Second Life Ranker

11. Earth (7)

After seeing 'The Ark' for the first time, Yeon-woo's feelings were very simple.

'Smaller. More than I thought. "Yeon-woo thought it would be very large to be a' ship 'that had all escaped.

I thought it would be a large ship used on Earth.

However, the ark only had to be the size of a normal household.

I don't know how to accommodate that many people.

"Of course you can. You wouldn't have been called the Pneumar of space for nothing, so you'd expect the space inside the kite to be large enough to easily fill the stage and remain large enough."

Phneuma and the "day" were also referred to as the prestigious clan.

If it's a symbol of space, it's got to be a device.

However, what surprised Yeon-woo was not the ark.

It's where the Ark's been kept.

"Sub-space…… I mean, can we just call this space? As Yeongwoo looks around the subspace surrounding the ark, Ananta adds an explanation.

“Ever since I left the world of the tower, I've been keeping the ark in subspace. In fact, I don't think I know how to use it except when I'm on the run...... But sometimes I come here to manage it, but I'm always surprised.” In fact, it was not a simple subspace where the ark was.

Extraordinary world (Webanpo).

It was a world that existed in a way different from the existing universe or dimension.

There is the sky, the sun and the moon, and the stars are all embedded together. The refreshing wind 'blew and the grass waved.

It was a place that made me feel open just standing there.

The sun was so lonely that I couldn't sleep. It felt so familiar to Yeon-woo.

After a long time, it is now worthless, but it is still a pitiful feeling that remains in my head.

"Mother.) Is that a simple coincidence?

However, time did not pass in this world.

All circulation is happening naturally, but that's all. Here, nothing dies, nothing is born. It remained stationary day and night.

“Well, look around and tell me.” Anantara 'suddenly hides her trail when she sees that the lotus is deep in thought. He returned to Earth using a door through the outside.

“Father.” His call dismantled Squite, then assembled into a human form.

Kronos shakes his head because he knows exactly what Yeon-woo wants to ask.

No, I don't know. I don't know anything about this. Yeon-woo narrowed her eyes.

“But…… ^ I know. I don't know what you're talking about. But that's really all I can say. You know, I didn't even know I was a descendant of the Phoneuma thing. If it wasn't for you, I wouldn't have known about the Curinale. It was about Mother, so I thought my father would know better.

I guess it was a bad idea, too, "Well... My father and mother first held hands because of a political alliance, not love. It must be hard knowing all about Mother because you're a father. `" Clearly, this ark was left by Mother before she came to Earth to find Father.

The spiritual power felt everywhere resembled Mother's qualities too much. I can't be more sure.

The question is, why did the mother leave this...?, Did she just leave it for one of her children to use in case the tower collapses? However, it was passed on in secret to say so, and I only knew the existence of the "day."

“You have to visit the Buy The Table. `Yeon-woo was going to keep her promise to visit them one day anyway, so I thought we could work it out together.

More than that, son. Yeon turned her gaze toward Kronos.

There's an easier way, why don't you just go back and do it? At that moment, Yeon-woo was speechless in a place she had no idea about.

But Kronos' attitude was serious.

"I've always wondered," but you act like you have an obsession with summoning your mother. Was I wrong? I have never been a good father to the rest of your brothers.

But I've always wanted to ask you that. Yeon-woo smiled bitterly.

Then, hesitantly speaking for a moment, I carefully expressed my feelings.

“That's right……” Well, "" 7 “I could still call my mother or find her soul… but I wanted to postpone it as much as possible.” Why? “As you can see, we look like brothers now." "Second Lady Anab“ Jung is badly injured, and I can't say that I'm in the right state. Besides, my dad was actually really hurt...... I was going to tell him myself when my rich people (% spheres) were feeling better. ” Hmm……! Chronos' judgmental complexity makes him blush.

The idea of Yeon-woo made sense to some extent.

In fact, even though he was in Yeon Woo's position, he didn't seem to be much different.

What would Leah think if she saw their rich kids? Wouldn't he blame himself for everything? Maybe the whole family is suffering because of an ugly mother.

After Leah got really sick. Cho Jong-woo went to Tom to find a cure for her illness, and he was transfused with Kronos, who was trying to get him out somehow.

Yeon-woo has only found her father and brother after going through a series of unforgivable challenges. However, the trial is still progressive.

Besides, the situation of the other children who came to Olympus wasn't so good either.

As it turns out, it will only be for a short time.

Even though I can summon Leah as much as I want, I can't even give her the thumb to do it.

I-I know what worries you. I don't think I'll be any different. But when you call your mother after it's all sorted out, don't you have a shock or a grudge against her? Your mother was always the one who sacrificed. A very good man who, for his family, always thought he was lacking. And you want to put a bigger nail in that guy's chest? "Chronos was staring at the kite.

I've never seen anything like it. Yeon repeated her re-grinding as if to say something to Chronos.

“Father.” Why? “I won't say anything else.

Just don't ask me anything this time.Can 't you just trust me? ”D-do you believe in anything? Yeon looked at Hygronos without any answer.

Chronos said, 'I've noticed that you have a lot to say. Especially since I couldn't understand what Yeon-woo's' thoughts' were, I felt like asking.

On the other hand, I felt anxious.

Even though I've been with Yeon in the dark all this time, I have no idea what kind of decision he made.

Moreover, the attitude that I saw felt like it was going away... 'Though he is a broken son, he still won't have that collar in front of my parents.` Chronos took away the anxiety of his words, and finally sighed deeply without asking.

"Yes. You've been doing your job well, so you must have an idea. " Thank you.

Instead, find out one thing. If your mother... Anagyo Kronos gave me strength for the first time.

"If you make me cry again in my woman's eyes, you will die by my hand. “ of 6 > >! Yeon-woo smiled unconsciously.

Did my father have this kind of power? I don't remember very well.

However, it was good to see that you've only been looking depressed lately.

“Don't worry. Rather, Father." "Why would you hit me if I'm stronger than you?” [200 Kronos gives no answer.

- My "simple command of Yeouido casts a shadow over it, and Zeus appears bound in chains.

Zeus' mortality was utterly absurd.

All living things sucked, and they're barely breathing. Due to this, the decline was unlikely to result in a low level of telekinesis. I couldn't stop breathing right away.

Hehe. Look who it is. He's our youngest. Yeah, I guess you wanted to see him. Nevertheless, Zeus twisted his lip, staring at Yeongwoo as if he didn't want to lose his majesty. Broken eyes gleam with blood.

The voice of God, the prophecy (8 sorrows), did not stop. So it was clear that all the remaining mystics would be exhausted, but I didn't care.

But even more so, Kronos turns his head to the side without seeing Zeus properly.

Even Yeonwoo didn't want to show his father badly, so she freed up the space that was just her and Zeus.

“I have so many questions for you, but I want to end with just a few quick questions because I have a father.” Huh-huh. My father, who was always like Okja to me, was always like this. "" Evie, where are you? "” Do you think you can just say, 'Yes, like this' when you ask? “No, I don't think so. You'd have pride.” Then why do you ask? “I had something to check.” Yeseus has no idea what the kith are talking about, so he narrows his gaze.

However, Yeon takes a step back from Zeus and flicks the grin.

“You don't know where Everke is. You lost contact with him? For the first time, Zeus' day shifts slightly.

Are you, by any chance…… 7? “The soul originates in the dark, don't you know?” Yeongwoo's eyes were glowing golden.

[Yongsin 'an] [Yuan Jing Hwa] [Black Gubitara - Wise Man's Eye] [Tian Yuan Pain] Yeon has been dreaming of everything around him, including Zeus' spirit.

All the blessings that worked for him were not enough to understand that he was flying a lake, but that he was able to understand every soul on a spiritual basis.

This is the only way Zeus can reveal the myth he's been building. All the statutes, statutes, and holiness derived from them were exposed.

Of course, since Yeon-woo has already been informed of his power and authority, it is clear that even if he is fortunate to resume his wit, he will no longer be able to oppose Yeon-woo.


Yeon-woo dug up data called Zeus and identified all the weaknesses.

You can see that Everke is not pulling any of the hooks.

Cha Yeon-woo! Cough, cough! Uwaeeek! Zeus falls to his head and bled for a long time, instead of screaming in anger.

The blood of the dead together. The fury was too great, and the only remaining mystical force caused a backflow.

If you leave it like that, I'll just die, so I'll just have to hide. Yeon-woo thinks so, but pushes Zeus back into the shadows.

I felt a grudge all the way inside, but Yeon-woo was not complacent at all.

Haaaa! I thought I heard Kronos sigh from behind.

Yeon-woo was not at all fabulous.

It was because the shadow had just turned to the outside.

The bait you threw at Everke.

It was a shadow he had planted on the two flagstones he had taken.