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15. The Wilderness (1)

Yeonwoo quickly folded up her clear guilt, which she would have ridiculed if Shannon existed, saying, "Tears of the Crocodile."

It wasn't like him to think about this for long anyway.

It's because I've been so overwhelmed by darkness for so long.

In fact, all he was really sorry about was Cesha and Ananta.

I had to find myself for over a decade because of the dark fragments.

“By the way," Yeon-woo smiled as she looked around at the Olympus gods who were still busy freezing.

“Why is Athena invisible? While the others were visible, only Athena was absent.

Then, Athena is the chief apostle, and spiritually, she is the closest thing she has to him.

So the first thing to notice when you look at your own eyes was Athena.

But like the other apostles, Athena seemed to be completely unaware of his existence.

No, there was little detection of Athena on the moat side either.

Clearly, channeling was alive.

I even did it.

The problem was that we didn't really know what was going on out there, but the spirit of the Apostle or the shrine god usually reads it quickly.... Or the apostle's whereabouts should be easy to obtain information, but even that was difficult.

In this case, it was likely that God and the Apostle's channeling was being interrupted, but it wasn't either.

I have no choice but to wonder what's going on.

“Y-yeah, first of all:" "Rrrrgh {“ Hmmm. You want to go into the shadows? You should have told me sooner. Not really.

"Ouch! Then I have a friend now! I love it!" … 0huh, Cough! Oh, no! I'll fix it! ”Ares straightened out his posture while talking about Athena, fearful of what Yeon-woo had thrown.

In front of his eyes, the shadow of Yeongwoo seems particularly ominous.

Haven't seen Ralph's pervert in years. Ares thought he could go next to him, so he decided to keep his mind straight.

“So, what's Athena doing?” “D, I'm with Dis Pluto!” “Disc Pluto?” I never thought of that.

Yeongwoo's eyes slightly widened.

“Yes! I guess I should be on my way to war with 'Night' … ~ …” “Home. That's it." Yeon grins bitterly.

Then I realized what Athena was thinking.

Athena has a stronger status as a host before being whole.

It meant that the wisdom and wisdom contained in my head were greater than my own strength.

Just standing on the battlefield, just being with soldiers, can have tremendous effect on them.

It provided a strategy for absolute fraud and victory to allies, and a trap for enemy forces to push them into intimidation and defeat.

As a member of the Union, Dis Fluto was at war with the Night, so Athena was leading the battlefield.

'By the way……' The day is now the middle of the day, and there is my family, Le Infernal of Agares, and Malah, where Michael is the center. Apart from that, Olympus and Niflheim are helping the Second Army and the bridges next to them, and not as capable as they are of leading such a complex battlefield. Perhaps Athena was at the heart of it all.

“Moreover, the main camp of 'Day' and we are also in a state of disconnection.] ^ lll ^ ^ < According to Giares, the people who are at the center of 'Day' are now infiltrating deep into the enemy area with Cho Jungwoo.

It was because Cho Jungwoo had not contacted his wife and daughter for a long time.

That's why you can't detect anything while also being channeled with Athena.

If I went beyond this universe to the other side (0), it wouldn't be hard for Yeon to not be able to read.

Even though Yeon-woo possessed the power of the seventh verse, it was because there was a limit to the acceptance of information from other systems in which completely different laws worked, as long as it was in the flesh in this universe.

'Then it's time to widen your cognitive field.` But in fact, it wasn't even that hard for Yeon-woo.

In the beginning, he was narrowing his cognitive boundaries.

It only increased the pressure to deal with useless information, so it was usually turned off on purpose.

However, the story changes when it is fully operational again.

In the beginning.

He already has more than half of the darkness, the limits of the universe and dimensions.

And, as in, day and night, the difference between inside and outside.

It was completely gone.

So Yeon-woo slowly got up from his seat.

“Ugh, um" "?" Ares suddenly hesitated, slightly surprised by the changing atmosphere of the lotus. It was because I thought I'd made a mistake.

However, Yeon-woo was looking up at the sky instead of him.

What is he trying to do? Undersee Ares felt a strong sense of pressure that could not be easily approached by Yeongwoo.

even though it's definitely not spraying any energy or flowing spirituality.

At this moment, I felt like a completely different person in Ares' eyes.

So far, so subtle.

I don't think it's too big to approach.

Conversely, no matter where you turn your head, you will always be as hard as the moon.

Such a creature.

Right now.

Nor the zero pressure created by the gods of Olympus.

The gaze of many transcendents shooting this way.

The weight of the place where the Black King slept.

It was all gone.

Ares knew there would only be Yeongwoo.

The word "horn" when referring to this existence. `When I encountered the thousand horses. When I encountered the King Bull, who had existed since childhood. And when I saw the king vanish in a moment with transcendence,

It felt like it was coming from Yeon-woo.

And the other Olympians felt the same way.

They all just stared at Yeon-yu, forgetting the idea that they should stay calm.

“W-what?” "What the...!” ", but I can't see it! What's going on here?” "It looks like it's here... and there... Ahhhh!” The players of Hell Hound were completely overwhelmed by the presence of Yeongwoo and were surrounded by mental confusion.

As they tried to force Yeon-woo to recognize their trivial temperament, the soul had no choice but to confront them.

They were illuminated by the existence of an existing cell (Axis # 0) and an Almighty (Exhibit "6) wherever they looked around.

[7th Solution Awakening] [Power Front Opens] [Sky Wings] Yeon spreads her red and black wings wide. The wings were large and enlarged, covering the air, and the free space covered the windshield all at once.

Everyone on Earth was surprised at the sudden arrival of the Dog Eclipse (to Bomtu8) and ran out and looked up at the sky in horror.

The expanded cognitive areas of the pond pulled away from Earth, over 14 billion light-years across, and other cosmic forces ($hidden) beyond, into the taege with 'night' across multiple lines of resources.


Everything in it was contained all at once.

Yeongwoo was able to read everything within 'herself'.

Fragments, chaos, and countless intelligent substances and beings that were scattered everywhere trying to wake up. Minds. Actions.

Among them, there were a number of Transubstantiated Physicians who had just been freed because they had barely escaped from Tom.

I could feel them screaming as they looked up at the sky, but she didn't listen to them.

Though I felt his presence and was frightened or frightened…… In the beginning, even God and demons felt no different to Yeonwoo from creatures like humans or the Onehorn tribe.

They're mortal, they're transcendent, they're shrugging their shoulders like they're nothing.

In the eyes of Yeon Woo, even the transcendents are just a little bit bigger, living in this world. It was only ridiculous that they were fighting each other over who was lower and lower.


Ah, Burr. G.

Wake up. Yeah, me.

Just like the transcendents who noticed Yeon-woo, they were noticing the existence of Yeon-woo one by one in 'Night.'

The only inhabitants of the border who could 'stand' against the pond were talking with their eyes wide open.

Ha. G. Bay.

Ah, Burr. G. Lo. Wealth. Clan.

That's right. [0015] Fig.

Ah, Burr. Y-yes.

Dream. Why, me. Water. No, I'm not.

Residents of the border faced the existence of Yeongwoo and noticed a considerable disagreement.

It was a mixture of questions about whether or not to recognize him as the true Black King, and why this "dream" had not yet been fulfilled.

Yeon-woo shed a bloody smile.

It felt too far away when I was just a human being, and I only came close to an enemy that I had to kill.

But now that I'm so close to the Black King, I feel a little familiar with him.

Of course, I didn't let my guard down.

The residents of the border had not yet concluded a few judgments about him, but they were the leaders who led the 'Night' instead of the Black King who had been asleep for a long time.

Horses are just kings. If I had the power and the rage, I'd be fine.

Yeon-woo opened her mouth quietly.

See you soon. So wait until then. "Of course, there was no reason for Yeon-woo to be wary of him. He did not need to show weakness because the standard of the enemy did not stand.

Rather, the more time like this, I was going to show my attitude as the Light Black King.

Residents on the perimeter listened to it and did not respond for a long time.

He seemed to be getting a lot of ideas out of him. There were many internal conflicts about how to accept this.

Al. I will.

C. C. C. Lee. I will. Humidity.

Residents on the perimeter decided to take a step back.

We haven't had a proper conversation with Yeon-woo yet, so we concluded that a more conclusive decision would be sufficient after that.

With a whoosh, whoosh, the 'eyes' of the frontier are closed.


Instead of fighting the retreating 'night' and 'day,' I could see the 'day,' who was embarrassed because I didn't know what was going on.

In it, Cho Jong-woo looked this way precisely.

Covenant: “:? Suddenly, I met a familiar, daytime gaze in a place I had no idea of, and I felt overwhelmed.


He laughed so small that only Yeong-woo could hear it.

I slowly opened my mouth and chanted a new word.

“Come back.” That moment.

Fragments of black that had flowed across the Earth and all over the universe began to wriggle for their haunts.

[In the meantime, disable all functionality of the temporary operating system that has been applied due to an error in the main system.] [New operating system is working] [Comparison function has been restored.] [Operation restored.] [Judgment has been restored.] [Due to normalization of central information processing unit, new elements have been introduced for information collection and interpretation.] [Network is activated between the server and the client and the system is fully restarted.] [Perform the first command.] [Collect the black fragments that were exposed to the outside.] [All gates are closed.] [All trials will stop.] [All player support will be completely discontinued.]