Second Life Ranker

17. Junk (3)

“What's going on...?" Why haven't I seen anything in Hell Hound? "Joshua was getting restless.

Normally, even if the news of the subordinates were delayed, they wouldn't care much.

Hellhound knew that no matter how much damage he suffered, even if he was in the crisis of extinction, he would never fail in his mission.

But it's different now.

What he just went through made his heart tighten.

Signs of a giant being that lasted only a few seconds, but passed by him and all the players in the room.

An unprecedented solar eclipse came, and even greater than the transcendent... than the Athena he served, his presence only made his mind dizzy.

Later, when the message that everything had been interrupted to the player system was cool, my chest felt bean and drop.

He was no longer there, who always seemed relaxed, only had a cruel and cruel impression.


He had no idea that things were going on differently than he had imagined.

Above all.

"Your channel with Athena has been completely cut off!" Even Athena's powers and other additional abilities are gone.

It was never possible for him.

That's why I've been able to protect my reputation as a hound. I couldn't say Joshua "Brian."

The problem was not only that.

The same was true of the other players in the association.

They had General Woo Ji-hoon and were trying not to look as hard as they could, but they were quickly checking out what was going on.

I want to know if my physical condition has changed, if my artifact is intact, if my system is working.

And I was screaming in my gut.

The player system that has been following them around like it's been protecting them all this time is no longer being summoned.

The buildings, artifacts, and blessings that had been received by Olympus have all disappeared.

Luckily, their skills and abilities didn't disappear, but the fact that they didn't come up with a common message window was shocking to them.

Since the opening day, for players, the system has had to follow "of course."


They were feeling confused.

The cause of all this anomaly seems to be the 'Cain' who was their target... "He looks not very good looking; Gen. Woo Ji-hoon notices the atmosphere like a ghost and spits hot clothes.

Joshua stares at him with his eyes blazing.

“I know nothing about the players, but I'm quite aware of them. Maybe Cain... No, I think Yeon-woo did something. Haha!” Joshua's face is as thick as his two eyes.

The moment he was about to say something.


Suddenly, the phone I had in my back pocket rang. Joshua's eyes shake slightly. The caller was his only boss.

He was the chairman of the association.

Ugh... Yes. I'm Joshua .2 [You...... How are you doing?] “Yes? What…!" [Are you disconnected from Athena now?] Joshua couldn't say anything for a moment.

Even if he wanted to, he knew everything.

There was deep anxiety in his voice.

[Just now, a trust came down from Olympus. You're very... very angry about your "independent" choice this time.] At that moment, Joshua snapped his head back as if he had been hit hard with something.

[so that as chairman of the association, you feel a great sense of guilt and responsibility for your immoral conduct. I can no longer hold you accountable.] At the same time, the door of the center, which Joshua clearly told no one to enter, was cracked open without his permission.

“D-don 't come in!” “Stand down!” “Step aside. Otherwise, they'll all get hurt.” The men dressed completely differently than the men who brought General Woo Ji-hoon here approached Joshua in an overwhelming manner, forcing away those who stood in the way.

They were my congressmen.

The only ones who don't listen to Joshua's orders as Chairman of the Association. Naturally, their individual skills were something Joshua could never ignore.

“You can't do this, Chairman! This' decision is also approved by the Chairman of the Association 4:: '!" [What do you mean? I thought you said you were bringing the Untouchables on your own. But Raid...... To the same Earthling, to a friend who was once a hero on the African front, how could he have such a terrible idea?] ~ >! ”Joshua tried to hang on to his cell phone somehow, but it bleached in his head because of the council president's cold return tone.

There was only one word that passed.


[Keep your head cool in a nice, clear place for a while.] Joshua takes care of most of the paperwork anyway, so there is not a single document that is common.

In the end, Joshua had to be dragged off the gratitude squad. He struggled to survive, but his channel with Athena was cut off and he was no longer “anything." He was difficult to bear their strength.

Th-this is because my neck is in jeopardy.] and.

A little sound came from Joshua's phone, but no one could hear it.

Staff members who watched the union's exorcism get purged by a single knife had to be breathless in case it was a firecracker for female gods.

Thanks to you, General Woo Ji-hoon, who became a fallen duck egg, is looking forward to his release.

One of the thankful agents approaches, "Mr. Woo, I think you've had a long day off.” He sighs on his own.

“Yes, I do." "I need you to go somewhere else with me." Huh! They're looking for me everywhere. So, which authority are you taking me to this time? This is the headquarters of the Association. ”“ Hmm::? ”Am I hearing this wrong? That's the look on his face.

“I need you to come with me to Geneva, Switzerland, where the headquarters are located.” Ugh >! ”Geneva, Switzerland.

41 The headquarters of the Awakening Society for Liberty ~... How can I do this? ”Albert, chairman of the association, sighed as he lowered his cell phone, which he had just spoken to Joshua.

Cesha nods, crossing her arms.

“It's not enough yet, but let's end this on the line.” “Thank you for understanding. And again, I'm so sorry." Albert Denko had to bow his head, smiling bitterly.

I'd be surprised if anyone saw me. It was he who was so authoritative that he and Joshua even said that he had built an "empire" on Earth.

A child whose opponent is no more than his granddaughter... ~ Even if it was an ordinary presence to maintain power, he had no choice but to feel self-consciousness, but even if he wasn't here right now, he could never act normally because he knew which eyes were lined up behind him.

"An Earthling who could rule the system…… Well, he said:” "_, Albert had no idea, but what could he do? They say it's a hidden fact.

The first time Albert came to Sesha's fraternity, he tried to react sternly. I didn't know how she was supposed to fly all the way to Switzerland by now, but it's clear she didn't come for a good purpose.

I was even thinking of arresting him for insurgency if he ever threatened.


... The Association has become like that, but what can I do? Albert looks out his window and sighs again.

The large courtyard that always stood here, and the magnificent association building, was completely destroyed as if it had been beaten by a number of cannonballs.

It was only a few seconds after I thought of that that that I had to give up my commitment to asking Cesha for her sins.

It was because Cesha opened her magic in the sky, and at the same time, the magic caught fire and made the Association building look like this in an instant.

The strange thing is, there were no casualties.

Moreover, Hellhound, inevitably headed for Cesha, immediately took over the headquarters, leaving nothing left to do with what he could.

And Cesha briefly explained a few things to Albert face-to-face.

Who has been helping the Society now and who Albert foolishly touched.

When he knew all that, he only thought he was putting it out.

Moreover, since the player system is no longer operational, there was nothing Albert could do.

He eventually declared surrender, and his limbs were cut off in one fell swoop.

It was all for that reason that Joshua was defeated.

“And I have one more favor to ask." “Trust me":? Of course, he was too well aware that 'please' is now an order.

“It's going to close soon.” “Horseshoe?” Albert opened his eyes to words he had never thought of.

There was a lot of noise while building the association, but the mind was real enough to correct the order of the Earth that was chaotic.

That's why the first thing he tried to do after stockpiling his strength was clean up, and every time he failed to attack, he was frustrated.

And now they're saying it's too easy to get rid of.

“No, it's possible to touch the system. Albert smiles bitterly, saying that he's not just surpassing the spiritual realm.

“Prepare to minimize the chaos that will arise after closure. Cain... Since I have to keep your uncle's identity a secret, can I just announce that it's been taken care of by the Association?” As expected, you have a good understanding of what's going on in this family. "

Albert climbs up to the top of his neck, but he can't get out of the valley.

The Earth's order must have been tighter, whether it was written down or not.

The unprecedented destruction of various industrial groups, national projects of new materials, and the handling of many unemployed people will be challenging… but they will find a way again, just like before.

After Cesha suddenly disappears like that.

... I need to get out of here as soon as I'm done with all the cleaning up. ”Albert sighs for the rest of his miserable existence.

Africa, Sahara.

A huge desert with sandy winds and simple dragon winds.

Before the start of the day, there were a few ethnic groups that sometimes lived there, or ecosystems of animals adapted to the environment along the oasis.

Right now, only strange monsters are living in the heat of their skin, and their mouths are burning.

Because of this, the Sahara is creating a tens of degrees of extreme environment in the middle of the day, adding to the heat drawn by monsters in spiky or hot climates.

Even though it's difficult to deploy an attack force in the first place.

Even the fertility of the monsters was so strong that it was impossible to eradicate them little by little, but the Society practically abandoned this place.

And of course, that was true for ordinary people everywhere.

“Here it is.” The lotus, which opens up its void and reveals itself, takes a glance at the Sahara without a single drop.

As I expanded my cognitive realm, I was annoyed by the fact that there were monsters with anger traits everywhere.

However, 'Yeon-woo's eyes looked so clear.

[Yongsin 'an] [Golden Coin] [Black Gubitara - Wise Man's Eye] [Heaven Barrel] That every monster in this place has two small and large fragments.

“Sesha simply said that the monsters inside were pouring out as the gate brakes broke, but it was different. This is an ecosystem built on someone's will. `For example, these monsters were all chimeric.

Results of experiments designed for a particular purpose.

Yeon-woo was going to kill them first.

It didn't have to be big.

I just wave my hand lightly into the air.

Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr...! As the thunderbolt from the sky strikes the ground, all the monsters above the desert begin to line up.