Second Life Ranker

16. Junk (2)

In order for this "dream" to continue for a long time...... we have to start with the dark visions left in the universe. "There is only one reason why Yeon-woo decided to return to this world with a wise man.

It was also my mission to find the soul of my missing brother.

It was because I thought I had to 'organize' everything so that he and his family could live in peace.


The first part of it was very simple.

Going through all that black stuff that I don't know when it's going to end.

Of course, I also knew that there would be another big social impact like the day of the beginning.

Now, for Earthlings and other geologies, the Gate has many different meanings.

Some have perished, unable to withstand the gate brakes and monster waves, but others have overcome, attempted cohabitation, or even attempted new prosperity over the phone. Earth was one of the few places that belonged to Pharaoh.

So it was only by suddenly turning the gate upside down that ordinary citizens liked it, and it was clear that industrial and political forces living on the basis of the gate would be frustrated.

But I couldn't beat him even as a kitten.

They don't know, but the Black Fragment was never available to the common intelligent.

Rather, he was only eaten there.

It's just to break the framework of the world, blur the laws and providence, and neutralize the creation of a barely completed universe ().

So that the color of the difference between day and night, the boundary with the other system is blurred, so that everything returned to the 'dream'... everything just flowed as they wanted.

That's why I wanted to reverse all such things.

So at this moment, what is here is not 'human Cha Yeon-woo', but “ego Cha Yeon-woo."

I ordered them to return to their rightful place.

I began to return to where I was.

“Hey, what's this?” “Player_System is over 4:: ′?" The players of Hell Hound look at the pond with a dazed glance, and suddenly open their eyes to the message in the middle of the retina.

It was a message window that was hard for them to think of.

[All player support has been disabled by the system super administrator.] [Player - System shuts down.] [All blessings and blessings applied will be recovered.] and.

“Ugh, ugh!” No __ ": Hell * players were greatly shocked to see their shadows unfolding.

Since the start of the day, I have experienced many miracles and anomalies, but I have never seen a shadow dance like this before.

No, their data was shaking, precisely connected to the shadows.

After conducting the trials at the Gate, all the magical effects in the artifacts and skills were shaking.

Huaa! First, the shadows of Hell Hound's players are lifted up and sucked into the stream.

And to start with.

Around the globe.

On each planet and civilization.

Shadows gathered in various universes.

While the kite was sleeping, all the pieces of black that had been scattered around the world began to recover everything that the system had pulled.

Gates were closed and trials were halted. Players in the dungeon were forcibly discharged and all effects that had been applied to them were attributed to Yeouido.

The power that the gods and demons had divided among the apostles could not recover from the individual abilities that the players had been training for.

All the ways to train or gain further such things have been closed.

“Wannachesha stares at him dazed.

It was spectacular to see the shadow of the entire universe rushing towards the Nile.

Especially if she's not looking at the body of Yeonwoo through Dragon Eye.

The endlessly tall Giant 200 swallowed the shadow slowly, and there was something that made his heart flutter.

No, the sight of so many shadows gathering at once seemed to him as if he were sucking away the adom that was coming like the tide.

No creature in the world could perform such a miracle.

This is my uncle. Sesha was also proud of me.

On the other hand, the Olympus gods and the players were all thrown out.

And then, at a fierce pace, the march of the shadow was over.

Only deep silence flowed through ______ ^.

It was a moment that seemed to last forever, so many people were dumbfounded with loss to put in.

Sesha knew it was only a matter of seconds, in fact, in real time.

I only moved a few inches on my watch.

That must have been quite a view of Yeon-woo.

Then she could see that Yeon-woo had recovered the whole system and was still not doing anything.

“Uncle, is something wrong?” “I haven't finished collecting them all.” "Woman | * * Hey ^?” Sesha opens her eyes wide.

Even though you look so powerful, there are areas you can't recover? “Looks like they're playing a prank." Sesha thinks that Yeon-woo's eyes have changed sharply.

It's like meeting an enemy.

It even looked cynical.


In fact, he was in a state of irritation.

“You dared to mock the black without my permission, didn't you?" Be brave or be blunt.

You must have faced such peril and horror when the tower fell.

Despite the overwhelming power of the Night,

I never thought I'd be able to covet the Black Fragment without risking it.

Quite a number of transcendent societies were trying to covet the power of the Black King by privatizing the fragments of black.

In fact, it was a very natural thing to do.

The gods and demons feared the Black King, yet coveted his power and his rage.

Apart from hating other gods, I did not know it was natural to expect them to gain even some of the power of the Black King.

“After the tower disappeared, I wondered why so many eyes were looking at the Earth... but that's what this is all about." When Yeon-woo raised her head, I remembered the message.

[The divine society that was watching you, the gods of Memphis, are all avoiding you.] [The divine society that was watching you, the 'Deal Moon' heads down in unison.] [The Demon Doctor's Society, who was measuring you, is all making excuses.]] Maybe they'll die, too.

Yeon-woo's eyesight is off, you have no idea how he's going to get out.

Many of them have already suffered from Yeon Woo.

“Africa, Sahara, South America, Yandes, Middle East Stems, Antarctica, South Pacific… There's no recovery here. If there is anything in common, Yeon-woo asked, ignoring the eyes of the transcendents, looking back at Cesha.

There are many places where recovery is not possible in each universe, but there were many places where the Black King's body had fallen asleep.

All five.

Cesha nodded heavily as she walked down the street, smiling.

“You look like you're referring to horse hair (Red ).” “A horse?” Yegishesha nodded and explained things to Yeon-woo, who still does not know common sense in the Ba Earth.

Fifth horse.

It meant five taboos (defeats) that humanity has not been able to overcome even though it has been actively exploiting the system and seeking the light of salvation since its inception.

The Sahara Desert is now home to its own dungeon phone after the breaks.

The Jandes Mountains, where Bimagildara sweeps away anything caught in the snow and creates a 'massacre'.

Horsewind (Pa) 's home and stem area, which has rarely been caught and has spawned many victims.

Antarctica, where blizzards and blizzards are raging and there's ice and snow everywhere, is completely inaccessible and we can't even tell what's going on.

The South Pacific Islands (\ t) are still unknown, even with numerous victims.

“Of these, Sahara and Jandes were able to figure out what was going on. That's what happens when you walk the path of deterioration without being a purely self-administered gate, and Jandes is inaccessible because of the presence of Bimagildara.” Sesha's explanation was calm.

“But the remaining three still don't even know why. As soon as an investigator is dispatched to the area, he is either unconditionally missing or dead……” Then Cesha's tail is slightly blurred.

Players of Earth have a short history, so the limits must be clear.

It was because I knew very well that there were no such standards.

He must have had some questions about the horse racing.

“It's worth it.” It's different.

“They must have swallowed or killed all the tribes they could see.” Yeon-woo was wearing her tongue gently.

Then I narrowed my eyes.

If you want to turn your eyes to "useless," that's fine. `It seemed like we had to clean up the space before going to the next system.

“I don't think so. I've been too still, haven't I?” Yeon-woo muttered in a low voice, but she looked back at Sesha in the valley and said something that would freak someone else out.

“Cesha." “Yes, uncle." I need to take care of something right away.

You don't need me to take care of the rest, do you? ”For a brief moment, Sesha told me to keep Yeon-woo's eyes open.

The hard faith in it.

After confirming it, Sesha was forced to spill a hot smile.

“What the hell are you talking about? I'm only 16.” “If I'd seen you as just a kid, I wouldn't have said this.” Sesha pouted her lips.

“My mom and dad need to learn from my uncle. They treat me like a child every time. You're the only one who trusts me." “You two trust me more than I do. I'm just worried.” Cesha smiled and said.

“I'll try it first. I don't know if I can do this, but I'm just gonna do what my uncle always does, right?” Yeon-woo flinched briefly in the words' as usual, 'but nodded quietly.

“Suit yourself." “That's easy.” “Then I'll leave the rest to you. I think we should finish the day first.” Hmph! She leaves no clue as to what Yeon-woo means, and faintly disappears.

And the rest of them.

Sesha turns her gaze toward Hell Hound.

The players flinched without even knowing it.

Despite smiling brightly like when I was looking at Yeongwoo.

And despite the way it usually looks in the press, I don't know why it looks so ominous now.

“Gentlemen." "Anne." "Woman." "Woman." "Woman." "Woman." "Woman." ["Where would you stand?" Of course.

Hell Hound had only one choice to make here.