea is more talented than I thought, but I think I know why. ”General Woo Ji-hoon only smiles bitterly because he was old enough to let others fly him.

Even just a few hours ago, a celebrity who didn't even know he was living in the world had to feel touched by saying something so nice to hear.

On the one hand.

“I don't think he just wanted to hear my testimony." If there was anything that General Woo Ji-hoon was proud of up to this moment, it was' Sense '.

A sense of making decisions quickly in situations where you must make certain choices.

And in Africa, where there have been so many crises, there's hardly ever been a wrong feeling.

“Can I hear why you called me here?” “You seem to be in a hurry.

I'd rather that be convenient, so I'll just say it right away.

15. Ah506, bring up the screen. ”As the waiting secretary manipulates the pads, a large floating screen overhead empties a screen.

It was a scene for Gen. Wu Ji-hoon as well. An explosion after the "ancient lag" hit the gate brake.

Like a nuclear blast, there were hundreds of meters of mushroom clouds, covering many square kilometers of earth. And the fires and the epileptic storms that are caused by the chain reaction.

“This is the last shot we took just before the satellite 48-17 collapsed by an unmeasurable magical force field. You've seen Mr. Woo. And,” When Christy, who received the signal, tampered with the panel again, the screen was enlarged to the tip of the black mushroom cloud.

Two brainstorms appeared to soar high above the epileptic storm, spreading across numerous forks like a spider web.

The focus was shaken greatly because of the magic field, but I could immediately see that there was something there.

“Two Untouchables! `General Woo Ji-hoon opened his eyes wide when what he saw on the screen at the time of the explosion.

“Though the focus was shaking a lot, we were so lucky to have managed to capture the Untouchables." That's probably classified material, even within the association.

Nevertheless, the fact that I showed it without hesitation means that what I will say from now on is the essence.

“In the press_one of the Sioux Church's old friends, Zeus, has also decided that it is highly unlikely. However, the existence of this dark red brain has not been known at all and is now in a state of confusion among intelligence agencies.” We were the same way. Joshua adds a hint, saying so.

“But we were able to analyze the magical field in detail for the Untouchables, and accidentally recall a spy we had acquired a long time ago. It was," Before the gate was created, man was the first god when the tower was built. "

“Well, is that true?” General Woo Ji-hoon was surprised at the unthinkable, and asked me.

The "tower" was a floating wind gate like a urban legend after the gate was opened.

Commonly known to the public.

And there was a case that actually existed and became human? Human beings become gods. I wanted to say that it was ridiculous, but I had a sudden thought of touching it.

"Really?" The thought he had when he saw the Untouchables.

“And after running a database of missing persons over the past decade, we have determined that this Untouchable may be him.” A lot of faces passed over the screen and stopped in one person's photo. Overlapping the magnified Untouchables on the screen, the word '54340' came to mind.

However, after leaving all that, only an English nickname and a Hanclo name appeared in General Woo's eyes.

086 Chil306: 03810 Yeonju.

“I heard you're a deserter now? I want to bring interest into my association. Can you help me?” General Wu Ji-hoon's eyelids tremble.