Second Life Ranker

12. Earth (8)

No matter how hard I look at it, my master's personality is so great! "Then, the shadow of Yeon-woo, who had received the shadow of going out for a while, shook loudly. Ralph frowns as if he was going to die for fun.

He would, too, because the shadow that had just gone out and returned was the apostle of Zeus, Kim Bum-seong.

In fact, for Kim Beom-Seong, regardless of the reason, Yeon-woo and the Cesha family were like Cheolcheon supporters.

When they came to Earth in the ark, they lost their families.

That is why Kim Beom-Seong has been hiding his existence for over a decade, seeking an opportunity to reach out to Cesha and finally achieve his will.

Though meeting Yeon-woo has become all bubbles.

And now he and Zeus have been sucked into the shadows and left in a frenzied state.

Kim Beomseong was quite unusual, given that ordinary ghosts were so degraded that most of them lost memories of their lives. He was forcibly maintaining his identity.

That must mean a lot of grumbling about Yeon-woo.

Of course, there was no freedom as opposed to that self, so I was a puppet who had to move as Yeon Woo instructed.

That's why he had to light up Everke's back while he was stuck in the masonry.

And now I have to report back.

Queek! I won't... speak... Aaaah! "Unlike the doctor who never wanted to tell Yeon-woo, his ghost vomited everything he had seen and experienced in a line of thought.

Laplace used to carry a personality with it. It wasn't so good to play with someone who had a grudge against him.

But in fact, the inevitable side (?).

All the bonds, wealth and so far, all the dead giants and lions were handed over to his brother.

Because of that, all that was left of him was Laplace. But you can't let Evil Cake find you by burying Laflax in the flagship, so it's relatively weak.) I had no choice but to use Kim Beom-seung. Because that's all he had in his soul collection right now.

However, if there was something unfair about it, it was also that Kim Beom-Seong's soul was not very satisfied.

If you are an apostle of God, the personality of the apostle will change depending on the intimacy of God. Of course, considering the threat of Zeus, Kim Beom-Seong's personality should also be high.

No, I actually prayed pretty high.

One, the problem was that it was so hard to get caught in the eyes of sweetness.

It is Yeon who has been robbing their souls in the face of many gods and demons. I don't know if I've been an apostle for more than a few years.

"Maybe we should find Jungwoo and retrieve the cipher, won. `There was no limit to the amount of information that a ghost could see, hear, and understand, so the amount of information Kim Byeong-seong brought was not that good.

Fragmented pieces of information were transferred.

“This is not good enough. We're gonna need a little more." If this were a tower, you could quickly find out where Everke is, with some of this information.

This is Earth, not a tower. And there were countless open worlds and dimensions. With this much information, finding the exact coordinates is like finding a needle in a sandbox.

“I don't want to go straight to where he is anyway. `Yeon-woo intended to keep her eyes open if possible.

From what he's been doing, there must be a colleague who's doing something with him, or he's behind it.

If we're going to take down Evil Cage, we'll have to take down their strongholds.

“Keep an eye out.” Queek! Yeon-woo beat the ghost of Kim Beom-sung in her hands.

Then, as the crown of shadows settled, it drifted away again. It is now returning to the shadow of the masonry with its roots in it.

"By the way! What a wonderful person!" Ralph rejoiced to see it.

“Something interesting?” The girl, Sarina Jr., ran up and cut her flowers in her arms.

A sunny face, though it has a lot of black ash on its face. Especially not enough to hold a sharp knife in both hands. It has a strong aroma because it has a special ring to its ears or head.

It was an unparalleled peaceful sight to see her alone.

However, the surroundings of Sarina were not like that at all.

The whole thing was a mess.

Obviously, until a few days ago, the skyline would have been infinite, and all the skyscrapers would have remained as if they had been hit by a cannonball.

The roads that would have been nice were sitting everywhere. A crater formed or collapsed building debris piled on top of it.

Moreover, even in the barren wind, there was a fine yellow dust.

Building tombs were everywhere, with broken chariots, aircraft that lost wings, and firearms.

It's like a terrible war.

I felt no signs of popularity or life anywhere around me.

So an eight-year-old girl alone in a place like this had to feel alien.

Sarina was not proud of it at all.

From birth until now, these ruins were too familiar to her.

A world where it is natural for the weak to die, and for the strong to take everything. In a place of violence and oppression, she has always been in the weakest position, and now she's just ascended to the strongest position.

And it was all because of what was right in front of me.

King of Assyria.

To her who was difficult to pronounce her real name, he told her to call herself that.

For Sarina, he was a hero, he was the sky, he was a father, he was a mother, he was the king of Assyria. I can slowly open my eyes without being caught in the meditation of Bimagilda, Sarina's hero.

Then I gazed quietly at Sarina, who was glued to her face.

The twinkling eyes of him smiling, putting a star in his face.

Laughing, b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-b-

Not so much when he smiles.

There was, of course.

Usually by making jokes and ridicules.

But the smile that I was building was definitely a smile.

So Sarina, this cute little kid is probably just looking at it like it's weird.

It's been a year since I've been with her, but so far I've avoided smiling so little.

He always shouted, 'Fight', but he had never had such an exciting fight since he came to transition, so he was quite frustrated.

“This is fun.... Yeah, it's fun.” “What kind of things? Teach Sarina, too!” Sarina's eyes now glint as if the stars were about to burst into flames.

My life with Bimazildara is always pleasant, but sometimes I get bored because I don't have any peer friends. So I thought maybe we could have some fun.

“A friend is here.” “Wow! Did you have friends, too?” “Hmm! I don't know.” Yes? What does that mean? ”“ I consider him a friend, but I don't know if he considers me a friend. ”“ Ahh! There's no such thing. Friends are friends, or not. ”“ Is that so? ”Of course!” I laughed as I saw a sarina that was just cut off.

How convenient and pleasant it would be if all the world could be cut to pieces like she said.

“I think of you as a friend, and you don't think of me that way?” At that time, Sarina opens her eyes to the sound of Ebimarzilla, with her loving hands not at her waist.

Then, I nodded my head as I recited the word "friend."

“Right. You and I were friends, right?“ Heheh heh. ”Sarina frowns from her stern face, returning to her bright face.

Bimarzilla knew how her heart was beating so hard before she could answer.

You've been anxious. You've been following me around as a guardian all year, in case anyone thinks you're okay. Afraid she'd be dumped again, flowers full of her. That was just like her.

A withered horse flower if you don't take care of the rest when it's pulled out.

I knew Bimagilda well, so I stroked her head quietly.

Then I looked up at the sky.

On the other side of the planet.

There was another 'friend.

“Friend, Ra,” I thought of him, and I smiled again.

A red smile.

“Yes. We were friends. How could you do that if you were aiming like that? So welcome, my friend. It's time to fight the last battle we didn't win.” The black that flowed through the Earth's atmosphere was irritating to the skin.

How much more fun would it be if the air came back that far? I was so excited about the fight that was coming soon, that I was going crazy.

I will return the deserter Cain to the Council.

General Woo Ji-hoon thought he had heard the story wrong for a moment.

“Can you say that again?” There was also a disruption in the respect I had recently had.

That's how shocking Joshua was when Navel said that just now.

But Joshua told me again and again as if there was nothing wrong with him.

“Deserters are the deadliest crimes in military law. In fact, Cain was working on a major covert operation in the African Somali region at the time, and he left because of a lifelong complaint. But I hid the trail from him. This could also be seen as a violation of international law." “Classified as top secret, but even more so, given that Cain's affiliation at the time was classified into the United Nations, not just the Korean military. So we want to give him a chance.” …… > What opportunities? ”Of course it's an opportunity for redemption. If you come back and actively cooperate for world peace, safety and order, then I will respond under extenuating circumstances.” General Woo Ji-hoon had to tap the temples that were tingling.

You're right. The penalty clauses for deserters were no different from those of the ROK or U.S. military, and if you think about where Cain was occupying the military at that time, even for confidentiality, he was prone to immediate death.

It's not wrong to talk like that after he's been back for 10 years.

“But... how is that possible?" ”The problem was that the opponent was the Untouchable.

That too with Zeus.

Although the battle was lost in the strange room that had been followed, it was clear that there had never been a great fight.

You're forcibly attributable to that existence? How could the Korean Peninsula, or the Korean Peninsula, be wiped off the face of the earth? “So_I need the help of General Woo Ji-hoon.” General Woo Ji-hoon quickly looked around at the sudden thoughts. And I hardened my face.

The security guards were surrounding him just now.

It was unclear who Joshua was, but it was clear that the 'Hell Hound' was a special unit of the Association.

…… a hostage drama. "I understand Mr. Cry was called a father to Cain, right?" “He and I were merely subordinates to our superiors.” The contact you shared before, but the people around you, they said different things. "“ You've been looking over my shoulder.

I know what you ate for dinner yesterday. "Anyway, I think so.

No matter how divine you are, you are human after all. There must be limits. And actually... Although it was not revealed to the outside, we also succeeded in raising the "beings" that had also been desiccated. We are not going to be mad at Tom's High Ranker or King Ahome, but we have our own secret weapons. And most of all, "Ian," the goddess who looked after me said she would help me directly, so don't worry ”000! General Zwoo Ji-hoon was somewhat surprised.

Joshua's God was one of the greatest in the world of transcendents. Not only is she in charge of war, but also of wisdom, victory, and even civilization. Even the Untouchable cannot stand her.


General Woo Ji-hoon had to continue to feel glamour in their self-esteem.

… I'm an outdoorsman to the world of players, but may I warn you of one thing, as I was once the direct supervisor of Cain? Cain is not very pleasant. Things that everyone thought were impossible, when he touched them, they would be solved like magic. ”Magic... Thank you for the advice, Mr. Wu. But it's too late for that advice.” Joshua smiles cynically.

“Our people are already on the move. ”