Second Life Ranker

14. Earth (10)

Thomas Lee's face rises in horror.

Ares told you to come out? Ares is his god.

Although he had never considered himself a devout believer, he was still very proud of the gods he served.

It is one of the highest ranks (- #) in Greek mythology that is so famous that few people in the world know it.

Among Zeus' many children, is it not a tradition born of Hera?

Although there was also a rumor called the Mannani, in the days of the ancient Roman people, they boasted about the faith that they had received in Zeus under the name "Mars."

The shape called Ares as if calling out to me. Of course, I had no choice but to push the swelling up.

Neither did Cesha, nor Cain.

Seeing both of them taking Olympus so lightly, it must have been hard.

Maybe there's something wrong with his brain going through the gate brake.

“Three." But as if Yeon-woo didn't care, she still counted with a cold face.

Thomas Lee says, "Don't bullshit me." I'm gonna shoot you.

"What? Why is the channeling so shaky? Anything? What kind of shallow" “Hell" voice shook my head in the middle of the star.

Thomas Lee has round eyes. You've never heard the voice of God since you became an apostle! Other apostles heard that they always had good conversations with God, but he had never received a trust or revelation. But Thomas Lee never felt bad about it.

I thought God was testing him. But I finally heard it at this moment.

At first, it seemed like someone else was playing tricks, but Thomas Lee could sense it.

This voice is clear that it belongs to the god you serve, Ares.

The channeling trembles strongly, and the soul resonates more than anything else.

God is angry! So I was about to complain about that ignorant bastard who wanted to desecrate his identity, but Ares suddenly stopped speaking while complaining. Just for a moment, the silence passed.

I'm focusing on channeling to see what's going on.

I could hear it, but it was so weak.

“Ta-da!" Isn't that usually what happens when you're upset in a place you never thought of?

"Why, why, why, why, why, why, why, why, is he there? I told the Athenian Apostle so we would know when he wakes up...!" Poetry, Lord? Ares' voice trembles violently, as if she had never met anyone she shouldn't have. Thomas Lee was able to accurately read Ares' feelings through channeling.




"Shi, God?? It was so emotional that Thomas Lee had to get used to it.

At this rate, Thomas Lee called out his name, saying, "Why?" In Ares' ears, there seemed to be no sign of the apostle's earnest voice at all.

“Open. This is it. Okay, one.” In the meantime, the counter was falling hard.

"Ahhhh!" Ares' lively scream shook violently, and all of a sudden, the channeling rang violently. Thomas Lee's spirit is pushed back, and a giant soul takes over his body.

Strong! The wind blows. As a great and majestic force descended, the players around Thomas Lee all took on a sudden onslaught.

"Poetry, God is coming down!” “Suddenly here?” "If it's the captain's god, it's Ares, right? Ares will show up? Why" “?" But with all those questions behind me, the glow over Thomas Lee's head quickly dissipates as much light as possible.

The players of Hell Hound swallow with a nervous tinge.

Some were filled with joy.

Even if I was prepared, the battle would be completely different if God helped me. They were all more certain of victory.

Soon, their god will punish that scoundrel...! “Young" ”Jen" Stoooop! Yeon-woo said, "As soon as he was about to bring about his last fortune, Thomas Lee jumped up and leapt in front of Yeon-woo.

No, actually, it was Ares, possessed by Thomas Lee's body.

Ah, Ares sends God Cha Yeon-woo...! "Too late.” Ares tries to scream something, but her lips are already twisting louder.

And he suddenly waved his hand into the air. It's like throwing out flies.

However, the results were never valid.

Kuaaang! Kuaeeek! Suddenly, a shadow appeared from the ground, and it struck Ares roughly. Ares had to roll to the bottom of the deguru, making a hog-biting sound.

Meanwhile, the players who were watching the scene put their faces together.

Ooh, what the hell are we looking at? Is he hallucinating? They all looked like that.

For one thing, there could never have been such a hallucination in this separate glass space.

“You have three seconds. Five first-come, first-served, first-served," Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Kuku Kuku - [Hercules] is coming!] [Dionysus is coming!] [Apollon is coming!] [Artemis` coming!] ['Carites' is coming!] Players are now completely lost in spirit as they walk away from this.

What's happening now is not just strength, but God's own causation rate was coming down into the summer.

Standing next to each other, he was complaining about the intense cold pressure that would make his skin fall…… but the problem was that they all rushed in empty space and were drowned in front of the moat.

Olympus is a high-ranking society known to be at the forefront of maintaining the order of the planet by defending the Association.

Naturally, Hellhound, who had most of their help, was mostly Olympus' fiercest followers.

The representatives of such a place are tightening their heads like that...? Bigger problem.

[Momos is coming! Eris is coming!] After that, the gods of Olympus showed up fearlessly.

Suddenly, their space was being squeezed under enormous zero pressure.

However, Yeon said briefly to those who appeared late, looking around them as if it were perfectly natural.

“All those who have appeared behind Carretes are assembled. Those who came before said,” Moss and his back looked like flies.

Carites and others sighed in relief.

“Initiate origin bombing. I know you want to get into the shadows if you have any loose posture or any aural spots.” "Ugh...!" Urgh: "“! ”It was shocking to see all the Olympossines freezing at Yeongwoo's command. Players just wanted to pass out.

They barely managed to navigate what to do in this situation. Of course, how did you (?) It's been a long time since I thought about it.

Trying to keep up? Well, that's nice, too.

The words that Yeonwoo threw while looking at them cynically were enough to make the match happen.

It was because Yeonwoo was in a position to go to war with Olympus if it came to that.

The eyes of the Olympians who were already staring at them were hard to come by.

Of course, if there was a war, it wouldn't end with the word "war." It's just the end of the world.

That's why Hellhound immediately disarmed and waited for the gods of Olympus to finish quickly.

And on the other hand, I was curious.

The identity of Yeongwoo - what the hell - is it? ^ ~ ~ ~ ^ < It seems that it is the missing 'Cain', but I couldn't understand why the Olympossines were leaning in like that.

In their common sense, there was a great difference between mortals and transcendents, and it was impossible for the transcendents to gain as much as I did one day.

Maybe this will get you into an association.

And if it becomes known to the world, how can it be blue?

They had no idea.

Of course, surviving here would be the most pressing job of all.


Thomas Lee, who brought in the Hell Hound, was in a real crisis.

If things were the way they were - I wouldn't even know they were in the world...! Who are you messing with? Is that really what you want to be? It wasn't because of the cow.

It was because of Ares still occupying his body.

After the killing spree from Ares was severed so badly, Thomas Lee's soul quickly faltered.

Ares was furious that much.

One day, a human provoked me to death.

It was hard to keep up with the work of the God-king even if it was a united nation ten years ago.

I absorbed the dark power and had no idea how far the snow would go now.

Of course, he was also an apostle, so he would have a positive effect as much as the relationship would increase, but on the contrary, there was a limit that he would have to be more firmly subordinated.

^ uurrrgh "" "{That's why Thomas Lee was suddenly completely sane and practically a dead man.

Let's see. This matter will be taken into consideration later...! "Of course, that didn't mean Ares had to leave him alone, so he was still vomiting anger.

When the soul was about to disappear, Yeonwoo faced him one-on-one.

“…… so you've been supporting Olympus as an avenger or something, to calm down the Earth's chaos?” That. So instead of saying "" { ", say it directly in the flesh. I raise my ears." “Yes!” Ares stood up and nodded.

“Who told you to get up?” Hip and Ares were almost silent again, so they returned to their posture.

Looking at him like that, he can barely find his tongue.

I heard about what had happened roughly in the past from Ananta, but I had not heard about the trends in the heavenly world, but now I know for sure.

After the breakout. Night continued to try to enter this universe, and the "day" centered on Cha Jungwoo began to fight against them.

And Olympus joined the Day, at the will of the Union, and at the maintenance of Uranos, who was the chief of the group.

But even so, they struggled to protect the Earth, which is thought to be the netherworld - precisely the Black King - asleep.

Of course, they did not have to care about the earth because they had to focus on the war with 'night'.

Then, when it seemed like the Association was trying to get the order of the planet, they supported it.

Even if we can't stop them all, we have to at least make sure the gate is covered.

On the other hand, he told them to let them know immediately if they found anything related to the lotus or any traces of it.

"But this is what they thought Olympus was after, and they were trying to get Raid for me, right?" As Olympus, you don't need to explain your relationship with Yeouido to one congregation and the apostles in detail, but that's all you have to say.

They mistook themselves as "God's Chosen One," and even the teenagers had to slow down to figure out the topic.

But thanks to Yeon-woo, things that I did not understand seemed to make sense at once.

However, if there is something that is suspicious.

“So... Gates, and all these weird trials, they're all because of the black scent, right?” Yes, that's right! The problem is that this phenomenon is happening simultaneously not only here on Earth, but on many planets and civilizations. "Ares was worried again as soon as she frowned as she thought the lotus was undetectable.

Yeon-woo was engulfed in another thought.

From the moment I woke up, I thought, "Why has the Earth changed so strangely in a way I never thought I would?"

“This is all my fault, isn't it?" That's what I thought.

I was a little sorry.