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19. The Wilderness (5)

Tiwanaku did not surpass the walls of Kronos even during the peak of energy.

But now that her ego is so bad that she can't even keep it intact, can she be matched with Yeon-woo because she has a fragment of black? No. Even Kronos, who has regained his abilities in life, is clearly not going to be able to cope well.

So in Yeouido, Zeus didn't feel the need to do everything he could.

Just by flying a lightning bolt that raised the output, Tiwanaku had to keep going.

I keep trying to regenerate it... ~ But if I put it in that sequence, that's it.

After all, Tiwanaku repeatedly breaks apart in a baptism of attack, a lightning storm.

He sowed, "Netpontiwanaku is raging," and suddenly he stared at Yeongwoo with wandering eyes.


Sniper-Yeon swung her squeeze and slaughtered her spirit to its roots without a fight.

[The concept of the Gospel erodes Tiwanaku!] [Power, the 'Sword of Hades' tries to eat. [Chuckles, Chuckles-Eating] As the blade passed, Jill's shadow bloomed and covered Tiwanaku's entire body.

When the teeth have been eaten to the last of the new flesh, the instant dungeons surrounding them collapse.

And the Sahara is revealed.

Shya-ah-ah! Just in time, there was an enormous amount of rain pouring in from the sky.

A tremendous amount of precipitation that you can't see. The sky looked so sharp.

When the area that was a desert area that did not rain well, the rain that had been pushed and pushed for decades was poured all at once.

Thanks to this, the atmosphere that had been heated up by lightning was cooling down.

"I don't know if horseradish is bad for Humans, but it's because the rations are quite large as they collapse. Perhaps there will be a slightly different ecosystem here." Chronos has been around the world for a long time, so there have been a few precious memories of the Sahara Desert here.

So it's natural to want this place to be beautiful.


Unlike the pond that moves with the idea of simply retrieving the Black Fragment, Kronos may be more like the idea of beautifully guarding his home.

Now, where do we go next? In the Middle East, I entered the Great Sanctuary of Olympus, "Eulunomee."] “Ugh. How did the human come to this trouble without notice?” Ares sighed as he returned with the gods of Olympus, saying, "Get lost."

Erunome. Even though it had been sealed in the tower for so many years, their home, which had remained intact for tens of thousands of years, could not be seen today.

It was because they were surprised to hear that their king, Yeon Woo, had returned.

It happened without any precedent. Above all, my heart was still pounding considering that the creations on Earth were nearly destroyed by the accident.

"Huh-huh-huh." Zeus, who had returned with Ares and others, laughed bitterly.

The eyes of all the gods are upon you by themselves. Every one of them had a mess on their faces. At one time, I was uncomfortable with their presence as kings and coming back like that.

Zeus was sent to Olympus by Yeongwoo at Kronos' desperate request. A request for me to be with other brothers, even though my body is broken.

I never thought Olympus would turn into a human dog one day. "Zeus has not ceased to use his word, even though he has only a few moments left.

I lost my eyes, I lost my temper. I was determined not to lose my resolve as a god.

“* …… Father Gráres had no choice but to look at Zeus that way.

"Yes, son. I already lost my eye, and I don't know where you are, but I can see the look on your face. There's gonna be a lot of my kids here besides you." Apollon, Artemis and Dionysus turned their heads to the side.

Only Hermes and Hercules look at Zeus with strange eyes.

I want to ask you.

Are you really the children born of me? Do you really think living like this is the right way to be a god? Zeus looks around the chute as if he had eyes.

Athena. Where is he? The child I loved the most. But first, he bowed his head to become a human dog. How can that wretched child look like this and not even look at him? When no one could answer the question in advance.

The silent Hermes came forward.

“Father.” Yes. Hermes. The second stupidest son to ever become a human dog. I want to hear what you have to say. What excuse do you have for this father? I heard that you were the first one to reach out to that man, you were the one to open the barn, and you were the one to turn to stupid and innocent gods... "Times have changed.” "" What? “The age of my father is over.” This guy………! His muzzled face distorted.

However, Hermes continues to speak in a bold tone.

“You said being a human dog was crude? That's not true. It's just that the one with the blood and the power took the throne. Since Uranos, your great-grandfather, has integrated many societies into Olympus, our tradition has been that the strong give us the throne.” Uranos was strong enough to wage war against the Mother Earth, and he built Olympus with many followers.

Chronos had the makings of a new king, so he was able to win a civil war with many brothers and sit on the throne.

In addition, Zeus, who became king in his generation, was able to bring down such a Kronos that he could lose his reputation.

“Moreover, my father has already been defeated by the Heavenly Horse once, and he is the Emperor (\ Po) who has left us all in the tower. And then he collapsed with asthma, and he never made it over the walls of Enderbishbart.” A word from Hermes became a sword that cut Zeus' insides.

“Our new king, on the other hand, released the stigma and freed us, and expanded it so that we could now stand at the forefront of the transcendents' society. Just like in the past, when” girl “compared these two things, it's natural for us to be where we are.” Female Fever. "That's our answer." When Zeus fell into a deep sleep with no sign of asthma,

In Olympus, there was a great conflict between the Zeus and Hermes generations.

A conflict big enough that there might be a civil war between them.

Zeus' generation is calling for peace to correct a dangerous order, but the Hermes generation has been calling for a radical tendency to step out the more times like this.

The conflict was also at its peak as these movements commemorated New Wang Kronos.

In the Zeus generation, the new king Kronos had to stay away from him.

“My father is my father, by the way... but you know. After all, this divine society is a place where we don't even share power among our fathers.” As Zeus took Kronos from his throne.

It was not unusual for Hermes et al. to sit on the throne of Yeouido instead of Zeus.

History is spinning.

Zeus tried to yell something in a fit of rage, but he had to draw as much blood as he could from the rush of his right hemorrhage.

Nevertheless, even though not all the damage taken during the battle with Yeon-woo was low, the anger will shake when the depression is added to it.

The world went round and round.

When Zeus regained consciousness.

“Are you awake?" He could hear the familiar voice.

At that moment, my lips twisted.

Who is this……? Aren't you my bad brother? Poseidon smiled bitterly.

“If you say it like that, you have nothing to say.” What is it? Did you really hit that Poseidon I know? "Zeus became 'the face of wonder.' Poseidon, as he recalls, has always been ferocious. And he felt proud of himself as a God. Maybe he's the one who has the biggest conflict with himself every time he leads Olympus.

“God or man, when you lose your strength, you become one of them. Either her personality fades, or she fades into loneliness in memory of the past, or is rescued from Levos_by Yeon Woo. Poseidon blasphemed that he didn't need his help, but it was his last remaining move.

After that, I was pushed out of the back room, away from my power, and had to be treated like an elder.

At first, he was very grumpy about his position. And I made a vow of hatred that I would step out again.

Over time, I changed my mind a lot.

I was able to reflect on my original personality and see what I had missed.

He could see how fast he had been running and how many things he had been avoiding.

In addition, my thoughts about Father Kronos and Mother Leah changed gradually... and I thought that it might be a sacrifice for my parents or myself or for this harsh era.

So, if I met Kronos again someday, I felt like I wanted to share the words that I had kept in my heart.

Even if that doesn't resolve the long-standing grudges at once.

But maybe we can understand each other a little bit.


Poseidon was later struggling to melt, like the old elders of Olympus, slowly into the concept of the world.

I heard it was abolished. That's right. He was tamed like an animal after he left the tower. Zeus reads such a Poseidon's tone and grunts.

“Why don't you just tell me that we chose instead of that expression?” Are there any other sisters? "on the left.” Hehehe! Yeah, I guess they all forgot. What Kronos did to our brothers. Even though I hate you, I've already forgotten about you like an idiot...! Zeus stopped talking, rather than bursting into branches.

"Yes, if that's your choice, you can't help it. How can you be a predator if you're a domesticated animal? And the price of being a livestock... is just being eaten. Poseidon felt an unusual tinge and pierced the impression.

“What are you talking about?” Writing. How will you accept it, brother? Huhu. Zeus laughs in my valley.

Poseidon simply pressed on the ominousness that bloomed from one side of his chest and stared at it.

Followed by the Sahara.

As they crossed the Middle Eastern Stem region and the South Pacific, Yeon removed the horseman owners in turn.

Like Tiwanaku, they used to wreak havoc on the past, but now they are mostly devouring black debris, collapsing into nothing.

Each of them used to shout their own names, saying that they wanted to become the new Lord of Darkness. He was drunk in the dark, so he wanted more power.

And every time, Yeon-woo slaughtered them gently and finished by burning the horoscope.

But what you notice when you put the three horseraces through.

"I think... someone's here. `" It was that the birth of the battery horse may not have simply come from the greed of the ancients.

There were a few things in common in the horse racing.

The first was to artificially create a landscape to attract faith by having a strong impact on the Earth's environment.

The second was that it almost reached the Earth's vitality (Saw), not just by coveting the fragments of darkness.

"Earth is a place where the Black King was forced to sleep by the thousand horses. When the creatures were undetectable, the towers were also erected...,. Touching the vitality of the earth is not a chore, 'the horoscope was a camouflage, but a factory to fill the power of its owners.

Of course, this can't just be established. It may be a coincidence or two, but the position of the horseraces or the vitality of the horseraces was clear.

"It's not a ranch. I don't like it: I don't know who the people behind it are, but I was going to satisfy them first, somehow.

However, there was a question.

Did the masters of horse racing know such horses? Or was he just being used? If it was exploited.

"Why did Bimarzilla become the master of the horror?" At the same time as the thought was over.

I received a_message from Bimachildara.] Message: Finally. Only open your eyes. Do you know how long you've waited to get here? Welcome, my friend.] Ow! A massive beam of light falls across the vast expanse, over the head of the kite about to cross the air.

Bimachila must have blown it.

"Crazy! Are you trying to destroy Earth?" "It was an attack that could never be ignored by the Milky Way, so I thought I'd avoid it for a moment, but I sprayed squeeze it roughly in front of the Earth like Gankronos said."

Rrrrgh! At that moment, a huge amount of shockwaves were spreading.

Like a meteorite, a massive ocean rise in the middle of the South Pacific spread out in all directions.