Second Life Ranker

18. Wasteland (4)

Indra, the god of Deva, sighs deeply before your brain.] [Memphis' God, Nut sighs at the inability to get close to you.] [Osiris admires his master deeply.] [Aishba-darba 'bows and bows.] [The Tai Shan Family members' hard values ​ ​ of death are heavily guarded.] Nernunos nods heavily at your advancement.] As the kite quickly begins to twist the black debris spilling across the universe, all the gods and demons have already begun to watch his movements again.

Most of them looked frightened, but no one thought to reap them.

It was because I had to find out exactly what the new purpose of Yeouido was again.

There was a simple goal when I was in the tower to defeat Allfowon and climb to the top of the stairs.

It's not like that now that I'm out there.

[The God of the Period questions your new purpose.

Beware the Second Coming of Chronos.] [The demon at the beginning is wary of revealing your ambition to rule the heavens like a former Lucifer.] There were only two things that concern them.

Kronos and Lucifer.

Kronos led Olympus' reign as a new king. At the height of his reign, he had also won more than half of the universe.

At the time, there were rumors that other lords and high lords and Demon Kings had to die to stay out of Chronos' sight? Zeus was instrumental in getting the sacred Chronos off the throne, but it was also supported by the various societies that supported it.

Lucifer was similar.

Eventually, the wings crashed to the ground with the feeling of all the wings and split into 16 adra stones.

Given that most gods and demons had to hold hands to defeat him, it was beyond any reasonable force.

Even though the gods and demons acknowledged the ranks and identities, if they saw someone with a sense of unparalleled power, they all made choices to bring them together.

So according to the precedent, that was the case with Yeon-woo.

During that time, the heavenly system was so noisy, and Yeon-woo used to induce the heavenly system to not join forces with each other through the interstitial rather than directly killing them. Plus, every time I create a new event, I keep the gaze of heaven off of me.

Meanwhile, the lions, the dead giants, and Olympus built strong walls that they could never resist.

Then Yeon-woo returned to become the identity of the Black King.

It's not just who you are, it's who you are.

It was the work of gods and demons to establish a firm day.

Especially when even the gods of the other world were silently defeated, everyone put them in.

Are they now allies who can no longer stand up to each other? Then if he was plotting something, it was almost as if they had no way of stopping it.

if you want to unite the transcendents' societies and take over the kingdom of heaven.

It was like there was nothing to stand for.

That was why he was afraid of Yeon-woo and could not take his eyes off her.

God and demons stopped doing what they were doing, and they had to observe what Yeon-woo was trying to do.


Yeon-woo knew the eyes of such gods and demons well, but moved completely regardless.

At this time, it was because I knew that not saying anything was much more efficient in controlling them.

"I can't think of anywhere else to say. `Cause he never had to know what he was up to.

That's what I thought.

The lightning strikes.

Nernunos watches the quest closely.] [Kernunos wonders how the Horseman's master will react.] While Kernunos, who was usually unresponsive, displayed several unusual messages.

Guar! Lightning is a mixture of old skills, 'Wave of Fire' and 'Lightning` and '72 Spells.'

The characteristic was that chain explosions would occur again in the firefields that spread everywhere, even when the explosion occurred.

Brainworms were characterized as spreading to a wider range while attracting each other, and the more force within the range increased.

It was the lightning bolt that was sown by Yeongwoo. The dark red lightning spreads a little like a spider web, covering the ground, the atmosphere, and the air.

Satellites that were shining Africa off the planet because of countless extinct flashes were able to capture Africa's bright wet scene in a single moment.

And, of course, not long after that, a catastrophic collapse of ropes into the Earth was enshrouded by the magical storms of the Earth.

Even given the size of the Sahara, it was large enough to accommodate the entire continent of Europe, and if it included the surrounding areas where the horoscope affected, more than half of Africa was covered by lightning.

Of course, of course.

“It's hard to control your strength. `For Yeon-woo, this was only a reduction in power as much as possible.

If I had blown the lightning incorrectly, I would have blown away the entire surface of the Earth, not the Sahara.

At the end of the quest that seemed to continue indefinitely.

There were a lot of monsters that made up Pas-Marca and all the colonies that embraced them, and all the varieties that adapted to the darkness, all fell apart.

Of course, there was no resistance. He just met his death without a hand in a sudden disaster.

Jump:: {"Are you here?” Yeongwoo was looking down from the center of the Sahara Desert.

There was a dark wave that went deep inside, drawing a vortex like 'like a similar (0\ 00).

Today, there was a fifth grade gate, 'One of the grassland hills', which has made Africa 'a whole landscape.

Up until a few hours ago, the whole forest of varietal plants was covered, so it was difficult to determine its location. After clearing it with lightning bolts, I could see its exact shape.

However, it looked completely different in Yeon-woo's eyes.

At the center of the wave, there is someone else in the deepest depths of the desert where the vortex is swept away.

The primus that created this horoscope.

[Kernunos narrows his eyes and examines the Horseman.] You close your eyes, curled up like a fetus in a mother's belly.

“Me and Yeon" spoke to him in a loud voice.

It was so deep that I couldn't hear you.

Yeon-woo knew.

Ever since he showed up here, he's been focusing all his senses on him, no, since he opened his eyes to the Earth.

You must be that vigilant.

He judged them as enemies.

All I did was laugh at it as a lotus.

"Enemies" are only called that if they're of the right level.

“If you don't come out.” Papajob! Yeon raises her right hand high.

From the detection, a black and red brain burst out like an explosion and hugged my arm.

Though it may be very small compared to the lightning that just wiped out the Sahara Desert, it was a much stronger brain force.

Depending on the use, it was a force that could cover up even the inner core at once.

“I'll get you out.” Yeon beat it down without a hitch.

[Chernunos bears his tongue as if he did not deserve the attitude of the owner of the horror.] Rrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! With an enormous thunderstorm, the giant pillar that connects the earth and the sky blooms.

The vortex breaks, and the dark waves evaporate in no time. Despite the appearance of condemned condensed sand that had melted into the immense heat, the man who had pretended not to notice came up at once.

Kuaaak! Something with a half-broken face and body.

Violent spirituality and an unpretentious dark aura are palpable.

It seemed that there was little rationality and only instinct remained as strong as the beast.

Nernunos is strongly impressed by the unsightly appearance of the owner of the horseradish.] “Afternoon”! According to Yeongwoo's words, the shadows swirling around the desert almost climbed to the top, covering the space where he and the owner of the horror used to be.

[I entered Instance Dungeon, 'Sahara'.] [Dark effect is being applied.] The world that appeared after the shadows was similar to the Sahara desert from the outside, but with completely different physical laws in place.


Based on the surrounding information analyzed by Yeongwoo, the interpretation was made in black.

Naturally, it boasted the same characteristics as many gates or dungeons that have appeared on Earth in recent years.

However, there is something different.

Grrrrrrr, grrrrrrrrrrrrrrr! Unlike other dungeons created subconsciously by Kuku Kuku - Yeon Woo, this place boasts absolute durability as it was built intentionally.

In other words, prison was no different for those who were trapped here.

[Kernunos looks at the owner of the horseman.] Nernunos shows your deep interest in the new underwater world (dungeon) you built.] Another lightning bolt erupted.

From the pole to the pole to the pole...... If it had spread on Earth, the master of the horseradish would have gone out by the power of the sword that would have made everything into a pile.

Kuaaaak! But the owner of the horseradish actively uses his divine power while quickly restoring his long body and straightening his fingernails to make it big in the air.

Choi Hyuk! Each attack had its own dark attributes buried in it. I was quite resistant to the lumbar cut off or flanking, just as the lightning flew in.

I thought I'd have someone worth fighting for in a while. Was that him? At that time, the silent squeeze caught hold of Yeon-woo by itself. Kronos spoke in an interesting voice.

“Do you know who that is?” Aldama. Kronos frowns.

At least he was quite famous at the time. It's a bit difficult to name, but Tiwanaku... I remember it that way. It's wild. It's vicious. Yeon-woo smiled.

If Kronos remembers his name and says it's rough, he must have made quite a name for himself.

Then, why did he become such a fearsome and religious creature? It has the power to defeat lightning. It might be strong, but it's the only way to call it God.

Kronos frowns as if he knew the idea of the kith.

"Well, if you see it, give it to me, and it burst and vanished.

You didn't want to be seen after that, did you come to Earth? Yeon-woo lightly searches her tongue as if she knew.

I'm just saying, "Give it to me." If you think about Chronos' mushroom personality, it was surprisingly fatal not to perish.

And then you came to Earth instinctively to recover? And then he accepted the black debris, and he recovered some rage. "Tiwanaku wasn't just absorbing dark debris. He sought to foster a horoscope and 'brand' himself throughout the earth using the influence derived from it.

That's what he was trying to inspire the faith of the Earth. To reign in terror is also a very effective way to spread your identity. Fear that was unnecessary to the creatures means awe, and it was also subject to faith.

And he gradually expanded the scope of his horoscope to make the Earth his sanctuary, and he seemed to have dreamt of resurrection by swallowing up the rest of the darkness.

Everyone has a plausible plan. Blah, blah, blah! Squite rings a clear sword.

Give it to me until it explodes.