Second Life Ranker

13. Earth (9)

Thomas Lee.

He and his men, Hell Hound's attackers, were looking through a telescope at a place that had just been classified as an attack site.

It appeared to be a single-family house with a yard full of rotten money, located on the Yellow Jawquard in Gangnam.

In fact, it was as dangerous as any class 5 unclosing gate.

Perhaps today, a disaster occurred in Korea in the 'wasteland (\ #\ )' of herbal oil in South America.

An introduction (% 80) of the local area residents in the area was being made rapidly. In the process, all the confusion and protests were silenced.

And armored troops like tanks were following the road, filling it up, forming a small siege net.

When I heard that "Operation" had begun, the air force that was waiting would also be on the move.

All prepared to support the Hellhound in the capture of one Untouchable.

"I came out of Korea like I was running away to this position. Hehe.

Do I call this the golden jubilee, or the brothel? "As a young man, Thomas Lee reminded himself of a time when he had to leave Korea, as if he had failed in his business by mistake and fled in debt.

At that time, I had to hide from the debtors in case they found me, and I had to go all the way across the country to avoid being discovered.

But his life changed completely because of the day he started 10 years ago.

'Everything was different. Because of what happened at the time.' Whereas many people lost their families and property because of the gate, sitting on the street.

On the contrary, many people changed their lives after changing the bottom of their lives.

That was Thomas Lee's case.

Many people have gone missing because so many died, and it was easy to sneak in their identities because of them.

Thanks to this, he got rid of the name 'Lee Seong-woong' and finished laundering his identity with a convincing fun parcel called 'Thomas Lee'.

Later on, he discovered that he had excellent Awakening qualities, and his life changed overnight.

Joshua stood out, and he helped Thomas Lee become legitimate, knowing that he was an outlaw. He also arranged for him to become an apostle of Ares, a replacement for Olympus. "": Although he is not as close to Athens as SimJoshua serves, Ares is also considered the god of war.

Just by keeping his weather and power intact, Thomas Lee was already classified as 555.

Since the day of the beginning, all the hierarchies were changed, and the world quickly rose to the highest nobles.

So it was natural for Thomas Lee to become Joshua's faithful dog.

“Dog. That's a funny word, too. I can enjoy a life I never dreamed of before, but what can I do? The impact of the dog was still satisfied with his will.

It's the same now.

You have to fight the Untouchables on some ridiculous difficulty level.

In fact, he didn't worry much.

"Aggro, Dil, Hiller, Buffers... we don't need them all. Hell Hound was a professional" hunter "group under the Association.

Hunting dogs that never miss a set goal.

And that goal was the same human being.

In fact, I've done a number of undercover missions to impersonate associations and hostile 5th grade players, and I've recently succeeded in hunting down the first known desertion players.

"The humiliation I was building when I was caught pretending to be so stubborn... Hehe!" Normally, catching the Half-Back (% 7) was a level of success at the expense of all Hellhounds, but it was possible because they had a new weapon they had forged recently.


Thomas Lee thought this attack would not fail either.

'Above all, we also have Olympus. This is another reason why Thomas Lee, who was born to be a half-brother, has remained loyal to Joshua for more than 10 years.

It was because I was confident that no force would ever be able to resist their power.

God is behind it, and the whole society is protecting it. Who would oppose the Society? Thomas Lee continued to leave the association behind and to thoroughly abuse weaklings who were less than himself in the name of 'correction', and to live with the taste of seeing their day distorted.

It's like a drug you can't stop addicting.

"I wonder how arrogant the Untouchables are here and how distorted their faces will be when they're caught. Chuckle! `Chuckle, chuckle! At that moment, the communicator, who had placed flowers on Thomas Lee's side, echoed out his voice, making a noise.

[Operation, begin.] [Agree.] [] Jean, it's going in.] With Thomas Lee's permission, a group of buffers in the vicinity of the encampment marches forward.

It was supposed to be a support group that had to step back with Hiller, but it's different now.

I had to restrain my hands and feet before the opponent could move.

“!” “"! "“ "!” A huge sorcery group rises over the raid site with a spell that the buffers chant, and the curse cannot be lifted.

A special spell cast by Dionisos, one of Olympus' late silences, to the Association. When many castles are activated together, it exerts a powerful power.

Separate areas with target targets and temporarily lock them in an imaginary boundary to avoid possible damage around them. and forcibly move the debuff to pull out the target as much power as possible.

Naturally speaking, even the divine society was given by Olympus, who is regarded as the supreme authority, and the decency was not free in this regard.

This is where the other half got caught.

Phaaaa! That way, Hellhound and the world where the encampment site was built separately.

[Binary, inputs.] the second row that was waiting behind you moves forward.

They were the tankers in charge of Zuloagro in Boss Raid, but they ran into a general offensive force.

They each held a long chain in their hands.

A chain much bigger and more bent than the body of a decent person. All of the tankers were heavy enough to barely hold and move, even though the average perpetrators had unimaginable strength.

Shin Jin-cheol. I heard that God and demons can never part once they're bound here. It was also a knockoff from Olympus.

We've succeeded in creating them in the form of weapons by applying the effects that they've developed in various experiments. This was the greatest scholarship that was able to catch the half-body with the late silence.

Tsu 'r! As the tankers are deployed, the chains around the raid site become very narrow.

It was like a giant sunrise from afar.

It's like you're letting it out to catch a fast-moving mouse. This would be more likely to catch the Untouchables as soon as Thomas Lee gave the order.

[Next. Three, forward.] The dealer's line moves, which was divided into two columns.

Those who empowered them were also Olympus' successors, Apollon and Artemis. They ruled the sun and the moon, respectively.

“!” “"! ”As the crown of one fell, a great sun rose from the sky and ignited a hot flame.

“!" ”“! ”On the other hand, a pile of cold, concentrated ice arrows surround the target site.

When the instructions fall, the sun will fall down immediately and turn an area of the target into a blazing sea.

Those who came out of there alive will be hunted by the ice arrows.

Gene waits for the target to appear.] If it's the right place, the biggest dealer on Boss Raid is finally on the move.

Their faces were filled with a color as confident as one.

He did not suspect that this attack would be an absolute success.

Rather, he had already anticipated the prestige and bonus that would be earned by successfully hunting the Untouchables this time.

He would, and they were all big and small priests from Olympus.

Even the armor that was dressing up was a new class of artifacts that were imported from various parts of the world.

The concept of losing has been lost to them for a long time.

“Let's get this over with and go home.” “Yes. And if the hunt goes well today, that means there's a good chance that South America will, too.” “But I've been preparing for this, so how come it doesn't show up with the Untouchables?” “Shin Jin-chul was already scared, even when they were busy giggling.

A woman walks out slowly, opening the door to the target site. At that moment, the dealers' chatter stopped like a lie. Their opponent was a familiar face.

Sesha crosses the dealers with a fierce look and looks directly at Thomas Lee, who was far away.

“What the hell are you doing, Thomas?” It's been a while, Miss Tea. We received a report that you escaped from Gatebreak_alone and returned home, but we really didn't expect you to meet like this. ”Thomas Lee said that the bones were clever.

After experiencing a colossal phenomenon called the Gate Brake, I heard that I was in a hurry to escape by myself without trying to help others.

It was only natural that Sesha's expression was stiff.

“Olympus has lent you the power to silence and maintain order and peace in the place of chaos that can form anywhere on Earth. Is this how you abuse your power?“ I have never abused you. ”“ Then what the hell is this? It's just a precaution for molecules that may be a threat. We've come all this way just to discuss peace because there's an existence of desertion as Earthlings. > “To threaten with a sword, is for peace?” I told you. "It's just a precaution for us, just in case. because if the Untouchables are being uncooperative, there's no way for us to deal with them directly.” Cesha changed it.

It was because they were annoyed at Thomas' attitude, which was plausibly wrapped up as if it was just self-defense.

“I have more questions.

Miss Tea, what is it with you and the Untouchables, or Cain? Is it true that Ms. Cha's missing family was Cain? ”Cesha did not have any reaction to questions she did not need to answer.

I just twist my lips up quietly.

“You know what?” What do you mean? ”You guys are stupid. You have no idea who you're dealing with here, do you?” “Pussy," "{” Athena would freak out if she found out. No, Thomas, you were Ares' brother's apostle. Would you be more frightened? ”Thomas Lee frowns.

"Sis? Sis?? Like a relative or a close cousin.

"Idol, what do you mean? The press, the surroundings, everything. You really think you're something special. It's not Ripley's. Are you crazy? `Thomas Lee thought he no longer needed to talk to Cesha. In his eyes, Sesha was just the face that the Society needed so much that it was in the press. He never thought of Cesha as the right player.

A doll that can be put aside as much as you don't need it. It was nothing more or less.

“That doesn't make any sense. Quadrant forward. Tightens the breathing to get the Untouchables out of the target.” Cheers! [What do I do when Idol gets in the way?] "In case of disturbance_, designate the target to be killed by the association publicly.” While the dealers were moving slowly forward and pressing, Cesha did not stop laughing.

Rather, I just laughed even louder. I wasn't even thinking about using my abilities.

Thomas Lee thought something was wrong, and he wanted to give me more orders.

A man walks out slowly, opening the gates of the encampment and residence.

A face that is blatantly annoying to death.

“Uncle! They're...!” Cesha hurriedly turns around, pecking like a child to snitch on her parents and whispering.

Thomas Lee, on the other hand, was chanting for joy in his heart.

It was because his face was the same as the fantasy he had when he received the command.

"I knew it……! Commander's guess!" The Untouchable's identity: Cain was right.

“Cain! We were about to say something to Thomas Lee that was better than 800 The Sim."

Before that, Yeon-woo cut off her waist very cold.

“Ares, you have three seconds. Come out now.”