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At that moment.

Upper 079/"Nine Pleasure ~” “Work/Run/? Not many words... =/” Yeon could hear, not sense, countless words pouring out from everywhere.

It was the strong fear and fear that Sanum had pierced his senses.

He didn't have enough to cause the sea to burst with the previous shockwave, as the atmosphere was forcibly pushed over a wide range and even blown into the winds.

Moreover, the surface of the sea was partly divided.

In fact, the islands in the vicinity were completely submerged in the rainy seasons, and the cities and villages on the beach were struck by lightning, and the houses were swept away, and the people were drowned rather than running away.

Australia and New Zealand followed by numerous archipelago (# t) in the South Pacific, which has been damaged not only on the west coast of South America, but also in faraway parts of Japan and the west.

Even though humans are intelligent beings who have conquered the Earth, they have no power to collapse in front of disasters with much greater power than natural disasters.

“Boil…/7When Aussie begged me to save her life, Yeon somehow tried to avoid Bimachildara's attack.

As if he had no intention of giving in to the idea of such a alliance as Bimarzilda, he went on a series of inspections.

The more I went back, the more violent and strong the violence became.

Light, overcrowded-Yeon-woo thought it would be really bad to stay like this.

If it was just fighting one-on-one skill, it was because I could only do so much damage.

That's why, when I fought the transcendents, I tried to keep them locked up in a cage.

Yeongwoo's magical power...... No, I now sharply boosted the spiritual energy, and cut the grain between the assassination of Bimarzilla spilling like a meteor storm.

At the same time as the inspections are broken and nullified.

Pa! Yeon takes a single step into the air.

As the space crept, he appeared behind Bimagildara, where he had secured his position.

[Storm] A skill that was one of the signature skills of Allfoone-Bivat.

But now it was completely his.

No, actually, I was much more proficient at using it.

It was because there was also a myth of Bivasbat among Yeon Woo's many "dreams."

He knew all the years he had lived, all the life he had dreamed of, all the wishes he had, so he had a deep understanding of the signature skills that were created at the end of his endless training.

“Hoho!" But, without any surprise, Bimagilda quickly turns to the opposite side and lifts up the bottle of “Three-Piece."

Heave-ho! With three drinks and a squeeze, a bigger shockwave spreads.

The dense ground was pressed down and tens of kilometers flew away, with a large burst of lava flowing under the perception between the deep cracks.

Kuku says, "You're much better. Allfoone... He wasn't exactly the kind of guy I wanted to be. But you use it the same way, so it doesn't feel the same." Bimagilda, "he adds," I admit, a friend of mine, "and pops Faandao.

[The majority of demons watching the battle swallow the moan.] [A handful of demons who saw bimagildara bursting at Paan Pa 'an Pavilion opened their eyes to see what they are seeing now.] [Everyone wears the scent of divinity and magi reaching their own societies.] [God's society, Memphis, has expressed concern about the conflict between the black prince's ego and Bimagildara.] [God's society, the 'Deal Moon' is silent.] [God's society, 'Avesta' is silent.] [God's society, the "Bridge", recklessly inhabits the ego of the Black King who was once an ally.] Bimachilda was also abandoned in the Lost Tower on a thousand horses.

The demons thought, 'If there is only one thing that can stop the transgression of Olfoone-Vivasvat, it must be Bimarzilla.'

Although Allfoone-Vivasvat is dominating as an incarnation of the system by robbing the tower of all its inhabitants of their faith because of their status.

I thought that Bimarzilla, who has fought many battles all his life, would be able to overcome such limits.

The more oppressed Bondi Azura was, the stronger she wanted to go.

Three out of the four kings of the Assyria who were at the crossroads failed, but there was the thought that the only one left could somehow succeed.


Bimachildara never got along with_Olfoone-Bivasbat.

It was because Bimagildara had never admitted him as an enemy in the first place.

The reason was simple.

In his eyes, Allfoone-Bivasvat was not only a creature that lived on the system, but it was hard to see him as a true loser (\ com).

Even though Allfoone-Vivasvat had created seven signature skills without hesitation, he was only a 'winning' advocate in his eyes.

So it was offensive to point the tribute at such a man.

Olfowon-Bivasbat also did not fight unless he had challenged himself, so the two of them had nothing to do with each other.

However, the eyes of Bimarzilla were completely different.

Didn't he come up here through a series of struggles? Of course, he also used the convenience law to some extent, but it was not enough to ignore the work he had built.

No, I even stood taller with such an arrangement.

When I finally poured the tower that no one had been able to overcome.

Seems so great to him since he escaped from the great dungeon of the Black King.

That's why I thought that Bimarzilla was the only one in the world who could challenge Yeon to a sword.

They say it's a fruit-bimarzilla, and they swing the trinket without a hitch.

There was no Turona.

Apparently, it was just a little bit of a fight.

Yeon-woo ignores it, breaks up, and counteracts, making it hard to cope.

"I'm ignoring the grain. What am I supposed to call this? Not Integrity ( Born)... Resolution (Low)? Or should I say" full "?" The beings who live based in this world have a determination, 'deformity,' regardless of whether they are creatures or transcendents.

It was because no one could live completely immersed in the laws of the world.

However, by removing the 'distortion' one by one, it becomes closer to perfection. The higher the quality of the soul, the less the number of grains.

Then_integrity ( #), It is only when you become an indestructible being that transcends time and space.

It was the thousand words that Yeon-woo had seen, the Black King.

But bizarrely, Bimarzilla was doing too much of that.

Much, much more than any creature could compare.

Instead, he was completely ignoring the grain.

Ordinary beings often collapse when bound to a grain and touch it, but they reacted more strongly, rather than being hit, no matter how much they touched the grain called bimachida.

And the tribute moved completely, ignoring the constraints and limitations of that determination.

Rather, the new movement resulted in countless new grains.

It was as if he had fallen apart from the laws of the world.

The moment I saw it.

Yeonwoo was able to understand what the business and myth of the existence of Bimagildara was.

Out of frame and out of limits.

If there is a restraint, it breaks that restraint, and if there is a restraint, it breaks that restraint and finally comes to an end.

That's why he had so many grains, but it became a business to 'ignore' them.

If you are like this, you can ignore all the laws that apply to this world.

It will be hard to distinguish between God and the devil and Huang.

Guan Leung, Guan Leung, Guar Leung - Kuku! But that's why I feel a little burdened to deal with Yeon-woo.

It doesn't matter if you hit it head-on.

It was also based on the "struggle" that was fought by breaking John's framework and limitations.

The problem was that this was Earth.

Strange anomalies continued to occur in the sky, even though the ground swells up and the foothills of the forest spread like the Amazon are pushed.

Immediately, the South American continent was splitting apart and flowing in several directions, so the currents were rapidly twisting and all the surface was shaking.

The sky was gradually turning red, covered by gas and dust from all over Latin America.

Moreover, if the mantle caused some backflow, the Earth would really be in ruins.

At least he was able to accept the shock wave of Bimagildara by pulling it all into his "dream," or because the liver moved its power and triggered the "midnight effect," but if he continued to go on, the earth would really crumble.

Bimachilda considers the Earth only as a battlefield for the fight against him, and has no regard for earthlings or creatures at all.

Probably have no idea what's going on here. All he had to do was focus on the struggle right now, and just play and play were enough.

So Yeon-woo wanted to somehow move the battlefield to his conscious world, just as she fought other horror masters.

Whoa! The shadow moves. Dozens of tortoises from the ground tried to wrap their arms around Abhimachildara.

Scrub! Every time, I cut off all the shadows, sprinkling a rough tribute called bimachida. The underwater world had not been created without imprisoning him as it was shattered before it was built.

“I'm sorry, but this body wants to send you with all my might. It's no fun to cut someone's throat while they're stuck somewhere." Yeon-woo made an impression.

Seeing how she smiled and said that, she seemed to be enjoying seeing Yeon-woo being embarrassed.

Bimarzilla must now think of this fight as just 'play'.

And the problem was, in fact, that both of them were just playing Gabe Knife instead of electricity.

[All the gods watch and breathe the fight between the two cousins.] [All demons have fears, yet have strong curiosity about winning and losing battles.] It was a great shock to all the transcendents, including the earthlings, to watch their fights.

At that moment.

The air flowing along the orphan bimachildara was clear and completely reversed.

Well, that's all I have to say hello to, so let's do it right. ”Bimachildara twists one lip wide.

[The demonic society realizes what Bimarzilla is preparing for, and is deeply distraught!] [The Devil's Society, Niflheim, insists on caution!] Along the vinegar, Magi tightly aggregated along the blade. It's as if the horse that exists in the world has been dragged up and compressed tightly.

It had the power to agitate the soul just by looking at it, and to let it come into contact with it by itself.

Yeon-woo was able to quickly realize that it was the end of the power that Bimagildara once gave her (Fire\ * ).

No matter how much I let it go, even if I absorbed the shock as a "dream," it would fly all the way to the Earth as well as the solar system.

[Black Gubitara] In the end, Yeon had to express her power just the same.

This was also made by reinterpretting it through a dream, like a 'wick'.

Fruit fruit! Two massive mystical storms clawing at each other, scraping the Earth at random.

Yeon-woo lives fast in something else while further refining the cognitive realm.

In my head, I remembered the conversation I had with Cesha before I came here.

- Bimarzilla's horoscope is different from the others.

- The other horoscopes are simply ruling over Bimarzilla if the ecosystem has been completely transformed so that humans can't access it.

- Vimagilda wielded her sword without hesitation to challenge her domination. So the military and the government in South America had broken the line, but they allowed the general population to adopt him as a god. There were no monster waves like the other horseraces, and they even protected me... - Then why are they called horseraces? - It's where the Untouchables are.

The Association has no power to South America at all... - Home.

What's the matter with you?

Yeonwoo remembered, Bimarzilla did not have the concept of protecting or dominating anyone.

Although he had the title of King Azura, it was not because he ruled the Azura tribe in the first place, but because he ruled over them.

He's never tied up anywhere.

Drifting around like a sapphire, smashing things, and cutting things loose.

At one time, there was no one who belonged to a society called the cult, just because it was necessary, and there was no one who forced him to do so.

So I did not receive any sanctions when I came out.

And you're going to stay here and do horse-racing without leaving one continent? It was never going to happen.

“Is there someone else's head, too? - I'm not sure yet, but I hear there's a girl stuck in Bimarzilla's grain.

- Girl? It looks like she's trying to protect her.... Witnesses who escaped from South America are rumoring that Bimarzilla is not leaving South America.

We have no idea why bimachildara pays such attention to a human girl.

If that were true, it would never have been over as a kite.


"I found it, Master! Of the shadows that were sent everywhere, Ralph almost touched you.

A little girl in a small body hides silently inside a seal.

The girl's shadow stood high, 'staggering.

Ralph smiles ferociously in it.