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Crystal Crystal Crystal (7)

Then I'll eat well! "The moment the shadow, Laflax, tried to swallow the girl as he swallowed her.

: "" Huh? "Ralph had to feel his spine grow clever without even knowing it.

Right behind you.

A bimarzilla suddenly appeared, swinging three tributes this way. As the end of the Black Gubitara is tightly aggregated, even if it was fired, it was the power of the entire self to fly away, even if it had its roots in the shadows.

Ralph could not comprehend Bimarzilla's choice.

I can't believe you suddenly switched positions just before you hit Yeon Woo. Even if I perish here, it was for interest anyway, so there is no 'flavor', but it is not 'rhyme'. If Yeon-woo hit him on the back of the head, it would be over.

However, I did not mind such things as Bimarzilla. Rather, when facing Yeon-woo, there were two eyes filled with excitement, now for the first time there were other emotions.




It was clear that he really thought of this girl.

I had to be surprised that I was from the top manager.

"That miserable Bimarzilla worries about a girl one day? It's too weird even if something's wrong!" While I think about it.

Arrrgh! The tribute falls over Laflath's head. A formidable power that would crush him at once.

And at that moment, Yeon-woo wielded her squeeze roughly. He interpreted it separately, 'The Black Gubitara, which he made, bloomed in a spectacular form of lightning.

The lightning bolt falls along the deflected space on top of Bimarzilla's crown.

Ralph felt the death of Bimarzilla, who had stupidly turned his back with his death.

At least you're not alone on your way. That's how you start smiling.

My love! At that moment, the lightning refracted once more. With a large space, the black light flashed behind the lamp, not towards Bimachildara, and the sword of Bimachildara was cut out.

Grrrgh! With a huge explosion, LaFlask is roughened and pushed back heavily.

The pillar of light that stood high at the same time was not enough to put the ground, and the mantle and the outer core sprayed out to the other side of the Earth.

The Kuku-ku earth trembles as if it were about to be destroyed. It was already a distant cloud, and the shockwave pushed it out of the atmosphere, making the Earth a barren place where no more living things could exist.

The volcano, which evaporated into the sea and crept between the cracked surfaces, filled the atmosphere with poisonous gas as it vomited relentlessly.

Chuan! Did you save me? "Laplace rolled off the ground for a long time, and his head was shaken. He also couldn't avoid the shock completely, so more than seven of the spirits were forced out, but his self was still intact, so he was impressed.

However, Yeon, who appeared in front of him, suddenly flew toward Bimarzilla without giving any other answer.

You may look cold on the outside, but you are a warm man on the inside. "Ralph smiled and hid in the shadows, but quickly rolled his eyes. He didn't miss the fact that Yeon-woo had just gone rogue.

He tries to lure Bimarzilla away somehow, but he never follows it.

Thanks to this, the Earth is doomed to destruction.

If I asked you to identify the only place that was intact, there was only the boundary area where the girl was. Sesha et al. fortunately, it seemed that she had hidden herself in the Ark immediately, but the other beings still had no way to use their hands.

Even the Earth's orbital axis has been completely turned upside down and torn apart by the Sun.

All the other planets in the solar system had already begun to fall apart due to the chaos of the axis.

He had to go back to all the trouble he had been through, so it was a special frustration.

Earth is where he was born, and if his brother is resurrected, it was a place to stay with his family again.

The reason he tried to protect this place was more than just that.

At that moment, something black began to smurf up from a place in the Pacific before all the sea water evaporated.

It was nothing like the sudden pouring of mantle or lava. It was a dark, shadowless object, like dark matter floating around the universe, with a viscous, hollow viscosity.

They rose one by one like azrang, and as they intertwined, they gradually expanded the range. At some point, they expanded and spread across the entire solar system, including the Earth.

At the same time, it gradually took shape.

[The connection with the other system has become close.] [Something that has been asleep for a long time on Earth is shaking.] [Something that's been asleep on Earth for a long time.] [Draw the "apocalypse" of something that has been dormant on Earth for a long time.] [Promised Land 'Prepares to Rise!] It was looking exactly like the one you saw before the tower collapsed.

Something so massive and so unaware that it could barely perceive its true form.

He was the Black King.

[The Black King slowly opens his eyes!] [You are currently unconscious. [There is no ego at the moment] [There is no soul at the moment] [The Black King is looking for the missing part (90). [The Black King gazes at his ritual.] [The Black King watches his own ego.] [The Black King has a vision of his soul.]] [The 'Total' will be stopped.] [Promised Land 'no longer comes to mind.] Luckily, it has no soul and no self at all. It's called the immobilized body.

'Eventually.' But I never wanted to get it out of Yeon-woo, so I had to poke and prod her.

The Black King was originally sealed firmly at the bottom of the void by the Heavenly Horse and the 'Day'. And to add that weight, he dragged in gods and demons, and that was not enough to attract heroes born of transcendent qualities in each universe.

And that place was the back (Horn 0) of the Earth, precisely.

There were myths of gods and demons all over the earth because it was the Seal of the Black King and the dwelling place of gods and demons.

And now the tower is gone. There was nothing that could stop the Black King's panic.

Fortunately, Yeon-woo is forcibly putting the King of Black to sleep in a form that suspends the "dream" as part of her ego, but it is not a complete safety measure.

Furthermore, apart from the self, there is the body of the Black King, Le 'Tue, on Earth.

This also formed an 'egg' and fell asleep under the earth again with the collapse of the tower. It was not a strange situation, no matter when I came out. Le 'Rue was a separate part in a situation where even the Black King could not fully control the honeycomb.

The owners of the horseradish tried to dig up straws on Earth, but it was Baroy Le Louie.

Just as the five poles and the drama find each other, Le 'Rue lacks souls is forced to move to somehow find them.

In the process, it naturally moves towards the fragments of the black.

The masters of the horror are using these dark fragments to contact Le 'Luis and awaken to a new existence.

As soon as she opened her eyes, she sensed the debris spilling throughout the universe and tried to retrieve it straight away. That was all the reason why she wanted to erase the horoscope in turn.

We can't let anything get to Le Luis.

I was trying to maintain the Earth somehow, so I didn't want to provoke Le 'Loire. "Bimachilda went on like this and forced Le 'Loire to wake up.

[The divine society, the "Bridge" enters an emergency alert state. Beware the Earth.] [The divine society, Memphis, is at its peak. Be vigilant of Earth.] [Demon society, Niflheim, will be ready to march at any time on your command. Beware the Earth.] [All the gods count their backs as they recall the moment the tower collapsed.] [All demons may be wary of what the Dark Lord will do.] Seeing the black king lacking some existence reveals his greed.] Several beings are poisoned by the dark fragments that have not yet been recovered.] [The Black Lord's ego overlooks those who have just revealed their greed and those who have been poisoned.] [If the black king's ego incites them to vain desires, he warns them briefly that he will burn his own society.] [The Black King's ego checks the list.] [There are some who have expressed their greed.] [Some of the creatures who were poisoned by the black debris grew up and fled to get out of sight.] Yeon-woo quickly locates them and cautions them shortly before the useless thoughts of gods and demons grow bigger.

I thought that this would stop the big confusion, but I didn't think I could completely erase all their greed.

[Iron Black King looks at what he lacks.] [The Black King's ego ignores the Black King's gaze.] [The Dark Lord's ego stares at Bimarzilla with an unwanted glance] “What are you trying to do?” Yeon-woo growled like she was going to kill Bimarzilla right away.

It was because he had no idea what he wanted or intent at all.

If it was just for fighting, it would have been easier to move and fight, and if you were interested in Le 'Luo, you could have turned the planet upside down like this from the beginning.

I didn't have to play too hard like this.

Rather than exposing yourself to Le 'Luis like this, the other cows will intervene, so you won't even be able to fight properly.

It's like you're trying to show it to someone else. When Yeon-woo came to think of it, he suddenly regained his mind as if he had been hit hard behind the head.

“Didn't I tell you? I just want to fight the right way." ”Bimarzilla bursts into a big smile.

The curiosity in both eyes was real.

That is why Yeon-woo could realize.

Fighting is also fighting, but something called Bimagilda was trying to convey a message to him.


There's someone else behind this, so be careful.

“Who the hell is there? Is there someone to warn while Bimagildara performs like this? In the first place, he didn't care about any of this, even though he was free? Before Yeon-woo literally doubted his existence, it was clear that 'behind'. I was wondering if it had something to do with Evil Kenna.


Yeon-woo had to concentrate on fighting him with all his might.

As if his message had already been struck by Yeon-woo, he was already immersed in battle again.

"I can't... do this. `That's why I held the squeeze in my hand.

The fight should not be prolonged. I don't really want it, even if it's raining, and it doesn't give much meaning to the 'mastermind' who is watching this place.

This side also required a warning against 'the rear'.

A warning like that, I'll be there soon.

“Father 2 Got it. I wanted to fight him for longer... But it wouldn't be polite to him unless it was like this." The moment when the communication between Chronos and the mind was communicated.

Unity (uh-uh)! Apart from being tied to the Black King, Yeon-woo was able to feel her 'personality' and independence growing stronger. A few more floors of dark and red lightning have been added to the squite.

It was the highest calibration output he could pull.

[Lightning Mace - Armor Pole (/900] [Olfoone - Logger] Immediately 3 shots came and went.

Light! A giant beam of light once again penetrates space in the universe.

In the chauvin-second collision, Squite dug deep into the numerous grains surrounding Bimagildara and cut through the trinkets.

Phew! In the third clash, Squite slashes Bimagildara's left arm open and plunges deep into the right chest.

[The reel of a footnote is spinning fiercely!] [Death 'concepts consume the bitterness.] “Mister!” I thought I heard something like that from behind.

Despite bimachilda's death devouring the spirit, she glances down at the squeeze in her chest with a smile during the day.

“This is…… something. I don't think it's just a quest. It's a whole new technology." "I'm an algebra.” “No. Beyond that, I can't have Bivat's.” “You haven't named it yet. - You woke me up from a dream. Since I'm the first to understand it, will you do me the honor of naming it?” Yeon-woo nods quietly.

“Dark red guitar." What do you think? ”“ I will. ”Many of the things that Yeonwoo has enlightened have actually been inspired by the struggle of Bimachildara…,. It shouldn't be strange to be named after his power.

“Hehe. So this body will die, but not die." As long as you're there, the name goes on. ”God and the Devil die the moment the 'name' is lost. On the contrary, as long as the word" name "is preached, the faith continues.

"With that... I might be able to catch 'high'...!” With such a blurry horse.

Puffy! A powder called Pas-Bimazilla has been spilled and disappeared.